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If you've never ordered plants online you might be asking, "How on earth can live plants be safely shipped by mail?" Back in 2009, before we started shipping our plants, we asked that same question. Since then, through trial and error, we've mastered the process of safely shipping plants from our nursery to any location throughout the continental United States (with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii ) - and we guarantee a safe arrival on every plant we ship.

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Our 5-Step Packing Process

Step 1

Before we package the plants in your order, we give your plant(s) a deep soaking to ensure they will have enough water for transit. We then let excess water drain out a bit overnight. The next day, soil moisture level is checked to ensure your plant(s) arrive to you in the same high-quality condition they were in at our nursery.

Step 2

To ensure moisture is retained in the soil during transit from our nursery to your location, the next step we take in the packing process is what we call "papering the pots." This step involves covering the soil surface at the top of each potted plant with packing paper - a lot of it! Then we tape over this paper to hold it in place during transit. This helps retain the moisture in the pot and ensures that the soil will stay put during transit.

Note:  There are a few types of plants that don't get the papering.

Step 3

After "papering," the plants are then placed into specialized, near crush-proof boxes that are twice the thickness and rigidity of a standard cardboard box. To ensure the plants will not move around in the box during transit, rigid cardboard retainers are then placed around the plant pot inside the box. These retainers are then stapled in place from the outside of the box. This way, no matter how the delivery person handles the package, the plants won't move at all inside the box during transit. This one step in our packaging process ensures that 99.999% of the plants we ship will suffer no damage during transit.

In the rare event that a plant is damaged during transit, to the point where it will effect the health of your plant, rest assured we will make a claim with the carrier and have a replacement sent out to you right away.  

Step 4

Sometimes other packing material may be incorporated to protect the structure of the plant and box if necessary. Depending on the type of box used for specific types of plants, the flaps on the top of the box are stapled or sufficiently taped shut to ensure the flaps will not open during transit and to insure the safe arrival of the plant(s).

Step 5

Finally, the packages containing your plants are carefully placed on a FedEx truck and delivered with special priority to ensure an on-time delivery and a healthy plant every time, guaranteed.

Our Safe-Shipping Guarantee

We use the highest level and quality of packaging methods and spend twice as much as the average online plant store on quality shipping materials. We are confident in our superior packaging methods and our caring shipping department. If in the rare event that you receive a plant that was damaged during transit please contact us within 72 hours and email us a photo for verification to [email protected]. We will then ship you a replacement plant at no cost to you.

Your total satisfaction is important to us. Rest assured, we guarantee that!

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