Here's some of the great folks that work at Wilson Bros Gardens. We think if you asked any of them they'd say it's not "work" we do, but play! 

Brent Wilson - Co-Founder

Brent, along with his twin brother Brooks, is co-founder of Wilson Bros Gardens. They opened the nursery operations in 1989 in McDonough, GA, after having spent a decade in the landscape design-build business serving clients in metro Atlanta area. These days, Brent oversees all internet operations for the business, including site development, email newsletters, and everything else marketing. He is an avid gardener and plant enthusiast who is always looking for that next new plant to grow and trial in his own gardens, which contains over 3,500 varieties of plants and trees. Brent is a major contributor of the detailed information you'll find on Wilson Bros Gardens. When not at the Nursery, you'll find Brent working in his gardens, on the golf course, or onshore, pier, or flats fishing in Florida. He is also a voracious reader, reading 50 or more books a year on topics ranging from gardening, to science, to fiction novels. Brent was born in Terra Haute Indiana and now resides with his brother Brooks about 2 miles from the Nursery in McDonough, GA.

Brooks Wilson Co-Founder

Brooks is co-founder of Wilson Bros Gardens. Brooks oversees all operations at the nursery and contributes heavily to the Internet operations. Around the nursery, his primary focus is on paying close attention to the details of plant care and organization. He is an absolute perfectionist who spends a good deal of time browsing the nursery inspecting to ensure that each and every plant is in optimum health before it is shipped. Brooks is a major contributor of the detailed information you'll find on the website. When not at the Nursery, you'll find Brooks in his own gardens planting every new plant that comes out on the market. You'll also find him on the golf course, fishing, or hanging out in the north Georgia mountains. Brooks was born in Terra Haute Indiana and now resides about 2 miles from the Nursery in McDonough, Georgia.

Spencer Young - General Manager

A long-term friend of the Wilson brothers, Spencer joined the Wilson Bros team in 2008. Before coming on board, Spencer managed several e-commerce websites in the state of Florida. These days, Spencer has his hands and mind into almost every aspect of the company, however, his primary focuses are on website management, shipping, and customer service. If you contact Wilson Bros Gardens with a question or comment, don't be surprised if Spencer answers the phone or your email. Spencer loves nothing more than to assist customers by answering any questions regarding plants and orders, and everything that entails. When not at the Nursery, you'll find Spencer hiking and snowskiing in the mountains, fishing in Florida, working in his own landscape, and building unusual things from wood and other natural resources. He is an amazing craftsman! Spencer was born in Washington, D.C. and now lives with his two dogs right across the road from the Nursery in McDonough, Georgia. Ladies, he's single and available!

Cole Cerrato - Shipping Manager

Cole joined the Wilson Bros team in 2016. In a very short period of time he grasped a massive amount of knowledge about plants and all nursery operations but took a special liking to the shipping department. Cole says "packaging is one of if not the most important parts of our business...we can do everything right to grow a premium quality plant but if it isn't packaged properly our customers might receive damaged plants...and we don't want that!" When not at the Nursery, you'll find Cole hanging out with the love of his life and his cat playing them music on his guitar. Cole was born in Taunton, Massachusetts and was raised and spent most of his time New Milford, Connecticut before moving to McDonough, Georgia.

Gabie DeSiena, AGRN - Customer Service Manager (Staff Horticulturist / Agronomist)

Gabie joined the Wilson Bros team in 2021 as our customer service manager. Gabie is totally dedicated to providing to our customers her vast knowledge of everything plants and gardening acquired from her 6 years of studies in crop production, soil science and biological and chemical engineering at the State University of New York at Cobleskill, along with 7 years working in the field as a certified arborist. Gabie was born and raised in Carmel, New York and now resides in Cartersville, Georgia, which has given her experience with various climates and the plants that thrive in them. When not in her office managing our customer service department and assisting customers, or at our farms inspecting our plants and consulting our farm managers, you'll find Gabie attending to her own gardens and hanging out with and caring for her many animals.

Beth Steele - Marketing & Communications Director

Beth has been with Wilson Bros since 1998. She is a plant addict and there isn't much she doesn't know about plants and gardening. For years Beth co-managed our garden center in McDonough. Since the closing of the garden center Beth now wears many hats around the nursery but enjoys the marketing side most. She oversees our marketing and customer service department and personally creates all of our e-newsletters. When not at the Nursery, you'll find Beth hanging out with her family, her 5 grandchildren, and her cute little chihuahua named after her father Jimmy. She loves to crochet and vacation at the beach. Beth was born in Hawaii but was raised and spent most of her life in Georgia.

Johnny Smith  - Packaging Manager

Johnny oversees one of the most important things we do at Wilson Bros Gardens: packaging plants. We can do an excellent job growing and caring for the plants, but if the packaging isn't right, what was a beautiful and healthy plant can end up damaged or destroyed during transit. But with Johnny there to ensure that every plant is gently packed using the highest level of packaging products and methods to ensure your plants arrive safely and in good condition - Guaranteed! When not at the Nursery, you'll find Johnny hanging out with family and friends listening to music and playing video games, of which he's equally proficient at as packaging! Johnny was born was born in Taunton, Massachusetts and now resides in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Martin Deleon  -  "Jack of All Trades"

Truly a jack of all trades, Martin (pronounced Mar-teen), is all over the nursery and packaging facility. He is truly a master of everything, providing his expertise wherever needed. He is the fastest packager of orders that we have ever seen and can out-package anyone daring enough to compete....all while doing the job perfectly with the customer in mind. Born in California but raised in Mexico and then back to the US, he moved across country from Colorado with his wife and daughter to McDonough, GA after visiting and falling in love with the area. We call him 'The Energizer Bunny' because he just keeps going and going and going, taking massive pride in his job and every task he performs at Wilson Bros Gardens. He wears a genuine perma-grin that keeps fellow staff members spirits up on low days. When Martin is not working at the nursery he enjoys spending time with his wife and playing with his two daughters, who absolutely adore him. You can also catch him jogging around the neighborhood with his pup Violet, as if he needs any more exercise:-)

Dakota Thomas

Dakota is both our order processing and order picking manager, along with overseeing plant quality. He was born in a small town of Missouri and raised in Colorado, where he met his wife Jen, who happens to be our Customer Service Manager. He and Jen moved to McDonough shortly after meeting and now they've settled in with their daughter on a property with a beautiful lake and woodland environment similar in look and feel to parts of Colorado. As with owners Brent & Brooks and most everyone else on staff, Dakota carries a strong fascination with and love of plants, especially the rare and unusual, and is always looking for that next new hybrid to plant in their ever-expanding gardens. When not at the nursery, Dakota enjoys fishing, teaching his daughter how to play the piano, working on home projects, and playing games with Cole and other staff members on the computer he built. 

Jennifer Thomas

A complete angel, as anyone of you who have communicated with her knows, Jen is our customer service manager. Born in Bixby, Oklahoma, she has moved around quite a bit but considers Texas to be her home. Even though she has a degree in psychology, she's finally in her childhood dream-job working with and around plants and using her experience in gardening to help people find the perfect plants for their landscaping projects. Jen made what she insists is her final move to McDonough, GA shortly after meeting her husband. They now live in a woodland garden setting in McDonough with their daughter Ivy and a flock of chickens, 2 dogs, and 5 cats that roam around the farm portion of the property. When not working you'll find Jen playing with her daughter enjoying everything she likes to do, working on crafts and home projects, spending time with her family and friends, and in the garden of course.

Lauren Vaughn

Lauren is our Customer Service representative and assistant manager. She is a fourth generation Coloradan born and raised loving nature and having a passion for plants through growing up in the mountains During her freshman year in high school she met Jen Thomas, our Customer Service Manager. A lifelong friendship was born and now Lauren and Jen are thrilled to be working together with Wilson Bros Gardens. Lauren and her husband Tandler had their first daughter in 2020 after years of trying with IVF. When not working, Lauren enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, experiencing the joys of being a mom, interior decorating, hiking, traveling, photography, and last but not least gardening! 

Charles Dawson - Quality Control Manager

Charles lifelong love has always been plants, and taking care of them. So, when looking for work to keep him occupied in his soft retirement, he was naturally drawn to something to do with plants. Charles is one the most "chilled-out" person's we've ever met. When things get stressful, as they can when running any business, Charles is there to remind us all to not take things so seriously. When at the nursery you'll find Charles all over the place inspecting and caring for plants. He absolutely loves pruning and is one of the reasons why we get so many compliments on the looks of our plants. When not at the Nursery, you'll find Charles in his landscape growing and tending to plants or out throwing the frisbee with friends. Charles resides about a mile away from the nursery with his wife and daughter.

Pat Hatfield - Office Manager

Pat, or "Miss Pat" as we call her, joined the Wilson Bros team in 2001. At the Nursery, you'll find Miss Pat in the office handling all of our accounting and bookkeeping, and she does a spectacular job of it! Miss Pat is one of the most kind and friendly people in the world. If she ever answers the phone when you call the Nursery, you'll see exactly what we're talking about. When not at the Nursery, you'll find Miss Pat at home as a happy homemaker taking care of her family. She's undoubtedly the best chef around the nursery and  often feeds the Wilson Bros family her delicious, southern-style casseroles. Her chicken and dumplings is the best! Miss Pat was born in Cleveland, Tennessee and resides in Stockbridge, Georgia with her son, grandson and pets...too many to name here.

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