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Recent Reviews

D. Space | Hampton, GA | 2/24/2020
Review of:  Pineapple Guava

I ordered 2 Feijoas ( Pineapple Guavas ) from Wilson Brothers with a hold on the date of delivery for weather condition purposes. My Feijoas arrived on time with solid communication from the company that they were on their way. Not all companies communicate very well after you place your order but Wilson Brothers did and I was very pleased about that. Anyway, I received my plants in very good condition and packaged very carefully as well. My Feijoas were so healthy and free of any damage. I was so pleased with my order that I recommend Wilson Brothers Nursery to anyone looking for high quality plants and excellent service. In fact I wish I would've found them sooner. I have ordered a large variety of plants and trees from several other companies this year in order to be ready for spring planting and no other company I have ordered from has treated my order anywhere near as well as Wilson Brothers has treated mine. I will be ordering my plants and trees from them from now on. I couldn't be more pleased with their service and products. They are the way to go for satisfaction of expectation.

D. Cimock | Chimney Rock | 2/23/2020

Wow, I purchased 2 of the Margarita Jasmine vines in 1 gallon size and was not disappointed.  They were amazing in size!  Very happy with both plants!

Anthony | Nashville | 2/18/2020

Plants arrived healthy and quickly

Michelle | Kyner, Kentucky | 2/17/2020
Review of: Blue Rug Juniper

My Blue Rug Juniper's received in great shape and on time!  I can't wait to plant them once our weather is good.

Miquel Roura | Jacksonville | 2/18/2020

excellent , I bought 3 gallon major wheeler honeysuckle , planted it 2 days later and one week later , on 2/18/20 in Jacksonville Florida  started blooming , very strong plant ,about 4 feet high  and very strong and thick stems .

Carol | Palm Bay, Florida | 2/15/2020

I am so glad this rose is back in stock and I appreciate Wilson letting me know.  This is the 3rd Brindebella I have planted and living in FL they can take the heat.  So glad this was not a bare root rose and I was able to dig the hole and plant it.

Deborah Hall | Missouri | 2/14/2020

Very pleased with the size of my little bush.  The branches are nicely twisted just as I remember from the one my mom had years ago.  The box took a hard knock somewhere in transit and had a big dent in it, but the plant was packed well and was perfectly fine.  Looking forward to seeing this one grow over the years.

D | North Carolina | 2/15/2020

I'm looking forward to having catkins to add to floral arrangements.  The pussy willow should also be an advantage for dealing with some standing water.  Plant came in great shape.

Casandra Cansler | Hixson, Tennessee | 2/13/2020

The plants arrived in excellent condition and were larger than I had expected so won't take so long to achieve a good size.

Shari | Irmo | 2/12/2020

Arrived in beautiful condition!  Extremely well packed for shipping!  This is a big, sturdy plant with lots of branches and buds.  Can't wait to see it bloom!

JB | Raleigh | 2/11/2020

I bought one of these last year for a shady wet area that also gets summer sun for a month or so. It’s a slow grower but the foliage is a glossy green year-round and it’s blooming already. This winter I bought 6 more to fill in the rest of the foundation on that side of the house. Will have to be patient but will be worth the wait. Packing is always stellar from y’all and plants are always in great condition. Thanks!

Lelia Foreman | Vancouver | 2/11/2020

What a beautiful and healthy plant you sent me.

Sonja | Arizona | 2/10/2020

This camellia has such a beautiful shape! Can't wait to see (and smell it) in bloom!
The plant was very well packaged and securely held in place so that it would not shift or lose potting soil during transit. Wilson Bros is a trustworthy nursery and delivers high quality plants every time. Thanks again!

Stephen Morse | Roanoke | 2/11/2020

I ordered the Acoma Crape Myrtle and had it shipped to VA. It showed up in great condition and I planted it immediately. This is the second plant I have ordered from Wilson Bros and had shipped. Both times with great success! Thank you Guys!.

Cyndi White | Hollister, Missouri | 2/9/2020

This came  a month ago and we're faithfully putting it out on the deck during the day.  It already looks a little red and very healthy.  Can't wait to plant in the 3rd week of April because it will match our red roof and spice up our yard!

Every time we move I try and get something unique for my new yard.  This plant is it, for sure!  I haven't planted it yet but it's thriving in its pot and it will go in after April 16th.  It's just so healthy and pretty.  Bless you it.

Holly | Houston, Texas | 2/5/2020

This was my second order from Wilson Bros. and I am very impressed by the size and quality of the plants. The Camilla Desire has good foliage and lots of buds.  I am looking forward to enjoying the blooms.  This is the first time I will be planting a camellia. Hope it does well, because I have an eye on several others I would like to have in my garden.

Beverly Cunningham | Wilson | 2/5/2020

This was a house warming gift for my daughter and she loved it!  Arrived very quickly and in good condition!

Michael Pope | Lexington | 2/6/2020

Received this Shalimar Red Crossvine recently and it was in great shape. It looked very healthy and I had no concerns that it will do just fine growing in my yard.. The roots were well established and the top growth was very nice and big!. Very happy with this purchase and plan to add another in a different spot. My wife loves Hummingbirds and expecting these vines to attract even more!

Erika Gutel | Benson, Vermont | 2/6/2020

I was so excited that my Camellia arrived a day earlier than expected and in beautiful shape. I can't wait to watch it grow and bloom for years to come, and I will definitely be ordering many more plants from here!

Sandra Zimmerman | Swansboro, North Carolina | 2/6/2020

I've purchased 5 plum yews in 2 separate orders. All 5 have been lovely plants which were carefully packed and quickly shipped. Wilson Bros is now my "go to" for shrubs, and I'll be ordering more in the near future.

Rebecca Peters | Franklin | 2/4/2020

As always, this plant arrived very well packed, very healthy and larger than anticipated. I have had better luck with the trees and shrubs I've ordered from Wilson Bros. than from any other online nursery.

Patricia Weston | Florida | 2/4/2020

Tree arrived very healthy and packaged well Can't wait for it to grow the sweet smelling flowers. I have ordered from Wilson Bros Gardens before with great success.

Tree was well packaged and arrived healthy and was in bloom. The sweet smell of these little flowers is amazing.

Rhea | Florida | 2/3/2020

The flowers on this plant smell heavenly! All of the plants I ordered, including this one, arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. I ordered both winter and summer daphne, in hopes that I will eventually be able to enjoy the flowers year round.

Claire Howle | Vero Beach | 2/2/2020

We love Wilson Bros Gardens! Everything we buy from them is so healthy and way beyond  expectations! We bought 6 Camellias, and all of them have been blooming  since we’ve put them in the ground. The fragrance is heavenly, and the blooms are nice and large. You just can’t get better quality anywhere online, or even at your local nursery. Excellent!

Ann B. | Lexington, North Carolina | 2/1/2020

This was my first purchase from Wilson Brothers, and I am thrilled!  I ordered a 3-gallon crossvine, and received a large beautiful plant, packaged perfectly for shipping.  The plant is in some stage of dormancy, which is what I wanted, so that it would have time to adjust to NC weather before springtime.  My questions to customer service were quickly and thoroughly answered.  I'll definitely be ordering from Wilson Brothers again.  Thank you!

Phillip Witaker | Simpsonville | 1/29/2020

Plant arrived quickly, was packaged with great care as usual and is a healthy looking specimen

Zillow | Arlington, Virginia | 1/28/2020

Healthy tree is dormant now but can’t wait till spring to see its colors

Brook Bertschy | Johns Island | 1/28/2020

So excited to watch these grown! I order two and they arrive healthy and happy!

Laren | Texas | 1/24/2020

Plants arrived quickly and in great condition! It was already blooming and kept all its blooms when planted! It has taken my yard up to eleven.

Robert Henry | Adairsville | 1/23/2020

Outstanding transaction! Shipment was quick, product was in excellent condition as the trees were larger than is usual from an internet source and nicely formed with good shaping and fullness of branching.  I highly recommend this seller.

Beverly Steffer | Virginia | 1/23/2020

The Camellia came in excellent condition.  Very green leaves and no problems.  They really pack it well.  The plant was not going to move during shipping!  I look forward to seeing the blooms next year.

TB | China Grove, North Carolina | 1/21/2020

Well packed and in good condition. Even had a few lingering red fall leaves on it. Can’t wait to see it in the Spring

Lee Ann Pingel | Athens, Georgia | 1/21/2020

The tree arrived quickly and in excellent condition. It has been in the ground about three months now and is doing well. The staff were helpful in providing planting advice.

Vanessa | Hilton Head Island | 1/20/2020
Review of: Banana Shrub

I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.  The healthy shrub that was sent arrived on time, was packaged perfectly and was actually larger than what I had ordered/paid for.  I put the plant in the ground the next day and it appears to be happy.  I lost just 1 leaf. Other buds have since pushed out nicely.  I would not hesitate to order from this supplier in the future.

Rose Hodges | Sabinal, Texas | 1/20/2020

I am very happy with the vine I received.. it is large and healthy. I can’t wait to see it grow and bloom in my landscape!

Raymundo Visser | Curacao | 1/18/2020
Review of: Italian Cypress

Ordered 4 and got all 4 well packaged in one box

Deborah Cimok | Chimney Rock | 1/18/2020

1 gallon size.  It came well packaged and of course it is dormant at this time of the year.  I am looking forward to see it break dormancy this spring!

Dale | Florida | 1/17/2020

Plants came in a big long box. So well packed that needed to use the jaws of life to get them out.  Healthy looking and already have flower buds on them.

Received the 4 plants I ordered in a long box.  They were so secured in the box that it took the jaws of life to get them out.  Plants were bigger than I thought and very healthy looking.  Already have flower buds on them. Would highly recommend using Wilson Brothers.

Constance Collins | USA | 1/16/2020

I received my midget arborvitae shrubs and they are healthy and beautiful.

Thanks for provide such great customer service.

Lo | Washington | 1/15/2020

I had been looking for Amelia Rose Azalea for a while, very happy to find Wilson Bros Garden carry this beautiful rose like Azalea that I want to add it to my garden. The plant arrived in secure package and looks very healthy with strong root system. Shipped on time before snowing. Hope it can hold the winter cold until spring, Cannot wait to see the rose like flower first bloom.

Wanda Davis | West Monroe, Louisiana | 1/13/2020

Nice tall plant.  Looks great.  Just wish it had buds.

Greg McCosh | South Carolina | 1/9/2020

The plant arrived healthy alive and well. It's arrived as promised and actually earlier than expected. We gave it a drink after unpacking as directed. It was package very well. We planted it the next day. It's doing very well. 
Greg M. 

Lmac | Mississippi | 1/6/2020

Healthy, dark green, larger than expected, and full of buds about to bloom.

Ruth Baugh | Kentucky | 1/6/2020

My orders always arrive promptly,  in beautiful condition and well potted.

Anne Flippin | Hammond | 1/4/2020

I have a huge old one of these at home, and it is gorgeous.  Wanted to get one for my cousin for her birthday - she was VERY pleased.

Taylor R. | North Carolina/Georgia | 1/3/2020

Bravo, Wilson Brothers!  I ordered a three-gallon Lady Banks rose for Christmas.  The rose arrived in pristine condition, packed with care, and only one day after shipping.  Thank you so much for your attention to detail.

Pat Shields | Griffin, Georgia | 1/1/2020

All beautiful well established plants. Delivery was quick. I will order again.

Gail | Wake Forest, North Carolina | 12/21/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

I received a well-packed, healthy, large banana bush. I’m a happy repeat customer! Great plants, helpful information tucked in with my plants, and great customer service keeps me coming back.

Beth | Sterling, Virginia | 1/1/2020

I was curious to try one of these dwarf crape myrtles. I picked this one for its bright pink bloom. I will plant bright lantana around it when the weather warms up. Arrived in great condition.

The bushes were superbly packed and healthy. We planted them in the winter, and we look forward to the color and fragrance they will add to our backyard border this summer. Looking forward too to the hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees these bushes attract.

This rose arrived in winter, a good time to plant in zone 6b. Like everything from this nursery, the packaging for transit was excellent. I look forward to seeing this orange beauty amidst the day lilies and shrubs in our backyard border.

We live in zone 6b and selected this and two other winter-blooming camellias to add interest to our front yard. The plants arrived looking great—glossy green leaves and fat flower buds. This medium tall variety is sited at the corner of our foundation with a dwarf camellia in front. Look forward to seeing and smelling the blooms soon.

We live in zone 6b and selected this and two other winter-blooming camellias to add interest to our front yard. The plants arrived looking great—glossy green leaves and fat flower buds. This variety, planted as a screening specimen in our front side yard, will hide the little shed housing our garbage and recycling cans that we just put up next to the garage. Look forward to seeing and smelling the blooms soon.

I have been looking for this Japanese Maple for some time. We look forward to seeing it leaf out in the spring. A specimen in front of our foundation planting, the fall color will be a beautiful beacon. As usual, superbly packed by the Wilson team.

We planted this rose in the winter. It is an accent to a camellia. Packed superbly by the Wilson team, this rose will be a beautiful sight in spring and summer with the evergreen backdrop. Hope it proves to be rugged in our 6b zone.

The rosemary arrived looking and smelling great. A great addition to my herb garden.

We live in zone 6b and selected this and two other winter-blooming camellias to add interest to our front yard. The plants arrived looking great—glossy green leaves and fat flower buds. This dwarf is in in front of a taller variety at the corner of our foundation. Look forward to seeing the blooms soon.

Dennis S. | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | 1/2/2020

Wilson Bros. provided a great experience when ordering my recent plants. The holly trees I ordered arrived within 5-6 days as promised, full of red berries and extremely healthy. Great work guys and I will use you again!

Jack Leary | Camden County, North Carolina | 12/30/2019

All is well and Merry Christmas, Just what Santa ordered, My wife is very happy with her tree, Enough said Thanks to the Wilson boys and their Elfs- thanks again-Jack

Andres Vinas | Houston, Texas | 12/28/2019

The plant came perfectly packaged and had tiny buds ready to sprout. Within 3 days of planting it the buds started to sprout and now the plant is growing strong. I would definitely recommend this plant and would recommend Wilson Bros. Great service and packing. Shipping was super fast too. I am very satisfied with the product and the service.

Cindy | New England | New England | 12/27/2019

I searched for the Japanese maple that gets the brightest red in the fall and has bright green leaves in the summer. This is listed as that which is why I was willing to pay a lot of money for it. It is planted in memory of my husband's mother who just passed away recently. It arrived in a timely manner and was packed in a very safe way so that it arrived completely healthy and undamaged. The size was not huge but not tiny either. It is dormant now but looks healthy and I'm very pleased. Can't wait to see how it does this spring when it leafs out.

Linda Pitelka | Chapel Hill | 12/27/2019

The tree arrived on time and in excellent shape. As always, Wilson Bros did a great job.

Daniela Hudkins Cortina | Alachula, Florida | 12/24/2019

Well packed healthy with a blooming flower. Sent to my daughter. She is thrilled.

Scott D. | North Carolina | 12/29/2019
Review of: Liberty Holly

Everything I have ordered from Wilson Bros to date has been beautiful, healthy and of a good size. - the recent order of the Liberty holly is no exception. Plant arrived quickly, packaged well and with no issues in shipping. It's a good size and robust. Very happy with all my orders from Wilson Bros. Really among the top tier for online nurseries in my experience.

Lily | Florida | 12/21/2019

Purchased for my sister in South Carolina.  Asked for delayed delivery and Wilson Bros delivered exactly as requested.  Great packaging, beautiful camellia bush, my sister is thrilled.  Thank you!

Gary & Sonja | Arizona | 12/21/2019

Your camellia Lady Vansittart just arrived in great condition!
Thank you for shipping it out so soon on Monday (which helped to get it delivered before the weekend so that it did not have to sit in a warehouse over the weekend :)

I would order from you again...

Peggy Grogan | Deland, Florida | 12/18/2019

My husband ordered me this plant last year and it bloomed in the summer and again in October.  I ordered a plant for two of my sisters.  The plants were delivered and both are just spectacular and healthy. Would recommend this nursery.

James Boyd | Millington, Tennessee | 12/19/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

The one gallon plants were 24 to 28 inches tall ,healthy ,well rooted, packaged well, and shipped quickly.

Carl D. Young | Jackson | 12/16/2019
Review of: Oakland Holly

Good size at a great price.  Arrived in perfect condition.

Ronald Bryson |  Greer | 12/17/2019

I quickly received a super looking 3 gallon plant.  Leaves were healthy looking green.

Gary & Sonja | Arizona | 12/16/2019

Your camellia Herme arrived today.
It is in perfect condition and looks beautiful and healthy :)
Thank you for packaging and shipping with so much care.

Carol White | Lexington | 12/11/2019

If I could give more than five stars I would.  I've been buying from catalog or internet nurseries for decades and I have never had another plant delivered that even came close to this one. Delivery was prompt and the plant was perfectly secure. The camellia is large, healthy, and full. The last camellia I bought from a different nationally known nursery can only be described as pathetic at not much over a foot tall, arriving with broken branchelets.  The contrast is astounding. Please understand that I am not generally given to superlatives, but Wilson Bros. has earned them...I look forward to our future gardening together.

Dennis Luebkin | Glendale | 12/13/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

Deoder Ceder. one gallon plant arrived in excellent healthy condition,. easy to order, plant size very good.

Shannon | Charleston | 12/13/2019

the tree was very well packed ,came fast and looks healthy

C. Flynn | Pennsylvania | 12/11/2019

I have planted this on 9/18/2019 and on 12/11/2019 it is doing great in zone 6b

This plant has been looking great all summer long and still does as of 12/13/2019 in Zone 6b and getting taller fast for this first season.

Leslie Payne | Alabama | 12/11/2019

Arrived in great condition due to Wilson Bros. very careful packing and care!   Love the large selection of Camellias they grow  - my wish list is long and I am very pleased with this company and their service!

Jim Williams | McDonough | 12/6/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

The most important thing is the trees arrived alive and healthy. Shipping was free, well done and on time. I really cannot ask for much more than that.

Joyce Wojcik | Bothell | 12/2/2019

I'm not a fan of shipped trees - they usually arrive in poor condition, damaged  or in bad shape - I reluctantly purchased a Japanese Black Pine to be shipped from Wilson Bros in GA to WA -absolutely couldn't find a decent size any other place -  the tree arrived in perfect shape even though the shippers didn't pay attention to the package upright arrows - the 4-5"" new candle growth on the tree arrived in perfect condition - I have purchased shipped trees before which arrived in a variety of conditions - from ok to bad  - Wilson Bros packaging is superior to any other I've experienced - decent sized Black Pines are impossible to find - Wilson Bros are the preeminent growers/shippers of my experience - thank you for superior  customer service and my gorgeous tree - if you have hesitated to purchase a shipped tree/plant - "go for it" these guys are the best!

Ron Whited | SW Florida | 12/3/2019

My wife saw these plants in a magazine and knew she had to have them. Here in Florida the sun can be brutal on landscape plants, so she was wanting something that could take the heat.

We had never heard of Wilsonbrosgardens but found them by Googling the name Sunshine Ligustrum. We decided to take a chance after being unable to locate any plants locally and ordered two plants. We figured if they didn’t meet our expectations we weren’t out much.

We were very surprised and elated at the condition of the plants upon arrival. This was due to them being high quality plants, but also to the incredible packing job done at the nursery. They arrived in perfect condition, barely a few pieces of dirt had fallen out of the pots! Now that’s how you ship a plant!

We planted our two plants in post for the time being, wanting to let them grow some before planting them in a bed. We are keeping them watered and they have already put on a lot of new growth. I imagine come next Spring the color will be much more brilliant.

I tried hard to find a legitimate reason not to give my order 5 stars but couldn’t. I don’t usually go over board on my reviews, especially from a company I had never ordered from before but Wilsonbrosgardens has it going on for sure!

James Boyd | Millington, Tennessee | 12/1/2019

Nice  sized 26 inch tall plant that arrived quickly and well packaged.

Brian | Georgia | 12/1/2019

Carolina Midnight is more vigorous than Ever Red, with a larger, more rounded leaf, slightly darker (more black tint) foliage. Flowers are not quite as bright red, but I find that the combination of darker red flowers and purple-black foliage makes Carolina Midnight a more attractive plant to my eye. Not yet sure what the flower power potential of Midnight is as mine is only 2 years old, but I do like the foliage much better than my Ever Reds....

Sylvia Canty | McDonough | 12/1/2019

The plants came beautifully packaged and healthy. I planted them immediately and they are doing well. The plants were delivered in the middle of November. Thanks Wilson Bros.

Cynthia | Alabama | 12/1/2019

This beautiful tree arrived in perfect condition, expertly packed for shipping.  It is a well rooted tree with nice sturdy form, even growth and deep green leaves.  I am so proud of this tree, it is a Christmas gift for a friend of 35 years.  These trees are very hard to find, so it is an excellent price when you consider shipping is already included.  Thank you so much Wilson Brothers! Very happy with this purchase !!!

Jo Casto | Woodlands, Texas | 11/30/2019
Review of: Eastern Redbud

We are extremely impressed with our new 2 gal tree - arrived quickly and in perfect condition - well packed in heavy carton   Tree was planted 3 weeks ago in November - it must be thriving as two tiny leaves have appeared on one branch - can’t wait to see it bloom next Spring

Sandra Yarboro | Roxboro | 11/30/2019

Packaged safe and sound for a very timely arrival. The plant is healthy looking and doing well since planted a few days ago.

Packaged safe and sound for a very timely arrival. The plant is healthy looking and doing well since planted a few days ago.

Lelia Foreman | Vancouver | 12/1/2019

The plant arrived in great shape. I look forward to adding this lovely sub-shrub to my garden.

Nadine |Austin, Texas | 11/28/2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Tree Lovers, I have been getting trees online for 7 years, and should have been getting them with Wilson Brothers all along, I am grateful that I have finally found a reputable vendor, who sells healthy trees/plants, great price points, and packs them like they are sending them to someone who cares.  Well packed, not too heavy, and no spillage.  And they are NOT IN SHOCK.  
I tell you all right now that I have decided that Wilson Brothers Gardens are the GOLD STANDARD that the other online companies should be emulating, I am very grateful for their prompt service, and such beautiful trees.  Thanks so much you all from my yard full of trees to yours!  God Bless!

Charles Hafer | Greensboro, North Carolina | 11/28/2019

Plant arrived in NC in 2 days and in good shape.  No wilted or damaged leaves or stems.  We have little top soil here, and lots of hard clay, so I dug a deep and wide hole and added a lot of organic soil and compost mixture.  Hopefully it will develop good roots when it starts growing in spring.

Kathryn | Covington, Louisiana | 11/27/2019

Oh my. We planted this about a year ago and it took off. When frost finally arrived here in south Louisiana, it was over 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide! Gardeners have a saying here that if you can find a plant that will tolerate our summer heat and humidity, it’s likely to grow twice as large as predicted. That certainly was the case with this beautiful plant. I’ve just added another one to my cart for another spot that needs a colorful, large, and fast-growing plant. Does anyone know whether it can be divided? I hope so because it’s overtaken the plants around it. I assume I’ll need a chain saw.

Mike Hall | Baton Rouge, Louisiana | 11/28/2019

I am so happy and shocked with my purchase. I was surprised by the size and quality of my order. Will definitely be buying more. Thanks so much!!!!

 Houstina Hopkins | Ashboro | 11/29/2019

I ordered 3 gallon Junipers.  Received then within 5 business days in excellent condition. I had reservations about the size of the plant (maybe being too small) and concern about the condition of the plants during shipping.  They are beautiful, full-size plants in excellent condition.  Definitely will be my go - to for future plant shopping! Wilson Brothers did not dissapoint!

Barry Vann | USA 11/29/2019

The camellia was beautiful.....just like always. Y'all are just about too good too be true.....but Y'all are by far the best place to buy trees and plants. I've told everyone I know that y'all are the best and that is no lie.....and I know a lot of people. Just keep on doing what Y'all are doing now and I guarantee that y'all will be rated the best in the usa if you're not already! Keep up the good ,quality work and Merry Xmas to all of you!

Review Of: Early Autumn Camellia Japonica

The camellia was beautiful.....just like always. Y'all are just about too good too be true.....but Y'all are by far the best place to buy trees and plants. I've told everyone I know that y'all are the best and that is no lie.....and I know a lot of people. Just keep on doing what Y'all are doing now and I guarantee that y'all will be rated the best in the usa if you're not already! Keep up the good ,quality work and Merry Xmas to all of you!

They were beautiful as always. Y'all are the best......hands down. I Haven't bought a single thing from anyone else since I found out about y'all. Thanks

Michaell Cavanaugh | Savannah | 11/29/2019

Two yellow bird magnolias arrived today and seem to be in fine shape.
Your free shipping is really a plus!

Review of: Bald Cypress

Two bald cypress arrived today and seem to be in fine shape.
Your free shipping is really a plus!

Carla & Toby Johnson | McDonough | 11/26/2019

I ordered a Yoshino Cherry tree online.  We received it very quickly and the packaging of the tree was very impressive.  I always wondered how people ship trees without damaging them.  Well now I know.  I will definitely order again.

Ramona Hall | Hephzibah, Georgia | 11/24/2019

Health of plant promptness of delivery and excellent packaging impressed me. I definitely will be ordering again.

Sherry Graham | Lima | 11/23/2019

I ordered a Carolina Midnight tree which arrived on time and was an excellent stock. The packaging was sturdy and the plant was in great shape. This company is reliable and their advertising is accurate.

Lester | Hickory, North Carolina | 11/23/2019
Review of: Sourwood Tree

Plant arrived in timely fashion and was in good shape when I removed it from the pot.  I had waited a couple of days to let it harden a bit to the colder temperatures (taking it into the garage at night) before planting.  It's survived a couple of nights of low 20's in good shape and is now rewarding me with some very nice fall leaf color.

Abel Putnum | Central Florida | 11/23/2019

The plants quickly arrived in beautiful condition and full of buds.

Linda | Buford | 11/22/2019

We live in a remote area of Wyoming - and have had a lot of issues filling our 22 ft dome greenhouse with live trees and shrubs.. In spite of below freezing temps - and delays due to I-80 getting closed on a regular basis (due to wind and snow from our Fall blizzards) the Muscadine and Black Spanish grape plants arrived quickly and in good shape.  Compared to the 3 other places we ordered from - these were packed the best and arrived with possibly a touch of frost-bite - but no damage from  shipping.

We live in a remote area of Wyoming - and have had a lot of issues filling our 22 ft dome greenhouse with live trees and shrubs.. In spite of below freezing temps - and delays due to I-80 getting closed on a regular basis (due to wind and snow from our Fall blizzards) the Muscadine and Black Spanish grape plants arrived quickly and in good shape.  Compared to the 3 other places we ordered from - these were packed the best and arrived with possibly a touch of frost-bite - but no damage from  shipping.

Julie Warshaw | Chapel Hill | 11/22/2019

Plant arrived in full bloom and the smell when I opened the box was heavenly. Very healthy, good-sized shrub - I haven’t mail-ordered plants in a long time and I’m very impressed with what I’m receiving from Wilson Bros.

Donna Wasserberger | Gig Harbor, Washington | 11/21/2019

First of all a LOVE Wilson Bro Gardens. They gave me an upgrade from a 2 gallon pot to a 3 gallon pots this last time. Although it is November so I can't see the green of the leaves I am sure that come spring my honeysuckle will be beautiful. It was packed so well. Thank you!! You are filling my yard with all kinds of beauty!

Sharon Martin | Inman | 11/21/2019

All 5 Slender Hinoki Cypress arrived well packaged, healthy and a beautiful dark green. I'm excited to watch them grow in the coming years. This was my first Wilson Bros. Gardens order; I'm very pleased and will order from them again.

Pat Whitaker | Newland, North Carolina | 11/19/2019
Review of: Blue Chaste Tree

My chaste tree arrived promptly.  It’s a very good size for the price and was perfectly packaged.  We got it in the ground just before an unexpected November freeze, so we have our fingers crossed that it will be OK.   I highly recommend these folks.  I am impressed.  I have had some terrible experiences with mail order plants.

Wesley King | Greenbrier | 11/20/2019

The Pyramidal Compacta Japanese Hollies  that I ordered were shipped very quickly and were well packaged.  The shrubs were exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  They are already on the front porch with Christmas lights on them and they look great.  Based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.

The Coral Bark Japanese Maple  that I ordered was shipped very quickly and was well packaged.  The tree was exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  Since it is Fall, I won't get to really enjoy this plant until next Spring, but based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.

The Dogwood tree that I ordered was shipped very quickly and was well packaged.  The tree was exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  Since it is Fall, I won't get to really enjoy this plant until next Spring, but based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.

The blueberry plant that I ordered was shipped very quickly and was well packaged.  The blueberry plant was exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  Since it is Fall, I won't get to really enjoy this plant until next Spring, but based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.  Note: At a previous home I planted Delite as a pollinator and it turned out to be my favorite blueberry producing grape sized berries.

The blueberry plant that I ordered was shipped very quickly and was well packaged.  The blueberry plant was exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  Since it is Fall, I won't get to really enjoy this plant until next Spring, but based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.

The blueberry plant that I ordered was shipped very quickly and was well packaged.  The blueberry plant was exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  Since it is Fall, I won't get to really enjoy this plant until next Spring, but based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens. Note: based on past experience with Tifblu, it is a great blueberry producing huge quantities of delicious berries.

The fig tree that I ordered was shipped very quickly and was well packaged.  The plant was exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  Since it is Fall, I won't get to really enjoy this plant until next Spring, but based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.

The Orangeola Japanese Maple  that I ordered was shipped very quickly and was well packaged.  The tree was exactly as described and appeared very healthy.  Since it is Fall, I won't get to really enjoy this plant until next Spring, but based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.

Nadine | Texas | 11/18/2019


Lovely trees, and boy you all know how to pack and ship!  You are heads and tails above the other businesses in your industry. 

Thank you so very much, and if I EVER get a tree from somewhere else, which is unlikely now that I have become your 
customer, you will now be the Standard in which I measure others by.  

Thank you so very much.
Happy Holidays

Bobbi | North Carolina | 11/18/2019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

I purchased gallon-container muhly grasses.  They cost a little bit more than 3-inch container grasses from another company, but were well worth it.  Each plant was approximately 1 1/2 to 2 feet high.  They were carefully wrapped for mailing.  Additionally, the soil and pot were carefully wrapped with material that prevented disruption and which prevented moisture evaporation.  I was extremely pleased and will order again from Wilson Gardens.

HDM003 | Florida |11/14/2019

Ordered the 6-pack of White Muhly.  They were very well packaged and arrived quickly.
Planted already and they look great.  Will definitely use Wilson Bros. for any other plantings I need!

Marty | Glascow |11/16/2019

Wilson Brothers promptly answered my question before I placed my order.  Then the honeysuckle plant arrived very quickly. The package was amazing and protected the large, healthy plant perfectly. It was late in the fall when I planted it, but it looks normal now, starting to go dormant. I look forward to enjoying its flowers next summer.

Paul Jordan | The Villages, Florida | 11/16/2019

Received three one gallon pot plants as ordered.  Have planted and they seem to be doing quite nicely.  Will continue to monitor and report progress.

So far I am a satisfied customer.

Sheila | Longview, Texas | 11/17/2019

Wilson Bros 1 gallon is the size of others 3 gallon!  This tree is beautiful!

Wilson Bros 1 gallon is the size of others 3 gallon!  This tree is beautiful!  I can not wail until spring to see what this looks like!

Linda McCall | Oklahoma | 11/16/2019

Great plants. Arrived well packaged and very healthy, looked like I brought them home instead of being shipped. Great company.

Julie LaBarge | Marietta |11/13/2019

Beautiful Daphne arrived in excellent condition! I planted it immediately and it is thriving in the wet cold weather.

Abby | Georgia | 11/14/2019

Thanks very much.  The holly arrived and looks great.

Jaynie | Georgia | 11/13/2019

Plants arrived in beautiful condition, very carefully packaged & arrived quickly.  I was very impressed by the entire experience & quality of the plants!  I won't hesitate to use Wilson Brothers again,

Cathy | Ohio | 11/13/2019

I’ve been looking for a Red Dragon ever since I lost my beloved contorted filbert two years ago. There were none to be found, and sites that had pre-orders in them were asking hundreds of dollars. I found this one and ordered immediately. It arrived within a few days, very well packaged and in good health. I planted it right away, as the weather and season were right and it seems to have survived just fine. We’ve just had our first snow, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting spring to see those beautiful red leaves unfolding.

Gary Sales | Knoxville, Tennessee | 11/13/2019
Review of: Red Yucca

My Red Yuccas while receiving a hard time from UPS, arrived in good condition and I was pleased with the size and soundness of the plants.  Got them installed a week before this bitter cold snap arrived.  Looking forward to seeing how they make it to Spring and am anticipating their dramatic flowering that will compliment my other recent Wilson Bros order of Drift Roses.  Wilson Bros was very responsive and acted to be sure despite the shipping mishandling that both I and the plants were ok.  Great service.

Ron Ellis | Dolomite | 11/12/2019

Wilson Bros was the only company out of approx. 16 places I tried who was able to fill my specific Azalea order.  All six arrived and they were healthy, fresh, and several were blooming.  I was very pleased with the quality of both the product and the service.  Great company!

Paul Austin | Tucker | 11/11/2019

This is a unique camellia.  I was very happy to find it.  The plants arrived healthy and are doing great so far where I planted them.  I hope to enjoy them for years to come.

Rhonda Tillman | Grantsboro, North Carolina | 11/12/2019

We had a customer who insisted on a particular variety of camelia and we were unable to find it at any of our local nurseries, and they said they were unable to order that one. We found it on Wilson Bros site and ordered it, not knowing what to expect since we had never ordered plants/shrubs from an online company before. It did take the 7-10 business days to deliver, but that is what we were told upon placing the order. I was notified when it shipped and when delivery could be expected. It arrived well packed and in beautiful condition. We will order again for sure!

Elaine Ermis | Damascus | 11/12/2019
Review of: Black Bamboo

This is my 4th order and sorry for not reviewing the others when I received them so I will do so now! Every plant I received was large and healthy. You are my favorite online nursery. Fast shipping also! Thank you! Look forward to my next order!

Erla Richards | Independence | 11/10/2019

I have ordered several plants from Wilson Bros and they arrive in unbelievable condition just as if they had been bought at a local nursery The difference is that I am able to purchase plants that are not available at our local nurseries.  But that is not the only thing that sets this company apart.  I have communicated with them several times to ask questions and get information and I always get a friendly answer almost immediately.  I have even received a phone call when an order was questionable.  Wilson Bros is a #1 nursery in my book!!

Mary | Florida | 11/10/2019

It was easy to order and arrived quickly. Also nice quality. Very pleased :)

Monica | Arizona | 11/10/2019

Very interesting texture to foliage, healthy plants and very well packaged

Very healthy plant, nice blue/green coloring, packaged very well

Diana | Atoka, Tennessee | 11/8/2019

My order was placed and delivered in Oct so it's bare at the moment but a good size and healthy looking. Plant could not have been package better. I've order from Wilson Bros before and the previous plants have done well as I'm sure this one will too.

Nancy Toma | Ocala | 11/9/2019

Healthy looking little tree.  Arrived packed well.  No shock after planting.  Looks happy.

David Pfohl | USA | 11/9/2019

My order arrived and has been planted. I am impressed by the quality of the cross vine and look forward to seeing it develop.

Hunayi | Dade City | 11/9/2019

The product was well packaged., and the grass is deeply green. The customer service is amazing.

Ilaben | Virginia | 11/8/2019

Plant was very healthy and packed well.  Received by my requested date,

Received very healthy and shipped per my request, asap, timely manner.  You have gained a another customer!

Donna O. | Midwest City, Oklahoma | 11/9/2019

The "Kaleidoscope" abelia was packaged well and withstood the mishandling of the shipper: it was in excellent condition with not even one dropped leaf.  It is doing well in its new home.  The service from Wilson Bros Gardens was outstanding.

Christina W. | Houston | 11/8/2019

This was my first order from Wilson Bros.  I was unable to find this hybrid locally, in any reputable nursery in all of Houston and surrounding areas (that's a very large area).  I was happy to find it online, at Wilson Bros.  I chose this hybrid for its specific growth habit/size/color.  I ordered two.  They were shipped quickly and packaged carefully.  
What I am most impressed about was the quality of the plants.  I have purchased many Camellias locally from high quality nurseries, and they are almost always root-bound.  Perhaps this is because Camellias are slow-growers and they are re-potted several times before being sold.  But when I plant them I always have to do significant root trimming to free up the coiled roots, to allow the plant to establish a healthy footing.  However, these Camellias from Wilson Bros had gorgeous, untangled, healthy young roots, lots of fresh feeder roots, and no coiled choker-roots.  They did not seem to have been previously, carelessly plunked into larger pots as they grew.

Karen Pearman | Faxon, Oklahoma | 11/7/2019
Review of: Brown Turkey Fig

I am very pleased with my purchase, very nice!!

LS | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 11/8/2019

I have ordered a lot from my old local nursery, White Flower Farm, over the past thirty years.  Your service is every bit as good as theirs, my edgeworthias are 100% fabulous, and your shipping is better.  They are happy and thriving.  Thanks!

 Barbara Waughtel | Tucson | 11/8/2019

I ordered two gardenias and they arrived in excellent condition but are now trying to adjust to the Tucson desert climate.  After the plants are acclimatized, I plan to "bonsai" both of them.

Karin Kroenke \ Alexandria, Virginia | 11/3/2019

I recently purchased two little heath pieris here because they no longer had them at my local garden center and I couldn't find them anywhere else online.  I had bought two at my garden center last year and they didn't make it (probably in too much sun!).  I had to buy the 1 gallon here because it was all that was left in stock and was afraid they would be tiny.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the large size.  They arrived very healthy, well packed and are planted in a new, shadier location where they are ready to bloom next spring.  I am not a huge fan of pieris, but I love this variety with the variegated leaves, bright pink new growth and small, slow-growing size that tucks in well near my camellias. Great experience with this seller!

Diane Birkemo | Chapel Hill | 11/2/2019

Easy to order, came right on time and was in great condition.
Will order again.
Thank you

Jon Gardener | Pennsylvania | 11/2/2019

Nice sized plant arrived well packed and loaded with buds for next year. Can't wait to see it bloom.

James Chamberlinll | Murells, Inlet | 11/2/2019
Review of: Temple Bamboo

Arrived in excellant condition; very health Bamboo. Thank You!! and We will be doing business again.

Everett Miller | Point Blank | 11/1/2019

Had all my questions answered about this Japanese maple before I ordered it.  Arrived on schedule and although it is dormant now looks very healthy.

Kathy Cole | Dallas | 11/1/2019

Three gallon specimens arrived in perfect condition with lots of berries on the male.  Can't wait to get them in the ground.

Liz Vernon | Wilmington, North Carolina | 11/1/2019

My orange tea olive arrived well packed. It is planted in the chosen spot and seems to be thriving! Thank you ??

Lois Hickey | Destin | 10/31/2019

All good!  The camellia arrived quickly and in good condition - not a branch bent or broken.   The size was about as expected.  The plant had flower buds already formed and the plant appears to be thriving.  Looking forward to having beautiful flowers during the coming months.

Paula Allen | Covington | 10/31/2019

Love this little guy. Cant wait to see him when he is full grown!!

Lynn Hampton | USA | 10/31/2019

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to tell you about my experience with Wilson Brothers.  First, it was great.  I did not know about Encore Azaleas until I received the email.  We were finishing our remake of our garden and I was struggling to decide what to plant.  I needed year round color and substance.  The Encore fit what I needed.  
When the 4 Azaleas arrived, I was very impressed with the packaging.  The plants stayed moist and no dirt was lost in mailing.  The plants were also easy to put in the ground.  
Keep up the good work!

William Maxey | Tallahassee, Florida | 10/30/2019

I bought 18 of these and they were fantastic!  These were much much better than the same size plants I got from my local nursery.

Barbara | Mobile, Alabama | 10/29/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

The Wilson Brothers have always sent me beautiful plants but this one was a stunner.  I was amazed at the size and beauty of the plant.  As usual they packed it so no damage could occur.  Wow!

I was wanting to order a Deodar Cedar Tree and thought that was in my cart, instead, to my surprise, it was the Asiatic Jasmine.  I immediately called Wilson Brothers to cancel the order.  Through some glitch the order didn't get canceled, unbeknownst to me.  When it arrived I was shocked to see the plant but Wilson Brothers told me to keep the plant for free since it was ordered in error.  Great service and a lovely plant.

Maureen | USA | 10/30/2019

I was really pleased with my purchase. The clematis was well-sized and healthy. It transplanted well and seems to be thriving in my garden. The plant was packaged nicely and delivery was prompt. I would comfortably recommend your company to anyone interested in purchasing plants.

Anne White | Winston-Salem | 10/28/2019

Beautiful plant. Arrived in perfect condition. Very pleased.

Craig Willis | Spring Hill | 10/28/2019

I ordered a Japanese maple from Wilson Bros. based on what I read about the company, other customer reviews and price.  The tree came exactly as expected and looks very healthy in it's new home.  I am completely satisfied with my purchase and the fast shipping service I received from Wilson Bros. I will go back to them for future landscaping needs.

Braden | Columbus | 10/25/2019
Review of: Robust Bamboo

The bamboo came quickly, well packaged, very healthy with multiple shoots and seems to like It's new home.  Nice work gentleman.  I look forward to doing more business in the future.

Jacy | Texas | 10/27/2019

Miss Huff arrived in perfect condition, quickly, and I can’t wait to see it grow and bloom!

William Young | Ocala | 10/24/2019

I received 3 plants that arrived on time, well packaged and in very good condition. They have only been planted for a few weeks and are doing well. They should be in bloom within a few weeks- can't wait.

Celia | Maryland | 10/24/2019

Quick shipping, plant arrived in A1 shape ready to be planted.

Dena Miller | Scottsboro, Alabama | 10/24/2019

If you are on the fence, I'm here to say just do it.  I've purchased many times and will continue to do so!  Everything I've purchased has arrived promptly and always healthy and beautiful!  This is not a common thing when it comes to mail order plants!  
Wilson Brothers is my only go to for hard to find and special plantings!

You won't be disappointed!!

Roberta | North Carolina | 10/26/2019

I was extremely pleased with the plants received and would readily recommend you to my family and friends.

My plants arrived in wonderful condition and was all that I was expecting and I was so thrilled to plant them in an area of my garden and not have to spend time searching all over trying to find them at this time of the year.

Becky | North Carolina | 10/25/2019

I ordered 6 creeping Jenny and they arrived securely packaged and extremely healthy and vigorous.  Once in the ground, they immediately starting rooting down their trailing stems. I’m very pleased.

Ronald Gress | Gaithersburg | 10/24/2019

Plant was as large and nice as what I can get at a nursery.  I am extremely satisfied because of the quality of plants and the selection I get at Wilson Bros.  This is not my first plant and it will not be my last.

Alan | Raleigh | 10/27/2019

I have ordered many mail order plants over the years and they have usually come in small boxes.  Hence I was amazed when the UPS driver brought me a box that was 36"" long.  I could not believe that this was the one Krewer blueberry plant but it was.  In fact that plant was too large to fit into the box so part of it was bent over.  The problem was that the plant was shipped when we had record heat.  When the plant arrived, the root ball was dry and most of the leaves looked dried out.  I thought that the plant was dead.  I wrote to Wilson Bros and sent a picture of the plant.  The nursery manager wrote back the next day saying that the plant would probably live but if it did not, they would replace it. The temperature was a record 100 degrees the day I planted the blueberry according to their instructions..  Their instructions for the planting and care are the best that I have seen for blueberries.  Well, it is now three weeks later.  The plant has lost about half of its leaves but it is still alive and even showing some new growth.  If a plant will survive under these conditions, it should survive under most conditions.  I think that demonstrates the quality of the plants that the Wilson Brothers provide.

Jacquelyn Skinner | Texas | 10/26/2019
                   Variegated Maiden Grass

I received my order two days ago.  Those grasses were expensive, but WOW!  They arrived in perfect condition, and they're gorgeous.  Worth every penny!  I'll be back for my next hard-to-find plants.

Martha Aitken | Fort White, Florida | 10/25/2019

The Orange Tea Olive arrived in perfect condition. It is a big robust bush. I am hoping that it will bloom next year because I love the old fashioned Tea Olives and this Fragrant Orange will be so special. Wilson Brothers Nursery has such a fabulous array of native and unusual plants that I just keep ordering. When you have a farm, there is always space for one more plant, and so I wonder what the next "find" will be?  I'll be calling soon.

The Carolina Allspice bush is gorgeous - a most generous size for a 1 gallon pot. I expected a much smaller plant. I remember my mother having one long ago and I know that it will bring back lovely memories for many years to come. The packing, as always, was superb and not a leaf was out of place. Thanks for such care for the wonderful plants that you provide.

Nanette | Jamestown, Rhode Island | 10/26/2019

In May of 2019, I planted two of the  Red Trumpet Honeysuckle to climb a trellis providing privacy on my front porch which faces East (6 hours of morning sun).  They arrived perfectly healthy and the vines have flourished.  Sadly, not a single blossom as of October 26, 2019.   Maybe next year?  Sorry not to give 5 stars.  I was asked to review this just weeks after purchase - far too soon to know.  A review given withing weeks of purchase would not mean much to a gardener, it could only attest to the health of the plant on arrival, nothing else.

Peter H. | Austin, Texas | 10/27/2019

Scarlets Peak Holly - 3 Gallon Pot
I ordered 2 and they were packed and shipped in a very secure, professional way. I was surprised how well they survived the long shipping distance. They now live happily in their new location and appear to be doing well. Thank you !

Sarolta Dietrick | Wheat Ridge | 10/26/2019

Received plant in great shape. Very happy with purchase!

Cynthia Norwood | North Carolina | 10/23/2019

The Snow and Summer Asiatic Jasmine is just gorgeous!  I ordered 6 in a box and they came beautifully packaged and are thriving after being planted.

Jana | Albany | 10/22/2019

Just received my Tea Olive tree.  It came well protected in the packaging, and looks very healthy.  I transplanted it the other day, and it appears to be handling that trauma well.  I'm really pleased with the service and prices from Wilson Brothers.

Susan | Florida | 10/22/2019

I purchased 7 one gallon plants. Shipping was super fast, plants were very well packaged and in beautiful condition when they arrived. They've been planted now close to a month and are thriving with little bits of new growth already. I would definitely purchase from Wilsonbrosgardens again!

Ann Wright | Houston, Texas | 10/22/2019

The camellia was packed well and now is in the ground here! Thanks for getting it to me in such good condition. We're looking forward to enjoying it in our yard.

Nan Kennedy | Cleveland | 10/21/2019

The little fig Olympian arrived in good shape, was promptly planted and appears to be settling in. I'll get back to you in four or five years about performance!

Ameena Haddad | Hollywood | 10/20/2019

I ordered this for my mom, who lives in Michigan.  She said it looks great, and it was delivered nicely. She will bring it inside during the winter. She is very happy with it, and it was delivered on time. Thank you!

Luz Estrada | El Paso, Texas | 10/20/2019

Plant arrived in great shape. Very pleased with quality of plant and the extra care taken in packing.

Jason Sullivan | Carrollton | 10/21/2019

The plant came in excellent condition and looks great.

Laura Hendricks | USA | 10/20/2019

My Lady Banks is still looking great. This is the 4th one I have purchased....the others have all died. This is the only one I have purchased from your company, hoping it will live! 
I live in Lubbock County, Texas, Zone 7. We have weather extremes. Most plants that are "drought tolerant" still need water here. I may have not watered the previous rosebushes, enough....or maybe got too much water! Any suggestions would be great! I have several rosebushes...Europeanna, Joseph's Coat, Knockout and an antique rose of some kind.

Gail G. | Washington, DC | 10/19/2019

Wilson Brothers continues to amaze me. This vigorous sasanqua camellia arrived covered in buds--and so carefully packaged that it looked as if it had been in a box mere minutes instead of a few days. I can't say enough about the quality and care of this company--my favorite source for mail-order shrubs ever.  And I can't wait to see this wonderful camellia in full bloom.

Brenda Smith | Cherokee, North Carolina | 10/18/2019

Plants were in great shape, the shipping was fast & the plants were "Professionally Packaged. We were really satisfied with this order & would buy from this company again !!!

Teri Jacobs | USA | 10/19/2019
Review of: Asian Jasmine

Outstanding customer service. Plants arrived healthy and ready to be planted.
Thank you,
Teri Jacob

Jack | Dallas, Texas | 10/18/2019

All six plants arrived in excellent condition. Couldn't have been better! Very well packed to keep the plants well protected from damage as they traveled half way across the country.

The shrubs themselves are gorgeous. Wilson Bros must take very good care of the plants in their nursery. I couldn't be more pleased.

My mom enjoyed gardening, and planted many junipers around the yard. I didn't expect to have an emotional reaction upon opening the box and seeing them. As they grow, they'll be a loving reminder of mom and her garden.

William | Tallahassee, Florida | 10/17/2019

I bought out my local nursery of these plants and purchased 18 more from Wilson Brothers.   All the plants were 1 gallon size.  The Wilson Bro’s plants were far and away larger and healthier.  Can not recommend more ??!

Linda Pitelka | Chapel Hill, North Carolina | 10/18/2019

The plant arrived in great shape. What a beautiful, healthy plant. It was packed perfectly.

Kelly Spaugh | Clarkston | 10/13/2019
Review of: Corkscrew Willow

I LOVE our corkscrew willow! We bought it at least 20 years ago, Probably before Wilson Bros. Gardens started. I saw it advertised in their email and was curious to read the description. Everything is spot on, but I would add one important detail: they "weep" tiny droplets of stickiness. This wouldn't be at all perceptible in the yard, but we planted ours near the driveway as a quick screen to block the view of neighbors (worked perfectly!) My poor husband's truck is continually covered in it though. I always thought the "weeping" referred to the pendulous nature. I didn't want anyone to find this out the hard way like us :-)

Carol Crow | Charleston, West Virginia | 10/17/2019

The Creeping Jenny I received were packed well and in excellent condition upon arrival--and they were sent at the time I specified.  I have since planted them, and they are doing well!  I would, certainly, order from Wilson Brothers again!

Deborah Grambling | South Carolina | 10/16/2019

These 20 purple pixies were delivered quickly and all were still moist even though UPS decided to hold them over the weekend! Unfortunately during shipping UPS “smooshed” the side of one box which broke the main stem on two of them. I took pictures of the damage and emailed customer service. Within five minutes they replied, apologized and are sending two replacements. That’s some great customer service!

Dana Edgett | Kentuckey | 10/17/2019

The fetterbush arrived much larger than I expected and looks beautiful already.  The packaging wilsonbros does is phenomenal!  No damage at all!  The 5 bushes have enhanced a troublesome area in my landscape which is now a highlight!  Look forward to them turning red!

K. Brown | Oklahoma | 10/16/2019

Beautiful plant!  Packaging was amazingly secure and plant was delivered in great shape.

Marie Bartkowski | Bear | 10/12/2019

I ordered a Gumpo Pink Azalea and rec'd it a few days later.  It was well packed and arrived fresh and in good shape.  I've planted it and it is doing well.  Overall, very pleased with this company.

Boniface Mills | Beatrice | 10/14/2019
Review of: Silver Lace Fern

Great Indoor plant! I like ferns of all types, but the Silver Lace Fern displays cool contrasting colors in my indoor garden area. It is a conversation plant when relatives/friends come visit.

Mitchell | Atlanta | 10/11/2019

The Dwarf Crape Myrtle arrived quickly.  It had 3 or 4 little flowers on it.  Those fell off.  I planted it in the spot I had in mind.  It is just too early to say.  I have all hopes for it.

Shawn | Massachusetts | 10/11/2019

I have ordered a lot of plants online over the years from many different companies. The shipping speed and quality of packing the plant by Wilson Bros was top of the line. The plant itself was one I had been chasing for a while, and it was in perfect condition! I would definitely order again! Thanks

Fred | Texas | 10/12/2019

Purple Prince rose was delivered quickly and expertly packed. This was a nice size 1 gallon. There were a few blooms.  I planted this in the fall a good time to put in new plants. I would be interested in more of the roses in the Brindabella series of easy care fragrant shrub roses.

Dennis Bourne | Frankfort | 10/11/2019
Review of: Eastern Redbud

Tree shipped when wanted. Came with good instructions. Was in good condition. Price was good. Tree was the size expected. All I can say is good. They do what they say and I will use again. Very satisfied.

Patti Benson | Mississippi | 10/11/2019

All the plants I ordered were healthy and well packaged.  They arrived in excellent condition.  This is a company that obviously takes pride in their work and I will definitely order from them again.

Plants arrived as expected and were very well packaged.  The plants were/are very healthy and beautiful, well shaped and even have a few buds set for blooms in the spring.  I could not be more pleased with the quality of the trees nor with the ease of ordering from Wilson Bros Gardens.  I will definitely order again.

Healthy plant and well packaged.  Plants from Wilson Bros Gardens are all healthy and in good shape when they arrive.  I have been very pleased with the ease of ordering and the quality of the service.

Ron Bruce | Rockport, Texas | 10/11/2019

Plant arrived in GREAT!! shape. The vine itself, was much larger than expected.  Package was amazing. It survived shipping to south Texas, and looked like it would have survived several trips around the world. Hopefully, the vine will quickly grow tall enough to be out of reach of the deer.

Anasuya | Haydenville | 10/9/2019

These little bushes arrived healthy and on time and I planted them the next day.  It is the end of the season but they seem to be doing well.  We are planting a border next to the road and I am looking forward to seeing their pink leaves in the spring!

Elizabeth Mitchell | Mansfield | 10/10/2019

My tree is at least 4 feet or more if I were to wind the top leader up the provided stake.  I am very grateful for such a great looking young tree.

Gina | Pennsylvania | 10/10/2019

Hello Wilson Brothers, Just a short note to thank you for the most beautiful and healthy Dappled Willows. Can’t wait to plant them this weekend and for now I am enjoying them on my porch. You are now and forever my go to online nursery! ?????? Fondly, Gina

Elaine | Richardson, Texas | 10/10/2019
Review of: Twilight Nandina

My 5 twilight Nandina all arrived in excellent condition. They remained so as they adjusted to being transplanted. I can't wait til the pink coloring appears next spring!

Ivan Waldman | New Bern | 10/10/2019

I needed a large number of wax myrtle trees, and being rather late in the season you only had 6.  I purchased the 6 from you, and had to purchase the additional trees from 2 other nurseries.   The trees from your nursery were much larger, fuller and attractive than either of the other nurseries,  even though the price was very similar.   Additionally,  your staff was very helpful in responding to my questions.

Teri | Anniston | 10/10/2019

Beautiful healthy plants arrived packed very carefully so the plants weren't damaged at all. Thanks Wilson Bros!  I will be ordering more from you!

Lynn Shivers | Houston | 10/10/2019

Our orange sweet olive arrived timely, healthy, and full.  The Wilson Brothers are excellent at packing and shipping to make sure that our plant was is in perfect condition upon receipt.  This is the second plant that we had ordered and will definitely order from them again.  This company is pretty amazing!

Diane | Kernersville | 10/10/2019

Plant came healthy and in great shape.  I look forward to seeing what the blooms look like next year.  I love shrubs and flowers with double blooms.  The red in the photo looks lovely.  Fingers crossed.

Marleen Lightfoot | Lenexa | 10/9/2019

This was blooming right out of the box. I was warned it would not look as pretty as the pics and Wilson Brothers discounted it. We'll I've bought much worse locally and am very happy with this bush. It has begun to fill out and almost every branch has a little pink flower. I placed it in front of a stone wall on my front yard and I believe it will be spectacular this coming year. Great shipping. Even though I have plenty of options for nurseries locally I will continue to order from you.

Packaged and shipped good.  Arrived in excellent condition. Looking forward to blooms in the spring.

Packed good for shipping. Two were a little sparse where roots we're concerned, but all 6 were planted right away and seem happy. They are just as described and will be a great addition to my secret garden.

One of these azaleas was blooming right out of the box.  I planted them right away and are watching them daily. The shipping was excellent. Can't wait to see what they'll look like once established.

Douglas Ruby | Rockingham, Virginia | 10/9/2019

Shipment arrived in good order, Plants healthy and exactly what I wanted.

George Ransburg | Locust Grove, Virginia | 10/8/2019

The azaleas were delivered on the day promised. They were packaged very well as to protect the plants. I have planted them and believe they will all survive.

Lora Connaughton | Texas | 10/8/2019

I ordered 2 of the sages. They arrived in perfect condition. Very well packaged. Will order again from this company!

Virginia Dougherty | Bluffton | 10/8/2019

I recently moved to South Carolina from PA and realized that all the plants are different here in the south.  Wilson Brothers has plants that none of the local nurseries have and  shipping is free.  Their prices are a little high, but well worth the fact that the plants are pest free and arrive generally unharmed.  My latest plants survived even with the delay in shipping because of Hurricane Dorian.

Dawn McHale | Shallotte, North Carolina

This was my first order with Wilson Brothers and I'm a happy customer. Ordered 5 Apricot Echo Tea Olives. They arrived ahead of schedule; the soil was still moist; the plants had a few blooms ready to open. Beautiful! So happy to find availability of a plant I've had my eye on for awhile.

Ron | Harrison | 10/7/2019

Plant is doing well at this time.

Sharon | Pasedena | 10/8/2019

My plant arrived exactly as promised, well-packaged, healthy and beautiful!  It's been in the ground only a week but it's looking great in my yard.

Dorsey Smallwood | Houston, Texas | 10/7/2019

The order was handled promptly and professionally.  The plant arrived as promised, packed well, and in good shape.  It is in the ground and starting to bud.  Met or exceeded all expectations

Patrick Fleming | Ohio | 10/8/2019
Review of: Blue Chaste Tree

This tree came on time and was planted the next day!  At this time it is doing well and will be the focal point of our backyard garden!

Marie Godwin Rose | Oklahoma | 10/5/2019

Purchased this tree early last spring and it is doing great.  The partially broke one of the branches of pretty good size.  It was just barley hanging on.  I got some duck tape and taped it back up.  My husband said that was never going to work....that was early this spring and the branch is still alive and it is just turning into fall.

Diane | Kernersville | 10/4/2019

I received a very large and healthy plant, with plenty of buds.  I look forward to seeing it bloom.

Received a large and healthy plant.  I look forward to seeing these flowers bloom.

Kathy | Alabama | 10/3/2019

Looked all over for the Indian Hawthorn tree and found it at Wilson Brothers nursery. They tree was out of stock and I asked to be notified when they would receive another one. They did notify me and I ordered the tree, selected a delivery date and I received the tree on the date requested. I will continue to look to the Wilson brothers for any other gardening plants or trees. Their service is impeccable.

Rebecca Peters | Franklin | 10/3/2019

Beautiful plant. It was healthy when it arrived and has nearly tripled in size over the past 6 months. I may have to find a spot for a second one.

Jeff Fallow | Ward, South Carolina | 10/4/2019

My tree arrived quickly, well packaged and very healthy.  This is going to be a very beautiful focal point in front of some small yaupon hollies and blue rug juniper.

Linda Swain | Paris, Texas | 10/3/2019

It was worth the money to get a 3 gallon pot.  I am really pleased at the size of the plant.  I will order again in the spring.

Mary K. Denman | Huntington Station, New York | 10/1/2019

Beautiful, large full tree arrived. Going to keep as a 8'-10' shrub. Best quality always from Wilson Brothers.

Debbie Gaddis | Griffin, Georgia | 9/29/2019

Shipping is superb and on time. . The plant was in perfect shape and healthy. I will order from Wilson Brothers again.

David | Corrales, New Mexico | 9/28/2019

Nice specimen, Great customer service, Package excellent, Quick shipping. Would buy from again.

Judy | Washington | 10/1/2019

Hi!  I just wanted to drop and quick line and say thank you for upgrading my order from a 1 gal to a 2 gal plant.  That was a super awesome surprise and my plant came in intact and in great shape.  I look forward to an amazing growing season and thank you again for an amazing experience.

Susan Bushnell | USA | 9/30/2019

Yes I will be happy to give you a review.  I’ve planted the first 
camellia it is happily  thriving!!  It looked a little lonely, so I ordered 
two more to keep it company.

Amy | Cornwall, New York | 9/29/2019

Plant arrived in beautiful shape.  I hope the buds will make it through the winter.

Amelia Piner | Trent Woods | 9/29/2019

I am so pleased with my purchase.  The plant arrived in great condition and will make a beautiful addition to my garden.  I remember having one of these bushes outside my bedroom window when I was a child.  I can hardly wait to experience that glorious smell next spring.

Tom | Homasassa | 9/30/2019

I ordered the Plant and it came very well packed and no issues so far. good service and communication from Wilson Bros.

Katherine Lesley | Liberty | 9/29/2019

Very healthy plants, they are doing great, just what I wanted and could not find in area.

SusanAnne | Brooklyn | 10/1/2019

The plant arrived last year, it bloomed beautifully. I waited till a year later to post review.It was great the second year as well. The flowers were beautiful and plentiful.I had long admired larger plants but I am a city gardener with no yard so this potted plant is perfect.

Roland Smith | Troy | 9/26/2019

Received the product as scheduled,well packed and in great shape.

Melissa | USA | 9/26/2019

Good morning!
My plant arrived in the best packing I have ever seen.  Healthy, happy and not one branch or leaf was harmed.  It was larger than I expected!  I’m looking forward to seeing this bloom next year.
Great prices and fantastic quality.  I really like seeing bulb and plant offers pop up in my Facebook feed.
Have a great day!

Rebecca | Fort Wayne | 9/26/2019

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this website.  I ordered a Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon a couple of months ago and requested a particular delivery date in mid September.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a shipping notification exactly when I had anticipated it being shipped.  I was so pleased when the plant arrived, as it was delivered in mint condition.  It's very healthy and has clearly been cared for well.  I plan on ordering from this company in the future.

Jan Hoffman | Tucson, Arizona | 9/25/2019

Zuni Crape Myrtle (1 gallon) arrived when expected.  Very well packaged--thanks!  I soaked roots overnight and we planted the next day.  It is in a good sunny spot with irrigation (needed here in the desert).  It will be the third crape myrtle in our group of homes --all different colors/all doing very well.  Thanks so much!

Patti | Rapid City | 9/26/2019

Figs are so good for you.  It took me a while to find Wilson Brothers but the fig I ordered is very good quality and a nice size.  There was a problem with the first delivery and a replacement was sent immediately.

Robert | USA | 9/27/2019
                   Titan Blueberry
                   Fragrant Orange Tea Olive

The plants  are doing well and as soon as we can get some cooler weather they will be placed in a larger container or into the ground.

Dianne Maglothlin | Nevada | 9/26/2019

My 3 plants arrived in wonderful condition. Great detail was taken to packaging these plants. My husband is amazed at how healthy they look considering they were shipped all the way from Georgia.
I'm very pleased with Wilson Brothers! We have a lot of landscaping to do in the Spring and I will be ordering many more plants from Wilson Brothers.  We looked around the local nursery that carried these plants and the plants I received from Wilson Brothers look much healthier and they're doing great.

My plants arrived in beautiful condition as usual.. Wilson Brothers does a great job insuring that their plants are shipped with great care. 
I'll be ordering all my Spring planting flowers from this company. Unfortunately, we just moved to Nevada a couple of months ago and it's too late in the year to do more planting as the winters in Reno are very cold. However, the 7 plants I received from Wilson Brothers are thriving. 
This is a great company and they answer any and all questions you have regarding the best plants for your zone as well as the care that needs to be taken for your plants..

Lisa | Pennsylvania | 9/25/2019

Healthy plants. They appear more of a pink shade than a purple shade.

Lindquist Landscape Design | Bridgeport | 9/25/2019

Plants were packaged very nicely, arrived in good condition and look wonderful!

John Marietta, Georia | 9/24/2019

Received another fantastic plant from Wilson Bros.  This Oakleaf was massive and extremely healthy and arrived in amazing shape.  Yes, it was $60, but really worth every penny, considering the awesome plant that arrived quickly and in amazing condition.

Paul Baretsky | South Orange | 9/23/2019

A very health plant arrived in excellent condition and I look forward to beautiful blooms next spring and fall.  Thank you all.

Raleigh | USA | 9/23/2019
                   Higgins Muscadine Grape Vine

I added one more Grapevine and I have received the three grapevines they done fine and I certainly do appreciate it.

Maura Hamrick | Liberty | 9/23/2019

Arrived in nice condition, very healthy appearing and roots were not pot-bound. The packaging was superb. I have planted 10 in this past month, very dry and hot conditions, and all are looking great so far.

IvyLeaguer | New York | 9/24/2019

Bought 3 of these, which arrived in great condition. Foliage itself is beautiful, so it's worth getting just for the leaves.  I see some buds on these plants -- I hope they bloom and after they bloom the plants will thrive...! (I have had the experience of buying plants from a different store -- the plants that bloomed the first year have declined thereafter, and have taken a long time to come back vigorous again, so I'm hoping these won't be this case!).

Rick Tingle | Fort Gratiot | 9/24/2019

My plants arrived in great shape and are doing great. I experienced the Best Service ever!

Donna | Rhode Island | 9/20/2019

I needed to replace a Mahonia and was able to order the perfect plant! The plant arrived on time and in perfect condition.  Well done!

Tyler | Ohio | 9/20/2019
Review of: Bald Cypress

I find the bald cypress to be a very interesting and beautiful tree. I was excited to learn that it grows well outside its native range. The one sent from Wilson Bros was very healthy. I hope that it lives for over a thousand years.

Jermaine Rafferty | Columbus | 9/20/2019

This tree arrived in really good condition and the foliage looked very healthy, because it arrived during the late half of the summer, no flowers were present, I'll  have to wait later in order to enjoy that display, overall, I'm happy.

Mahaela Onciu | Memphis | 9/20/2019

Beautiful, healthy plant, arrived in a timely manner and in great shape, as usual with everything that we have purchased from Wilson Brothers to this date.

JW | Manvel | 9/20/2019
Review of: Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig plants arrived on time, alive, and in good order.  Now planted and growing away.  Very pleased.

Mary Denman | Huntington Station, New York | 9/20/2019

Excellent quality and size. Arrived in great condition.

Hannah | Baltimore, Maryland | 9/20/2019

I ordered this late in the season so it hasn’t bloomed. But, the plant arrived well packed and healthy. It’s grown a lot since I planted it and is vining along my fence very well. I hope to see lots of blooms next year.

Joan Philip | Fayetteville, Arkansas | 9/20/2019

They arrived in excellent shape, and so far, so good.

Christopher Eisenhart | York, Pennsyvania | 9/20/2019
                  Spring Fanfare Aromi Azalea
                  High Tide Aromi Azalea
                  Kay Parris Magnolia
                  Appalachian Gold Aromi Azalea 
                  Kings Trumpeter Aromi Azalea
                  Mauvilla Gold Aromi Azalea
                  Lemonade Aromi Azalea
                  Country Cousin Pink Aromi Azalea
                  Pat Ryan Aromi Azalea
                  Spring Sensation Aromi Azalea
                  Don's Variegated Native Azalea
                  Alta Magnolia
                  Red Pepper Aromi Azalea

Just a brief note of thanks. All items ordered and shipped arrived today in beautiful condition.
Very carefully packed and shipped.
Thank you again.

Carol Erdman | Washington | 9/18/2019
Review of: Grey Owl Juniper

The plants I ordered came in on time , extremely well packaged, and nicely formed.  I couldn't find these junipers anywhere in my area, so I'm really glad to find this mail order source.  I would definitely order again from here.

I found this fragrant olive online after looking everywhere for it in my area.  It came in beautifully packaged and larger than I expected.  This nursery is a great find, and you won't be sorry if you order from them.

Patricia | Hew Hampshire | 9/18/2019

I purchased two of the 3 gal trees and couldn't be happier!  They are sturdy, came well packed and meet all of my expectations.

Charles Horsley | Lamesa | 9/18/2019

The plant arrived in a very healthy state and the leaves are very green.

Gloria | North Carolina | 9/19/2019

Just received my Acoma Crape Myrtle today, very well packaged and the plant is bushy, tall and healthy!  This is my first Crape Myrtle, found a lovely spot to watch this grow naturally. Thank you for the wonderful service and this beautiful tree!

Pablo | Albuquerque | 9/19/2019

I was a worried as the plant got delayed in the shipping process after being picked up from Wilson Bros.. Despite it taking over a week to get here, the plant arrived in good shape and wasn't dried out. Once unpacked you could not tell it was even shipped as in perfect condition.

Robert | USA | 9/17/2019

Plants noted herein were received in good order and have been planted and seem to be doing well thus far.

JD | Missouri | 9/15/2019

A family friend grew a Lady Banks in her back yard in arid Yucaipa, CA. It was huge and impressive after over half a century. With little care other than rare pruning.  After seeing how enchanting it was, I trained several Lady Banks in medium large pots and provided a tall support. After a season or two, they grew into great looking rose trees placed around the swimming pool. They got lots of compliments. I didn’t mention how little care they required beyond seasonal shaping. 
Now I am in  west central Missouri and can’t wait to grow Lady Banks here.

Ronald Douglas | Rome | 9/17/2019

Wilson Bros , is local in Georgia my household supports local business whenever possible .
First  time ordered they are a first class company with Superior products.

Cathy Sullivan | Charlotte | 9/17/2019

The plant arrived promptly and well packed. It is well shaped and healthy looking with many buds. I would order from Wilson Bros again.

Paula Allen | Covington | 9/17/2019

Love these pretty little plants. Cant wait to see them all grown up.

Just breathtaking. So little and sweet.

JJ | Deleware | 9/16/2019

Encore lilac arrived quickly (2 days) and in excellent condition, due to careful packaging.  In the ground and doing well so far...

Diane | Kernersville | 9/14/2019

It's nice to have jasmine for both shady areas and sunny areas.  The pink colors should compliment the rhododendrons I plan to plant in my shady grove.  Came in good shape and already beginning to add some pink.

I like to have some items that will be evergreen all winter.  The orange color in this plant adds some extra "spice" to the look.  Came in good shape, and is already showing some orange coloring.

Jo A. Short | Rosenberg | 9/14/2019

This plant arrived looking beautiful, green and lush. I hope I can keep this way. It was packed very well Thank you.

Pamela | Maryland | 9/15/2019

I want you to know how very pleased I am with the lilyturf order I received.  They look magnificent and have planted them.  They already make an improvement without growing.

I definitely will return to your site when thinking of buying something again.

Thank you, Pam

David Couch | Dayton | 9/12/2019

Rarely do I receive 2-3 gallon plants in such good condition, packed with logical care. 
I have have planted hundreds, These costs more but well worth the spend.

Ann Varnadoe | Tennessee | 9/12/2019

I received my order of 6 acuba plants. I have to say thank you. The plants were packaged so well, the plants look so good and I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks, Wilson Bros Nursery.

Theresa Nielson | Longmont | 9/10/2019

I was thrilled to see this plant offered by Wilson Bros and promptly purchased it. It arrived in a large box, locked into place, with staples through the bottom to hold the plastic pot in place. It was probably already 4 ft tall, which was wonderful to see! The plant had shed a LOT of LEAVES during transit, but there were still quite a few left on it. Many were spotted and some were yellowing.. The plant also was very root bound in it's pot, and I felt it was unhappy with its handling during transit. It was quite hard to remove the packaging, but I was as gentle as I could be. The bamboo support it had on it, didn't go into the pot at all and in the breeze the the support was useless! Luckily I had other bamboo supports I was able to place into the pot and I put the Wisteria very close to where it was to be planted and left it a few days to acclimate to the garden.  After planting, and spreading out its roots in the process, it seems to be doing well so far. So I'm crossing my fingers! I guess it's doing as well as can be expected. I just wish there were specialized shipping services for plants that were a bit more gentle with them.

Olga | West Virginia | 9/10/2019

The plants were properly packaged and arrived on time. It would be helpful to have the plant specific instructions along with the shipment on how to plant them and to take care of them for the first couple months.

Cindy | North Carolina | 9/10/2019

I ordered this plant about a month ago and it already has three blooms on it. It arrived healthy and well packaged. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Mary Melton | Cashnere | 9/10/2019

I ordered two of these and was extremely happy with the size and condition of the two plants. They are in the ground and looking good. Can't wait to see them in all their glory next spring. Love Wilson Bros. for all my landscaping plants in the future.

I have ordered a lot of plants and trees from Wilson Bros. this gardening season. I have had little to no problems with them. I did have a couple arrive in not very good condition. However that being said they arrived late due to shipping delays by the carrier so no reflection on the quality of plants form Wilson Bros. This particular plant arrived in excellent condition I planted it right away. It is looking pretty shocked but I have no doubt that it will come out of it and thrive beautifully.  I will continue to shop at Wilson Bros. for all of my landscaping needs.

Carol Pickett | Midwest City, Oklahoma | 9/7/2019

5 plus stars!! Very lush and healthy!! After ordering plants from 2 other online nurseries and being extremely disappointed, I was apprehensive ordering these, but they are nowhere to be found here and I am extremely pleased. Keep up the great work!!

Diane | Purcellville | 9/8/2019

This is my second order from Wilson Bros.  As with the first, the plant came very well packaged.  It was large and well established.  For some reason on this order, the box had the arrow pointing in the wrong direction so the plant was shipped on it's side instead of straight up & down.  I'm imagining it was because of this that this plant looked worse than the 1st three I ordered.  With that said, I planted it within 48 hours, and it has now been a couple of weeks I believe.  New blooms, while small right now, have already appeared, and if my 'brown thumb' doesn't kill it, I know it will do beautifully well.  I'm so happy with all the information that is on this website, and especially how you can see they are definitely reading the reviews as they have answered/responded to several of them.  

Wilson Bros is my 'go to' online nursery and I only go elsewhere if there is something specific I want which is not carried.

Pat | Maryland | 9/8/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

I had never heard of this plant before, and I can't wait until the shrub gets large enough to flower.
The folks at this nursery responded to my order quickly and shipped a very healthy looking plant. Very pleased!

I had a great shopping experience. My plant arrived quickly and was very well packed for shipping. It's a lovely, healthy specimen, and I will definitely order from this nursery again! ?

Janet Whitecotton | Blaine, Ohio | 9/8/2019

Beautiful healthy plants.  Arrived very quickly.

Diane | Kernersville | 9/9/2019

Got a white olive tree this spring, and I love it.  Like the idea of having an unusual type of evergreen in front of the house during winter, instead of a bare branch tree.  Especially since it's a smaller tree.  Decided a nice fragrant orange olive in the back yard would be great.  When it arrived, it was healthy and larger than I expected.

I've never had a camellia.  I think blooms in various pink and white varieties should be beautiful.  I look forward to seeing what it looks like.  The plant came in a nice size and very healthy.

I received a nice sized, healthy plant.  but it doesn't have new growth yet, to get the pink contrast.  Since I need something on the deck, to prevent birds hitting the window, I hope this small tree will work well in a very large pot.  The fact that it will have leaves even during the winter makes it even better for a deck plant.

Sue | Cleveland, Ohio | 9/9/2019

The dwarf burning bush arrived healthy and thriving! Wilson brothers gardens took every precaution to ensure the bush would be delivered fast and ready to plant as soon as it arrived. Thank you for taking the extra care, and delivering it for free. I will be ordering from Wilson Brothers Gardens again!

My husband grew up with a Contorted tree in his front yard and has always wanted one for our home. When I searched online I found not many gardens grew this variety and I was apprehensive when I ordered one from Wilson Brothers Gardens. I am now a believer! Our tree arrived in perfect shape, healthy and happily contorted! Your business is Awesome!! Thank you for taking the time to carefully pack and ship to us quickly and safely. Shipping was free! Bonus!

Dan | Greenville, South Carolina | 9/7/2019
Review of: Carolina Jasmine


Just a short note to thank you for the great looking plants.   Appreciate it! 


Patrick Dickinson | Dallas | 9/5/2019

These plants arrived in perfect condition and were so healthy!  My client loved them.  Thank you!

Marsha Barnes | McDonough, Georgia | 9/7/2019

Healthy plant, recently planted a few weeks ago! It will thrive next year!

James Liddell | Blaine, Washington | 9/3/2019

This was my second order from Wilson Bros, because I was pleased with the first one.  Once again, the plants arrived on time, well packaged, and they were very fine specimens.  I am a happy customer!

Susan Blashford | Pooler, Georgia | 9/7/2019
Review of: Kadota Fig Tree

The fig plant arrived in good shape and looks very healthy. It is planted on the south side of the yard where it will get plenty of sun. Hopefully, next year I’ll get a fig or two, but really the plant is attractive, and the figs are just a bonus.

BarBara | Elkhart, Texas | 9/6/2019

This gorgeous camellia arrived in perfect shape.  Got her out of the box, watered and in the shade.  Planted her the next evening.  NEVER EVEN WILTED!  Cannot wait to see her bloom.  Quality plant all the way.

Paula Allen | Covington | 9/7/2019

I love love love these cute little arborvitaes!!!

Very beautiful plant.

NJD | Bryan | 9/1/2019

The plant arrive in excellent condition.  It's vibrant and healthy.  I am very pleased with it.

Tami Sullivan | Virginia Beach | 9/3/2019

I’ve never purchased plants on the internet before, and was a bit skeptical about the outcome. I’m happy to say, I made a good call choosing Wilson Brothers! The plants came on time, packed perfectly and are beautiful!
Thanks so much, You have a loyal mail order customer!

Jared | Silver City | 9/1/2019

I recently purchased the red margin bamboo in 2gal pot. It arrived in a few days. It was 7-8' tall looking beautiful and strong. I planted it as per instruction. It gets 7 hours of direct morning sun. At first the leaves would curl up and the thing looks pathetic. I thought its because I live at 6,000' in the high desserts of NM. I noticed that it opens its leaves and looks happy after the afternoon rains. So I spray it with water acouple times aday and this seems to make it happy. I plan on setting up a temporary mist system to raise the humidity around it while Im at work. I hope it makes it. I love it already and due to the condition it was in when it arrived, I want to get more

B. Gordon | Charlottesville, Virginia | 9/3/2019

I'm a gardener and landscape designer who has never ordered a living plant through the mail before. I was hesitant, but this is a hard to find cultivar, and I was glad to find a 3 gal option. . I was SO pleased with the result: the packaging was impressive, and the shrub well protected and in good health. It even had buds and bloomed within a few weeks! I'm very impressed with Wilson Bros. quality. thanks!

Penny Jeannechild | Woodbine | 9/9/2019

QUICK DELIVERY, NICELY PACKED. Stayed in the nursery pots for two weeks and did fine. Once in ground, ample watering made everything come alive, which meant it started reaching for the sky. can't wait to see what happens next spring.

BC | Show Low, Arizona | 9/3/2019

Bought 15 one gallon plants. They arrived very quickly and professionally packaged. The plants were in perfect condition, healthy and beautiful. The pot is moist and the plants are arranged nicely in the box and are protected to endure the shipping process.  Was very amazed when I pulled them from the box that they were taller than my door handle ?? and I thought to myself “what if I had got the three gallon size?” lol  They are super great quality, free shipping and HEALTHY!!
I live at 6500’ elevation but it’s still AZ, hot and dry during the summers. All the plants, every single one is getting established and looks amazing.  
The deer, elk  and rabbits have not tangled or chewed on them at all. The plants are thriving, growing and haven’t seemed to go through any stress.  
We spaced them three feet apart to make a privacy screen. 
I’d recommend Wilsonbrosgardens to anyone.

Danny Moffatt | Kopperl | 9/1/2019
Review of: Madison Confederate Jasmine

I believe that our original shipment was standard Confederate Jasmine but not the "Madison" variety which seems to be much improved, smaller and ones we ordered, . The staff responded and quickly sent out 2 replacement plants which I feel, by the slightly different leaf type, is the Madison selection we originally ordered.

Glad I knew about the leaf difference between the 2 selections and glad my replacement came so quickly and easily.

Thank You,
Danny in Texas

Mary Melton | Cashmere | 9/1/2019

Purchased a new home in December of 2018 that needed an extensive landscaping overhaul. I purchased my plants from Wilson Bros and been very happy with the quality of each of the plants. This vine is no exception to that it showed up in excellent condition.  It is planted now and has gone into shock but I have no doubt it will be beautiful once it gets over the shock. Will definitely keep purchasing from Wilson Bros. Best online nursery I have found and trust me I have shopped at quite a few of them. Always go back to Wilson Bros.

Barbara Waughtel | Tucson | 8/29/2019

Confederate Jasmine Vine - 2 Gallon Pot arrived in healthy condition but the packaging was less than adequate.  The plastic pot was squashed somewhat with soil lost but the plant recovered and seems to be thriving now.  I suppose I'll have to wait until next spring to see it bloom--can't wait to smell the blossoms.

Pat Swan | Evansville, Indiana | 8/30/2019

Really pleased with the size and quality of the dwarf crape myrtle I ordered. Shipping was quick and product was packed carefully. Would buy from company again.

Sheila B. Wiggins | Kingsland | 8/29/2019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

These Muhly Pink Grasses are breath taking.
Getting ready to bloom a week after planting!
I ordered three....packing and delivery excellent.
I so appreciate Wilson Brothers and their on-line service!

Amelia Piner | Trent Woods | 8/29/2019

These plants were so well packaged for shipping.  They were in perfect condition.  I liked that the root system was so well developed.  The plants are happy and healthy in my yard and already growing nicely even though I have only had them a short time.  I highly recommend Wilson Brothers for the quality of their plants and for their excellent shipping practices.

Kurt Schwarz | Maryland | 8/28/2019
Review of: Titan Blueberry

Great looking plant, approx. 2.5 ft. tall. Has adapted very well to my garden and is putting on new growth already. Very clever shipping box design that really protects the plants. Makes a huge difference especially with the larger plants in 
2-3 gal. containers which are so more likely to be damaged during shipping. If your looking for a nursery that can  safely ship the larger shrubs of high quality,  Wilsonbrosgardens is the place.

Colleen Flicklenger | Dallas, Texas | 8/30/2019
Review of: Celeste Fig Tree
                   Russian 26 Pomegranate
                   Fragrant Orange Tea Olive

All is well. Packaging was great, healthy plants, moist and now still unplanted because of searing heat.  I am tending them diligently and always hopeful.  Thanks for the skillful handling from placement of order to delivery as promised. 

Roland Smith | Troy, Virginia | 8/30/2019

The plants we received today looked healthy and were nicely packaged so we are good to go.  Now, time will tell after I plant the plants tomorrow.

Claudia | Atlanta, Georgia | 8/28/2019
Reviews of: Loquat Tree

We planted our tree the same day it arrived... we had been expecting it all our lives! The tree was robust, green and healthy. Next morning the tree was showing of having adjusted completely: the young and tender top leaves were pointing up and spreading and we saw the first fuss of upcoming new leaves! it is a thriving happy strong tree! Thank you!

Peter Cook | Trumbull | 8/28/2019

First time ever writing a review. I have ordered from a lot of garden houses and the plants have always been dormant or very small live plants. and the survival rate has been 50/50 . I received my honeysuckle plant from Wilson and could not have been happier. Full , green and very much alive and after planting within days new leaves are coming out and plant could not be healthier.  Thanks

Michael Sherlock | Chicago | 8/28/2019

Healthy, well packaged plant ready to be translated.  Very pleased with the quality received.

Larry Giddens | Rogersville, Missouri | 8/27/2019

Wilson Bros is great.  They sent a live, healthy Camellia, which I immediately planted, and it's already growing and doing very well.  This is the place to order your live plants from, for sure.   Can't wait for spring for this beautiful Camellia to bloom.  Will order more plants form Wilson Bros and recommend them to friends and family.

Donna Wasserberger | Gig Harbor, Washington | 8/27/2019

I know I have said this before in reviews, but the Olive Tree came in spectacular. Just like everything else I have ordered from Wilson Brothers. It is like I bought it from the neighborhood nursery. The prices are comparable also.

Jay Munsey | US | 8/27/2019

I planted my Chicago Fig Tree I got from Wilson Bros last May and we already had our 1st 2 figs today! THEY WERE DEEEEELICIOUS!! Because this was their first year they were smaller than normal but very tasty. 

Diane Valerie | New York | 8/26/2019

Thank you so much, the tree we ordered came in perfect condition and looks great ! We look forward to future purchases in the spring .

William | USA | 8/26/2019

Received order. Excellent service!

Jules Goliner | Palatka | 8/22/2019

This is my fourth order from Wilson Brothers, and I could not be happier. Excellent plants which are always large, wonderfully packed, and very fairly priced. I also found a double file viburnun last year, and even though we are in a hot zone, it is performing wonderfully.
I have recommended Wilson Brothers to a few of my friends also.
You will be very pleased with any plants you order from them!

Rose Williams | Mississippi | 8/25/2019

I ordered 4 and they arrived in perfect condition.  They are healthy and prettier than I expected. I will do business with this company again.

Marsha Barnes | McDonough, Georgia | 8/24/2019


Caludia | Atlanta, Georgia | 8/23/2019

We are very excited about this plant! It is beautiful and healthy! Growing strongly and we can’t wait to see the flowers!

The plant arrived very fast and it’s very healthy! I can’t wait to see it grow and develop!

We are very excited about this tree! It is beautiful and healthy! Looks strong and happy in its new home!

Healthy beautiful plant! Fast delivery! It is growing happily... we hope it will bloom abundantly!

Linda Swain | Paris, Texas | 8/22/2019

The plant you sent was beautiful.  Just like the picture.  I love it.  Thank you.

Eva Swan Miller | Downington | 8/20/2019

Great plant, arrived in good shape and was growing, climbing with in days of being blooms in a week.
So very happy.

J. Jackson | Central Florida | 8/19/2019

Purchased a 3 gallon camellia that arrived Looking amazing! Full of branch’s, buds and health! The service, packing and shipping was the best I’ve received ever when purchasing plants online! Thanks and keep up the one of a kind amazing  business #1!!! Thanks, J

Janice | Chicago | 8/20/2019

A+++ experience.  Both river birches arrived quickly, packaged well, and are currently thriving in my yard.  I was surprised with the  size of them --- multi-stemmed, foliage on all the branches, close to 5 ft tall when planted.  I am excited to see how they grow over the next several years, but I will be shopping again with Wilson Bros Gardens in the meantime!

Sheryl | Central, South Carolina | 8/21/2019

I have grown the lovely spring flowering viburnums for years so how could I resist one that flowers in the summer as well!  It is arrived covered in blooms!  And you guys are the kings of plant packers...the best I have seen!  You all are the greatest!  Thank you for all of the hard work you put into your love of plants and the desire to please  your customers.

Stephen Mason | Hot Springs, Arkansas | 8/20/2019

What a beautiful dwarf !  I purchased a 3 gallon specimen and she is perfect.  Healthy and ready for planting.  Thank you.

Paula McKinney | Belmont, North Carolina | 8/20/2019

On two separate occasions I ordered the dwarf mondo grass. The delivery was quick. The plants arrived in perfect condition. The area around my stepping stones looks great! I plan to order more from Wilson Bros.

Donna Wilder | McDonough | 8/20/2019

I have bought plants from Wilson Brothers for many years at the retail nursery and I was so sad when they closed the retail store.  Skeptical of purchasing plants on line but knowing the quality of plants and Service that Wilson Brothers has always stood for I placed my FIRST order...   OUTSTANDING..!!  My order was received quickly, the plants were packed with the utmost care and they were healthy, beautiful and NOT damaged in any way...   AND Oh Yeah....  there was no dirt in my car..!!  I Love Wilson Brothers...

Shelia B. Wiggins | Kingsland | 8/20/2019

The variegated Jasmine is so beautiful with its pink and white top foliage which actually looks like snow on a hot summer day.  I want to use it everywhere as it is so unique and brings out the other surrounding colors.  Thank you Wilson Brothers for your professional and dependable service!

Judy Perszyk | Huntsville, Alabama | 8/19/2019

The most Beautiful Tree We Ever Saw!!!
This arrived in "Perfect" condition, and is just stunning.
Wilson Brothers you continue to amaze us with your beautiful trees and plants and customer service.

Brooks Skinner | Durham | 8/19/2019

As usual, the plant arrived beautifully packaged and it was in excellent condition.  I've never gotten better quality mail order plants from anyone,  However, there was almost no variegation on the leaves at all.  It's planted and I'm hoping some variegation will show up on the new growth.   I'm giving this plant 4 stars.  Wilson Brothers always gets 5 stars. They are delight to do business with.

Barry Vann | Franklin, Texas | 8/17/2019

Y'all are the best suppliers of plants, hands down. Every plant that I have received from y'all have been of excellent quality and big too! I'll never buy from anyone else again! No doubt in my mind that y'all will be rated the number one supplier of plants in the world of you're not already. I wouldn't change a thing that you're doing right now. Keep up the good work! Buy American!

Barbara Elliott | Elkhart, texas | 8/15/2019

I have wanted a Confederate Rose since I saw one as a little girl...that's been a long, long time! The plant was not happy to have been in the dark box, but perked right up after placing in the shade and a good watering.  It lost some leaves, which I expected.  It is covered with new leaf buds.  So happy to add to my garden.

I have looked for this rose for a long time.  When I opened the box, the porch flooded with a true rose scent.  The Bush is literally covered in beautiful, true pink blooms.  YEAH!

Casandra Cancier | Chatanooga, Tennessee | 8/15/2019

Plant appears healthy.

Frances Yuschak | Boise | 8/15/2019

When received I had doubts whether this bush was going to make it,  But it is thriving and beginning to show growth once it got into the ground.  I created a small Zen type garden space and this fit the space perfectly with enough splash of color.   The shipping was good, No damage.  I did have concerns at first it seemed a bit dry on arrival and it was hot in our area.  However, once planted, it is reviving beautifully and I I will enjoy over time.  I hope it will survive the winter.  It is for my zone so it may be ok.  4 stars for shipping and service and health of the plant.  As this is a first review and I wish to get an overall picture of the plant quality overtime,   I will update review.

Paula | Covington | 8/14/2019

I am a collector of beautiful grasses and this one is spectacular!!

Val | Las Vegas | 8/14/2019

Order was received in a timely fashion
Customer service was THE BEST!!
No matter who answered the phone (I called more than a few times ) spent time with me me as if I were there in person!!
Can’t wait to see my beauty come to life!!
Thank you for all your care and advise!!

Helen Piel | Pittsburg | 8/15/2019

Received my red leucothe today. Was in excellent condition. Fast delivery. Thank you.

Jerry | Lynden, Washington | 8/13/2019

Shipment received in good condition.

Thank You

David | Niagra Falls, New York | 8/13/2019

Bought two trees arrived quickly and well protected they were intact. Somewhat wilted looking, but the weather was very hot and the needed watering. Once planted they "perked" right up. Trees were single trunk about 36 ' tall good root system. They have been in the ground now a week doing fine. One had small figs on it.

Mary Melton | Cashmere | 8/10/2019

This tree showed up at my door very well packaged for shipping and in excellent condition! If you are hesitant about purchasing this tree don't be. It is a beautiful tree! Wilson Brothers delivers an outstanding product once again. Will definitely continue to purchase my landscaping plants from them. Thank you Wilson Bros!

The title kind of says it all! Thank you Wilson Bros! See ya next spring....'Another gorgeous plant from Wilson Bros!'

Linda Quass | Roswell | 8/9/2019
Review of: Fatsia Japonica

I ordered 5 fatsia japonica plants in 3-gallon containers. They arrived in a few days. The plants were good sized and in perfect condition. They were packaged very securely. I planted them right away and they are doing great!

Barbara Elliott Botts | Elkhart | 8/8/2019

Received my 3 gal Twilight crape myrtle today.  It is right at 6' tall and GORGEOUS.  A truly beautiful tree.  I took it out of box , put it in the shade and gave it a good soaking.  I could not get over how well it was packaged and arrived sooner than expected.  This was my first time to order trees on line.  I split my order between Wilson Bros and another well known company.  NO COMPARISON...Wilson Bros hands  down the winner.  You have a customer for life.  Highly recommend .

Mark | Columbia, South Carolina | 8/8/2019

Ordered 2 yews. Well packaged and beautiful plants. Can't beat free shipping either!
Both plants doing great and already showing new growth!

Becky | Sevierville, Tennessee | 8/7/2019

Plant was healthy and in good shape upon arrival. Shipping was quick.

Nice sized, healthy plant upon arrival. Seems to be doing well after planting. Shipping was quick and plant was packaged well to prevent drying out and damage. Will order from this company again!

Renee | Memphis | 8/6/2019

Really healthy plants. Already showing new growth after being in the ground a few weeks.

Ellen | Boston, Massachusetts | 8/6/2019

Excellent all around. I needed one and couldn’t find it locally. This worked out great, Fast service, great packaging, and a healthy large plant. Thanks!

Ellen | Kyle | Laurens | 8/6/2019 good. My Carolina Allspice plants arrived in good shape and in a timely manner. Got them in the ground promptly, watering per the instructions, and they seem to be thriving. At this point I am very pleased with this purchase from Wilson Bros.

Mary Denman | Huntington Station | 8/6/2019

Have discovered many new shrubs and conifers at Wilson Brothers. Delighted to find Osmanthus 'Party Lights'. The 2 2 gal. size arrived in great shape and were very will sized and full. Excellent quality as always from Wilson Brothers.

Beautiful large, full plant arrived. The best of the best from Wilson Brothers.

This Maple was about 4' when it arrived with lovely red leaves in July. Well worth the price.

My 3 2 gal. 'Pancakes' arrived in fine shape. I was amazed at their size and quality. Excellent addition to the garden.

This lovely Maple arrived in great condition and 5' tall! Always excellent plants from Wilson Brothers.

Review of: Florida Anise

Beautiful 3' Florida anise arrived. Very full and large. Excellent quality.

Melanie Santos | North Charleston | 8/5/2019

Very nice looking, healthy plant. Can't wait to see the flowers!

Wendy Melnyk | Ocala | 8/4/2019

It came in good condition.  Just waiting now for it to bloom!

Katrina | Tallahassee | 8/3/2019

I have ordered plants from many different online sellers and have to say that this was one of the most healthy plants I have received. Very well packaged and quickly delivered. I can't wait to see it flower in the spring!

Merle | Pennsylvania | 8/2/2019

I have ordered several items including the golden globe arborvitae.  I must say I'm impressed and surprised that Wilson Bros can package and send their product from GA to PA so quickly and in such moist condition over that distance even in July.  Everything is growing nicely. You all do a great job, I couldn't be more pleased.  I will be buying more from you.  I can't say this for every place I ordered from this year. Thank you for doing what you do,  It brings the beauty of Creation right to my home and makes it an even better place of rest.  Thanks!

TJ Palmer | Cumming | 8/2/2019

These are the healthiest plants I have received so far.  Lush green leaves and a full bushy plant.  Wish I had ordered more!

Paula Allen | Covington | 8/2/2019
Review of: Asian Jasmine

This jasmine came to me in mint condition. I was thrilled and it is thriving in my garden!!

Janice Riggs | Happy Valley, Oregon | 8/2/2019

My first three plants from Wilson Bros. arrived in absolutely perfect condition.  Due to unfavorable weather conditions across the country, my fourth plant, an azalea, arrived with all its leaves dead at the bottom of the box.  So why five stars?  The severe weather between the southeastern part of the country and the Pacific Northwest was beyond anyone's control, and the gentleman who called me from Wilson Bros. did the best anyone could do to solve the problem.  We agreed that it would be wise to wait a couple of weeks to mail a second plant.  In the meantime, he gave me suggestions on how I might revive the first azalea, suggestions that thus far seem to be effective.  Thus, I have found that Wilson Bros. is a fine company that usually provides healthy, hearty plants and that deals fairly with its customers when the occasional misfortune damages a plant.

Michael Hensley | Virginia | 8/1/2019

Beautiful plants. Well packaged. Arrived healthy and transplanted very nicely.

Mary | South Jordan, Utah | 8/1/2019

I placed my first order for three trees.  I order a LOT of plants from different companies.  My order came quickly, wonderfully packaged and upon opening the boxes I found three very healthy beautiful trees.   I realize that ordering online results in tiny plants and was surprised at the generous size.  Wilsonbrosgardens will be my first choice for plants in the future.

Mary Ann | Kansas | 7/31/2019

I purchased a couple of Mexican petunias from Wilson Brothers to replace the ones that didn't make it through our Kansas winter.  They are doing great.  I have decided to just keep them in a planter - instead of planting them - so that I can keep them through the winter.

Martha Aitken | Fort White, Florida | 7/31/2019

My pair of beautiful Royal Purple Smoke Trees just arrived via UPS. The packing was exceptional. The trees are matched and are absolutely lovely and look like they just left your garden. My sincere thanks to the Shipping Manager, who took so much time helping me select just the right tree and for these gorgeous trees. I am so glad that I got the large 5-gallon size because they are just the right size to look good immediately. When they grow, they will be spectacular.
I must compliment Wilson Brothers Gardens for their personnel as well as their plants. I am so glad to have found you. I will be back to buy more in the future!

Cynthia Norman | Allentown | 7/28/2019

Plants and trees are well protected when shipped.  The 2 tiered poodle tree was in excellent condition.  Quality products

John | North Carolina | 7/29/2019

The trees that I received were very healthy and of a good size.

Joyce Hopkins | Evergreen park | 7/27/2019

I bought a total of three of these lovely plants. It took my boyfriend almost two months to dig out the shrubs we had in the garden to make a place for these Hydrangeas. He took too long. Two of the plants are doing well, but the third is wavering. The plants are gorgeous, but we ordered and planted them rather late. Two of the plants are doing great, but the third one is struggling.

Shawna |Seattle, Washington | 7/27/2019

I felt I was taking a chance ordering a plant online, especially with free shipping.  The plant arrived in safe & perfect condition!  Well packed, watered, & truly in a full 3 gallon dirt container!  Very happy with my purchase & would definitely buy from Wilson Bros again!

Kurt Schwarz | Potomac | 7/28/2019

Very tall plant to ship mail-order. Arrived in great shape. Using the cardboard ring attached to box great way to go. That and the moistened paper and shipping tape around top of pot prevents movement of pot and keeps soil inside pot, not all spilling into box. Plant growing nicely.  Thank you

Dona S. Lerew | East Berlin | 7/26/2019

This plant arrived in perfect condition and very healthy.  I planted it the day it arrived and it is doing well.  Thanks for a beautiful plant!!

John Wilson | Manteo | 7/28/2019

Wilson Bros are the best!
      Every plant I have ever ordered arrived exceeding my expectations in size and always in the best health.  Never hesitate. Just order. You will be happy with the product.

Bonnie Bunting | USA | 7/28/2019

Just wanted to tell you how many Rave comments
I’ve had on the Snow n Summer Asiatic Jasmine.  They’re planted on either side of my
front walkway in a large curved bed.  Every person who comes to my home compliments
 and raves about these plants.  I never realized they would get so much attention.
Although they have only modest ratings on your site, they are beautiful, grow well
in this area and are a delight.  If anyone is dissatisfied with them, it’s probably because 
they’re not in the right place.  When they like their environment, they show it by flourishing.

Mary C. Melton | Cashmere | 7/26/2019

This plant showed up in great shape. We planted it and it had quite the setback. It is now making a comeback and thriving! As always another excellent plant from Wilson's Bros. Will definitely continue to purchase my plants from them.

Gordon | Virginia | 7/26/2019

I needed 7 more to complete a project I started 4 yrs ago.  Trying to find a seller that had these in stock was next to impossible.  Enter Wilson Bros.  Yep we have them.
4 days later I had them.  One box was slightly squished but due to their excellent packaging, the plant was fine.  Nothing broken, nothing bent.
The plants were healthy and have been in the ground for a couple weeks now and starting to bloom.
If you're tired of the same old stuff at the big box stores, shop here.  My wife has a list of plants she wants me to buy now.
And the best shipping guarantee I've seen.
Super pleased I found them on the web.

Cecile Phillips | Venice, Florida | 7/26/2019

Our tea olive arrived safe and sound and was planted in our backyard. 
Thank you for your prompt service. We look forward to many years of enjoyment watching 
our tree grow and blossom.

Cynthia Evans | Virginia | 7/26/2019

Just a quick note to thank you for the six Limelight Hydrangeas you sent.  They arrived safe and sound-your packing was perfect!  I am looking forward to creating a perfect hedge for them.

Diane Rodriguez | Overland Park | 7/24/2019

Plants were in great shape when I received them and so far they are doing great!

Rennea Burgess | Lakeland | 7/24/2019

Excellent, beautiful, I love this plant. Thank you very much, Rennea.

Absolutely gorgeous plant!!! I just love it very much. I'm so very glad that I ordered it from you, excellent!!!!!!

I love it!!! it is so very pretty!!! I'm glad that I bought it from you!!!  Thanks very much, Rennea.

This is very beautiful!!!  i'm glad that I ordered this particular eucalyptus from you!!! Excellent!!!

Catherine | Gaylord, Minnesota | 7/23/2019

Lovely plant. Was worth ever penny! It came perfectly packed and started showing signs of new growth with in a week and a half. I would definitely order from Wilson again.

Jeff | Ward, South Carolina | 7/22/2019

My Japanese maples arrived fresh and well packaged.  First time ordering from Wilson Brothers and am well pleased with the product and packaging.  Will be ordering much more.  I want to make an area with an oriental feel and these Seiryu Maples are the beginning.  Any ideas on companion plants to give it that oriental theme would be much appreciated.

Eloise January | Turner | 7/22/2019
Review of: Silver Lace Fern

The plant arrived excellently packed.  Nothing was crushed and the plant was fresh.  Planted it upon arrival and so far it is thriving.  Very pleased with the size and quality.

Jinny | Bluffton | 7/22/2019

Ordered 2 - Wilson was the only nursery that had them in stock.  Arrived OK and now planted.   They are doing well.

Lovely plant arrived in perfect condition.  Looks great in our pot in the lanai.

Ordered 6 of these - they had them in stock.  Arrived OK and are now planted.  After 2 weeks they are already growing new foliage.

Ordered 2 of the Autumn Angel Encore Azaleas  Arrived in excellent shape and one was even blooming!

Bette Dedic | Lexington, Kentuckey | 7/21/2019

The two plants I ordered were wrapped and shipped very well.  When I removed them from the carton they were in pots ready to be placed in the garden.  No shock occurred at all.  They had already bloomed so I will have to wait till next year to see the blooms.  I was very pleased with my purchase.

Lauren | Lansing, Michigan | 7/20/2019

Customer service is always great with WB. I ordered two to complete the back row of a northern foundation planting. I ordered after business hours on a Thursday evening, order shipped Monday and was delivered Wednesday. Everything was well packaged and look so healthy.

Lisa | Nebraska | 7/20/2019

Nice size healthy plant. I recommend it.

Marsha | Colorado | 7/20/2019

We are - again - so very happy for Wilson Bros! We got a lovely, fresh, perfectly-packaged beauty that is just blooming away.  It really lights up the spot we placed it in, and we want to buy more later :- thanks!

Rebecca Jones | Lakeland, Florida | 7/18/2019
Review of: Blue Chaste Tree

My tree arrived in a timely fashion and has been planted in its forever home - just watching it thrive in its sunny location.

Clark Riley | Baltimore | 7/18/2019

Beautiful specimen of special bamboo. Good value and excellent shipping (free, no less).

Denise Ankudowich | Tampa, Florida | 7/16/2019

This was the only plant food that I could find that was the type recommended for my ligustrum. It came  quickly and was easy to use.

Jane James | Conway, South Carolina | 7/17/2019

Thank you so much for the beautiful plant.  The plant had been watered and the top of the bucket sealed so dirt would not fall out.  The plant was so pretty AND healthy with it's shiny leaves and lovely shape.  I can't wait until the red maple's come in.  You guys are GREAT!

Heather Anatra | Connecticut | 7/16/2019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

I just received my order of Pink Muhley grass, and they are well packed and look healthy.  I will be planting them today and looking forward to have these beautiful plants in my garden.  Thanks

Fany | Orlando | 7/16/019

I love it! On time, well packed, healthy plant and I will continue to purchase from Wilson Bros!

Chuck Cox | Knoxville, Tennessee | 7/13/2019

I absolutely love these plants! I am very pleased, and they Bloom profusely. They came in very large and healthy and Wilson brothers shipped them very well.  I am very pleased with their selection and the free shipping!

Sarah Kemp | Mooresville, North Carolina | 7/15/2019

The Azalea arrived in excellent condition. The plant was very healthy and the packaging protected the plant from damage. Definitely will order again from Wilson Bros.

Donnie Ford | Jacksonville | 7/13/2019
                   Formosa Southern Indica Azalea
                   George L. Taber Southern Indica Azalea

The plants were in excellent shape when delivered.  They were large and healthy.  They are doing extremely well since I planted them.  I am glad I purchased from Wilson Brothers.

Sue Hughs | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 7/15/2019

A beautiful color well represented by the photo on Wilson Bros Gardens. This bush was well established and multi branched, well pruned, and mature. It is shaped more compact and dense compared to many of the more open loose sprawling types...very unique in it's shape.  I was very pleased also with the very personal email customer support I received from Wilson Brothers Gardens. I included a photo of it's first day in my garden, I expect this little bush to do well, and grow nicely over time making this more of a focal point at the foot of the statue. Very Happy with his purchase!

Pipercub | Fairfax, Virginia | 7/12/2019

Ordered 5 , nice specimens arrived quickly, fresh, and ready to plant.   About 2 feet tall and thick.   Planted on a bank where we had lost a tree in a storm.  Very pleased with how they  look and growth rate in such a short time.

Sherrie Gerweck | Charleston | 7/12/2019

Have ordered from other online shops. The one gallon pot is a great alternative to little 4 in plants. Looking forward to having this bloom.  It came in fabulous condition.

Laurie Pologe | Altona | 7/13/2019

The tree arrived in excellent condition and so far, is thriving in my rock garden. Very pleased with Wilson Bros Gardens. Will very likely buy from them again.

JF | Bullard | 7/12/2019

We are overjoyed with our's beautiful. It arrived in perfect condition..,wasn't dried or damaged in anyway. This is now our "go to" for all garden plants...highly recommend.

Very pleased with the bamboo. As with the Maple, everything was packaged with extreme care. The only drawback, if you want to call it that, is one of the bamboo plants has white scaley looking stuff around some of the new shoots. The plants are a nice height, about 4-5 feet, and no damage. Other than the afore mentioned, this is a great place to shop.

Billie Jean Housel | Maryville | 7/13/2019

Plants arrived in excellent condition.  I planted them immediately and they are thriving.  I am so glad I found you on the internet.  I am waiting for you to get more of these hydrangeas in stock so I can repurchase.  Thanks!

Marie Torongo | Michigan | 7/11/2019

My Japanese Maple Orangeola arrived in beautiful shape,   It fit perfectly in the hole I  had prepared for it and looks magnificent in my garden.

Linda | Houston | 7/11/2019

Needed to replace 3 Encore azaleas in color not to be found in all of Houston, Harris County!  Ordered with skepticism but they arrived right on time, beautifully packed with NO breakage.  Now thriving.

Patricia Barker | Huntsville | 7/11/2019

Plant come in excellent condition, got this plant for a friend that I'm helping redo her flower bed and she loves it!

Kinsey | Virginia | 7/11/2019

I'm wary of buying shrubs online because you never know what they will look like, or how they will do during shipping. I bought a Sweetshrub and American Beautyberry and BOTH looked like I had gone to a garden center and picked them out myself! The 3-gallon Beautyberry is stunning. I have not been able to find a local seller, but buying from Wilson Brothers is not disappointing. The plant was FULL of flowers and new berries, and is doing very well after being in the ground for a couple of weeks now. The packaging is robust and held up during shipping. I'm looking forward to years with this plant and I will definitely buy from Wilson Brothers in the future. The price of the plant is worth it for fast, FREE shipping AND healthy, mature plants.

I'm wary of buying shrubs online because you never know what they will look like, or how they will do during shipping. I bought a Sweetshrub and American Beautyberry and BOTH looked like I had gone to a garden center and picked them out myself! The 1 gallon Sweetshrub was short and broad, with healthy leaves, and moist dirt. The packaging is robust and held up during shipping. I'm looking forward to years with this plant!

Tina Hines | Las Vegas | 7/11/2019

Beautiful, Thank you so much!

Barry Kays | Gainesville | 7/10/2019

Packaged perfectly.  Beautiful plant.  Growing like a weed!

Mary E. Watts | Fort Smith | 7/10/2019

Just received my plant this afternoon and it arrived in great condition!  Even in our unusually hot weather, thanks to the quick shipping and the packaging, the plant stayed moist (as it requires) and undamaged.  Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.  Thanks!

Christine Harkins | Nashville | 7/10/2019

I ordered 3 of these for my front garden, and they all arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Since planting them, they have all put on beautiful red new growth. I can’t wait to see how their flowers look, next spring.

Marci Raines | Wilmington | 7/10/2019

Hydrangea, ordered by mail from Wilson Brother's.  Arrived healthy and promptly!  I was pleased that it is doing well and look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

VL | Montville | 7/9/2019

I saw this shrub on and for almost 2 years tried to find this shrub in local nurseries  and online.  This year I got lucky and found WBG had it available.   I was really happy and ordered 4 shrubs, 1-gallon size.  they are extremely well packed and the shrubs were alive, no damage from transit and are healthy and good quality.  as soon as I got these 4 into the ground, i placed another order for 4 more.  I was so impressed.  My second order also arrived very well and securely packed and shrubs alive and in good healthy condition.  the leaves on the shrub look healthy and strong.   I am very happy with my purchases.  it was a little more than what i budgeted for but this was a type of shrub i wanted for my  back border (100 feet)  of my yard for almost 2 years.   WBG had better prices compared to other online sites and  stronger positive reviews posted by their customers compared to other websites.  the containers were also clearly marked with name of shrub.  and the orders arrived quickly, on a Friday so I could plant them into the ground on Saturday.  Perfect timing.  The shrubs  will probably take a few years to become a tall hedge.   All 8 shrubs are in the ground in full sun location.  They look little and cute right now.  I hope they will grow happily and form a nice hedge for me.  If I need any other types of shrubs, I would come back to WBG.  Thank you WBG!

Sarah Davis | McDonough | 7/10/2019

Received in perfect condition. Planted them on either side of a pergola. 
Completely satisfied.

Lauren Davis | Lansing, Michigan | 7/8/2019

I ordered a Limelight for my mother’s birthday a month ago and it arrived so much fuller than my local nursery purchased plants and already blooming. I am jealous! The staff was also kind enough to type up a gift message for me to include in the package.

John | Manchester | 7/8/2019

Excited to find a choice of bamboo that can grow in Zone 5. I was immediately drawn to the coloring of this variety. The plants arrived in great shape and ample size. They are thriving in the sun and will become part of our natural border to hide the fence line.

Ellen Thomas | USA | 7/9/2019

Received well-packed and fresh.  Size I expected; some nice new growth showing.  I'm happy.

Lisa | Hanover, Pennsylvania | 7/8/2019

We were very pleased upon receiving our Acoma Crape Myrtle. It arrived a few days after ordering and is a very healthy tree. Only a small limb was broke.  We followed the planting instructions. Some leaves on the bottom turned yellow and orange at first but now it's doing fine and thriving.  We were skeptical about planting it on June 21st since usually early spring or fall is best planting time but we are keeping it watered during the hot months. Thank you for great product and service.

Martha Sacks | Virginia Beach, Virginia | 7/9/2019

This Weeping Yaupon Holly arrived on time, well packed, well priced and very healthy. It is a beautiful specimen and will be perfect in my garden.. I am very pleased to have found Wilson Brothers online!!

Kurt Schwarz | Potomac | 7/7/2019

Sent was a huge 3 and1/2 ft plant in great condition. Producing numerous blooms already. Wilson Bros. definitely give you the ultimate care in the packing/shipping of their plants. Also, being in Georgia, they are producing some of the harder to find cultivars of the wild native azaleas that are outstanding.

Patty | Casselberry | 7/8/2019

Plant arrived fast and in good health.

Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

Plant arrived healthy, fast and packaged well. I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like as it grows and blooms.

Candy | Harrah | 7/7/2019
Review of: Blue Chaste Tree

I ordered three of the vitex agnus-castus a little late in the season. My expectations were low because of previous experiences with online orders.  I underestimated Wilson Bros! The vitex arrived in a timely manner. They were packed together in a big box that prevented any damage. The trees arrived in perfect condition, with healthy leaves and a few blooms. So far, they seem to be doing well. Thanks. I will not be afraid to purchase from Wilson Brothers ever again!

Trina | Virginia Beach | 7/7/2019

Always pleased with the products received. I am looking forward to my first harvest!

Linda | Derby, New York | 7/7/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

Very impressed with shipping and packaging. Plant arrived with damp paper matting to hold soil in place and plastic film over the pot to keep moist. Not one leaf was damaged. Had just unpacked an order from a different vendor -- 5 plants stacked in a long box, pots dried out, dirt spilled everywhere and many broken branches. You get what you pay for. Highly recommend buying from Wilson Bros.

Glenda Walters | Marshall, Michigan | 7/7/2019

Never had good luck with this plant but I wanted to try again but it had to now be a much smaller plant because of space.  The plant was well packaged when it arrived and very healthy.   It is thriving nicely with loads of blooms.  I was very pleased at how easy it was to place an order and get delivery fairly quickly.  Of course, one has to remember their planting zone for delivery.  Would order again!

 | Janice | USA | 7/7/2019
                   Golden Sweet Flag

Loved my new plants...Thank you.

Carlton DeHart | North Carolina | 7/7/2019

This Edgeworthia is beautiful and was delivered quickly and in pristine condition. It already has new growth and is very happy in its new home!

Butch | Houston, Texas | 7/6/2019

Received 2 Regale in pots.  Package was well put together, very sturdy, no damage to vines.  Vines were in very good condition even after being shipped in 95F weather.  Good work by Wilson.

Christine | Missouri | 7/5/2019

I received my two lavender plants and was totally happy.  They were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition.  They were even still moist!!  I have planted them in the yard and they are doing very well.  We'll see if they can survive the winter.  If so, I'll be back to buy more!  Thank you for the quality product and shipping technique.

Kellie | Burlington, North Carolina | 7/6/2019
Review of: Zebra Hydrangea

I'm pleased with my purchase of a zebra hydrangea!  The very healthy plant arrived quickly with no damage.  Will definitely order from Wilson Bros again!

Dorothy Schimdt | Mahopac | 7/6/2019

I purchased 3 dappled willow plants. They arrived healthy and absolutely beautiful. I planted them the same day and they are doing beautifully. They've gotten bigger already in just 10 days. Love them.

Pete | USA | 7/5/2019

Tree is looking real good.  Getting alot of new growth.

Karen | Ohio | 7/4/2019

Plant arrived timely and in the usual careful packaging. Planted immediately upon arrival and it is doing beautifully.

Linda Maher | Brooksville | 7/2/2019

Beautiful plant, arrived quickly and in great shape.  I planted it in a pot and then moved it to the garden later and it is now about 3 ft tall and is doing great cannot wait for blossoms. 
Thank you for such a healthy  plant.

Christine | Washington State | 7/4/2019
Review of: Pineapple Guava

Beautiful condition very pleased with service and my plant is huge and happy thank you so much ,I will order many plants from this company, well worth it.

Donald Hill | Cherry Log, Georgia | 7/3/2019

I had previously ordered from Wilson Bros and received the best quality, size and packaged plants of any of the online nurseries I have shopped with. This order arrived healthy, large and in heavy duty packaging that kept the soil in the pot and the leaves on the plant. I've never had a Banana shrub and won't know the long term success for a few years but am confident that if it ever dies it will be my fault. They offer unusual plants not always easily found and supply lots of information to help in decision making. Pricing is competitive to Big Box stores and shipping is fast and free. What more could I ask for?

Ruth G. | USA | 7/3/2019

Very nice plant; prompt shipping and packing - always pleased with my orders from Wilson Bros.

John Rust | Gig Harbor, Washington | 7/2/2019

I ordered two of these red hydrangea.  They were shipped to WA State and arrived in FIVE days in PERFECT condition, still moist without any droopy leaves.  My only problem is that I asked twice for a call concerning planting information and never received a call back.

Martha Bailey | Madison | 7/4/2019

Very pleased with my plant.  Arrived timely and was packaged in a very sturdy box.  I will definitely order again!

Rachel | Portland | 7/4/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

The tree I ordered was exactly what I expected and more. It was over 3 ft tall, in perfect health, very happy with my order! This was a gift for my dad, he really liked it too. Thanks!

Gray | Kentucky | 7/4/2019

We are very pleased with the very big healthy Acoma Crape Myrtle.  It arrived in great condition due to excellent packaging.

Richard | Griffin | 7/3/2019

We thought the packaging and shipping was very well done. The plant arrived in good condition and is growing nicely. So far we are very pleased.

Sandy McGinnis | Locust Grove | 7/3/2019

I have 2 that I bought several years ago from the brothers but the leave is variegated and the bloom is light pink or white with a darker pink center.  To me it smells like lemony ginger.  LOVE this bush.  Easy to grow.

Sherri Mott | Bentonville | 7/2/019

Plant arrived in excellent shape and in a very timely manner.  Would order from Wilson Bros Gardens again and would recommend to a friend.

Judy | Dallas, Georgia | 6/30/2019

My Tea Olive arrived very well packed, and in good shape. It is a good size and very healthy.  I plan on buying more plants from Wilson Bros.

Sue Carol McCormick | Goochland | 6/30/2019

Very pleased with azaleas - excellent specimens at a very fair price. Packed well and shipped promptly.

Mary C. Melton | United States | 7/1/2019

Plant arrived in excellent condition planted it in a container and it already has new growth!

Arrived in excellent condition and continues to do well.

Barry Kays | Gainesville | 6/20/2019

As always, it came packaged well.  I planted it three weeks ago and it's already blooming.

Bethami Auerback | Falls Church, Virginia | 7/1/2019

A months-long, fruitless search locally for Purple Pixie (after seeing it in SC) led me to Wilson Brothers online.  Three days after speaking to a very helpful customer service person by phone, the plants arrived, well-packaged and healthy.  After about three weeks in the ground, they are flourishing.  I would shop here again!

Deborah Miller | West Union | 6/2/2019

I  have never been sent a better specimen of the species. It is beautiful. The packing was excellent so it arrived undamaged. I will  be ordering from this company again!

Jane Kremer | Saint Louis | 6/29/2019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

First time order. Processed very easy and quick.  Grass was packaged very nicely and well protected.  Planted is as described and so far very pleased!

Mitchell Leopard | Lilburn | 6/28/2019

Wilson's really packs stuff safely.  The grasses were great and hit the ground running,  already about 6 inches higher just 2 weeks after planting.  We'll buy more next spring.

Couldn't decide to go straight with 8 of the yellow or in serpentine style.  Either way would have been great.  They started growing the moment I put them in.  BUT, I want to keep them shorter than most.  I have a small yard.

I've got to say...Wilson Bros does a great job at packing.  I was keeping my fingers cross on this one, but not to worry.  It arrived in great shape, about 3-4 feet tall and I can wait for it to grow a bit.  I hope the color is as spectacular as the picture.

Lynda Symans | Brattleboro, Vermont | 6/28/2019

So easy! My beautiful azalea came fast. I planted it in my little
side yard - easy peazy and it is thriving! I will be back
in the fall...

Bruce Henderson | Shreveport, Louisiana | 6/28/2019

Excellent plants. More staples than needed to secure in box. Very nice overall! Fast.

Todd Jones | Pennsylvania | 6/28/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

After searching the internet for the perfect small/medium tree for our small front yard in town we picked the Grancy Greybeard since we wanted something different than all the Japanese Maples in our area. We received our tree in a couple days time and it was in wonderful shape! Full of leaves and the potting soil was moist. It was planted right away and is doing great! Thanks for the excellent service and communication!!

Tom Grefenstette | Charlotte | 6/28/2019

Overwhelmed!  Had narrowed my choice between two Japanese Maples.  Decided to call, and ask for advice.  Talked to Pat, who gave me her thoughts, sent me a pic of both trees, and then actually tagged the one I chose.  Arrived well packaged and very healthy.  Perfect!  Thanks Pat!

Steve Trachtenberg | New Jersey | 6/2/2019

I received this Orangeola Maple within just a few days of ordering. It was very well packed and in good shape. I am very pleased with the quality of the trees health. It has been doing extremely well here in NJ even with Upper 80-90 degrees. Watering heavily each morning has really helped. It was about 26 inches at its's highest branch when I received it, and now it's about 30 inches from the ground surface.

La Dawn Simpson | Shelton | 6/27/2019

My viburnum arrived in beautiful shape, very healthy vibrant plants.

Mary Kay | USA | 6/26/2019

I have mail ordered plants large (5') and small ( a few inches-hosta) for over 30 years. This Spring I discovered Wilson Brothers--now my go to place for trees and shrubs. The 3 Nandina 'Burgundy Wine' arrived in great shape. These are 1 gal. size. All are very healthy and quite full sized in the pot. Having worked at nurseries for many years, I truly appreciate,  respect and am grateful for the amazing--many ordered this season---plants from Wilson Brothers Nursery.

Kathy Jones | Tucson | 6/24/2019

These plants came very beautiful and healthy looking - still moist - very nicely packaged and decent sized (not like small thumbnails).  I am planning to reorder from Wilson Bros. again.  Very happy with my order.

Sarah | Oregon | 6/24/2019

Thank you for the very thoughtful packaging. Arrived in decent shape and is planted, doing well 2 weeks later. I’m excited for next season when it begins to bloom.

Chris | Santa Fe, New Mexico | 6/25/2019

While I acknowledge that my soil is not the best I used the entire bag around fresh bamboo coming up yellow and after ten days or so there is very little change in the color of the leaves.

L. H. | Tennessee | 6/24/2019

I spoke to a Wilson Brothers representative and placed an order by phone.  The representative was very pleasant and helpful.  The plant arrived in very good order and on time. I highly recommend Wilson Brothers with no hesitancy.

Leila | Cary, North Carolina | 6/23/2019

Healthy, beautiful juniper arrived quickly and well packed. Definitely will order more plants from this vendor in the fall.

Anne Guelker | Eminence, Missouri | 6/23/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

6/23/19  I did an internet search for Magnolia figo (Banana Shrub) to add to my garden.  After reviewing multiple websites, I located the item on Wilson Brothers Gardens website with a size and price that I had in mind.  Before placing my order I had some questions, so I sent them a message via their website.  I received a very prompt response from Spencer Young, and placed my order on 6/12/19, with a requested ship date of 6/17/19.  My order shipped via UPS Ground on 6/17/19 and I received it on 6/19/19.  The packaging was done professionally and the shrub came out of the carton looking like I had carried it home from their nursery.  I am very pleased with all aspects of ordering from Wilson Brothers Gardens - communications, plant quality, packaging and timely shipping.  I highly recommend Wilson Brothers Gardens.

Michael F. Milan | Holly, Michigan | 6/24/2019

The pine straw arrived quickly. It was very clean with only a few sticks and pine cones.  The flakes shook loose fairly easily, thus it was easy to spread.  It is very expensive to ship to the north. I will be ordering again as we have no local source.

Andrea Hanlin | Long Island, New York | 6/23/2019

Very impressed with delivery packaging, timing and plants did not appear to be stressed.  I request two with similar height and shape and received exactly what I wanted.  Plants arrived healthy with lots of branching and leaf.  Can’t wait to see them when they start to settle into their new home and thrive! They are in a new garden bed nestled amongst my new magnolia and little lime hydrangeas. Can’t wait to see them when all in bloom. They soften my brick wall and am so appreciative of your help and guidance with my selection!

Ruth | Texas | 6/24/2019

Received promptly in perfect condition; best packaging; prompt shipment and the most excellent plants always received.  White by the Gate Camellia was nice sized and very full bushy plant of excellent quality.  Wilson Bros. is an exceptional supplier of beautiful and hard to find plants.  Never disappointed in any order received from Wilson Bros.

Ron Burdick | Edmond | 6/2/2019

Received plant in beautiful condition. Great packing job. Can't wait to see in bloom.

Marina | North Carolina | 6/22/2019

The plant is doing well even with a severe drought. Shipping was very fast and the tree arrived in a perfect condition! Tall size about 6ft. Has not bloomed yet, but can’t wait for it!

Amy Borun | Pennsylvania | 6/22/2019

Never ordered from this site before, took a chance and was impressed! I bought two and they arrived a few feet high and one has several small figs on it. They're healthy and ready to go! haven't had them over winter yet.

Diane Walker | Kentucky | 6/23/2019

Bought 3 plants. Shipped extremely well and arrived healthy. These azalea plants were nice and full. Kept them in the house for a couple days getting a nice healthy drink, then out on the front porch for a week to get acclimated. Now they are in the ground with some Biotone and adjusting nicely. Very impressed with the size, quality, and shipping effort from Wilson Bros. Looking forward to future orders. Already have my wish list going for next year.

Sue Rogers | Norman, Oklahoma | 6/22/2019

I ordered 3 of the weeping Purple Pixie's and they arrived looking great and very well packaged..  I received them in a very timely manner and planted them as soon as they arrived.  It's been several weeks and they are doing great!

Beckie Folkes | McDonough | 6/22/2019

Arrived in perfect condition, even has 3 figs already on it.

Sunrosa Fragrant Pink Dwarf Shrub Rose

Ordered six of these and they all were delivered healthy and good size. All 6 are thriving and producing new growth and beautiful roses.

Deborah Towle | Grove City | 6/21/2019

The tree arrived in wonderful condition, quickly and securely packaged. I have purchased a number of plants online as we are in a small town with no local nurseries and this was by far my best experience. And I love your website!!

Edward Kent | Middleboro | 6/21/2019
Review of: Cast Iron Plant

I have had a cast iron plant in my home for over ten years. I wanted another one so I looked around locally in Massachusetts but to no avail. I looked on the internet and found Wilson Bros. I am glad I did. The plant is good sized with ten leaves and there new leaves coming. The plant arrived quickly and was well packed so there was no damage. I would buy again from this seller.

Mowermutt | Aurora | 6/21/2019

Let it be stated that they arrived looking much better than after being planted.   We have far to much rain and cloudy days with cool temperatures.  I have never ordered these here and was very impressed with what I received.  They were packed so well that it was annoying to get them out.   Not one stem broken, really lush and green and much more bushy than I have received from any other company.

While they are annuals here, I buy them for the hummingbirds who fight over them.  I cannot wait to see how big these get once the weather turns to summer, hopefully before it snows again!  If you want to attract hummingbirds, they flock to these.

Donna Waltenbaugh | Leechburg | 6/20/2019

My plants were received as expected.  The packaging was awesome making sure the products were secure so nothing became dislodged during shipping and sufficiently watered with damp toweling.  I was extremely impressed with the vivid colors of my Hosta''s and how healthy they looked.  I have planted them and am anxiously waiting to see them blossom.

MaryJane Abercrombie | Orange Beach | 6/20/2019

Excellent stock, the camellia arrived in perfect condition.  Love the way you package for travel.

Mary Kovach | Wellingford | 6/20/2019

Packaged well. Healthy and even had a couple figs already growing.

Elizabeth Forbes-Smith | Hoquiam, Washington | 6/20/2019

Great packaging and healthy plant.

Rebecca Zeisler | Greer | 6/20/2019

I ordered this Jane Magnolia tree and it was delivered to the wrong house. It sat in a box for 2 weeks before my neighbor brought it to me. When I opened the box the poor tree looked terrible. I contacted Wilson Brothers about what had happened and they sent me a new, larger sized tree at no cost. It is a beautiful tree! (I'm sure the first one would have been too.) Both trees are planted and the lost tree is growing new leaves and I think will survive. I offered to pay for the new tree if both survived and Wilson Bros said no payment was necessary. I would definitely recommend Wilson Brothers to anyone searching for high quality plants and service.

Review of: Grancy Graybeard

Beautiful Tree! I'm very pleased with my order.

Barbara Hales | Greer | 6/20/2019

These hydrangeas came in perfect condition.  I have purchased from Wilson Bros in the past and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend Wilson Brothers.

Jeff | Chicago | 6/19/2019

Was impressed by the shipping and packaging of this tall grass.  The plants were much more mature than I had thought, which was a pleasant surprise.  Can wait to watch them fill in!

Donna Meyer | Louisville, Kentucky | 6/19/2019

1 Gallon Container Red Dragon Contorted Filbert Tree - 5 Stars!

Roxanne Hunsicker | Denton 6/19/2019

Easy to.order, shipped quickly, and plants unbelievably healthy - best on-line plant purchase I've had.

I never expected such a tall, full, deep green healthy Holly from any online purchase, so this one blew me away. I have already ordered again from Wilson Bros and highly recommend them!

Lee | Sherwood, Arkansas | 6/19/2019

Bought these grasses to plant where Maiden Grass had been, and love the variegated look! Just beautiful. Was a nice size and healthy when I received them, planted them a couple of months ago, and they are growing beautifully! Thanks so much!

Beckie Folkes | McDonough | 6/19/2019

Arrived perfect and is thriving!

Kenny | New York | 6/19/2019

Wilson Bros continually deliver on nice healthy plants.  As usual, this rose was packed well, not a single broken branch.  Much to my surprise, this plant was fuller and bigger than I expected with several buds in place.  3 days later, those buds are now blooming and these really are very pretty roses, and the color is spectacular.  The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the roses themselves aren't as large as the description stated they were.  At most, they were an inch across fully bloomed.  The blooms themselves were marginally just a little bigger than miniature tea roses.  Regardless, it's a very pretty rose to add to your collection.  Compact and rounded in shape and form.

William Alcarese | Middle River | 6/19/2019

Everything was great planted and are living.

Laurel | Jackson, Wyoming | 6/17/2019

These junipers arrived as scheduled and were beautifully packed, and when unwrapped proved to be healthy, happy plants!  I let them stand out in my weather for 2 days, and then planted them as instructed.  There has been a little bit of transplant shock, but not very much, because most of the plants were not root-bound.  I have found this is the most important factor for long term survival of plants ordered online.  I'm quite optimistic that all of these junipers will thrive here.

Drew | New Jersey | 6/18/019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

The items arrived alive and well packed.  Hopefully will turn a pink color in the future.

Linda | Maine | 6/18/2019

I ended up calling back and doubling my order.  The product was here in less than a week and Spencer did a fabulous job of shipping and packing.  They were still moist when they arrived and were packed so well!  They survived the trip from Georgia to Maine very well.

Avid Gardener | Maryland | 6/18/2019

I bought this in hopes of making healthy tea for myself and maybe selling some satchels to a few  tea afficianados. So far the tree looks good its putting on new growth plus free shipping, I am happy. Can't wait until it flowers. I hope the info about it being able to survive in zone 7 was accurate.

LJC | Ohio | 6/18/2019

Plants arrived timely and well packaged.
Healthy and growing well.

Barbara | Newnan, Georgia | 6/17/2019
Review of: Black Bamboo

This black bamboo arrived well packaged and in great condition.  The plants are healthy and beautiful!

Cheri Verwohlt | Lockport, New York| 6/16/2019

Had requested a delay in shipping and the plants arrive just as I had requested.  They were packaged beautifully and arrived in perfect condition.  Have planted them and now wait to watch them grow.

Maria Morse | McDonough | 6/17/2019

The plant arrived quickly and was packed so the plant wasn’t damaged.  The plant is so nice and healthy.  I will definitely use Wilson Brothers again.

Tracy | Ocala, Florida | 6/15/2019
Review of: Pineapple Guava

Plant arrived in beautiful shape. It’s in a 3 gallon pot was just wondering when it will bloom?

Theresa | Kissimmee | 6/14/2019

Very pretty color!

Jean H. Sasser | Whitsett | 6/14/2019

I am very happy with purchase so far.  Looked locally for a evergreen dogwood but could not find.  I searched on line and selected Wilson Bros due to good reviews, availability of the size product and helpful response from person that responded to questions when I called.  The tree arrived  at the earlier end of shipping estimated date in good condition. I was concerned that it may not as a heat spell hit at same time. Tree was well packaged and still moist.  It is planted and I am looking forward to blooms.

Roger Wilkes | Demorest, Georgia | 6/13/2019

When the muscadine vine arrived, it was so healthy. Had lots of green leaves. It is still healthy after about three weeks after planting.

Alexander Hepburn | Winston Salem |6/14/2019

Good size. Arrived in a timely way, well packaged and in great condition. Hope these azaleas do well with afternoon sun. They are not too large and have brilliant color.

Anne Risser | Franklin, Tennessee | 6/14/2019

Large and healthy...can't wait to see it flower! In addition, the folks and customer service, prices, too, are all amazing...attentive, kind, responsive, friendly, lovely, reasonable. :)

Mark Parsons | Chapel Hill | 6/13/2019

Yes I received my order. I couldn't believe the amount of Blooms on the plant.  I will be placing other orders with Wilson Bros Garden in the near future.

Susan | Cortland | 6/13/2019

Orange Rocket Barberry seems to be doing well. Thank you. I had to clip off what appeared to be some leaf mold and I do understand we had a very wet fall 2018 and spring 2019. I had been looking for a Helmond Barberry (they were expensive on another website), , but we shall see how this does. I can just try to prune it to grow tall and somewhat cylindrical. I truly hope it gets to grow 4 feet in height.

Chuck Cox | Knoxville, Tennessee | 6/13/2019
Review of: Red Yucca

This is a wonderful plant! So unusual and cool!  I love it, and Wilson brothers was wonderful to work with. I love how they have free shipping. You never see this, and it makes things so much more affordable.  I am now going to use them for all my needs!

Diane Jones | Salem, South Carolina | 6/13/2019

My 1st time ordering with Wilson Brothers Online. I was very pleased when I received my Tea Olive. Wilson Brother's shipping was prompt. It was packaged excellent & arrived in great condition. Size and shape were right on too!  Was able to find the color I wanted at Wilson Brothers too! Thank You Wilson Brothers!

Beverly Bellinger | Kingston, New York | 6/13/2019
review of: Grancy Graybeard

My Fringe Tree arrived in excellent condition, packaging was excellent. I was so impressed I have ordered several other plants. I highly recommend this site for plants in good health, very good size, and carefully packaged.

My second order from Wilson Bros. Once again I was very pleased with the healthy condition of the plants and look forward to years of enjoyment. My landscaper was so impressed she asked for the site info. Well done!

Mary Abel | Athens, Ohio | 6/12/2019

The liriope arrived in good condition and I was very satisfied, as I have not ordered plants from an internet source.

Michael | Athens, Georgia | 6/12/2019

Quick shipping, well packed, healthy, great size, very pleased.

Faye | Germantown | 6/11/2019

The tree received seems healthy and well packed. Planted it immediately, it is only 15 days, can't tell if how the tree is doing but so far it is still alive.

Beth Herochik | New Kent | 6/12/2019

Our 2 Alberta Spruce Topiaries arrived perfectly packed and in beautiful condition. thank you!

Angelique | Connecticut | 6/12/2019

I am delighted to find Wilson Brothers! I have a large and ever-growing garden, and often become overwhelmed at the nursery. With time to sit and reflect upon what I need, browsing their website, I feel confident I am purchasing exactly the plants I need. 
When we suffered flooding for two weeks, and the plants delivered had died bc we were unable to get to our river house, the plants were replaced without question.

Joyce M. Wilson | Dayton | 6/12/2019

Very nice plant, arrived in great condition.

Barbara Baskin | Martha's Vineyard | 6/11/2019

Tree arrived as scheduled in great condition. It went into the ground that day and has shown no signs of shock or stress. The shipping took about a week for arrival so would recommend overnight or two day shipping in the warmer months.  Tree would not have shipped well in summer months.

Judy Perszyk | Alabama | 6/11/2019

Magnificent! These are just beautiful.  Arrived less than 24 hr. after shipping, full of blooms and buds, so healthy.  Packaged so well not a speck of soil in the box and the aroma is stunning.  Thank you so much Wilson Bros Gardens!

Magnificent!  Wilson Bros Gardens is the best Nursery we have ever encountered.  Wonderful website, informative and the most beautiful and healthy plants by far.  These arrived in less than 24 hrs., full of buds and blooms.  They were packed so well not a speck of dirt was in the box.  The fragrance is to die for.
Thank you so much.

Barbara | Tacoma | 6/11/2019

You won't be disappointed with this plant - mine arrived in beautiful, lush condition. I look forward to making tea with the leaves and will add photos when it blooms!

I always order a bit hesitantly because I've received plants that were not in very good condition before from other companies. The camelia I received is full, lush and a rich green. It was definitely given a loving and great start which makes me very hopeful for beautiful blooms as it grows in my garden. I will update with photos when it blooms.

Lil Budzinski | Chicago, Illinois | 6/11/2019
Review of: Bisset Bamboo

An absolutely outstanding purchase. Wilson Bros. Is a great source for plants and came through in every way, from excellent plant quality to very efficient shipping.

Carol | Tampa | 6/11/2019

Cannot say enough about how easy and pleasant it was to deal with Wilson Bros.  The Carolina Allspice was not available at the time I ordered it but I was told when it would most likely be ready for shipment.  It was ready sooner than anticipated, shipped promptly and arrived beautifully packed and looking gorgeous.  Will certainly look to Wilson Bros when I cannot find what I want locally.  Thanks so much!

Frances | Winston-Salem | 6/11/2019

The gardenia is large and full and is still blooming. It came right away, only a few days after I ordered it. It's happy, and I'm very happy!

Soupbone | Pennsylvania | 6/11/2019

Once again, beautiful stock, cleverly and carefully packaged, arrived at my door ready to go in the ground and thrive.

Shelley | Connecticut | 6/11/2019

Plants arrived quickly.  Packaged nicely to keep them in perfect condition.  I specifically chose them for a (very wet in spring) rock garden area.  They are thriving.  I’m excited to see how they will mature and start to creep around the rocks.  I loved how all my questions were answered before I purchased these plants!  Keep up the good work.

 Todd Kerekes | New Hampshire | 6/11/2019

I received the replacement plant with no issues.  It was tightly packed and in good condition.  

I really don't know what happened with the original shipment, especially as my neighbor received and opened it for me.  I worked in the wholesale nursery industry for many years and my best guess is a weak graft.  That was where the break in the stem occurred, and that point was where the cardboard brace was holding the plant in the box.  Not your fault, not the shippers fault.  

I greatly appreciate the prompt replacement.  With my background, I can be particular about plant varieties and plant quality and Wilson Brothers has met my expectations.  Your customer service exceeds them.  Thank you.

Shegetada Nakajima | West Milford, New Jersey | 6/11/2019
Review of: Fatsia Japonica

It took a little longer than I expected, but the item ordered arrived in a perfect shape.  Excellent quality both the item and the service.  I would order again.

Weldon Cox | Stt. Louis | 6/10/2019

I was well pleased with how you handled everything.  Thank you.

Karen Bennett | Nevada | 6/10/2019

My plant arrived in great shape, was well packed and is now thriving in my garden.

Lori | North Carolina | 6/10/2019

I decided to try this variety of pomegranate because it is one of the more cold-hardy varieties - especially important since I'm in a colder area for poms (central NC) - and haven't found this one locally. My experience buying from Wilson Bros has been great. First, the pom arrived at my door step within 2 days, tagged and packaged extremely well. Most important though, the plant was bigger than I expected for a 1 gallon pot - already 18-24" above ground - plus well branched and very healthy. It's only been 3 weeks since it arrived and it's already got several new suckers coming up to form trunks! I planned on keeping it potted this season (bringing in for winter) then planting in-ground next spring when it's a little older/bigger - but based on how healthy it is that precaution was probably unnecessary.  I'm looking forward to tasting fruit off it in a few years!

Debra | Surf City, North Carolina | 6/9/2019

Plant came as described healthy and large. Great company.

Cathy L. Boerner | Albany | 6/8/2019

Robert Gartrell developed this hybrid & it is quite the showstopper. Blooming in late Spring in zone 6B, it brings wonderful color when all else is spent. Hilda Niblett, by far, is the easiest to grow tolerating clay to loamy soils, its' blooms are spectacular & a huge 4 inches, ranging from pink, rose, peach to creamy white. It's no wonder it has won so many awards & thus is frequently sold out. Small but mighty it is perfect for bordering walkways with a spreading & mounding habit. The images are of my 12 year old shrubs  my landscape architect jokingly called "annuals". He is now truly impressed by their hardiness in every sense of the word!

Connie Tierrablanca | Hudson | 6/9/2019

Healthy, robust with 2 buds already, packaged securely Thank you!

Carl Davis | Easley | 6/8/2019

I just recently received my Muscadine Vine that I ordered from Wilson brothers and they are the healthiest polished vines I have ever purchased. I am so impressed that when I complete this review I am ordering another variety.

Ashley | USA | 6/10/2019

Ordered 4 - 3 gallon Hinoki Cypress trees through the mail for the first time. They came on time and were in excellent health. I will order more from this company.

Monique | Healdsburg | 6/9/2019

We got this for my Mom and it came in great shape.  It was expensive but really worth it.  Bigger than I thought and had buds on it.  Mom was very happy.

Debra L. Conner | Hutto, Texas | 6/9/2019

I got very fed up with plants and bushes I had purchased at a Home Depot and also Lowes. I decided to look up this plant online and see if I could order some. Sure enough, this outstanding business, Wilson Bros had just what I needed with free shipping! Outstanding! I am a disabled Veteran and very small so I am very grateful that I received these 2 plants, well packed and beautiful. They are in the ground and are being used as a "screen" to hide 2 utility boxes. I will continue to order. Very thankful! God bless all!

Vicki Dobbs | Stockbridge | 6/10/2019
Review of: Silver Lace Fern

Beautiful plant; was in great condition when I got it and was SO excited about it.  Wish you had more plants that were not out of stock, but I have always done business with you and have never had any problems with your plants.  Miss you being there in McDonough.

Daniel McIntosh | Austin | 6/10/2019
Review of: Asian Jasmine

Order came quickly and plants in excellent condition. All doing well.

Robert Bobby Rinaldi | North Charleston | 6/10/2019

So far great! The tree came packaged and ready to plant. Thanx.

Laura Smith-Hos | Richmond, Virginia | 6/10/2019

Happy to find a variety of this shrub/tree that will survive in my zone! Nicely branched and well shaped little bush. Arrived in good order in full leaf & seems to be doing well!

Sharon Lee Butler | Arkansas | 6/8/2019

Was so happy to receive the beautiful Rose Sensation Climbing Hydrangea! It is a healthy-looking, large plant! Can’t wait for it to mature!...but I will! Lol! Thank you for such awesome plants I have received so far! Lee

Patti Fucci | Massachusetts | 6/8/2019

Great looking plant I was lucky to have seen the flowers it produces can't wait till next spring. Very healthy plant!

Wendy | Vienna, Virginia | 6/8/2019

Order arrived quickly and well-packed and hydrated. Much more established than I had expected! Thank you!

Susan Salo | Edgewood | 6/7/2019

Received a beautifully packaged healthy frontier gold azalea, I'm so anxious to see it in bloom, but have to wait til spring.

Sheryl Connell | South Carolina | 6/7/2019

I don’t know how you guys do black and blue salvia arrived today and I was gobsmacked by the fantastic packaging.  But the plant itself was perfection.  I have never seen one this big, full, and healthy.  You all are the best in the business!  I would order more but a teacher’s pension only goes so far.  But I will be back.  Thank you so much for my lovely plant.

Antoinette Thome | Fort Worth | 6/7/2019

We purchased two of these and they are doing so well planted in a very moist location.  Fast growing and are looking really nice growing up, through, and around obelisk trellises.

Bought two for planters for either side of our front door. They receive hot afternoon Texas sun but are thriving.

Kenny | New York | 6/7/2019

Just got my Georgia Peach Rose, 1 gallon, although the plant is bigger than the description, but that's a great thing!  Packaged beautifully with minimal breakage, with buds ready to bloom.  Plant is very well formed, healthy, not crooked, lopsided or odd shaped.  Repotted this lil guy and topped with some used coffee grounds.  Looking forward to spectacular blooms!  Thanks Wilson Bros!

Katie | West Virginia | 6/7/2019

I was very pleased with the selection of azaleas-- more variety than anyplace else I looked. My plants were well packed and arrived within 2-3 days. They were still moist when they arrived and were in good shape. The plants were large and well established. I've planted them and they seem to be doing well.

Ruth | Atmore | 6/6/2019

The Purple Dawn Camellia for my 94 yr old mother- in- law arrived in great condition.  This has been her favorite for many years and we were so pleased to find one.

Ramon Ruiz | Columbia | 6/6/2019
Review of: Gold Dust Aucuba

Beautiful Plants.

Rachael |Ardmore | 6/6/2019

Larger than I expected and healthy looking.  That said, both were a little worse for the wear because of UPS handling. A few branches broken/ crushed.  Three weeks later, you'd never know- plants look great.

Loleta | St. John, Indiana | 6/6/2019

Very pleased with this plant.  It arrived in a timely manner and in excellent condition.  It's been about two weeks since it was planted and it's doing well.  There weren't any local nurseries that had this native variety available so I ordered from Wilson Bros.  Called to make sure it wasn't too late to plant it in my area and they were very helpful.  Wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

Barbara Rutkowski | Kansas City | 6/6/2019
Review of: Blue Chaste Tree

Came on time, very well packed, little tree was in very good condition, planted next day.

Lindsey | Abilene | 6/4/2019

I was a little worried before it arrived because it took about 5 days to get here to Central Texas and because I read that magnolias can be a little sensitive to stress. But when it got here it was in excellent shape. It has beautiful glossy leaves and even had a little bud that blossomed into a big white flower after a few weeks. It was shipped in a nursery pot, instead of bare-root like some nurseries do, I appreciated this because it helped it adjust to its new environment for as long as it needed before stressing it out again when planting. It had a few leaves that had some leaf melting during transit but no more than 6 leaves, and honestly its a pretty normal thing when shipping plants. It shed those leaves in the first few weeks of being here, and is now doing fine. It has even grown a few new leaves even after only being here for a month. Love my new little tree and very impressed with Wilson Bros.

Dion | Friendsville | 6/3/2019
Review of: Zebra Hydrangea

This hydrangea is more beautiful than photo appears. I love it. And as always, the condition of arrival was perfect.

Joanne Fontaine | Nicholas Drive | 6/4/2019

I received my tree in excellent condition.  I had emailed Wilson Bros to ask for a picture of their trees and their associate Spencer Young sent me a picture of a tree which I ordered he went above and beyond helping me by personally picking out a tree for me and sending it.  The tree I received was beautiful and healthy and is doing very well.  This is not my first tree from Wilson and I am never disappointed.  Great experience and recommend them highly..

Angela Jones | Texas | 6/4/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

Selected delayed arrival and it arrived right in time. Great customer service and shipping!

Tim Plotner | Cumming | 6/5/2019

Love the Confetti Abelias!  They arrived healthy and are doing great.

Mary | Topeka, Kansas | 6/5/2019

Plants arrived in perfect condition.  Can't wait until the Mexican Petunia's start blooming.  Having had these plants previously - I know they bloom during the hottest of summers right through to the first frost.  The blooms drop every afternoon and there are more beautiful blooms the next day.  I have planted them in pots and in flower beds.

Sharon | Chateau | 6/5/2019

Not much to say about the product... I've used it before and bought more because I like it. I had not spoken to anyone from this company before I purchased the product since I was already familiar with it, but the shipping was quick, the product arrived in good time, and I was kept informed about its progress.

Donna Wasserburger | Gig Harbor, Washington | 6/3/2019

I was thrilled with these trees! They always amaze me with how well it's packed & how healthy the plants are.

Mark | Columbia, South Carolina | 6/5/2019

Wow. Ordered 2 of these and they arrived well packaged and are the lushest plants I have ever received through the mail.  Well done! Will definitely be ordering from you guys again!

Cathy Brooks | Moultrie | 6/3/2019

Tree arrived exactly when expected and in very good shape. Packaging was great. After a month of being planted it is doing great! Highly Recommend.

Laura Lockwood | Lincoln | 6/3/2019

I ordered a flat of the Saint John's Wort and the root structure/combo of dirt vs roots/overall size was among the highest quality.  Plants arrived healthy, root ball stood together as I planted, and after about 2-3 weeks in the ground, all look fine.  Lots of bad e-vendors out there for plants, so I am happy to find one I would use again.

Deanna Boyette | Maryland | 6/3/2019

All are planted and fine!

Sandy | Idaho | 5/28/2019
Review of: Slender Hinoki Cypress

I ordered a Slender Hinoki Cypress in a  3 Gallon Pot.  It was shipped quickly and packaged well.  The evergreen is in perfect condition.  
The only problem I have is that the plant isn't as large as I was told it would be.  A  lady at the nursery indicated it would be approx 26 inches tall from the top of the pot.   Mine is only 16 inches.

Teresa Black | Lexington | 6/3/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

Nice size tree - about 4 foot.  Right size for me to handle.  well leafed out and even had some berries on it.  Very pleased.

Jen | Eagle | 6/1/2019

I purchased the Cryptomeria Nana Global in a 3 gal pot. It arrived packed very securely. It was also nice and healthy. Great purchase,  thanks!

Rose | Kentucky | 6/3/2019

Hydrangea arrived quickly...very well packaged. It only had one small branch broken. It was very healthy looking & I planted it immediately. It’s doing great. I’m on the “notify list” for additional items. I’ll definitely order from this website in the future.

Julie Lerum | Cannon Falls, Minnesota | 6/2/2019

When I ordered this plant, it was delivered in less than desirable condition. It was not packaged properly. I called customer service and sent some pictures. They agreed that it was not . I was immediately sent another Contorta and it came looking great. I planted it and it’s putting on new growth and appears to be doing awesome. Their customer service was spot on. They even helped me to send the photos via email as I am not good at doing things like that. The young gentleman was extremely patient with me, which I appreciate very much! I would not hesitate to order from Wilson Bros. again. Thank you for standing behind your product. 
               A happy customer in Minnesota!

Annette Lauro-Wentz | Pennsylvania | 6/2/2019

Perfect packaging, beautiful tree.

Johanna-Kristine Sherman | Jacksonville | 6/3/2019

Was pleased at the timing & condition of plant delivery. Plant doing very good right now; must wait til fall to see blooms.

Sharon Marhenke | Arkansas | 6/1/2019

Beautiful! Received my Confederate Rose plant, will plant it tonight.

Billie Frey | Missouri | 6/1/2019
Review of: Arrow Bamboo

Both look good. Have had lots of rain that perked them up. Think they will be fine even in the rocky sandy soil they are in!

M. Melinda Paris | Kentucky | 6/1/2019

My Conversation Piece Azalea arrived safe and sound. It is a beautiful bush!  Thank you so much. I will definitely order from your garden again! 

Heather Page | Lynbrook, New York | 5/31/2019

I was amazed how this plant was shipped.  It came intact and so healthy and beautiful!

Ronda Parke | Farmington | 5/30/2019

My tree (The Rising Sun....Redbud)  arrived wel-packaged.  This tree was in wonderful condition and is doing very well.   Thanks, Wilson Bros.for the great job!

Charles Yancy | Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas | 5/31/2019

I received my order via UPS on time and in excellent condition. the bamboo was healthy and ready to plant. I planted immediately in an area next to the river we live on that was not prone to flood and already had river cane living and doing well. We have been blessed with much rain and on the days it has not rained I have watered the bamboo. It has been a few weeks and the bamboo is looking good and I will definitely use Wilson Bros. again.

K | North Carolina | 5/31/2019

Ordered one Autumn Chiffon Encore Azalea 1 gallon pot.  Arrived promptly in good condition.  So far, transplanted well.  Won't know until it blooms if truly the Autumn Chiffon....Was replacing one of seven in a bed....that turned out to be a wierd color.

Mina Patel | Sebring, Florida | 6/1/2019

Arrived in good packaging with no damage. Have now transferred it in a bigger pot. So far doing good. Will hopefully see some flowers in the season.

Mallory Thompson | Milwaukee | 5/30/2019

I live in WI and ordered this blueberry bush for my boyfriend's mom who lives in GA. It arrived to her VERY quickly and she was so impressed. Within a week it had a ripe berry. She says they taste delicious! This is the perfect addition to her garden, It was so easy and reasonably priced! We just ordered a rose and grapes! Cant wait to receive them! Thank you Wilson Bros!!

Lisa Nolan | Washington | 5/30/2019
Review of: Fatsia Japonica

I received the 3 gallon size and it is gorgeous.  It arrived quickly and was packaged to perfection.  Not a single leaf lost.

John T. Miles | Jackson | 5/29/2019
Review of: Zebra Hydrangea

Plant arrived earlier than expected, in very sturdy packaging.
It's been planted now for two weeks and is flourishing, having produced several blossoms. 
I won't bother going to HD or WM anymore since discovering Wilson Bros.

Kathleen Hutchins | Alabama | 5/30/2019

Good size for a 2 gallon pot.  Well rooted.  Beautiful tree.

Bill Johnston | Hempstead, New Hampshire | 5/29/2019

We received our live topiary's today, they were well packaged and delivered in perfect condition. The plants are beautiful and exactly as described on the website. Thank you Wilson Bros., we will not hesitate to purchase from you again! P.S. UPS did a great job handling and delivering the plants! Thanks Dominic, our UPS delivery driver!

Jeane | Oklahoma | 5/29/2019

Beautiful healthy plants-stellar customer service!

Paula Scimeca | Penns Grove | 5/30/2019

I was very pleased not only with the excellent service and communication but with the quality and size of the shrub I ordered.

Ruth Baugh | Cynthiana, Kentucky | 5/30/2019

I was very pleased not only with the excellent service and communication but with the quality and size of the shrub I ordered.

Karen Harper | Shalimar | 5/29/2019

I don't know how I've lived in the South for 27 years and never had a chaste tree in my yard! This year I finally got around to planning for one and discovered the only space I had available would require a dwarf variety. I immediately turned to Wilson Bros Gardens and found they had this very charming little plant called Blue Diddley. It arrived quickly and in great shape. It has really taken off and you might be able to see in the photo that it is already budded! I can't wait to see the first blooms on it.  It is healthy and thriving just as all the plants I've ordered from Wilson Bros have been. Highly recommended!!

John P. Lots | Fairview | 5/30/2019

GREAT plant!!  Way more mature than expected and may even be able to split off some others from it.  Packaging not up to usual standards but discussed previously.

Robert Estes | Maryland | 5/29/2019

Hello Gentlemen:

Thank you for following up on my order and my experience.  I am happy to my experience was pleasant and professional.  In addition, my plant was packaged carefully and delivered safely and in good condition.  As is sometimes the case, the plant seemed to have a bit of a shock after it was planted; however, it is still alive and appears to be coping OK. I don't expect much activity in the way of blooming this season, but just want it to get established and be healthy so it can endure the Winter and be ready to flourish next season.  I planted it in Leafgro and native soil, so it should be in good shape to establish itself.  I look forward to it hopefully growing some this year, and seeing its beautiful blooms next Spring.  I'll follow-up then with a review online to provide an update on how it is doing.

Thank you again for the follow-up and great customer service!

Lisa | Carriere, Mississippi | 5/29/2019

These plants come packaged very nicely.  They are very healthy and a good size. Would order again from this company.

Sandy | Idaho | 5/28/2019

I ordered 2 Ann Magnolia Tulip Trees.  They were shipped very quickly with perfect packaging.  The plants were larger than expected and in great shape.

Lucie | Star, Texas | 5/29/2019

At first I thought this plant was a bit pricey, but then I found the price was in range of all online nurseries that carry it.... which is very few. So I ordered it and I thought, “ I am only going to be angry if a little stick in a pot arrives. I’m thrilled! A huge healthy leafy plant in perfect condition arrived. I have never grown a Confederate Rose but I have Rose of Sharon plants which are really close. I know this will be a beauty in my yard. Your plants are very very very nice!

I was quite pleased when this plant arrived so healthy and well packaged. This is my all time favorite flower. I spent my childhood summers admiring making many bouquets of these from my Grandmothers’ gardens. Alas I live in central Texas where it is hot dry and windy and the soil is alkaline, but I have learned a few tricks after 60 yrs of gardening. This will be a container plant and have royal treatment. This is a very very healthy plant so I think it will do fine. One of the best plants I have ever ordered on line and I spend about $3-4000 a year on new gardens and plants. Your plants are great!

Karen Magnone | Baden | 5/29/2019

I bought this as a gift for my mom. Lots of sites didn't have gardenias or they were very expensive. Wilson Bros had nice selection with good prices! Also  shipping charge being included was a bonus.

Patricia Spangler | Florida | 5/29/2019

Received our lantana and despite the very high temperatures we've been having, all the plants arrived in very good condition.  They are in the ground now and are doing well.  Can't wait to see the final effect!  Thank you for your prompt, professional service.  We will definitely use Wilson Bros Gardens again.

Cindy Bolz | Dallas, Texas | 5/28/2019

I ordered my very first Satsuki azalea, Tama No Hada, from Wilson Bros a couple of weeks ago.  The azalea absolutely amazed me when I opened the box.  It was flowering beautifully and in great condition.  When I had a question after a week I emailed the company and received an incredibly thorough response from Brent Wilson himself.  I encourage anyone who is considering mail order plants to give these folks a try.  You will not be disappointed.

James O'Rourke | Jonesboro | 5/27/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

Happy with item.

Nancy | Weaverville, North Carolina | 5/27/2019
Review of: Zebra Hydrangea

I ordered two of the 1 gallon Zebra hydrangeas and they arrived in perfect condition.  I have them in pots and they are growing well and blooming prolifically already.  I highly recommend these gorgeous plants.

Lindy | Stevensville | 5/28/2019

I ordered two bales of Pine Straw, it arrived in a long, narrow box.   Just FYI the bales are not as big as typical straw bales (thank goodness!).   It was good quality, as mentioned in reviews - the reason I ordered from Wilson Bros.   It came in a timely manner (GA to MI by USP), well packed.  The straw separates in flakes, making it easier to separate and fluff to put in your landscape.   This was all about my finding out how much it would cover, and at what depth. I spread it in a landscaped area, and in another location around three young bushes to hold back weeds.  I will attach a picture, taken the day after storms went through our area - although we were on the edge of the storms (passed through South Bend, IN and resulted in tornado in Dayton, OH).  It all stayed where I put it. I recommend this Pine Straw, suggest you look at their website - they share their knowledge about their products, how to spread the pine straw, and show how they pack plants.   I look forward to seeing how it holds back weeds, and holds its location.   I have more work to do!

Noel | McDonough | 5/27/2019

Nice plants. Quick service. A little pricey.

Lori Jones | Grand Chain | 5/27/2019

This was the best I've ever had a plant arrive. Packed and shipped beautifully.  Planted it that day and it is thriving.

Sandra Meetre | McDonough, Georgia | 5/28/2019

This hydrangea came in beautiful condition. It had flowers an my daughter in law loved it.

Alan Baxter | Canon City, Colorado | 5/26/2019

All is well on this end. The Sunglow arrived in good health and has been planted in our garden in a prominent location for our enjoyment and our little buzz bomb hummingbirds. Thank you.

Karen Roberts | Oregon | 5/26/2019

Beautiful plant.  Shipped quickly and packaged very well.  I will definitely purchase future plants from Wilson Bros.

Nina | Oregon | 5/26/2019

The plants were shipped on time and were very well packaged.  They seemed healthy and now are happily in the ground where we hope they will thrive.  Have been very pleased with our experience with Wilson Bros and will be happy to shop them in the future.  Thank you!

Sean | Connecticut | 5/25/2019

Plants arrived healthy and beautiful packed very well and fast free shipping.

Debbie Warmack | North Carolina | 5/25/2019

I received everything and it was great!! Thank you!  

Tommy Russum | Madison | 5/22/2019

The plants arrived very soon after placing my order and all three were in perfect condition. Packing was professionally done and my plants were very healthy. I immediately placed them in their permanent spots to get acclimated but have not actually planted them in the ground yet. Today I have blooms on all three plants. A FIVE STAR transaction from start to finish!!!!!

Lucia Morrison | Lutherville, Maryland | 5/23/2019

I was so pleased with all my plants.  They arrived quickly and were in great shape.  Thank you.

Ed Schaffner | St. Louis | 5/24/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

We were very pleased with the way our Fringe tree was processed.  Item was shipped in the date planned and arrived a few days later in excellent condition.  Packaging was superb.  Very strong box multi-layered box with a stationary divider stapler above the pot around the trunk to keep it from shifting.  Branches had just enough space to keep from moving around without being overly compressed.  Pot was wrapped in plastic to retain moisture while shipping without leaking.   Great job.  Hope to see it thrive in our front yard over the next few years.

Randy McDonald | North Carolina | 5/23/2019

The plants were in great condition when they were delivered. Very nice plants! Very much satisfied!

Kathy H, | Dover, Ohio | 5/24/2019

Arrived in wonderful condition. Very robust. Planted & waiting for the flowers! Your packaging is the best I have ever seen. Will certainly buy from you again .

John Esposito | Englewood, New Jersey | 5/25/2019

Wonderful plants came in wonderful shape.  Look great in the ground.

Julie Frauenhofer | Atlanta | 5/25/2019

Plants arrived in perfect condition.  That are very well rooted and they already had great foliage.  They will be the perfect border to a perennial garden we just finished up!

This is a very generous flat of very healthy Wintercreeper ready to start forming a thick cover on a hard to cover bank. Great value, shipped thoughtfully and as always really quality plants!

Danielle | Jacksonville, Florida | 5/24/2019

Arrived in one piece and looks good so far. Hard to tell until it grows into a tree!

Jay Tassin | Seattle | 5/23/2019

I ordered the Ruffled Red Crape Myrtle from Wilson Brothers Gardens because of a good experience with them last year.  This time I got the same on-time delivery, excellent packaging and a big, healthy-looking plant that hasn't required any special care since planting to continue to look vigorous.  I'll use them again without hesitation.

Jessica | New York | 5/24/2019

It was impossible to find this plant until I found The plant is beautiful and exactly what I wanted.

Susan Taylor | North Carolina | 5/25/2019

This arrived and the plants were all healthy and beautiful.  I have never received such well packed, healthy plants before.

Andrew Taylor | Avon | 5/25/2019

Hydrangea arrived in great condition.  Plant was healthy with young mophead blooms. It's definitely worth paying more for a bigger plant. I bought quart size hydrangeas last year and it will still be a few years before I can enjoy them.  I will definitely use Wilson Bros again. We followed their helpful instructions and planted next day.

Carolyn Herbert | Wendall, North Carolina | 5/25/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

This tree arrived in perfect condition and I love it. It is very healthy and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks for such a lovely tree.

Ken Reddinger | USA | 5/23/2019

Though I had a vision, the lady at Wilson Bros verified my plans, filled my knowledge/experience gap, and provided more than enough support and guidance to make my vision a reality.  My wife is elated and I am proud.  My red dragon is sure to be the center piece of my garden space and I can't wait to see it live and grow.  I strongly recommend Wilson Bros and I will be shopping there again!

Dean | St. John, Imdiana | 5/25/2019

We ordered the blushing brides and received them in perfect condition not even a leaf was damaged. I planted them approx two weeks ago and are doing very well.Thank you to all at Wilson Brothers I will definitely be ordering from you folks again.

Richard | Monroe, North Carolina | 5/24/2019

The Chinzan Azaleas arrived looking healthy and well packed for shipping. Thanks for sending two with pink blooms, because I was trying to match three others that are about 10 years old. They seem to match perfectly. Thank you. I look forward to future purchases.

Jill | Maryland | 5/23/2019

I have a rain garden and need plants that tolerate periodic flooding.  I already had some dwarf sweet flag and wanted to get more in bulk to fill bare spots between taller plants so I ordered 5 flats of 18 each.  There was a slight delay in shipping which customer service handled right away. All the plants all arrived in great condition healthy and the price was great.  I will definitely check Wilson Bros when looking for plants in future.

Penny Wilson | Whitehall | 5/23/2019

This nursery's product was shipped to me in excellent condition.  The leaves and shrub in general were very vibrant and healthy!  I planted this shrub in "Miracle Gro garden soil" and it is thoroughly thriving.  We have had plenty of rainfall here which is assisting in its growth.  I highly recommend this company for all of your gardening needs!

Trese | Missouri | 5/23/2019

Happy with the small trees. Arrived in short time. Good condition. Packed well. Will use Wilson's again.

William Graser Bella Vista | 5/23/2019

Emperor 1 delivered as promised in excellent condition. Will continue to use Wilson Brothers.

Betsy Wheeler | Washington | 5/22/2019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

I went out for a few hours, came back and boom my muhly grass was sitting safe on my porch and is absolutely beautiful. Better than I’d hoped. Thank you so much!

Richard Nickerson | Florida | 5/22/2019

Thanks for the excellent honeysuckle plants.  They were in great shape and I have already planted them in my garden.  I gave you a five star rating, at least I hope it took, if not let me know and I will redo.  Thanks again for a very pleasant purchase experience.

R Nickerson

Belinda Triche | Houma | 5/22/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

Best packed item I have ever ordered. The tree looks beautiful. waiting to plant after 60 ft elm is cut. Cant wait to see results. Thank You

John Gulisano | Rochester | 5/22/2019

Plants arrived in fantastic condition, and are just as beautiful as the picture. will be ordering again from them. Healthy, well rooted, no signs of diseases, shipped and packaged well
you get 10 stars John Gulisano Rochester NY

Laura Draper | Taylor | 5/22/2019

A beautiful plant delivered to my door in perfect condition, I can hardly wait to see it bloom.  The leaves are so glossy and pretty with their red color tones too.  Beautiful plant delivered in mint condition!

Mary C. Melton | Cashmere | 5/20/2019

I have purchased several plants from Wilson Brothers both this season and last. Have been very impressed with the condition of the plants. This particular plant arrived dry and wilted. Planted anyway hopefully it survives. This WAS NOT Wilson Brothers fault! The shipping company mis-sorted my package and it went on a three day adventure beyond my delivery date. Pretty sure the plant would have arrived in great shape like every thing else I have ordered if it arrived on time. Will continue to shop Wilson Brothers!

Wilson Brothers always delivers quality plants! Unfortunately this particular plant was delayed in shipping for 3 days (not Wilson Brothers fault) and arrived dry and wilted. Trying to revive it! Sure hope it survives. Appears to have been a wonderful plant before it dried out. Will continue shopping at Wilson Brothers.

Cherrlyn | DuBois, Pennsylvania | 5/21/2019

Packaging was very protective of the shrub and it's in excellent shape. Haven't planted it yet, but hoping it does well!

Pamela Clark | Marshall | 5/21/2019

April Tryst Camellia - excellent plant received promptly! Would Order again! :)

Jaime Cook | Garner, North Carolina | 5/21/2019

These little lemon-lime nandinas were nearly impossible to find locally because of their popularity. I was glad to find them here, and at a better price! When these plants arrived, they were strong, not wilted or faded from being shipped, even in 80+ degrees. They gave new growth within three days after planting and the new growth is a dazzling chartreuse. I’m very pleased with the way these plants were handled and shipped with care, as well as their performance in my garden.

Heather Graham | Northern Kentucky | 5/20/2019

Love these guys! I planted them in a tall copper planter to accent my front entry way. Gorgeous!

Susan | Yorktown, Virginia | 5/20/2019

When I decided to purchase this blueberry plant, I knew it was a risk: new mail order company, large plant through the mail, and expensive variety to boot. However, the way their customer service responded to my questions about this variety made me take the chance, and I am so glad I did. The plant was gorgeous with absolutely no signs of stress. Not only that, but there were literally a handful of mature berries to pick right out of the box. The shape of the bush was very attractive and the shipping swift. I will definitely use them again. This early variety is my favorite at our local farmers market.

Susan | Washington D.C. | 5/20/2019
Review of: Fatsia Japonica

Plants arrived in fantastic condition, and are just as beautiful as the picture... immediately ordered 4 more!  Thanks!

Mark L. | Brooklyn | 5/20/2019

Wonderful plant, well packaged, and with quick delivery. My Jasmine is flourishing in the yard as we speak. I have been a repeat customer since, and after being stung by other plant sellers online it is great to find one who is trustworthy and sells such wonderful products.

Gerald Leitz | Cache | 5/20/2019

Am happy with the Crape Myrtle, however, leaves on plant are wilting after approximately 3 weeks planting, the difference in the weather at the Nursery and here in Oklahoma may have something to do with it, they were planted as I've planted Crape Myrtles and watered well. I will see down the road how they fare and grow.

Sherryl Pavlick | South Park | 5/20/2019

Came nicely packed and as described.

Connie Tierrablanca | Hudson | 5/20/2019

Healthy, well rooted, no signs of diseases, shipped and packaged well. This rose has a very light scent.

Cynthia Helphingstine | Ethel, Missouri | 5/19/2019

My tree arrived in great shape and right on time.  It is small, which is what I ordered, but it has a beautiful shape and seems very healthy.  So  nice to be able to get exactly what I wanted and have it delivered right to my door.

Herbert Francisco Curry Arceo | Washington D.C. | 5/19/2019

My partner and I decided to buy a hardy variety of hibiscus and had visited several nurseries in the area as well as internet vendors.  We came across the Blue Chiffon that instantly captured our attention with its blue flowers and amenability to container gardening.  

As has been the case with other plants we have purchased from Wilson Brothers, the Blue Chiffon was well packaged and arrived in excellent condition and with many flower buds,  It is thriving in the northeast corner of our terrace.

Bob & Sonja Throndsen | Washington | 5/19/2019

We ordered a rose from you and we are very impressed!

  I called Wilson because we wanted to send a rose to friends in Idaho and I was calling from Seattle. Your customer rep was terrific (sorry, can’t remember her name) and researched and suggested a cold-hardy variety that could stand up to Idaho winters; assured me you could get it there quickly and you did!

First, I’ll admit,we tried to order through that other ‘nationally known’ rose brand... and they failed miserably... delaying and delaying our order, saying it hadn’t arrived at their warehouse yet... but only when I kept calling, because they would never notify me. After two calls, I canceled and will never work with them again.

Thank you... the rose we sent was to honor the death and memory of their son; and you helped us do that.


Arolue | McDonough, Georgia | 5/18/2019

Numerous emails were sent to Wilson Bros. Gardeners asking advice for suggestions for what plant would be best suited in a yard area, Pictures were forwarded of the area. Brent, owner, always responded very quickly with suggestions of what best plants to use and letting me know that a considered plant would not be suitable. Two gallon Sunshine Ligustrum plants were delivered in short order and were beautiful and in wonderful condition. Wilson Brothers Gardeners are the BEST with exceptional customer service!

Marjorie Joyner | Isle Of Palms, South Carolina | 5/18/2019

This hard to find grass was received in excellent condition and huge!   It has a new home...I cannot wait to see it in it’s glory later this season.

Rebecca White | Charlotte | 5/18/2019

I've wanted one of these for a long time, couldn't find it anywhere.   Ordered it, came quickly, healthy and in great shape.  It really likes it's new spot, and is beginning to grow and expand.  I love it!

Elizabeth | Charlotte | 5/18/2019

The plant came very well packed and looked very healthy it had one bloom and it was very cute.

Bryce | Chandler | 5/18/2019

Very happy with these plants and the ordering/shipping process!  Plants were cheaper than at a local nursery that could've ordered them and they arrived in much less time.  They were packaged carefully and went into my planters without issue.  They're already thriving - would buy again!  As for the actual plants, they're great.  I live in Arizona and I needed an attractive plant that I could shape, that could survive in the dry heat of the desert, but also thrive without direct sunlight because my front porch is fully shaded most of the year.  A tall order! Hopefully they survive the summer without issue, but the new growth that was present when I opened the box is continuing and there are many new starts so I'm hopeful!

Theresa Dautreuil | Tennessee | 5/17/2019
                   Autumn Bonfire Encore Azalea

Received and they are planted! Waiting for them to grow and bloom! They all looked great when they arrived! Thank you.

Yoli | Issaquah | 5/16/2019

Nice and healthy. Thank you!

Terry Thompson | Edmond Oklahoma | 5/17/2019

Excellent service and plant shipment!

Linda Campbell | Alabama | 5/17/2019

This plant arrived in perfect condition.  This is my second camellia to order from you.  Both plants are growing and have a lot of new growth.  I followed the planting instructions.  Thank you for your excellent customer service.  Linda Campbell

Paula | Pennsylvania | 5/17/2019

I admit that I gave up buying plants online years ago when I ordered a plant in a four-inch pot but found when it was delivered that it was really a one-inch plug stuck into a four-inch pot. So I hesitated a bit when I found this Peaches & Cream honeysuckle at Wilson Bros Gardens. But they said it was a 3-gallon pot, and I thought, "Why not try it?" The reviews of the company said they package things very well for shipment, too. Well, the vine came today and I can only say one thing: "WOW!" It came in a 5-foot box, perfectly cushioned and supported, soil damp, and the plant bursting with health and already in bud. I have never seen such a fantastic packaging job! And the plant is no little plug - it is a four-foot, multi-stemmed vine that is ready to go crazy on its new trellis in my garden. I am incredibly happy and would order from Wilson Bros Gardens again in a heartbeat. Thank you, my gardening friends, for bringing honeysuckle to my garden!

Connie Tierrablanca | Hudson | 5/17/2019
Review of: Twilight Nandina

Healthy, well rooted, well branched, shipped quickly with excellent packaging. A+

Brenda Cuthbertson | Pittsville | 5/17/2019

I was very impressed with the quality of this product in the selection, packaging and directions for planting. The shipping was very prompt.

The packaging for the Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass was done with so much care so that the product stayed in tact. I was very impressed with the condition of the plant and the instructions and contacts to get planting directions. You could really feel confident that the product is inspected with much care.

I was very impressed with the care that was made in the selection, packaging and planting instructions. The product arrived in very good condition and excellent quality.

Love Albrecht Howard | Massachusetts | 5/17/2019
                   April Dawn Camellia
                   Winter's Snowman Camellia
                   Lemon Glow Camellia

Just wanted to let you know that the other three Camellias you sent arrived this week . . . and they were packaged in THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, SHIPPING-SUCCESSFUL way I have ever seen!  I am an industry professional (horticulturist and landscape designer) and I have been ordering plants through the mail for over 30 years.  These were just BEAUTIFULLY prepped for shipping and they arrived without a single damaged leaf.



James Liddell | Blaine, Washington | 5/17/2019
Review of: Gold Dust Aucuba

After having trouble finding the Aucuba Japonica locally, I tried out Wilson Bros for the first time and was very impressed!  Plants arrived quickly, packed very well, and were all very fine, healthy specimens.  Thank you Wilson Bros.

Denise Slotoroff | New Jersey | 5/16/2019

I don't do Facebook or other social media platforms, but I wanted to let you know the your plants are beautiful and healthy, packed well and nicer than most of your competitors.

Thank you very much!

Joyce Thomas | Vermont | /16/2019

Have just received my order and must commend you:  the tree doesn’t have a single “sick” leaf on it; it’s healthy,
full of vibrant green leaves, and bigger than I expected.  Stellar packing as well.  Thank you.  

David Harris | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | 5/16/2019
                   Funky Monkey Cold Hardy Eucalyptus Tree
                   Sheila' Cold Hardy Eucalyptus Tree

Love your Winter Hardy Eucalyptus Products
Thank you Wilson Gardens for providing these winter hardy varieties of Eucalyptus. I absolutely love them and appreciate you providing them to me in such a convenient way.

Barosebud | Ohio | 5/16/2019
Review of: Big Blue Liriope

I have been searching for Liriope Muscari online, after my local garden center sold me Liriope Spicata last year - not good!  I found Wilson Bros Gardens online where I purchased & received 36 beautiful, healthy plants in short order - Wow you are quick!  

Thank You!

Carlene Salazar | Onalaska, Washington | 5/16/2019

Just received my new plant a few days ago. It arrived in great shape, with all the potting soil in the pot, unlike some other plant shipments I've received. Hibiscus is looking really good, with no leaf drop or wilt. It's also large enough that the rabbits won't "murder" it before It gets a chance to grow. (had that happen in the past)

Robin Wells | Texas | 5/16/2019

This was my first time online purchase of a live plant. My plant came to me in perfect condition. Very well packaged. Company is fantastic. Customer service fabulous. Would recommend highly and will purchase again.

Kathleen Spillane | Michigan | 5/16/2019

I was impressed with the plants. They arrived in gallon pots with plenty of soil.  Very healthy. Good sized plants.  Planted right away.  I’m hoping that with their size and the good rains they got upon planting that they will bloom this year.

Patricia Fucci | Massachussets | 5/16/2019

The plant arrived, a beautiful tree I absolutely love it. Can't wait for my next purchase.

Great looking plant I've never been disappointed the plants arrive so healthy and beautiful.

Evan | Pennsylvania | 5/15/2019

I was impressed with the overall shipping, packing and health of the Bamboo I ordered. However, the root ball was rather dry upon arrival. All that was apparently used was a wet paper towel around the bottom. The Bamboo was not stressed. However, if there was any delay in the shipping process, this could have become an issue.

Donna Wasserburger | Gig Harbor, Washington | 5/15/2019

I ordered 3 Encores & 3 more Snow N Summer Jasmine. Other than 1 broken branch they arrived perfectly. I'm more than pleased.

Don Woods | Georgia | 5/14/2019

The tree arrived yesterday and my wife and I are extremely pleased with it.  It was over a foot taller than we had expected and in great shape.  I’m certain that we’ll be ordering from Wilson Bros Gardens again.
 Thanks for all your help.

Valerie King | Marietta | 5/15/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

I ordered this tree online and I was impressed with the care that was taken in packaging. It arrived quickly and looked beautiful and healthy! I will not hesitate to order from Wilson’s again.

Donna Rathyen | Greensboro | 5/15/2019

Came quickly.
Very well packed.
A little more expensive than local nursery, BUT well worth the price since NO ONE in our area had any.
Can’t wait for it to bloom. 
Will definitely buy from Wilson Bros. again.

Maybelle Ross | Tennesse | 5/14/2019

Thank You For The Great Service The Plant Is In Great Shape And Looks To Be A Healthy One!!!!

Katherine Cole | Brandon | 5/14/2019

Healthy plant arrived excellently.

Rick Thompson | South Carolina | 5/14/2019

Tree was very healthy and bigger than I expected for a one gallon- probably 4’ tall. Thanks Wilson’s Bros!

Michael Waring | New Bern | 5/14/2019
Review of: Red Yucca

Plant was of top quality and well packaged.  It arrived in good shape in spite of the delivery date being rescheduled by several days (after it was already in the system, so the delay was with the shipping company, not Wilson’s).  I would not hesitate to order from Wilson’s again.

Katherine Ebrahimi | Fairview | 5/14/2019

This is the second purchase from Wilson Bros and I highly recommend.  The plant arrived in beautiful condition and very healthy!

Melih Ozdil | New York | 5/14/2019

Very good tree and great service, thank you.

L. W. | Wapkoneta | 5/14/2019

I had purchased 5 autumn lilac azaleas last year from a box store.  The winter was harsh on them and one did not survive and the others are struggling.  I could not find a replacement anywhere until Wilson Bros.  I purchased one as a replacement to the one from the box store that died and the plant arrived in perfect condition and is much more full than the ones I had gotten from the box store.  I will be purchasing more to replace any of the other box store ones that do not come back this spring/summer.

Gary Mewshaw | USA | 5/13/2019

My Pocomoke’s were amazing.  The careful way they were packed and shipped shows me that they really care about their plants. They were healthy and a nice size.  In the future I will definitely order from Wilson Bros.Gardens again.

Deanna | Sugar Land, Texas | 5/12/2019

I was so pleased with the plant I was sent! It arrived quickly. I love looking at it because it arrived with berries everywhere!

Donald Fiorillo | Maine | 5/12/2019

Lovely, arrived in Maine in great condition, largest specimen I was able to obtain on-line, will order with you again.
Thank you!

Joseph Hannigan | Louisville | 5/13/2019

Tree was purchased in 3 gallon pot. Arrived in perfect condition. Full foliage. Planted 2 days later and is thriving. Couldn't be more impressed with quality of plant and prompt service. Wilson Bros. will be only on-line source for quality plant material I will consider.
Louisville, KY.

Pamela A. Forkey | Oak Island | 5/13/2019

Excellent packaging for mail, arrived just fine.  Larger than expected. Watered when it arrived.  Next day leaves were drooping..  Rechecked your grow instructions, they say moist soil.  Put drip pan under. Watered again until pan filled, and all is good!  Your information is like an easy library and accessible 24/7.  Turns my brown thumb green!!  Thank you!

Your packaging is a marvel!  All plants arrived in great condition; roots just right, not overgrown wrapping around the bottom of pot and not week from too much or too little water.  They went right into pots and are growing their little hearts out!

Ordered after spring flowering.  Well packaged and healthy, well branched plant. Larger than expected, Looking forward to fall flowering!

Sharon Wexler | Tennessee | 5/13/2019

What a lovely tree. Healthy, large and already blooming. I have purchased many items from Wilson Brothers. Plants arrive vigorous and well packaged. Customer service beyond compare. I wish we lived closer so I could visit. We appreciate your help with our new house’s landscape.

Donna | Wilmington | 5/13/2019

I received my native azalea last week. I’m pleased with how healthy the plant is and was surprised by the large size!

Chloe | Carrollton | 5/13/2019

Great plant!

Janet Gard | Zachary | 5/12/2019

The 'Leslie Ann' camellia I ordered arrived well before arrival time and in great condition. The packaging of a large containerized plant such as this is problematic but was done to perfection. The plant was in good health and has started actively growing already.

K. Potts | Texas | 5/13/2019

Excellent service and the plants looked better than any plants I have ever ordered online. Would definitely recommend.

Stacey McAllister | Greer | 5/13/2019

Came well packaged, great service, and quick delivery.

Julie Frauehofer | United States | 5/12/2019

Tree came well packaged, moist dirt and ready to plant. If I had another place to plant I'd get one or two more.

Review of: Bald Cypress

I will not order from anywhere else having received and plants several shipments of trees and plants from Wilson Bros.  This Bald Cypress was large, healthy, well-rooted and expertly packed.  Plants I've had for a few years are already beginning to pale next to their new Wilson Bros. neighbors.  Well worth the money and no hidden shipping fees.

Jerry Bannon | Colorado Springs | 5/10/2019

Tree came well packaged, moist dirt and ready to plant. If I had another place to plant I'd get one or two more.

Anda | Denver, Colorado | 5/10/2019

My Rose of Sharon plant arrived well protected with wonderful buds and flowers and plenty of water already in the pot to stop drying out during transport. It was in even better condition that one I had bought from a local nursery that has a great reputation and wonderful plants. This was my first internet purchase for any plant and I was concerned that the plant may be scrawnier or not as healthy as the local ones but I was pleasantly surprised that it was better than the one I bought here. It was very well packaged in a sturdy box and did not seem to have suffered at all from the trip. I will definitely now consider buying from Wilson Bros for plants that I am looking for even if I can get them locally. The plant has survived our summer, fall and winter and I can see buds forming so will look forward to this year's growth  and many to come.

Lisa | Merrick, New York | 5/10/2019

Arrived a week ago - These appears to be top quality plants  (3 gallon size).  Excellent packaging.

Karen Wimsatt | Kent Island, Maryland | 5/11/2019

Plant arrived in good condition, timely, securely packaged and undamaged. Apparently healthy - it's in the ground !

Mary Capps | Oklahoma | 5/11/2019
Review of; Maiden Grass

Because the plants I ordered were not up to their usual standards, they offered me the option of a 50% discount or canceling the order. I chose the discount. The plants arrived quickly & were planted the next day. The plants are thriving & I will be ordering from Wilson Bros. again. 
I was impressed with their honesty regarding the condition of the plants. It's refreshing to deal with a business that operates with integrity & customer service.

Melih Ozdil | New York | 5/10/2019
                   Gold Dust Aucuba

Very good quality and superior service...

Susan | Cortland, New York | 5/9/2019

Glad it came perfectly transported in secure packaging. It looks healthy and happy in the place I planted it. So far so good.
I may buy another one!

Laurie Horner | Wilmington, North Carolina | 5/9/2019

Ordering was easy, arrived quickly, well packaged, intact and healthy.

Janell Rhee | Virginia | 5/9/2019

I was trying to track down a hardy plant for an area of my yard that is problematic and landed on Wilson Bros' website.  I took a leap of faith and ordered several of these shrubs, as the description seemed to fit what I needed.  It seems that the plants arrived in lightning speed and I'm super pleased with how healthy they are, despite spending a weekend in transit.  They are now planted and so far, so good!  The coloring on the leaves is particularly interesting.  I will definitely order from Wilson Bros again!

Daniel | High Ridge | 5/9/2019
Review of: Creeping Liriope

Arrived nicely packed in great shape. Already quickly growing.

Patricia Fucci | Massachusetts | 5/9/2019

The plant is awesome definitely a conversation starter I love the shape and the look. Great tree!!!

 Kathy | Alabama | 5/8/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

Ordered my favorite tree and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It was at least two feet tall or better. Already had blooms. Will buy from this company.

Sharon Wexler | Pulaski, Tennessee | 5/9/2019

We love you guys. Excellent customer service and beautiful plants. We bought so much this year. We are thrilled with our selections. The Crape Myrtles are perfection. You are so helpful over the phone. The plants were packed so well for shipping and arrived healthy and brilliant. Thank you so much.

 Alexis Ramagnano | Ardmore, Pennsylvania | 5/8/2019

I cannot express how happy I was to receive our TWO April Trysts, in great condition, despite being shipped all the way to the Philadelphia area. I couldn’t find any locally that weren’t ridiculously expensive so I took a chance ordering from here. They have been in the ground for about three weeks now and they have new growth! They were packaged well and the shipping was FREE! You cannot go wrong here!

Rebecca | Florida | 5/8/2019

The plants arrived quickly and in great condition.  I was very impressed with the handling of this order especially after getting free shipping.

Sunday Antonisen | USA | 5/7/2019
Review of: Fig Trees

I received my figs in the mail today. I cannot tell you how happy I am. These plants far exceeded my expectations. We will be ordering from you again, and I'll happily tell my friends and family to do so, as well.
Thank you,
Sunday Antonisen

Myra | Macon | 5/8/2019

I ordered 5 of these and they came well protected and in great shape, looking forward to many years of beautiful blooms in my garden.

Elaine Ruoff | Leland, North Carolina | 5/7/2019

I received my Lemon Lime Abelia exactly when I was told it should arrive. The plant was packed well and was very healthy. I would definitely order from the Wilson Brothers Gardens again.

Leon | Downington, Pennsylvania | 5/8/2019

I bought this for my wife for Mothers Day.  She loves it!  She can't wait for the tree to start blooming.  Perfect tree and excellent service.

J. Riggs | Happy Valley | 5/7/2019

I have ordered a few plants by mail, but never with much satisfaction.  Usually it meant nursing a battered plant back to life.  When I wanted this particular camellia, which is not common in Oregon, I decided to take a chance on Wilson Bros.  Right on time, it arrived in a tall box.  The anchoring and protection method used in the packing worked perfectly all the way from Georgia to Oregon.  Not a single leaf was damaged!  I have rarely seen such a pristine plant even in a nursery.  It is already the best-looking shrub in my border, and I plan on ordering more from Wilson Bros.

Kelly | New Springfield, Ohio | 5/7/2019

I received my plant in great shipping condition. After opening and discarding the box, I realized the plant I received is exactly what I would have picked out myself. My tree full and healthy. Wilson bros has a new forever customer!!!

Mora Olsen | Selah, Washington | 5/6/2019

I am so impressed with the company!  Sent picture of shrub...not sure what it was !   They knew and plant arrived so healthy!    Recommend highly!!!!

Loren Rachford | Sanford, North Carolina | 5/7/2019

I initially ordered two and after seeing the size and how well they were shipped, I ordered two more. The second order had one box that was destroyed in transit. I called Wilson Bros and they immediately shipped me a replacement. I am very pleased with the Grey Henon Bamboo and would definitely order more.

Yoli | Washington | 5/6/2019

The plant received today. Well packed, healthy and in good shape. Thank you!

Craig Walker | Hillham, Tennessee | 5/6/2019

The Miss Huff Lantana is a beautiful plant covered with clusters of flowers ranging from pale Yellow to Pink, Rose, Red, and Lavender. Butterflys and Hummingbirds love them and they bloom throughout the Spring, Summer, and into early Fall.  The bush grows rapidly during the season then dies back to the root with the first frost only to return in the Spring and bloom again. We had several when we lived in Atlanta and wanted them when we retired to Tennessee even though they are not hardy in our growning zone (6B) and are not available locally. Thanks to Wilson Bros Gardens, we found that we could order them online, plant them in large pots (think half barrel), enjoy them during the season, then move them indoors during the dormant Winter season. The plants arrived the day after I ordered them in great condition, well packaged, and ready for transplant. They are the center piece of our entry garden and as vibrant as the plantings we enjoyed for years in our old home. Thanks to the helpful folks at Wilson Bros we will enjoy our Lantana for many years to come.

Lynn Larson | Longbranch, Washington | 5/6/2019

The azalea arrived on time and in beautiful shape. Thank you.

Nancy | Middletown, Delaware | 5/3/2019

The camellia was packaged very well. I was very happy with how it arrived. It seems healthy and has a lot of new leaf growth. I live in zone 7A so hopefully, I planted it in the right location. I can't wait to see if it flowers next year. I didn't purchase it until April so I don't expect it to bloom this year.

Shelly McDonald | St. Louis, Missouri | 5/4/2019

The fothergilla arrived in perfect condition with soil still moist.  Knowing how slow growing they are we bought a good size, established plant.  It has now been in the ground for a couple of months and it is doing very well!  I am so glad I purchased it from Wilson Brothers and now see them as my only source for plants!

Herbert Francisco Curry Arceo | Washington | 5/6/2019

My partner and I have a small terrace that serves as our oasis in the city.  We decided to add a few more flowering perennials to our garden and happened upon the Wilson Brothers site.  What caught our attention were the detailed plant descriptions, the variety of plants, and the site ease of use.  In the case of the Grace Albritton Camellia, we were able to find  the camellia we wanted at Wilson Brothers after having visited a few local nurseries without success.  We continue to buy from Wilson Brothers based on the care used to prepare plants for shipping as well as the packaging.  Each plant we have ordered has arrived in excellent condition.

Vivian | Jericho | 5/3/2019

Plant looks really healthy.

Barbara Gardner | New Orleans | 5/4/2019

This tree arrived in perfect condition and is a perfect little tree.  It's unusual in that it's pink, but it is truly beautiful.  I'd buy this again in a heartbeat.

This tree arrived in perfect condition and was a super healthy tree.  It was in far better condition than ones we had seen in a nursery.  I'd definitely buy again!

Katie | Ohio | 5/4/2019

The forsythia arrived in perfect condition. Very full, and packaged so well there was no leaf damage at all. I ordered it too late to see flowers this year, but am looking forward to next spring. It is growing well.

Margaret | North Carolina | 5/6/2019

Not only were the plants very nice and healthy looking, the packing was amazing! Plants were secured and in great condition.

Barbara | Buford | 5/5/2019

I have a row of Debutante azaleas along the side of my house.  Two died in the middle of the row. I tried replacing them twice before and only one survived.  Now I have a new Debutante azalea that arrived looking healthy and beautiful.  So far it's doing very well, and I have high hopes that this time it will grow and survive.  Thank you Wilson Bros Gardens for this lovely shrub.

Billie Frey | Wildwood | 5/4/2019
Review of: Arrow Bamboo

Want to order another one just like it. 

Debra | Central Maryland | 5/4/2019

Bamboo plants arrived in great condition and were very well wrapped and identified.  Planted them about a week later and they seem to be doing great so far...I would order from this company again for sure.  Now I just need them to grow really fast!

Valerie D. Marsh | Tukwila | 5/3/2019

Recieved plant very quickly and am very impressed with the condition in which it arrived. It is healthy, has new growth, and is just lovely. The rest is up to me I guess! But if this is a sample of Wilson Brothers merchandise, I may order more.

Gerald Leitz | Oklahoma | 5/4/2019
Review of: Flirt Nandina

Having  been a lover of plants and choosy about what I buy NOW, this plant Flirt Nandina, is far above the rest and is the best, been doing this for 50 years!

Barry Kays | Gainesville | 5/4/2019

I've purchased from Wilson Bros at least 6 times now, mostly Camellias.   Everything comes very well packaged.  Everything is healthy.  Everything has lived.  All the camellias bloomed this February.  This Oakleaf Hydrangea bloomed within a week after I planted it and is growing like a weed.  Amazing.  I have it under some smaller oaks and it gets afternoon sun.

JoAnn Rovira | Lakeland, Florida | 5/3/2019
                   Grapeberry Leatherleaf Mahonia

I am very pleased to have found your website.  I find the most amazing plants to select from, you have a great variety of choices.   Most importantly is the information you supply for the care and maintenance of the plants and trees.

My first order was for a Leatherleaf Mahonia and a variegated Creeping Dwarf gardenia.  They both arrived very healthy and extremely well packaged.  I could not plant them for a couple of days after I received them but they stayed healthy.
It's been over a week now that I following your instructions planted them and they look great and still very healthy.

Also, I suggested that you incorporate a wish list option on your website and the suggestion was incorporated to your website within a couple of weeks.  I wish you great success.  Your customer service is very accommodating.

Thank you!

Wayne Boothe | Virginia Beach, Virginia | 5/3/2019

Healthy plants, well packaged and received quickly!

Anna Rouly-Smith | Bridge City | 5/2/2019

This climbing hydrangea came very well packaged; the dirt still moist and the vine was a great deal larger than I expected.  Sitting in it's pot it was nearly 4 feet high and full of leaves that were a beautiful green.  I plan on growing it on a chain link fence to help block the view.  If this one takes and thrives, I will probably get another, maybe 2 as the fence is about 100 feet long.

This is the first time I try to grow any kind of Japonica.  I hope it will do alright in my area of South East Texas.  It arrived very well packaged -- as always from Wilson Bros.  It was a nice size and very healthy looking.  I planted it in the shade of an Oak tree where it will get some morning sun but afternoon shade from the scorching hot sun during the hottest part of Summer.  I hope it survives, because the bush has beautiful striped leaves.  If it flowers it will be an added bonus, but just the leaves make it a bush worth having.  Thank you Wilson Bros.

This Silverberry came very well packaged and absolutely gorgeous.  The new leaves come out a beautiful silver-green,  It is almost as though someone shot it with a light spray of silver paint.  The silver in the leaves almost shines like metallic paint.  It arrived almost 3 feet tall, in the one gallon pot.  So I can only imagine that a 3 gal pot would really be huge.  If this bush survives the first year, I plan on ordering more.  Thank you!

Review of: Japanese Cleyera

I want to grow this Cleyera as a tree, so imagine my surprise when it arrived already shaped into a tree!  It came with one forked trunk and a beautifully shaped, thick, rounded crown.  Perfect.  It was very well packaged; and very healthy looking.  The older leaves are a deep green and the newer leaves range from a golden yellow- green to an orange blush. I am glad I got the 2 gal. because it came between 2 and 3 feet tall in the pot.  1 gal would have probably been considerably smaller.  If it survives the 1st year I will get more next year, if available.  So far I have not been disappointed with Wilson Bros.  I believe you get a very decent plant for the money.  Thank you Wilson Bros.

Don H. | Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina | 5/2/2019

Beautiful healthy plants upon a timely arrival!

Beautiful healthy plants upon a timely arrival!

Melinda Gravitt | Gainesville | 5/2/2019

My camellia arrived in a timely manner and unharmed and healthy. The customer service was great. I am a first time customer and have told many friends about this company. My plant is thriving in its new home with new growth every day. I am very pleased with both the service and plant. Thanks.

Kleetus | USA | 5/2/2019

The olive tree that I purchased from Wilson Brothers couldn't have been better, It looked great when it was delivered. And I would have to say that it arrived in a perfect condition. Thank you again Wilson Brothers!

Jerry Barnes | McAllen, Texas | 5/2/2019

I just have to say this was the best looking plant we have ever received from mail order nurseries. The packing was great also. It was in the ground an hour after receiving and it looks great. I will definitely use Wilson Brothers Gardens for any future ordering.



Jay | Massachusetts | 5/1/2019

I received my Chicago Cold Hardy Fig Tree this week. I could not have been more pleased with how healthy it was, the quality of the shipping box and how mature the leaves were already! I would order from you again in a second. Here is a pic 'right out of the box'! Note: This was planted 4-18-19 and we are still losing oak leaves from our trees!!

JP | Olive Branch, Mississippi | 5/2/2019

I bought 7 of these Autumn Ivory azaleas from Wilson Bros Gardens and am very happy with them. I was having trouble finding them locally so tried Wilson Bros. They look very healthy and hopefully will do well where I put them. I like the foliage and needed something with a spring bloom. I will definitely use Wilson Bros again.

Thomas E. Allen | Roper, North Carolina | 4/30/2019

Ordered two and the were shipped and delivered in a very timely manner.  Have them planted and they are growing fast. Great job Wilson Bros.

Frankie Brown | Humboldt | 4/29/2019

I was very pleased at how quickly the plants came but was really happy to see how well packaged and protected they were.  I got them in the ground the day they came and they are starting to stretch up and grab a hold of the wire that I put there for them to climb.  Anxious to see my first fruits from these two vines.  Not expecting this year but will not complain if they do!   Very happy with my purchase.

August Picardo | Erie, Pennsylvania | 5/1/2019
                   Italian Honey Lemon Fig Tree

My fig trees from Wilson Bros were delivered in excellent condition and are doing well. I highly recommend them for plants and trees.
August Picardo

James Chaney | Laguna Vista | 5/1/2019

Wilson Brothers advised me on the proper pollinator for my existing plant. The new plant was shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition.

Laura Hart | Clayton, Georgia | 5/1/2019

We received our two plants very quickly. They were packed securely and arrived in excellent condition. We were very pleased.

Lauren | Indiana | 5/1/2019

Arrived in great condition and has transplanted well. Looking forward to watching it grow!

Denise Arnette | Charlotte, North Carolina | 4/30/2019

I ordered five Alba Plena Camellias which arrived at my door in two days.  They were perfectly packaged - not a leaf out of place and no dirt spillage.  The plants, which had already finished blooming, were green and gorgeous.  My husband and I were very impressed with the service and quality from Wilson Brothers.  We will definitely order from them again as needs arise.

Doris Ivie | Texas | 5/1/2019

Plants were beautiful upon arrival!  They are planted now and thriving.  Can’t wait to see the plants in bloom.

Massimo | Louisiana | 4/29/2019

Of course this did not arrive as a bushy plant. It is tall (more than 5') very well packaged and in great shape. It is doing very well, 4 weeks later, and I have no regrets. I know how to make it thrive and get more bushy. I'm very happy with this and have no complaints.

Patricia O'Sullivan | Witchita | 5/1/2019

What a gorgeous healthy plant, packing was meticulous. THANK YOU

L. Martin | Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia | 4/29/2019
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

I bought a Grancy Greybeard last spring from Wilson Bros.  It grew very little last year but was very healthy.  So far this Spring, it has grown over 2 ft. in height AND bloomed!!!  Thank you Wilson Bros for such a wonderful shrub.

Greg | Slidell, Lousisiana | 4/30/2019

Very pleased with my white pampas grass delivery.  The plants arrived very well protected during shipment, and were very healthy.  Can't wait for them to get established and start growing.

Review of: Maiden Grass

Very pleased with my Maiden Grass delivery from Wilson Bros. Gardens.  The plants were well protected and very healthy when they arrived.  Very large specimens as well.  Can't wait for them to get established and start growing.  Thanks!

Very pleased with my blue fescue delivery from Wilson Bros. Gardens.  The plants arrived very, very healthy and packaged very well.  Can't wait to see them growing in my landscape.  Thanks Wilson Bros.!

Darrylin Smith | Hampstead, North Carolina | 4/30/2019

Based on other positive reviews I ordered three 3-gallon camellias.  They arrived timely and well packed but unfortunately one had a broken branch.  The other two looked terrific, meeting my expectations.  I took a couple of pictures of the break and emailed  to Wilson asking for advice.  This was late on a Friday afternoon and I didn’t expect to hear anything until the next week.  Within 20 minutes they had called and discussed how they could make it right for me!!  The rep was very accommodating, placing customer service first and ended up sending a replacement plant at no extra cost.  I have nothing but praise for this company and their exceptional products and customer service.  You’ll be very pleased.

Brian Fitzpatrick | Fishkill, New York | 4/30/2019

Arrived well protected from UPS. Planted without issues. As of today (2 wks) still looking good. I've am very satisfied so far.

Susan Parks | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania | 4/30/2019

These plants were ordered from Wilson Brothers because they are not available locally. They were ordered early and have not yet been planted.  They arrived  soon after ordering.  They were extremely well-packaged and are beautiful and healthy.  They were actually bigger than I expected.

Margaret Ridolfo | New Hampshire | 4/27/2019

Fabulous plant!  Arrived in great condition.  Very well packed.  Plant exceeded my expectations in height, fullness and condition.  Would highly recommend this grower, as all the plants I have received have been exceptional.

Paige | Georgia | 4/29/2019

So far so good. The shipment was fast and the bush was blooming and healthy.

Dave | Indiana | 4/29/2019

I have ordered many trees and bushes over the years and I have never been as pleased as with this purchase.   I was hopeful since was in a 3 gallon pot (and not bare-root as with most nurseries) and what I received exceeded my expectations.

An excellent tree approximately an inch in diameter and approximately 4' in height.  

I highly recommend this nursery!

Joseph Walker | Jackson, Georgia | 4/27/2019

Beautiful plants, packaged perfectly. Continuation of the excellent service provided by Wilson Bros for over 20 years. Top notch!!

Sylvia Pesek | Louisiana | 4/28/2019
                   Desire Camellia

My 'High Fragrance' and 'Desire' camellias arrived and exceeded ALL my expectations.  They were well packaged, and healthy as all-get-out ... in fact, both were sporting some new growth, and never slowed down for a second!  They look quite happy in their new surroundings, and I intend to do everything in my power to keep it that way!  Can't wait to see their blooms next winter!
I'll be ordering from Wilson Bros. again ... and again ... and (undoubtedly) again!
Keep on doing things just the way you do now.  Very, very pleased!

Doina Cociuba | Bothell | 4/29/2019

I received fast and in perfect condition the grape vine I selected and I have already changed the original pot with a larger one. We have already new small leaves !!! Next year we'll enjoy the first bunches of grapes....

Reginald Boothe | Virginia Beach | 4/29/2019
Review of: Tahoe Candytuft

Another great transaction with Wilson Brothers! Healthy plants arrived quickly, well packaged and in excellent condition. I have stopped going to my local nursery for perennials. I just order from Wilson Brothers and they come right to my door!

Anne Johnson | Americus, Georgia | 4/28/2019

The Plum Yews arrived perfectly packed.  They are beautiful.  Y’all did everything right even down to shipping date.  It is so good to know that there are still people in the world that care about their work and follow thru with and for the customer.  Thank you so much!

Ann Johnson

Lorrie Mauersburg | Ohio | 4/28/2019
Review of: Black Bamboo

Received and awesome


MaryAnne | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania | 4/27/2019

We ordered 4 Camellia.  Two Coral Delight and two Winters Snowmen.    I have never ordered plants online before, so I was a little anxious. I was led to these plants because they were appropriate for my growing zone, and the  options for me were generous. 
 The plants arrived on time. They appeared healthy and well supported during shipping. We were amazed that within two days we saw a new growth! This is continued over the next few days and we look forward to seeing them mature now and ultimately bloom in the fall.   It so nice to have plants that not only grow in our growing zone  and bloom when we wanted.  This is not the type of availability we find at local nurseries. We would definitely recommend  Wilson Brothers Gardens and intend to use them in the future.

William | Athens | 4/27/2019

Outstanding service!  The tree arrived in excellent condition.

The Uruguayan Firecracker Hummingbird Plant arrived in outstanding condition and is doing great.

Donna Wasserburger | Gig Harbor, Washington | 4/26/2019

I received my SnowNSummer Jasmine today. I was thrilled because they were packed beautifully! I shop a lot online & sometimes they don't send you good stuff. I never frequent the ones that don't twice. I think I will shop Wilson Bros most definitely again.

Delson O'Cain | South Carolina | 4/27/2019

The trees were shipped and arrived in a prompt and efficient time. The plants as well as the container were in excellent condition when I received them. I am proud to do business with Wilson Bros.

Doris Zielinski | Gardenerville | 4/26/2019

I wanted something to feed the bees early in the season. I ordered this plant and I am very happy how it was prepared for shipping. It is planted now and doing very well. I hope to get some catkins next year. It is a tall, healthy plant--well worth the money.

Karen Roberts | Parkville, Maryland | 4/26/2019

Customer service is the best I have ever experienced.   All plants packaged extremely well and in timely manner.  I was happy with the quality of everything.  A tad disappointed in size of hydrangeas.  The chaste delta blue exceeded expectations.   That being said I will order again and will recommend Wilson Bros to friends.   Thanks for all your patience and for the service.   Karen Roberts

Carole Powell | Ellicot City, Maryland | 4/26/2019

 I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the camellia I received. The packing is excellent. The plant is big and healthy. Neither of those comments applies to ALL plants ordered from other sources on-line!
I can't wait to see this grow and bloom!
Thank you!
Carole Powell

Linda Campell | Alabama | 4/26/2019

My Camellia arrived in perfect condition!  Thank you!  Linda C.

Judith King | Tennessee | 4/25/2019

The two yellow Jasmine plants that we received were very healthy. It has been two weeks since we planted them, and they are already sending out new tendrils and reaching for the fence. It won’t take long for them to be tall and full. Also, I love the free shipping - No hidden costs.  Wilson Brothers has excellent prices and the plants are wrapped beautifully.

Laura Phelps | Wilmington | 4/26/2019

I have had the azaleas for two weeks, still waiting to have them planted, they are in great condition and have even grown. I ordered from another company as well but these were easier to unwrap and not leggy. I would definitely order again.

Karen E. Harper | Shalimar | 4/25/2019

I received my two Tonto Crape Myrtles quickly. They were already sprouting some spring growth and it was slightly yellowed during transit, which you would expect.  But within a day or two of planting they started sending out new growth and just two weeks later they are very robust. I can't wait to see bloom on them. I am very happy with this purchase from Wilson Bros Gardens!

Kay Stowe | Clive | 4/26/2019
Review of: Iowa Juniper

Iowa Juniper arrived in excellent condition. Thank you.

Robert Bradley | York, Pennsylvania | 4/25/2019

Received order of 2 tangerine Crossvine.  They arrived very quickly after my order was placed.  When they arrived I was extremely impressed with the quality of packaging and the quality of the plants. Only suggestion is to include info specific about the plant.

Annette | Sarasota, Florida | 4/25/2019

I was a little nervous ordering a plant through the mail, but it arrived quickly and the plant was in great shape. I did lose the blooms. The Azalea itself is very healthy and I am looking forward to the next bloom. Thanks Wilson Bros.

Nicole Danielle Huffman | Cleveland | 4/25/2019

The plants arrived in great condition. The shipping process was very quick. Thank you.

Martha Anderson | Waynesville | 4/24/2019
Review of: Grey Owl Juniper

Healthy good size /shaped plants.

Rebecca Masters | Bellingham | 4/24/2019

I received great plants that are thriving! They are beautiful, and have grown even in the short two weeks I've had them in the ground.

Elizabeth Pryor | Birmingham, Alabama | 4/22/2019

From the moment I spoke to the customer service person and ordered my beautiful hybrid camellia to the arrival the next day, it was a flawless experience. The  packaging of my shrub was incredible and not one leaf had been disturbed. I planted, have already had one bloom and now several buds. The fragrance is heavenly. Thank you Wilson Brothers Gardens for the perfect shrub!

George Chacho | Huntington Valley | 4/24/2019

Arrived perfectly . Nicely packed.
Plant alive and doing well in ground.

Mihaela Onciu | Memphis | 4/24/2019

Very nice and healthy plant. Arrived in perfect condition and so far (few weeks) doing well in the garden.

The plants are gorgeously red (as promised). All arrived promptly and in great shape and so far doing well.  Everything I have purchased from Wilson Brothers Gardens has been top quality ( and I have purchased a lot!).

Nice and healthy plant.  Arrived in great condition and doing well in the garden so far, with plenty of new vigorous growth.

Bobby Thompson | Perry | 4/24/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

This was my first experience ordering even small trees by mail but the shipping was remarkable for 3 of these trees to arrive intact and healthy. The root balls were moist and healthy, not root bound poor performers which I seem to always get at the local big box stores. Well worth a few days wait, a little more cost, and a greater selection.

Connie Tierrablanca | Hudson, Florida | 4/22/2019

Healthy, well rooted, full of blooms and as always securely packed!

Larry Nicholas | Kingsland | 4/23/2019

Excellent all round plant price and shipping.

Jay | Arizona | 4/22/2019

I can’t wait for it to bloom! It arrived healthy and protected!

Mary | Michigan | 4/24/2019

I purchased 2 April rose Camillia plants. My daughter lives in Oregon and her Camillias are lovely-an evergreen to boot. I realize that I am on the questionable edge of the growing zone. Local nurseries do not sell them. I ordered from you. The plants arrived in great shape. One of them even had a bud -That Bloomed! I am hopeful that I will see many beautiful blooms as the years go by. I also understand that they are fragrant I am looking forward to that as well. Thanks again &wish me luck, Mary

Gene | Oregon | 4/21/2019

I think you guys are miracle workers regarding shipping 3 – 3gal. pots w/plants. They traveled nearly diagonally across the country from Georgia to Oregon with nary a scratch. Phenomenal! Beautiful plants. Totally satisfied. Would not hesitate to buy again. Thank you.

Robert Reeves | Texas | 4/22/2019

Huge plants very healthy, in full bloom!

Tom Mowry | Dublin | 4/20/2019

Price, packaging, plant quality all top rate.  I purchased identical shrub from Home Depot - NO COMPARISON.  If you want a quality plant, shipped properly - this is your best bet.

Natalie | Charlotte, North Carolina | 4/20/2019

We are replanting the shrubs around our wraparound porch and it was a daunting task to undertake! We debated about where to buy our plants and on an impulse I had them shipped to us from Wilson Brothers. I could not be happier with the plants, which all shows up in great condition and have flourished in our yard. I will be buying additional plants from them in the future!

Aroha Lubitski | Madison Heights | 4/23/2019

After failing to find a plant in this area I decided to take a chance and order online. I am glad I did. Fast delivery and impressive  packaging. It is doing well and I was pleased with the online guide to planting. I look forward to watching it grow.

Cheralynn Salversen | Nibley | 4/20/2019

The tree arrived in wonderful condition. I live in Northern Utah and needed some advice on planting the tree. I called the help line and talked to a very nice and knowledgeable lady that helped me. Thank you.

Rachel | East Texas | 4/22/2019

Plant arrived in good condition.  Looked very healthy.  Planted it right away.  
Doing well.

Healthy looking plants arrived.  Planted them right away.  
So far so good.

Jules | Palatka, Florida | 4/21/2019

Excellence all around!  Shipped as requested, great packaging, excellent quality on this plant. I will buy from Wilson Brothers again.
Love the free shipping!

I was happy to find this Spirea, as none are available where I live.  I already have one so am looking forward to more spring blooms. Very happy with the packing and quality of the plant.
I will be ordering again from you all!

Meredith Russell | Seabrook, Texas | 4/23/2019

Arrived so well packaged and transplanted into the garden beautifully. Looking so forward to seeing all the new growth and lots of blueberries in the future. Thanks for sending such a fantastic Blueberry Bush .

Meredith. ????

Danny Ketchum | Bradenton, Florida | 4/22/2019

Thank you for the shipment, awesome.

Myra Cromer | Georgia | 4/20/2019

Received this beautiful Azalea, 1 gal pot, it had great roots and ready to plant, also was blooming. Great shape.

I ordered 5 different color Encore Azaleas and they were in great shape when I received them. just wanted to see which color I liked the best, so I ordered 10 more plants of the the color I liked best. Great plants from Wilson Brothers.

Roger Latham | Rose Valley, Pennsylvania | 4/22/2019

A beautiful 3-gallon pot-grown plant, exactly as advertised, and very healthy. I was much impressed with the packaging. I've never received a plant by mail order from any other nursery that was as cleverly and securely packaged to assure its arrival in perfect condition. I suspect it was handled carefully by the shipper, but even if it had been thrown around carelessly, I believe the ingeniously designed packaging would have protected it from any damage. It has a robust root system. After a couple of weeks it's still settling in and probably putting most of its energy into expanding its roots. The leaves and branches haven't started expanding but they're vibrant and healthy looking.

I'm a native plant aficionado, but it's hard to resist the beauty of Aucuba japonica cv. 'serratifolia' with its unusual tolerance, especially for an evergreen shrub, of shady, dry conditions. As far as I know, Aucuba japonica has not been identified as an invasive threat anywhere in North America, although it has been reported as escaped to the wild in one county in Washington State and two in North Carolina. I'm not a fan of weird mutants like the more popular variegated-leaved cultivars of Japanese laurel. The cv. 'serratifolia' is not such a freak of nature, and so it goes well with my garden, which has hundreds of species of wild-type, locally indigenous trees, shrubs and perennials.

Karen Reese | Pensacola | 4/20/2019
Review of: Bald Cypress

The bald cypress has caught my heart. They arrived in perfect condition and have thrived since transplant. They are healthy and beautiful. Can't wait to see them at mature height and all filled out.  Thanks to Wilson Bros for providing healthy and we'll sized plants. I am so pleased with my purchases.

My 2 Seiryu's arrived in perfect condition and are doing perfect after transplant. They've been the ground for 10 days and not one hiccup!  I can't wait for them to get larger to see the shaping.  Thank you Wilson Brothers for healthy, beautiful trees.

Review of: River Birch Tree

My 2 River Birch arrived in perfect condition and have been planted for 10 days. They are thriving.  A lot of foliage and about 4' tall. Not one problem at all. Can't wait to see them mature!!  Healthy and beautiful trees!  My sincere thanks to Wilson Brothers. They are true to their word.

Wendy | Charlottesville | 4/20/2019

What a perfect little tree! It even has a bud! Great garden shop, excellent communication, fast shipping, I highly recommend and will shop here again!! Thank you from Charlottesville, Virginia!

Myra M. Cromer | Macon | 4/20/2019

These plants came in great shape, have not planted them yet but can't wait to watch them grow.

Robert Arth | Stockbridge | 4/21/2019

I was a little afraid of ordering online and having delivered but it was packaged very well and looked very healthy! I will definitely buy more from them.

M. Blauner | Coatsville, Pennsylvania | 4/20/2019

Large, healthy, thickly bushy pieris arrived promptly.

Richard A. McCray | Lawrenceville | 4/20/2019

Both plants I ordered arrived in fantastic shape.  One of the plants has bloomed allowing us to see what the blooms will look like once the plants mature.

Mary | Mountain Home, Arkansas | 4/18/2019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

I ordered three Pink Muhly Grass.  They were delivered quickly and I had several great conversations in regard to the grasses.  The grasses were extremely healthy, packed great and are now looking fabulous.  Couldn't have been better.  Would highly recommend!!

Michael Bass | Lanett | 4/19/2019


Betty Girardeau | Tennessee | 4/19/2019

I have been very impressed with my first order from Wilson Brothers.  My order of two dwarf camellia's arrived very quickly.  The plants were packaged in very sturdy boxes where they were well protected in transit.  Now that they have been planted a few weeks the plants look as though they never knew that they were moved from their original homes.  They are happy and healthy.  I look forward to many years of enjoyment watching them grow and flower.

Bonnie Edwards | Rutherford, North Carolina | 4/18/2019

Our 3 Tonto Crape Myrtles arrived, carefully packed, and were planted just a couple of weeks ago.  To our delight, they are already covered with leaves!  They look like they've been in the ground for months.  We couldn't be more pleased with them and can hardly wait to enjoy the flowers, as well.  A huge "thank you" to all to you at Wilson Brothers Gardens.

Emily | Seattle, Washington | 4/12/2019

This was a repeat purchase from Wilson Bros Gardens and I am again amazed at the size and health of their plants! These Florida Sunshines are extremely healthy, with a strong root system, well formed branches and large, shiny, healthy leaves! They are already 'glowing' and I love them! They traveled cross country and were packaged very securely in a strong cardboard box, so there was no damage when they arrived. I should also mention that the soil was still moist after a 7 day trip! I am truly impressed with this nursery and I happily recommend them to everybody!

 William M. Lightfoot | Mobile | 4/14/2019

The plants arrived safely and are planted. They are very healthy.

Vic Helton | Daingerfield, Texas | 4/15/2019
Review of: Arrow Bamboo

I put my PO Box on the order, and they can't ship to a PO Box, Customer service was very nice and changed my shipping instructions. Once that was corrected I received my plants in 3 days. I was a bit surprised that they arrived so quickly. The plants were packed securely and arrived in very good shape. It has been two weeks now since I set them out and they are doing great.

Joe Jackson | Shady Shores | 4/15/2019

Wilson Bros does about the best job of packing small trees I have seen.  I order Ginkgo Trees from several sources and never need to worry about shipping damage from Wilson.  They are also very timely in getting my trees in the mail.  Time will tell if they all flourish but all the trees I have ordered from Wilson are doing well in the early years!

Georgia Copeland | Pearland | 4/17/2019

I received my 2 Camellia's in a few days wrapped in upright containers, with special care taken covering the soil with damp paper & tape so they would stay moist in shipping with no spillage. They are very healthy and cannot wait to see how they preform!!!

Elizabeth Samuels | Virginia | 4/14/2019

Your plants, two crape myrtles and a camellia, arrived in peak condition and ready to grow. I am accustomed to dealing with outstanding plantsmen, like Fairweather Gardens and Lazy S nursery, which is no longer in business, and am so happy to find you!

Lynn S. | Houston | 4/16/2019

We just received our Weeping Yaupon within the last three weeks.  The tree arrived in excellent condition and the height was better than expected.  We had ordered another weeping yaupon from another online nursery and there was no comparison in quality and delivery.  The other nursery shipped out on a Friday, so Sunday was lost as a delivery day.  Every day counts when plants are shipped in a box.  The other tree arrived with the root ball in jell rather than soil.  We just hope it will come back from the shock.  No comparison in quality.   Wilson Brothers is an excellent nursery.

Susan B. Pinder | Kennesaw | 4/13/2019

A lovely healthy plant was delivered.  This is my first encore azalea and I am looking forward to lots of flowers.

Emily | Seattle, Washington | 4/12/2019

This was a repeat purchase from Wilson Bros Gardens. The quality of their plants is OUTSTANDING! I order from several mail order nurseries, and this nursery sends me the largest, healthiest plants by far. This Quince is extremely healthy, with a strong root system, well formed branches and it already has bright, salmon pink, gorgeous flowers! It traveled cross country and was packaged very securely in a strong cardboard box, so there was no damage when it arrived. I love this nursery and I happily recommend them to everybody!

Eleanor Keith Lowry | 4/11/2019

What a wonderful plant this is!!!   After having it inside for about two weeks (this was in early March). I put it out on my balcony during the day when possible to harden off, and then after a couple of weeks transplanted it to a much larger pot on my  balcony.  This beautiful plant has never quit putting on new growth and new buds even in high winds an even in one awful night of snow.  (I can't bring in that heavy pot)  It's still growing and setting buds.  I have seen this plant - about the same size, but in a larger pot - in a big box store for twice what I paid for this one gallon pot.  The way Wilson Bros  grows and ships their plants is remarkable.

Susan P. Pinder | Kennesaw | 4/13/2019

Lovely healthy plants were delivered.  I was worried that the wrong color had been sent, but a swift response from the Wilson Brothers put my mind at rest.  Excellent customer service.

Mark Spinak | Lindenhurst | 4/12/2019

All too often when you mail order a plant or tree you receive something insultingly small. But that was NOT the case with the Red Dragon Contorted Filbert I ordered last week from Wilson Bros. I've had a couple of "regular" contorted Hazelnuts, or Filberts (yellow variety perhaps),  but my last one died last year. In searching for a replacement I came across this Red Dragon variety which has more red in the leaves and hopefully will turn completely red later in the year. Regardless, I was hesitant to order from a company I had never bought from before, but the free shipping sold me so I sprang for the larger 2-gallon size. I expected it would take a long time to arrive and that it wouldn't be at all impressive but a 4-foot tall box arrived in just a few days. Inside was a very well packed 3 1/2 foot tree, healthy with lots of new leaves and buds, It's nothing like the fully mature trees you see in all the pictures but it will be in just a couple of years. In short this tree shipped quickly, was very well packed, and was bigger than I expected. Thanks Wilson Bros.

Walter | Oregon | 4/12/2019

Solid root system with good growth.  Good price and buy.

Cynthia Pryor | Americus | 4/18/2019

Well packaged healthy plant!

Elizabeth | Shepherdstown, West Virginia | 4/14/2019

For years I have dreamed about planting camellias in my Zone 6b garden here in the Shenandoah valley.  The 3-gallon hybrid Autumn Spirit I ordered arrived in excellent condition, as well as two others that arrived a few days later.  All are in ground, and I look forward to seeing them flourish.

Henry Han | New Jersey | 4/13/2019

Excellent packaged, the tree arrives quick and refresh. I planted it in my yard. It grows very well. Hope it can bear the cold winter.

Sharon Lee Butler | Arkansas | 4/13/2019

Couldn’t be happier with these beautiful little double pink knockouts! They are full, @2’tall, and covered in blooms already!

John Culbertson | Marietta Georgia | 4/15/2019

So far, these guys (Wilson Bros) are knocking it out of the park.  A few weeks ago, I placed an order for 2 green leaf Daphne at 3:15 PM...the order was packed and ready for ground shipping 3 hours later.  The plants arrived less than 48 hours after ordering in near-perfect condition and appeared healthy and ready to go.
I have ordered from multiple online nurseries and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  Wilson Bros. only weakness, if you can call it that, would be their price point.  There are no great deals here, but if you are OK understanding that the shipping is included and their attention to detail and customer service is outstanding, and their selection of product is expansive, then this the online nursery for you.
As for the Daphnes, they are in the ground and doing fine and I have no reason to think they won't be around for years to come.  I will amend my review should their performance be less than expected.

Scott | Hampton |4/16/2019

I ordered these for my wife, and was quite surprised when three plants arrived in one large box. Much to my surprise, they were intact and in great condition. Within days of planting them, they all developed beautiful blooms.

Pam Knowles | Flomaton, Alabama | 4/17/2019

LOVE THE TREE!!  Was so happy with my purchase, tree arrived in excellent condition.

Roger | Morristown | 4/16/2019

I received my plants in a timely manner and, though there was a little shake-up during shipping, I had time to reset the plants in the pots to get a little more root development.  I have to wait for some tulips to mature long enough to dig them up before planting the lantana.  Meanwhile, some critter crawled up on my platform and bit the top out of one of the plants.  I covered the plants with a wire mesh box to prevent further attacks and the plant that was bitten off is recovering from the roots.  I had no problems with ordering and appreciate the follow-up by Wilson Bros.

Patricia Dodge | South Carolina | 4/17/2019

Plant arrived, is in the garden, and doing well.  As you mentioned, there were a few yellow leaves, but no harm to plant.  I am impressed that after a long period , you were able to send me this plant...great service and organization...thank you!

Mrs. Tai Claxton | Nashville, Tennessee | 4/16/2019

I would love to do review for you but you must understand I am a 75 years old lady don't know much fussing around computer but I will tell you all this and you have my permission to put this on review page  My name is Tai I live in Virginia for the last few years I have doing landscaping for my son home in Nashville Tennessee  so I have been ordered  numbers of  shrubs from i the Wilson bros and send to Nashville and I fly down to visit to put them in the ground I have spent hundreds of  dollars every years and let me tell you all have always amazed how good their products are and their wonderful job of packing and shipping I refuse to buy anything from else where even when they don't have then I would wait and here thanks to you all at Wilson bros for making me a happy customer and I will keep return every time I need any thing Thank you all Mrs. Tai Claxton.

James Smith | San Antonia, Texas | 4/12/2019

1 gallon Fireglow arrived quick and immaculately packaged.  Healthy in moist soil.  My best online plat experience ever!!!!

Emily | Seattle, Washington | 4/12/2019

Wilson Bros Gardens is one of my absolute favorite nurseries! The quality, size and health of their plants far surpasses many other mail order nurseries.  All 3 of the Japanese Mock Orange plants I received are in extremely good health, with strong branches, new leaves branching out all over and healthy root systems. They traveled cross country and were packaged very securely in a strong cardboard box, so there was no damage when they arrived. I should also mention that the soil was still moist after a 7 day trip! I am truly impressed with this nursery and I happily recommend them to everybody!

Susan Smith | Duluth | 4/13/2019

Very pleased with this purchase.  The plants arrived very healthy and meticulously packed.  I can’t wait for the blooms!  Will definitely order from Wilson Brothers again.

John Culbertson | Marietta, Georgia | 4/15/2019

Healthy appearing, well-packed and large 2 gallon Daphnes.

Josephine Rick | Manakin Sabot | 4/12/2019

The plants arrived quickly and in great health.  They were packaged carefully.  They were happy, and I am overjoyed at how well they're doing.  Will definitely buy from Wilson Bros again!

Wiss | Allen | 4/14/2019

Arrived healthy and growing well.

Alex | North Carolina | 4/13/2019

Wilson Bros Nursery did a great job sending my plant, once purchased.  Three gallon size arrived trimmed and in pristine condition.  Packed well to help prevent damage.  Will order again.

James Ballard | Seattle Washington | 4/13/2019

Thank You,

I have looked for this kind of peach tree often. I have one that has produced peaches for years.  The tree was in excellent shape when it arrived and working with Wilson Bros Gardens has been a great experience.  

Always, Carla and Jim

Linda | Mobile | 4/9/2019

Recently lost a huge pot of this Jasmine, due to tree service misplacing the container, this fall. I can not remember how long I had this Jasmine, but I loved watching the colors change with season. It even had leaves that turned a beautiful red in the fall and winter.  I tried to find at some local nurseries to no avail. Even the business where I initially bought could not locate get their wholesaler. Some on line dealers came up, but had "not available with no restock date" But I found "The Brothers" and ordered because of the free shipping and price reduction of more than one ordered.Needless to say, I am thrilled that I found.  I was very pleased with the promptness and packing of the plant. I have recently found some of the old vines growing in the bed and am glad I now can share with friends. Thanks Guys!

KSStLouis | Kirkwood | 4/9/2019

I received this hydrangea by mail order and in May last year.  It was a beauty!  I planted it right away and had non-stop flowering of the most beautiful dark purpley-blue all summer long until frost.  Will post again when it comes up this spring.  I have seen some buds on it so It made it through our awful winter.

Emily Gartner | Hutto, Texas | 4/10/2019

We are very happy with our purchase! I do a good amount (probably too much) online plant shopping and have been disappointed time & time again, but there was absolutely no disappointment with our new Ginkgo child. It has already begun to grow & flourish so much. Exciting times ahead! Thank you for the excellent service & product.

Daniel Gowan | Bonne Terre, Missouri | 4/11/2019

The plants arrived just after the last freeze and are still fully leaved and looking great. The plants had fully developed root systems in large containers and look to grow very healthy in zone 6, Missouri. The packaging was superb, professional. Thank you.

Hank Z. | Edgewater, Florida | 4/9/2019

You folks are awesome. You turned my sucky Monday into a happy dance Monday, when I got home yesterday and saw that big box on the front porch. Vines are in the ground in time for the rain. Thanks again.

John Matthews | Atlanta | 4/9/2019

It is a very nice plant and so far we are very happy with it.  I wish I had noted your location when I ordered the plant; I could have easily driven down to pick it up and also see your nursery/farm.

Dave Johnson | St. Charles Illinois | 4/4/2019
Review of: Oakland Holly

Received my 3- Oakland Holly. All were well boxed and no damage during shipment. Very nice , healthy plants! Very pleased with my order.

Nancy | Wallburg, North Carolina | 4/3/2019

What a beautiful Holly specimen!  I ordered Nellie Stevens from other companies previously and they were not even similar to this exquisite tree.  It arrived in pristine shape, securely fastened and still moist.  It had been pruned into a pyramidal form.  It arrived April 1 with small white flowers present..  The birds will love this tree addition.  I have now become a repeat customer with Wilson Bros.  Their nursery stock is superb, healthy and packed with care.  Their communications are certainly an attribute in this age of quick internet sales and no follow-up.  I highly recommend this company for quality plants and trees and shrubs.

Steven Bussard Jr. | Rogersville | 4/9/2019

I bought this tree last fall and planted right before a big freeze.  I was worried it would die due to the shock of transplant and weather change from Georgia to Missouri.  It just came to life this Spring!

Laura Cagle | Kingston, Tennessee | 4/8/2019
                   Sir Robert Dwarf Azalea

Plants were very healthy....we’re packed for shipping....Excellent!
I check your stock for plants I want before I go to any other nursery.  I’m always pleased with dealing with Spencer!  He’s great!

Sandra | Urbana, Ohio | 4/6/2019

Gorgeous, large plants arrived when requested.  They were packaged to arrive safely and undamaged.  They were covered in blooms and the scent when opening the boxes was fantastic.  We would not hesitate to order here again.

Rick | Texas | 4/7/2019

Prompt delivery and plants were exactly as described! Redoing the backyard and these are going to be wonderful!

Brenda F. | Lufkin, Texas | 4/8/2019

Gorgeous plant, looks so healthy and can't wait for the blooms!

Gardener214 | Dallas, Texas | 4/5/2019

The plant arrived after its blooming season nice and healthy. The shrub arrived healthy, potted and was around 6" tall. I left the plant outside in a shady area in the backyard for a few days before potting it. The plant is thriving and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow bigger and bloom this coming winter.

John Gerber | Castalia, Ohio | 4/8/2019

I've been looking for another pair of narrow evergreens/conifers to add to an allée leading to the gazebo in our back gardens.  I have a pair for Jantar arborvitae planted at the far end and wanted specimens that would provide a similar narrow vertical accent on the end of the pathway closest to our patio.  I debated between the 1 gal and 3 gal size.  I am so glad I went with 3 gal size.  Superb specimens arrived securely packaged - despite delivery person leaving box on end instead of the side.  [Apparently the two large arrows were not large enough to grab the delivery person's attention].  When I popped them out of the pots, I was pleased to see well developed roots actively pushing new growth tips.  

My neighbor always kids me that I need a bigger back yard - now that I've found Wilson Bros, she may be right.  Thanks for the fantastic, high quality plants and prompt shipping.  Now, what else from Wilson Bros, can I fit into my landscape...  

I recommend Wilson Bros to everyone.  The care and pride they put into growing plants is evident.  And, free shipping rocks!

Debbie Barger | Brookport, Illinois | 4/3/2019

Excellent nursery for shipping healthy plants.

Patty Anderson | Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Plant arrived in good shape and has sweet smelling flowers already opening. I remembered a neighbor from my childhood having one and wanted to plant my own. Looking forward to watching it grow and produce more and more wonderful smelling flowers.

Nancy | Wallburg, North Carolina | 4/3/2019

The Zuni Crape Myrtle arrived in pristine condition, securely fastened, moist and with leaves on a one stem tree.  The shipment arrived early.  This is a good specimen.  I preferred a one stem tree.  It is a nice addition to my other Crape Myrtle specimens.  This is my first order with Wilson Bros. and I have discovered a fantastic, professional knowledgeable nursery to do business with.  I would not hesitate to recommend their plantings to anyone.  I will definitely become a repeat customer.

Rosemarie Morgan | Fairhope | 4/4/2019

The Japanese Maple 'Orangeola'  is difficult to find.  Wilson Bros sent a lovely little specimen, and it was so ingeniously packaged that it arrived in perfect condition.  I'm also pleased that it's happy enough in its pot to thrive while I prepare its new planting site.

Lloyd Orr | Crystal River | 4/7/2019

Plants were large and nice as advertized great looking plants. Shipping was great. Very happy with purchase.

Laurie Ferraez | Easton, Pennsylvnia | 4/7/2019

My azalea arrived well packaged and in great condition. I had some flowers and a lot of new growth. Just planted so hoping for the best.

David Siegel | Ormond Beach, Florida | 4/8/2019
                   Green's Blue Dwarf Camellia

Your plant material is excellent and everything went perfect.

Lorrene Hubbell | Texas | 4/5/2019

Very unique and lovely plants which arrived in excellent, healthy condition.  I can't wait to see them as they grow!

I purchased 2 of these which arrived in healthy, top notch condition.  They look lovely in planters on either side of my entryway.  Beautiful plants.

Yan | Bellevue, Washington | 4/7/2019

The initial shipment was cold damaged and did not survive. I got the replacement smoothly and the flowers smell heavenly!

Review of: Banana Shrub

A very healthy and fragrant plant, I like it very much!

Curtis | Desire Camellia Japonica | 4/4/2019

The plant was well packaged and came looking very healthy.  No issues whatsoever and I would order from them again.

David | Seattle | 4/5/2019

The grass just arrived.  It looks very healthy.  I can't wait to plant once it stops raining.

Les | Georgia | 4/8/2019

Plants arrived quickly, well packed and beautiful.  I was impressed how healthy and green the plants were.

Susan Monk | Pennsylvania | 4/3/2019

I continue to be impressed with the quality of plants shipped from Wilson Bros.  The plants they ship are high quality and they are excellently packaged. I saw this beautiful Japanese Maple last year and knew I had to have it.  I ordered it several months ago and gave them a preferred shipping date which they hit right on.  I am anxious to plant this gorgeous tree.  Wilson Bros. sent a beautiful plant, now it is up to me.  I have dealt with many plant mail order companies in the past, but I only deal with Wilson Bros. now, they are way above the others.

Claudia | South Carolina | 4/2/2019

Plants are very healthy and full. Arrived in perfect condition. Will be ordering more.

Kristine Baker | Indiana | 4/3/2019

All my order arrived with gorgeous plants. Plants were healthy and packed very well. I just love dealing with your company.

D$ | Charlotte | 4/2/2019

Bought the 1 gallon Berkman's Golden Arb.  It was shipped the next day & got to me 2 days after that. The thuja shrub was packed well & in good shape. Good price & free shipping. I'll order again.

Trey Casimir | Lewisburg, Pennsylvania | 4/2/2019

I bought my first plant from you, a bog salvia. I confess, I was busy and didn’t get to my plant for 2 or 3 days. When I opened it now it was in great condition — expertly and ingeniously packed. Great job — I’ll be back.

N. Horvath | Moore, South Carolina | 3/30/2019

Received our plants  quickly.  They were well packaged and came undamaged.   Have not planted yet (new home construction almost done) but added a little more dirt and have set them outside on the porch temporarily where they are thriving.  Will definitely be back for more!!

Elaine Latore | College Park, Georgia | 4/2/2019

Plants arrived according to schedule. I live in Ga, yet I found it interesting that it took two weeks for delivery. Nevertheless, the plants were packed, delivered and in excellent condition. I purchased them for screening, and I hope these 3-gallon plants will give me the privacy needed to block an ugly gulley and trashy neighbors home. 
I also am looking forward to the first blooms so I can experience the smells that others speak about in the reviews.

Robert Hawkins | Hephzibah | 3/31/2019

Nice plants we ordered over a 125 and all looked good.

Renae | Mississippi | 4/2/2019

Received in excellent condition.  Maple was just as described.  Thank you for your excellent service.

Kimberly McCarthy | Pace | 3/24/2019

The plants are very healthy, but I was a little disappointed in the size. I have purchased many plants from here and they were always so big and full...much nicer than what I could find locally. Nice plants just very small.

Michael | Virginia | 4/1/2019

Very healthy plant and the size was as advertised.

Alanna | Norfolk, Virginia | 3/31/2019

Nothing prepared me for the excitement and delight I felt after opening the package I received from Wilson Bros. I’ve ordered from other sites in the past and received plants that left me disappointed. These camellias are healthy, absolutely gorgeous, and far larger than I expected. They are thriving in my yard right now and even my landscaper noticed and asked where I found them! Thank you so much!

Monica Miller | Tyler, Texas | 3/31/2019

I needed just one more aralia of this variety to round out a bed.  I was delighted with the size and condition of this plant.  I have too often been disappointed with online nurseries,  This transaction was absolutely perfect.  Thank you!

Susan Lamb | Truth or Consequences | 3/26/2019

Absolutely the best and beautiful; thank you so much! My fig arrived promptly and securely packaged. I was delighted with the size, three strong branches and each one perfectly leafed. I recently purchased one for the same price plus added shipping from Gurneys and received a 5 in stick in a three inch pot so be sure that you only purchase from Wilson Bros. when looking for a truly magnificent fig! Thanks again!!!

Judith Geraci | Jacksonville, Florida | 3/25/2019
                   Confederate Rose Hibiscus
                   Rosea Plena Camellia

I’m very pleased with my purchases from Williams Bros Nursery. Truly, 5 out of 5 stars! The plants arrived very well packaged and of an excellent size. Although I couldn’t plant them for a few days, they held up fine and have, now that they are planted in my garden, thrived. I’m very impressed and shall definitely be making more purchases over time. 

Susie Pitts | Fountain Inn South Carolina | 3/23/2019

My plants were great! Healthy and packaged well. They are planted. Thank you for loving and taking care of these. I purchased 4 but I wish I had purchased 6. Thank you so much!!!

Christa | Panama City | 3/25/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

Plant arrived in good shape. Ordered on a Thursday arrived the following Monday. Was very pleased with the quality of the tree. It is replacing a 40yr old cedar lost to hurricane Michael, I will be happy to see it grow.

Wesley Cheng | New York | 3/21/2019

The tree arrived in a perfect condition even the soil is still moist.  Waiting for a warmer weather to plant in ground.

Elaine Scott | Greenville, North Carolina | 3/23/2019

Bill & I saw a gorgeous Vibrant Azalea at Plant Delights in Raleigh. We asked Tony where we could find it and we’re told it was a Harris hybrid and hard to find. We were in Georgia and decide to look since this was the area Harris lived and did his work. When I googled and your nursery website came up, we were thrilled!  We love to roam nurseries and we’re disappointed you were not open to the public and we were a little dubious of ordering online. However, when the three one gallon azaleas arrived, we were overjoyed.  They were perfect and are now planted, blooming and putting in new growth!  They are perfectly Vibrant!

Joyce Chlebowski | Pensacola, Florida | 3/22/2019

This is a gorgeous specimen of Japanese Maple.  It was lovely when it arrived but in just a few weeks, it has budded, the leaves are so delicate and beautiful.  The tree has already began to grow branches.  It is stunning.  I am so pleased.  A shout out to the customer service group who answered my questions and suggested this variety.  Thank you so much.  You have a customer for life!

Karen Harris | New Smryna Beach, Florida | 3/23/2019

Delicate blooms. Plant arrived in bloom. Excellent packaging. Customer service is great. Keeps me coming back!

Chris Killmeyer | New Cumberland, Pennsylvania | 3/22/2019

Fast shipping. Arrived with a bloom which has been looking and smelling great for weeks now. It's now starting to leaf out. Just what I expected for the price.

Paulette Belmore | Fort Worth | 3/21/2019

Received my Tea Olive yesterday. It was packed extremely well and it arrived in excellent condition. The plant itself was gorgeous and robust, I am eager to get it in the ground.

Received my Daphne plants yesterday and they were securely packed and in excellent health. They were robust and beautiful. My only regret is that they are presently out of stock and I need at least a dozen more.

I received my Dwarf Daphne plants yesterday and they were well packed and happy, healthy plants. Already in bloom they smelled lovely.

Cherie Taylor | Fernandina Beach, Florida | 3/21/2019

The quality of the tree and superb packaging have made me a Wilson Brothers customer for life! Very well done!

Jane Gribbin | Greensboro, Georgia | 3/23/2019

I was hesitant to order plants thru the mail but with the free shipping offer I went ahead and ordered 4 Hilda Niblett azaleas on March 18 and they were delivered on the 21st. The plants were very securely packed and healthy with new growth. Excellent service and product!

Wendy Melnyk | Ocala | 3/25/2019

Seems to be adapting well to its new home.  Lots of green leaves.

Lots of new growth. Happy with purchase.

The buds are just now starting to open.  Can see the yellow color already.  Will post a picture when they have opened!

Janet Sager | Texas | 3/23/2019

Received the Lady Banks rose very quickly and it was in a very healthy condition.  Planted it and no wilting or dead limbs.  It was a large plant with yellow blooms already on it!!   It has flourished!!  I am so pleased with the plant!!  I wish I had known about Wilson Bros. nursery a long time ago,  I would have avoided disappointments  from buying online.  I will definitely buy from them again.

Paul Nelson | Haslet | 3/20/2019

All of two orders arrived in excellent shape.  Reasonable prices and no shipping fees.

Emily Schmick | Albuquerque | 3/19/2019

A beautiful little plant that is budding lots of green leaves. I'm so excited for the fruit!

Griffin | Savannah | 3/19/2019

The azaleas are beautiful!  They arrived quickly and in perfect condition.  Couldn't ask for better service and product.

Holly | Texas | 3/19/2019

We purchased the Orange Tea Olive Tree in memory of our loving pet dachshund who passed away a few months ago. Hope this tree gives us as much joy as he did.  Thanks Spencer for sending the one trunk tree form as requested. Waiting for it to start putting out new foliage.  It is still very much dormant.  Hopefully it will settle well in its new home.

Terry Williams | Alabama | 3/17/2019

Came well packaged. All plants that I have ordered came as described. All orders filled timely and nursery is very helpful if you have any questions!

Sally Hutcheson | South Carolina | 3/15/2019

I ordered and received a 1 Gallon April Rose Pink Camelia today and was very happy with the beautiful shape it arrived in.
It had several open camellias and several buds and lots of good looking greenery.  I would have loved a 2 or 3 Gallon but you were
out and I have spent too much money on gardening this year anyway.  This is the first time I have ordered from you but it will definitely
not be the last.  Thank you for your excellent quality!

Julie Redington | Texas | 3/14/2019

They arrived in excellent shape, with moist dirt in the pots.  We have read the instructions on the website and look forward to planting the bushes and having loads of berries!

Pat | Lynn Haven, Florida | 3/16/2019

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition and is thriving in its new home with blossoms and new growth. Very pleased with Wilsons and my azalea.

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition with blossoms and a few baby blueberries.  It's thriving in its new home.

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition with blossoms and a few baby blueberries.  It's thriving in its new home.

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition with blossoms and a few baby blueberries.  It's thriving in its new home.

Stacy DeVerter | San Antonio | 3/14/2019

You get a box of sticks, then within two days the thing explodes--every time.

John Stephenson | Albany | 3/14/2019

Plant arrived looking very healthy.  After a couple of days inside to acclimatize, we had a late freeze, it’s now planted in a tall vertical planter in the edge of a flower bed (daffodils and daylilies) next to our screened porch and a brick wall and will hopefully spread along the wall with beautiful and fragrant white flowers.

Plant arrived in great shape. Is now almost in full bloom and is simply stunning.  Couldn’t be happier.

Anne Wright | Texas | 3/13/2019

Thanks for the beautiful azaleas. They were packed well and look wonderful!

We are very pleased with this azalea that we received from Wilson Bros Gardens. It was packed well and is a healthy plant!

Tina Beal | Houston | 3/13/2019

This item arrived in perfect condition and had one flower already opening. The flowers itself is majestic and as big as my hand.

Such a lovely contrasting Cypress.

Denise Tyre | Miami, Florida | 3/13/2019

This wonderful Japonica I received approx 4 weeks ago and is already budding.
Cant wait to see this beauty!

John McGill | Birmingham, Alabama | 3/13/2019

I met Dixie Knight once or twice and her daughter-in-law is a dear friend.  Was so glad to see this cultivar on your website!  Bought 2.  Arrived in perfect condition and are beautiful planted.

Gaynell duke | West Point | 3/11/2019

My plants arrived within a week of my order. They were carefully packed for their shipment to my home. I am looking forward to their beauty as spring approaches each year. Thank you for your speedy shipment.

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 3/10/2019
Review of: Silver Lace Fern

Beautiful fern.  Came larger than I expected, very well packaged and quick.  It was very healthy looking with new growth uncurling.  I planted it in the garden, under the trees -- a shady spot with very little sun but bright ambient light. We had an unexpected light freeze about a week after I planted it and I thought it would have affected it, but it seems to be o.k., still growing new fronds.  Here, South East Texas, not any fern will grow, or you have to have it in an ideal location.  I don't have that.  The only shade my yard has in under trees and I only have a few trees.  But I love ferns and I try them.  I have had several different ferns survive for three years now.  They get pretty bad looking in the summer heat but in fall, when the weather starts to cool, they get a burst of growth and last through the fall and into early winter, since we have mild winters here.  I hope this fern will survive and become part of my collection.  Wilson Bros has not disappointed me yet.  If this fern survives the first year, I will get more.  Thank you Wilson Bros. 

Lisa Gilstrap | South Carolina | 3/11/2019

Tree arrived in good shape and appears to be healthy. I was very pleased.


Donald hill | Cherry Log, Georgia | 3/8/2019

We saw one of these in a big box store over Xmas season and really liked it but it was way overpriced and none available come early Spring. We found them on Wilson Brothers online for a reasonable price and size and took a chance ordering two. They arrived quickly in very sturdy packaging in excellent condition and were immediately transferred to large containers we had already preparred on our deck. A few weeks later we had a week of late hard freeze but the plants showed no signs of any effect. We look forward to seeing them grow to full size over the next few years. A great choice for all year color in an evergreen container plant. Highly recommend this unique plant and especially Wilson Bros service and packaging compared to other online nurseries we have had previous experience with.

Robin Hagin | Locust Grove, Georgia | 3/7/2019

Tea Olives are the best smelling plants there is. A few years back as I was perusing Wilson Bros Nursery, I walked into one of their structures and was hit by this wonderful smell. I grabbed one of the helpful workers and he showed me this plant with white flowers and I bought 3. They're pretty big by now. Then I saw the Orange Tea Olive on W.B.'s website, I had to have one. Came within 2 days, packed to the gill, not one branch or leaf broken off this beautiful healthy plant. It's in the ground now and looking good. Can't wait for it to bloom. We're gonna let it grow into a tree too like the white ones. Now a shout out to Wilson Bros. I've been going to their nursery since they opened.  They have helped me with questions, picking out plants and are very knowledgable. If they don't know, they look it up right there and then for you. I brought in a thing that was growing in my yard. It had a sticker in the middle which you didn't see until you stepped on it barefoot. Ouch. One of the owners riffled through a book and found what it was then picked out the weedkiller I needed to kill it. Haven't had it crop up anymore. Right now the physical nursery is closed for renovating and it makes me sad because about tis time of the year, I like to walk around and choose what I'm gonna plant. Hope they open back up soon. Anyway, you can't go wrong with W.B. no matter if it's online or physical nursery.. They stand by their inventory.

Cheryl Smith | Arkansas | 3/7/2019

Excellence all the way!  Good sized plants.  Healthy.  One bloomed within days, and bloom was just as beautiful as their advertising.  Will buy from this seller again!

Alex Grinager | Prescott Valley | 3/6/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The plant is considerably larger than I expected. It is the size plants used to be way back when. Well established,, beautiful plant. in excellent condition. I plan to continue shopping with Wilson Brothers. They have quality and selection that will bring me back.

Tra | Alabama | 3/5/2019

I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. The communications were great. The chaste trees arrived quickly and the quality of the plant was awesome.

Lee | Arkansas | 3/4/2019

Again, I am so pleased with the healthy LARGE plant I received, pink dogwood 3 gal. almost 4’ tall! Can’t wait to plant it and watch it grow! Thanx, again, Wilson Bros!

Julie & Andy Moon | Sprtanburg | 3/5/2019

The plants were packaged beautifully and arrived very quickly as healthy and vibrant plants. Instructions for planting and care were included and we will wait and see. We love the flower color and evergreen leaves.

Jen | Raleigh | 3/3/2019

As someone who orders plants online quite often, I feel I am qualified to rate Wilson Bros 5 stars for their plant quality (and size!) and packaging. Love these plants and can't wait until they are tall enough to screen my side yard. Thanks!

Wanda Davis | Louisiana | 3/1/2019

Excited you had the Dixie Knight Supreme for sale.  You have the best camellias and seem to know just which ones I like the most.  It was full of buds and two were blooming to verify the plant is true to name.  I highly recommend your camellias.

June Oldaker | Florida | 3/2/2019

This plant has a beautiful scent. The plant arrived with a bloom and has since put on leaves. I'm so happy to add this to my garden.

June Oldaker | Florida | 3/2/2019
Review of: Florida Anise

I was very pleased with the quality of this shrub when it arrived. It's healthy and shaped nicely. I can't wait for it to bloom!

Lynda Montgomery | Alabama | 3/2/2019

Absolutely gorgeous!  All five of the camellias we received were, and still are, healthy and gorgeous! At least two of them had blooms when they arrived!  They arrived within a few days after we ordered them, just as promised!  Love this company, will order from them again!!!!!

Rae Lynn A. | Texas | 2/28/2019
                     Ruby Spice Summersweet
                     Wedding Gown Lacecap Hydrangea
                     Nokorika Fragrant Purple Camellia
                     Garden Jewel Fragrant Camellia

You have the healthiest plants I've ever ordered! I sure get my moneys worth!

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 2/28/2019

I have not had good luck with growing Camellias but could not pass up the chance at trying again with this one, Professor Sargent.  If the picture is true to form, the flowers are gorgeous, I have to try.  I only purchased the 1 gallon because, as I said, my luck has not been good in the past with the Camellias from the local nurseries.  The tree arrived fairly quickly and very well packaged.  It is of a good shape and good color.  I hope it will be happy here.  Thank you Wilson Bros.  You send top notch plants and I will shop with you again.

TJ | Humble, Texas | 2/28/2019

Nice website and good service.

Tessa | Texas | 2/28/2019

Was very pleased with both the product I received as well as the support when resolving issues. Highly recommended.

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 2/28/2019

Gorgeous and smells so good!  Ordered the 1 gallon and it came in fairly quickly and extremely well packaged.  The tree is in excellent shape, very healthy and perfectly pruned.  I hope it will survive here in South East Texas.  I have grown Bald Cypress, so I am hoping this Arizona Cypress will do well here.  The prices at Wilson Bros are comparable to the local nurseries for this size pot; but online there is a larger variety to choose from.  Here in my neck of the woods all the nurseries tend to carry the same handful of species.  I like trying something different.  Whether the 'different' species survives is 50/50; but it is fun trying.  I have not been disappointed by Wilson Bros and will definitely keep coming here to shop.  Thank you.

Ted Vick | Macon | 2/28/2019

Great Service, I have two large plants and wanted another. They are hard to find, The fragrance fills the yard. One of the best plants to have in Jan. Feb.

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 2/28/2019

This is the Southern Magnolia with the two toned leaves.  Deep green on top; beautiful deep bronze underneath; large flowers and evergreen.  I have one of the Southern Magnolias growing in my yard and it is gorgeous.  In the afternoon sun, when the light hits the tree, it seems as though the bronze under tone glows.  I wanted another tree like this and could not find one in the local nurseries.  If I did find some they were in horrible condition.  When I saw this on Wilson Bros website I did not know for sure if it was a Magnolia with the true bronze undertone, but I took a chance and ordered one, and am very excited to say that it is the correct species.  It arrived fairly quickly and very well packaged.  It is gorgeous and appears to be very healthy and well groomed.  Can not wait to get it in the ground.  Thank you Wilson Bros for sending me such a beautiful tree.  I will definitely be shopping with you again.

TJ | Humble Texas | 2/28/2019

Looking forward to the blooms.

John Bloodworth | Nokomis, Florida | 2/27/2019

Our 3 gallon banana shrub arrived today and awed that it was in perfect shape—in the pot and best packaging job I have ever seen. It looked like it was on a greenhouse floor when I stood it up! All this and with free shipping. Thanks!

Marc C. | Tallahassee Florida | 2/26/2019

Shipment came in untouched by UPS, well packaged, excellent looking trees.
Can't wait to plant.

 John | Ohio | 2/26/2019

The Arctic Dawn Camellia arrived well packed and undamaged. It was healthy and had plenty of flower buds. It is now in a cool room of my house and in flower. I will keep it as a potted plant as I am in Zone 5 .

Marc C. | Tallahassee, Florida | 2/26/2019

Shipment came in untouched by UPS, well packaged, excellent healthy looking trees. Large buds, Can't wait to plant.

Ida Jo Duncan | Wichita Falls | 2/26/2019

My crepe myrtles arrived, carefully packaged, but in a dormant state. I wish they had come with planting instructions included, but the Wilson site gave detailed instructions. Right now they are just poor, little swiggy things so can hardly wait for spring.

Michael L. Fleming | Coquille | 2/22/2019

First thing is the tree arrived in perfect shape. I wish more growers would use your method of packaging their plants. The only problems I had was getting the tree out of the box and the fact that there weren't planting instructions with the tree. People shouldn't have to go to the website in order to get the plant in the ground. As far as everything the else my wife and I are completely happy with our purchase and the way it arrived and the timely manner in which it was shipped. Will def be purchasing more plants in the future.

Jen Long | Arizona | 2/20/2019

The tree arrived fast and in very good condition. It only has 3 catkins and no leaves so far, but I assume that is normal during winter. I know this Contorted Filbert isn't recommended for my region, but I'll try my best to make it grow. I'm from Germany where these beautiful trees are very common, so I just couldn't resist and thought I'll give it a try.

Karen Harris | Florida | 2/23/2019

Plant arrived in great condition, still moist with all container materials still in place. Plant has many buds which have not opened yet but are healthy looking.

Patricia Fucci | Massachusetts | 2/25/2019

When this plant arrived I was amazed how tall and healthy it had arrived I'm so glad I found the Wilson brothers nursery their products are amazing every plant I've received has arrived on time and in great shape.. Thank you !!!!!

Sharon Butler | Arkansas | 2/22/2019

These yews arrived in beautiful condition! Healthy plants. Can’t wait to plant them. If they do well, I just might have to order more! :) Thank you!

T. S. Camp | Washington | 1/18/2019

Fabulous packing, and FAST shipping... Cross-Country... arrived in a week.. with Zero damage to box and or tree.... 

Tree has already began transitioning into new growth... sitting in a grow tent w/ ample lighting waiting on spring.....

Stacy Deverter | San Antonia | 1/16/2019

Ain't nothin' gonna happen to anything they ship.
I opened a box with two blueberry plants--one in each end of the box--and thought I was just going to lift them out of the box. Each pot had been stapled through the box to ensure no slippage during transit. Beautiful! One plant had absolutely no leaves when I opened it, but within three days had exploded all over in buds. I'm definitely going to have blueberries this year. Next up, blackberries.

Kathy Saylor | Crawfordville | 1/15/2019

Almost 3 feet tall on arrival,  and already has new green buds all over!  It is going to be absolutely beautiful!  After it's spring bloom is done, just a careful trim to shape it, and next season, it will be GLORIOUS!

John Ducote | Avondale | 1/14/2019

Arrived in good condition. Shipping was fast and on time.

Andre Fucci | Massachusetts | 2/13/2019

Purchased this plant for my wife and when it arrived it was in great shape,  she absolutely loved it! I plan on using this vendor again. Thank you.

KandiRae | Washington State | 2/8/2019
Review of: Cast Iron Plant

Love this plant! Arrived in excellent stand up packaging. Looks very healthy and in the 2 weeks since arrival 2 new small shoots. Arrived in a timely manner. Will order again! Thank you!

Monica Lin | Washington | 2/7/2019

The plant went through extreme weather in Illinois and the plant arrived not healthy, I contacted Wilson Bros with a picture, they immediately replied my e-mail telling me something happened during shipping  and would refund. I received the refund next day.

I would also like to mention, the shipping box is the best quality one I have ever seen, it is customized for Wilson Bros, it is very sturdy and hold the plant very firmly. 

In summary, Honest people, excellent service. Thank you, Spencer!

Monica Lin | Washington | 2/7/2019

Three gallon Osmanthus is hard to find, I am happy to find one. The plant arrived healthy as expected.
I would also like to mention, the shipping box is the best quality one I have ever seen, it is customized for Wilson Bros, it is very sturdy and hold the plant very firmly.

Susan Marquardt | Chicago | 2/7/2019

I had purchased this plant to put in my chameleon's atrium. The atrium has the perfect conditions for it to thrive.
It only took about two weeks and I am already seeing beautiful and flowering buds.

Mark Fuller | Georgia | 2/6/2019

Ordered this plant for my wife's birthday. It arrived quickly and in good condition.

Ashley | Jacksonville | 2/5/2019

The shipping was fast and the plant was very secure. The plant looked lovely with a few buds on it. Some of the buds fell off during shipping that were in the process of blooming, but I think that is to be expected with travel! The plant looks healthy and lovely.

I appreciate all the great information that Wilson Bros provides on their plants regarding appropriate zones and even specific planting instructions. Everything was user friendly and clear!

Thank you!

Char Adams | Georgia | 2/5/2019

The Pink Perfection Camellia was a perfect birthday gift!

Linda Jenkins | Florida | 2/4/2019

I ordered two Camelia Hybrids High Fragrance from Wilson Bros Gardens  because they were not available in my local nurseries. The plants arrived within just a few days carefully wrapped and in excellent health. The two were so nice I quickly ordered one more. The third bush arrived just as promptly. The third had ants in the box and bucket., but the plant was healthy and unharmed. When I notified Wilson Bros, they immediately responded to my message with many apologies. The ants were due to the rain they had gotten and not harmful. They then sent me a bottle of Neem oil and spray bottle to combat any further issues. Fantastic customer service!

Karen Guidry | Oklahoma | 2/4/2019

Received in very nice condition. Waiting for spring!

Karen Guidry | Oklahoma | 2/4/2019

Received in perfect condition. Beautiful plant. Can’t wait for weather to get nicer.

Craig Shaner | Willow Spring | 1/31/2019

This is my third order from Wilson Bros. In each case, the plant arrived quickly, well-packaged and healthy looking. No complaints. I won't know until Spring how they fare in clay (amended) soil. I planted this fast-growing Holly to add more privacy and hope it grows rapidly as advertised. The tree arrived about 3' tall. 

R. | Florida | 1/30/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

Our "banana bush" arrived on time and in great condition,  We planted it right away and after a couple weeks it looks beautiful and appears to be thriving, Can't wait for the incredibly fragrant blooms to start!

Frances Sasser | Atlanta | 1/27/2019

Beautiful plant, excellent and quick delivery. Highly recommend.

Brenda | New Orleans | 1/28/2019
Review of: Goggy Camellia

Beautiful, healthy plant.  I will definitely not hesitate to order additional items.

Nancy | Virginia | 1/26/2019

It's too early to tell much. But, the tree arrived within 2 days. It was a nice size, well branched, and the soil was moist. We dug it in and watered it, and are hoping for great results in the spring! I'll get back to you then.

Katrina W. | South Carolina | 1/25/2019

I purchased this Camellia several months ago but I am just now reviewing. This camellia arrived in PERFECT condition, not one leaf had fallen during transit. It was huge (pic included) with gorgeous glossy green leaves and in the most beautiful and perfect health. I was blown away!! Thank you again Wilson Bros! Your plants are just fantastic and I appreciate the care and quality you put into each one! I could go on, but my pic of this camellia will say it ALL lol. 5 STARS!

Becky | Virginia | 1/25/2019

Tree arrived in great condition, very securely packed and bigger than expected. This was my first purchase from Wilson Bros. and it will definitely not be my last.

Kitty | Florida | 1/24/2019
Review of: Hermes Camellia

Lovely plant.  Very full and nice.

Karen Harris | Florida | 1/23/2019

A healthy, beautifully packaged plant. I can’t wait for the first bloom.

Patti Fucci | Massachussets | 1/23/2019

This item is a life saver it helps me watering my delicate plants and not dry them out or over water.  I recommend everyone should have one of these to keep their plant healthy and growing. I also wan to say thank you to the Wilson family for helping me with advice on my plants. They definitely stand 200% behind their product and are always available to help with any problems you may be having even if it's minor. A BIG thank you!!!

Joseph Zielinski | New Jersey | 1/20/2019

Plants arrived well packed and ready to plant from pots. All three looked healthy and full of color. Easy to plant and all three continue to look great in our recent winter weather.

Vickie | Texas | 1/16/2019

I was so happy when I received 4 of these 3-gallon Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon plants.  They were meticulously packaged and are very healthy.  Nice size.  I can't wait to get them in the ground!

Sue | Pittsburgh | 1/15/2019

Bought a Red Dragon from Wilson Bros. and was pleased with what a nice size it was, and how well it was packed. It arrived happy and safe! I will buy from these guys again!

Don | Arkansas | 1/14/2019

Your Camellias are wonderful and healthy when they arrive. Most local plant stores have nothing in stock in our area and the ones that do have nothing to compare to your products. I can't wait for them to grow so that I can fully enjoy them.

Terri | Texas | 1/12/2019

I had been looking for a Teddy Bear Magnolia for over a year but was unable to find it in my local garden centers. I'm so glad I was able to order one from Wilson Bros. The tree arrived quickly and is healthy and robust, a fine addition to my garden!

Patti Fucci | Massachusetts | 1/9/2019

This camelia is amazing I've never seen one like this.  The plant is magical just a beauty.  It arrived healthy and perfectly wrapped I can't wait to show it off.

Karen Harris | Florida | 1/8/2019

This azalea has not bloomed yet but it is full of buds. It looks very healthy and came so well packed  not even the pieces of mulch were displaced. It was still moist.

Patti Fucci | Massachusetts | 1/7/2019

I love this plant it arrived healthy and with buds and I am enjoying their bloom. The plants are so healthy and the staff are so helpful, I get my response in less than 24 hours. I love this place.

 Sandra Lawrence | Texas | 1/6/2019

I ordered the Fatsia 'Spiderweb' along with a tree, so I was a bit apprehensive regarding shipping. All for nothing, because both plants arrived in compartments within one box that suited each of them. This Fatsia was perfect, not one leaf was crimped. It was healthy and well-rooted and a very nice size. The soil was still slightly damp. I did give it a drink upon arrival & planted it next day, following included planting directions. It's doing beautifully! In all my years of mail ordering plants, this was superior to the best of my prior experiences.

George Straw | Texas | 1/4/2019

All the plants that I receive from Wilson Bros have been amazing plants.  Thanks.

Melih Ozdil | New York | 1/3/2019

Very good quality and superior services. Thank you.

Stuart McKeel | Georgia | 1/2/2019

Plant was delivered quickly and was in good shape when I opened the box.  It has all of it leaves in the middle of winter.  I expect it to be a good plant year -round.

Wanda Davis | Louisiana | 1/1/2019

It came full and full of buds.  Wilson Brothers is consistently great.  I highly recommend their plants.