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Mary | Mountain Home, Arkansas | 4/18/2019
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

I ordered three Pink Muhly Grass.  They were delivered quickly and I had several great conversations in regard to the grasses.  The grasses were extremely healthy, packed great and are now looking fabulous.  Couldn't have been better.  Would highly recommend!!

Michael Bass | Lanett | 4/19/2019


Betty Girardeau | Tennessee | 4/19/2019

I have been very impressed with my first order from Wilson Brothers.  My order of two dwarf camellia's arrived very quickly.  The plants were packaged in very sturdy boxes where they were well protected in transit.  Now that they have been planted a few weeks the plants look as though they never knew that they were moved from their original homes.  They are happy and healthy.  I look forward to many years of enjoyment watching them grow and flower.

Bonnie Edwards | Rutherford, North Carolina | 4/18/2019

Our 3 Tonto Crape Myrtles arrived, carefully packed, and were planted just a couple of weeks ago.  To our delight, they are already covered with leaves!  They look like they've been in the ground for months.  We couldn't be more pleased with them and can hardly wait to enjoy the flowers, as well.  A huge "thank you" to all to you at Wilson Brothers Gardens.

Emily | Seattle, Washington | 4/12/2019

This was a repeat purchase from Wilson Bros Gardens and I am again amazed at the size and health of their plants! These Florida Sunshines are extremely healthy, with a strong root system, well formed branches and large, shiny, healthy leaves! They are already 'glowing' and I love them! They traveled cross country and were packaged very securely in a strong cardboard box, so there was no damage when they arrived. I should also mention that the soil was still moist after a 7 day trip! I am truly impressed with this nursery and I happily recommend them to everybody!

 William M. Lightfoot | Mobile | 4/14/2019

The plants arrived safely and are planted. They are very healthy.

Vic Helton | Daingerfield, Texas | 4/15/2019
Review of: Arrow Bamboo

I put my PO Box on the order, and they can't ship to a PO Box, Customer service was very nice and changed my shipping instructions. Once that was corrected I received my plants in 3 days. I was a bit surprised that they arrived so quickly. The plants were packed securely and arrived in very good shape. It has been two weeks now since I set them out and they are doing great.

Joe Jackson | Shady Shores | 4/15/2019

Wilson Bros does about the best job of packing small trees I have seen.  I order Ginkgo Trees from several sources and never need to worry about shipping damage from Wilson.  They are also very timely in getting my trees in the mail.  Time will tell if they all flourish but all the trees I have ordered from Wilson are doing well in the early years!

Georgia Copeland | Pearland | 4/17/2019

I received my 2 Camellia's in a few days wrapped in upright containers, with special care taken covering the soil with damp paper & tape so they would stay moist in shipping with no spillage. They are very healthy and cannot wait to see how they preform!!!

Elizabeth Samuels | Virginia | 4/14/2019

Your plants, two crape myrtles and a camellia, arrived in peak condition and ready to grow. I am accustomed to dealing with outstanding plantsmen, like Fairweather Gardens and Lazy S nursery, which is no longer in business, and am so happy to find you!

Lynn S. | Houston | 4/16/2019

We just received our Weeping Yaupon within the last three weeks.  The tree arrived in excellent condition and the height was better than expected.  We had ordered another weeping yaupon from another online nursery and there was no comparison in quality and delivery.  The other nursery shipped out on a Friday, so Sunday was lost as a delivery day.  Every day counts when plants are shipped in a box.  The other tree arrived with the root ball in jell rather than soil.  We just hope it will come back from the shock.  No comparison in quality.   Wilson Brothers is an excellent nursery.

Susan B. Pinder | Kennesaw | 4/13/2019

A lovely healthy plant was delivered.  This is my first encore azalea and I am looking forward to lots of flowers.

Emily | Seattle, Washington | 4/12/2019

This was a repeat purchase from Wilson Bros Gardens. The quality of their plants is OUTSTANDING! I order from several mail order nurseries, and this nursery sends me the largest, healthiest plants by far. This Quince is extremely healthy, with a strong root system, well formed branches and it already has bright, salmon pink, gorgeous flowers! It traveled cross country and was packaged very securely in a strong cardboard box, so there was no damage when it arrived. I love this nursery and I happily recommend them to everybody!

Eleanor Keith Lowry | 4/11/2019

What a wonderful plant this is!!!   After having it inside for about two weeks (this was in early March). I put it out on my balcony during the day when possible to harden off, and then after a couple of weeks transplanted it to a much larger pot on my  balcony.  This beautiful plant has never quit putting on new growth and new buds even in high winds an even in one awful night of snow.  (I can't bring in that heavy pot)  It's still growing and setting buds.  I have seen this plant - about the same size, but in a larger pot - in a big box store for twice what I paid for this one gallon pot.  The way Wilson Bros  grows and ships their plants is remarkable.

Susan P. Pinder | Kennesaw | 4/13/2019

Lovely healthy plants were delivered.  I was worried that the wrong color had been sent, but a swift response from the Wilson Brothers put my mind at rest.  Excellent customer service.

Mark Spinak | Lindenhurst | 4/12/2019

All too often when you mail order a plant or tree you receive something insultingly small. But that was NOT the case with the Red Dragon Contorted Filbert I ordered last week from Wilson Bros. I've had a couple of "regular" contorted Hazelnuts, or Filberts (yellow variety perhaps),  but my last one died last year. In searching for a replacement I came across this Red Dragon variety which has more red in the leaves and hopefully will turn completely red later in the year. Regardless, I was hesitant to order from a company I had never bought from before, but the free shipping sold me so I sprang for the larger 2-gallon size. I expected it would take a long time to arrive and that it wouldn't be at all impressive but a 4-foot tall box arrived in just a few days. Inside was a very well packed 3 1/2 foot tree, healthy with lots of new leaves and buds, It's nothing like the fully mature trees you see in all the pictures but it will be in just a couple of years. In short this tree shipped quickly, was very well packed, and was bigger than I expected. Thanks Wilson Bros.

Walter | Oregon | 4/12/2019

Solid root system with good growth.  Good price and buy.

Cynthia Pryor | Americus | 4/18/2019

Well packaged healthy plant!

Elizabeth | Shepherdstown, West Virginia | 4/14/2019

For years I have dreamed about planting camellias in my Zone 6b garden here in the Shenandoah valley.  The 3-gallon hybrid Autumn Spirit I ordered arrived in excellent condition, as well as two others that arrived a few days later.  All are in ground, and I look forward to seeing them flourish.

Henry Han | New Jersey | 4/13/2019

Excellent packaged, the tree arrives quick and refresh. I planted it in my yard. It grows very well. Hope it can bear the cold winter.

Sharon Lee Butler | Arkansas | 4/13/2019

Couldn’t be happier with these beautiful little double pink knockouts! They are full, @2’tall, and covered in blooms already!

John Culbertson | Marietta Georgia | 4/15/2019

So far, these guys (Wilson Bros) are knocking it out of the park.  A few weeks ago, I placed an order for 2 green leaf Daphne at 3:15 PM...the order was packed and ready for ground shipping 3 hours later.  The plants arrived less than 48 hours after ordering in near-perfect condition and appeared healthy and ready to go.
I have ordered from multiple online nurseries and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  Wilson Bros. only weakness, if you can call it that, would be their price point.  There are no great deals here, but if you are OK understanding that the shipping is included and their attention to detail and customer service is outstanding, and their selection of product is expansive, then this the online nursery for you.
As for the Daphnes, they are in the ground and doing fine and I have no reason to think they won't be around for years to come.  I will amend my review should their performance be less than expected.

Scott | Hampton |4/16/2019

I ordered these for my wife, and was quite surprised when three plants arrived in one large box. Much to my surprise, they were intact and in great condition. Within days of planting them, they all developed beautiful blooms.

Pam Knowles | Flomaton, Alabama | 4/17/2019

LOVE THE TREE!!  Was so happy with my purchase, tree arrived in excellent condition.

Roger | Morristown | 4/16/2019

I received my plants in a timely manner and, though there was a little shake-up during shipping, I had time to reset the plants in the pots to get a little more root development.  I have to wait for some tulips to mature long enough to dig them up before planting the lantana.  Meanwhile, some critter crawled up on my platform and bit the top out of one of the plants.  I covered the plants with a wire mesh box to prevent further attacks and the plant that was bitten off is recovering from the roots.  I had no problems with ordering and appreciate the follow-up by Wilson Bros.

Patricia Dodge | South Carolina | 4/17/2019

Plant arrived, is in the garden, and doing well.  As you mentioned, there were a few yellow leaves, but no harm to plant.  I am impressed that after a long period , you were able to send me this plant...great service and organization...thank you!

Mrs. Tai Claxton | Nashville, Tennessee | 4/16/2019

I would love to do review for you but you must understand I am a 75 years old lady don't know much fussing around computer but I will tell you all this and you have my permission to put this on review page  My name is Tai I live in Virginia for the last few years I have doing landscaping for my son home in Nashville Tennessee  so I have been ordered  numbers of  shrubs from i the Wilson bros and send to Nashville and I fly down to visit to put them in the ground I have spent hundreds of  dollars every years and let me tell you all have always amazed how good their products are and their wonderful job of packing and shipping I refuse to buy anything from else where even when they don't have then I would wait and here thanks to you all at Wilson bros for making me a happy customer and I will keep return every time I need any thing Thank you all Mrs. Tai Claxton.

James Smith | San Antonia, Texas | 4/12/2019

1 gallon Fireglow arrived quick and immaculately packaged.  Healthy in moist soil.  My best online plat experience ever!!!!

Emily | Seattle, Washington | 4/12/2019

Wilson Bros Gardens is one of my absolute favorite nurseries! The quality, size and health of their plants far surpasses many other mail order nurseries.  All 3 of the Japanese Mock Orange plants I received are in extremely good health, with strong branches, new leaves branching out all over and healthy root systems. They traveled cross country and were packaged very securely in a strong cardboard box, so there was no damage when they arrived. I should also mention that the soil was still moist after a 7 day trip! I am truly impressed with this nursery and I happily recommend them to everybody!

Susan Smith | Duluth | 4/13/2019

Very pleased with this purchase.  The plants arrived very healthy and meticulously packed.  I can’t wait for the blooms!  Will definitely order from Wilson Brothers again.

John Culbertson | Marietta, Georgia | 4/15/2019

Healthy appearing, well-packed and large 2 gallon Daphnes.

Josephine Rick | Manakin Sabot | 4/12/2019

The plants arrived quickly and in great health.  They were packaged carefully.  They were happy, and I am overjoyed at how well they're doing.  Will definitely buy from Wilson Bros again!

Wiss | Allen | 4/14/2019

Arrived healthy and growing well.

Alex | North Carolina | 4/13/2019

Wilson Bros Nursery did a great job sending my plant, once purchased.  Three gallon size arrived trimmed and in pristine condition.  Packed well to help prevent damage.  Will order again.

James Ballard | Seattle Washington | 4/13/2019

Thank You,

I have looked for this kind of peach tree often. I have one that has produced peaches for years.  The tree was in excellent shape when it arrived and working with Wilson Bros Gardens has been a great experience.  

Always, Carla and Jim

Linda | Mobile | 4/9/2019

Recently lost a huge pot of this Jasmine, due to tree service misplacing the container, this fall. I can not remember how long I had this Jasmine, but I loved watching the colors change with season. It even had leaves that turned a beautiful red in the fall and winter.  I tried to find at some local nurseries to no avail. Even the business where I initially bought could not locate get their wholesaler. Some on line dealers came up, but had "not available with no restock date" But I found "The Brothers" and ordered because of the free shipping and price reduction of more than one ordered.Needless to say, I am thrilled that I found.  I was very pleased with the promptness and packing of the plant. I have recently found some of the old vines growing in the bed and am glad I now can share with friends. Thanks Guys!

KSStLouis | Kirkwood | 4/9/2019

I received this hydrangea by mail order and in May last year.  It was a beauty!  I planted it right away and had non-stop flowering of the most beautiful dark purpley-blue all summer long until frost.  Will post again when it comes up this spring.  I have seen some buds on it so It made it through our awful winter.

Emily Gartner | Hutto, Texas | 4/10/2019

We are very happy with our purchase! I do a good amount (probably too much) online plant shopping and have been disappointed time & time again, but there was absolutely no disappointment with our new Ginkgo child. It has already begun to grow & flourish so much. Exciting times ahead! Thank you for the excellent service & product.

Daniel Gowan | Bonne Terre, Missouri | 4/11/2019

The plants arrived just after the last freeze and are still fully leaved and looking great. The plants had fully developed root systems in large containers and look to grow very healthy in zone 6, Missouri. The packaging was superb, professional. Thank you.

Hank Z. | Edgewater, Florida | 4/9/2019

You folks are awesome. You turned my sucky Monday into a happy dance Monday, when I got home yesterday and saw that big box on the front porch. Vines are in the ground in time for the rain. Thanks again.

John Matthews | Atlanta | 4/9/2019

It is a very nice plant and so far we are very happy with it.  I wish I had noted your location when I ordered the plant; I could have easily driven down to pick it up and also see your nursery/farm.

Dave Johnson | St. Charles Illinois | 4/4/2019
Review of: Oakland Holly

Received my 3- Oakland Holly. All were well boxed and no damage during shipment. Very nice , healthy plants! Very pleased with my order.

Nancy | Wallburg, North Carolina | 4/3/2019

What a beautiful Holly specimen!  I ordered Nellie Stevens from other companies previously and they were not even similar to this exquisite tree.  It arrived in pristine shape, securely fastened and still moist.  It had been pruned into a pyramidal form.  It arrived April 1 with small white flowers present..  The birds will love this tree addition.  I have now become a repeat customer with Wilson Bros.  Their nursery stock is superb, healthy and packed with care.  Their communications are certainly an attribute in this age of quick internet sales and no follow-up.  I highly recommend this company for quality plants and trees and shrubs.

Steven Bussard Jr. | Rogersville | 4/9/2019

I bought this tree last fall and planted right before a big freeze.  I was worried it would die due to the shock of transplant and weather change from Georgia to Missouri.  It just came to life this Spring!

Laura Cagle | Kingston, Tennessee | 4/8/2019
                   Sir Robert Dwarf Azalea

Plants were very healthy....we’re packed for shipping....Excellent!
I check your stock for plants I want before I go to any other nursery.  I’m always pleased with dealing with Spencer!  He’s great!

Sandra | Urbana, Ohio | 4/6/2019

Gorgeous, large plants arrived when requested.  They were packaged to arrive safely and undamaged.  They were covered in blooms and the scent when opening the boxes was fantastic.  We would not hesitate to order here again.

Rick | Texas | 4/7/2019

Prompt delivery and plants were exactly as described! Redoing the backyard and these are going to be wonderful!

Brenda F. | Lufkin, Texas | 4/8/2019

Gorgeous plant, looks so healthy and can't wait for the blooms!

Gardener214 | Dallas, Texas | 4/5/2019

The plant arrived after its blooming season nice and healthy. The shrub arrived healthy, potted and was around 6" tall. I left the plant outside in a shady area in the backyard for a few days before potting it. The plant is thriving and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow bigger and bloom this coming winter.

John Gerber | Castalia, Ohio | 4/8/2019

I've been looking for another pair of narrow evergreens/conifers to add to an allée leading to the gazebo in our back gardens.  I have a pair for Jantar arborvitae planted at the far end and wanted specimens that would provide a similar narrow vertical accent on the end of the pathway closest to our patio.  I debated between the 1 gal and 3 gal size.  I am so glad I went with 3 gal size.  Superb specimens arrived securely packaged - despite delivery person leaving box on end instead of the side.  [Apparently the two large arrows were not large enough to grab the delivery person's attention].  When I popped them out of the pots, I was pleased to see well developed roots actively pushing new growth tips.  

My neighbor always kids me that I need a bigger back yard - now that I've found Wilson Bros, she may be right.  Thanks for the fantastic, high quality plants and prompt shipping.  Now, what else from Wilson Bros, can I fit into my landscape...  

I recommend Wilson Bros to everyone.  The care and pride they put into growing plants is evident.  And, free shipping rocks!

Debbie Barger | Brookport, Illinois | 4/3/2019

Excellent nursery for shipping healthy plants.

Patty Anderson | Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Plant arrived in good shape and has sweet smelling flowers already opening. I remembered a neighbor from my childhood having one and wanted to plant my own. Looking forward to watching it grow and produce more and more wonderful smelling flowers.

Nancy | Wallburg, North Carolina | 4/3/2019

The Zuni Crape Myrtle arrived in pristine condition, securely fastened, moist and with leaves on a one stem tree.  The shipment arrived early.  This is a good specimen.  I preferred a one stem tree.  It is a nice addition to my other Crape Myrtle specimens.  This is my first order with Wilson Bros. and I have discovered a fantastic, professional knowledgeable nursery to do business with.  I would not hesitate to recommend their plantings to anyone.  I will definitely become a repeat customer.

Rosemarie Morgan | Fairhope | 4/4/2019

The Japanese Maple 'Orangeola'  is difficult to find.  Wilson Bros sent a lovely little specimen, and it was so ingeniously packaged that it arrived in perfect condition.  I'm also pleased that it's happy enough in its pot to thrive while I prepare its new planting site.

Lloyd Orr | Crystal River | 4/7/2019

Plants were large and nice as advertized great looking plants. Shipping was great. Very happy with purchase.

Laurie Ferraez | Easton, Pennsylvnia | 4/7/2019

My azalea arrived well packaged and in great condition. I had some flowers and a lot of new growth. Just planted so hoping for the best.

David Siegel | Ormond Beach, Florida | 4/8/2019
                   Green's Blue Dwarf Camellia

Your plant material is excellent and everything went perfect.

Lorrene Hubbell | Texas | 4/5/2019

Very unique and lovely plants which arrived in excellent, healthy condition.  I can't wait to see them as they grow!

I purchased 2 of these which arrived in healthy, top notch condition.  They look lovely in planters on either side of my entryway.  Beautiful plants.

Yan | Bellevue, Washington | 4/7/2019

The initial shipment was cold damaged and did not survive. I got the replacement smoothly and the flowers smell heavenly!

Review of: Banana Shrub

A very healthy and fragrant plant, I like it very much!

Curtis | Desire Camellia Japonica | 4/4/2019

The plant was well packaged and came looking very healthy.  No issues whatsoever and I would order from them again.

David | Seattle | 4/5/2019

The grass just arrived.  It looks very healthy.  I can't wait to plant once it stops raining.

Les | Georgia | 4/8/2019

Plants arrived quickly, well packed and beautiful.  I was impressed how healthy and green the plants were.

Susan Monk | Pennsylvania | 4/3/2019

I continue to be impressed with the quality of plants shipped from Wilson Bros.  The plants they ship are high quality and they are excellently packaged. I saw this beautiful Japanese Maple last year and knew I had to have it.  I ordered it several months ago and gave them a preferred shipping date which they hit right on.  I am anxious to plant this gorgeous tree.  Wilson Bros. sent a beautiful plant, now it is up to me.  I have dealt with many plant mail order companies in the past, but I only deal with Wilson Bros. now, they are way above the others.

Claudia | South Carolina | 4/2/2019

Plants are very healthy and full. Arrived in perfect condition. Will be ordering more.

Kristine Baker | Indiana | 4/3/2019

All my order arrived with gorgeous plants. Plants were healthy and packed very well. I just love dealing with your company.

D$ | Charlotte | 4/2/2019

Bought the 1 gallon Berkman's Golden Arb.  It was shipped the next day & got to me 2 days after that. The thuja shrub was packed well & in good shape. Good price & free shipping. I'll order again.

Trey Casimir | Lewisburg, Pennsylvania | 4/2/2019

I bought my first plant from you, a bog salvia. I confess, I was busy and didn’t get to my plant for 2 or 3 days. When I opened it now it was in great condition — expertly and ingeniously packed. Great job — I’ll be back.

N. Horvath | Moore, South Carolina | 3/30/2019

Received our plants  quickly.  They were well packaged and came undamaged.   Have not planted yet (new home construction almost done) but added a little more dirt and have set them outside on the porch temporarily where they are thriving.  Will definitely be back for more!!

Elaine Latore | College Park, Georgia | 4/2/2019

Plants arrived according to schedule. I live in Ga, yet I found it interesting that it took two weeks for delivery. Nevertheless, the plants were packed, delivered and in excellent condition. I purchased them for screening, and I hope these 3-gallon plants will give me the privacy needed to block an ugly gulley and trashy neighbors home. 
I also am looking forward to the first blooms so I can experience the smells that others speak about in the reviews.

Robert Hawkins | Hephzibah | 3/31/2019

Nice plants we ordered over a 125 and all looked good.

Renae | Mississippi | 4/2/2019

Received in excellent condition.  Maple was just as described.  Thank you for your excellent service.

Kimberly McCarthy | Pace | 3/24/2019

The plants are very healthy, but I was a little disappointed in the size. I have purchased many plants from here and they were always so big and full...much nicer than what I could find locally. Nice plants just very small.

Michael | Virginia | 4/1/2019

Very healthy plant and the size was as advertised.

Alanna | Norfolk, Virginia | 3/31/2019

Nothing prepared me for the excitement and delight I felt after opening the package I received from Wilson Bros. I’ve ordered from other sites in the past and received plants that left me disappointed. These camellias are healthy, absolutely gorgeous, and far larger than I expected. They are thriving in my yard right now and even my landscaper noticed and asked where I found them! Thank you so much!

Monica Miller | Tyler, Texas | 3/31/2019

I needed just one more aralia of this variety to round out a bed.  I was delighted with the size and condition of this plant.  I have too often been disappointed with online nurseries,  This transaction was absolutely perfect.  Thank you!

Susan Lamb | Truth or Consequences | 3/26/2019

Absolutely the best and beautiful; thank you so much! My fig arrived promptly and securely packaged. I was delighted with the size, three strong branches and each one perfectly leafed. I recently purchased one for the same price plus added shipping from Gurneys and received a 5 in stick in a three inch pot so be sure that you only purchase from Wilson Bros. when looking for a truly magnificent fig! Thanks again!!!

Judith Geraci | Jacksonville, Florida | 3/25/2019
                   Confederate Rose Hibiscus
                   Rosea Plena Camellia

I’m very pleased with my purchases from Williams Bros Nursery. Truly, 5 out of 5 stars! The plants arrived very well packaged and of an excellent size. Although I couldn’t plant them for a few days, they held up fine and have, now that they are planted in my garden, thrived. I’m very impressed and shall definitely be making more purchases over time. 

Susie Pitts | Fountain Inn South Carolina | 3/23/2019

My plants were great! Healthy and packaged well. They are planted. Thank you for loving and taking care of these. I purchased 4 but I wish I had purchased 6. Thank you so much!!!

Christa | Panama City | 3/25/2019
Review of: Deodar Cedar

Plant arrived in good shape. Ordered on a Thursday arrived the following Monday. Was very pleased with the quality of the tree. It is replacing a 40yr old cedar lost to hurricane Michael, I will be happy to see it grow.

Wesley Cheng | New York | 3/21/2019

The tree arrived in a perfect condition even the soil is still moist.  Waiting for a warmer weather to plant in ground.

Elaine Scott | Greenville, North Carolina | 3/23/2019

Bill & I saw a gorgeous Vibrant Azalea at Plant Delights in Raleigh. We asked Tony where we could find it and we’re told it was a Harris hybrid and hard to find. We were in Georgia and decide to look since this was the area Harris lived and did his work. When I googled and your nursery website came up, we were thrilled!  We love to roam nurseries and we’re disappointed you were not open to the public and we were a little dubious of ordering online. However, when the three one gallon azaleas arrived, we were overjoyed.  They were perfect and are now planted, blooming and putting in new growth!  They are perfectly Vibrant!

Joyce Chlebowski | Pensacola, Florida | 3/22/2019

This is a gorgeous specimen of Japanese Maple.  It was lovely when it arrived but in just a few weeks, it has budded, the leaves are so delicate and beautiful.  The tree has already began to grow branches.  It is stunning.  I am so pleased.  A shout out to the customer service group who answered my questions and suggested this variety.  Thank you so much.  You have a customer for life!

Karen Harris | New Smryna Beach, Florida | 3/23/2019

Delicate blooms. Plant arrived in bloom. Excellent packaging. Customer service is great. Keeps me coming back!

Chris Killmeyer | New Cumberland, Pennsylvania | 3/22/2019

Fast shipping. Arrived with a bloom which has been looking and smelling great for weeks now. It's now starting to leaf out. Just what I expected for the price.

Paulette Belmore | Fort Worth | 3/21/2019

Received my Tea Olive yesterday. It was packed extremely well and it arrived in excellent condition. The plant itself was gorgeous and robust, I am eager to get it in the ground.

Received my Daphne plants yesterday and they were securely packed and in excellent health. They were robust and beautiful. My only regret is that they are presently out of stock and I need at least a dozen more.

I received my Dwarf Daphne plants yesterday and they were well packed and happy, healthy plants. Already in bloom they smelled lovely.

Cherie Taylor | Fernandina Beach, Florida | 3/21/2019

The quality of the tree and superb packaging have made me a Wilson Brothers customer for life! Very well done!

Jane Gribbin | Greensboro, Georgia | 3/23/2019

I was hesitant to order plants thru the mail but with the free shipping offer I went ahead and ordered 4 Hilda Niblett azaleas on March 18 and they were delivered on the 21st. The plants were very securely packed and healthy with new growth. Excellent service and product!

Wendy Melnyk | Ocala | 3/25/2019

Seems to be adapting well to its new home.  Lots of green leaves.

Lots of new growth. Happy with purchase.

The buds are just now starting to open.  Can see the yellow color already.  Will post a picture when they have opened!

Janet Sager | Texas | 3/23/2019

Received the Lady Banks rose very quickly and it was in a very healthy condition.  Planted it and no wilting or dead limbs.  It was a large plant with yellow blooms already on it!!   It has flourished!!  I am so pleased with the plant!!  I wish I had known about Wilson Bros. nursery a long time ago,  I would have avoided disappointments  from buying online.  I will definitely buy from them again.

Paul Nelson | Haslet | 3/20/2019

All of two orders arrived in excellent shape.  Reasonable prices and no shipping fees.

Emily Schmick | Albuquerque | 3/19/2019

A beautiful little plant that is budding lots of green leaves. I'm so excited for the fruit!

Griffin | Savannah | 3/19/2019

The azaleas are beautiful!  They arrived quickly and in perfect condition.  Couldn't ask for better service and product.

Holly | Texas | 3/19/2019

We purchased the Orange Tea Olive Tree in memory of our loving pet dachshund who passed away a few months ago. Hope this tree gives us as much joy as he did.  Thanks Spencer for sending the one trunk tree form as requested. Waiting for it to start putting out new foliage.  It is still very much dormant.  Hopefully it will settle well in its new home.

Terry Williams | Alabama | 3/17/2019

Came well packaged. All plants that I have ordered came as described. All orders filled timely and nursery is very helpful if you have any questions!

Sally Hutcheson | South Carolina | 3/15/2019

I ordered and received a 1 Gallon April Rose Pink Camelia today and was very happy with the beautiful shape it arrived in.
It had several open camellias and several buds and lots of good looking greenery.  I would have loved a 2 or 3 Gallon but you were
out and I have spent too much money on gardening this year anyway.  This is the first time I have ordered from you but it will definitely
not be the last.  Thank you for your excellent quality!

Julie Redington | Texas | 3/14/2019

They arrived in excellent shape, with moist dirt in the pots.  We have read the instructions on the website and look forward to planting the bushes and having loads of berries!

Pat | Lynn Haven, Florida | 3/16/2019

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition and is thriving in its new home with blossoms and new growth. Very pleased with Wilsons and my azalea.

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition with blossoms and a few baby blueberries.  It's thriving in its new home.

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition with blossoms and a few baby blueberries.  It's thriving in its new home.

Fast shipping and well packaged. This beautiful and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition with blossoms and a few baby blueberries.  It's thriving in its new home.

Stacy DeVerter | San Antonio | 3/14/2019

You get a box of sticks, then within two days the thing explodes--every time.

John Stephenson | Albany | 3/14/2019

Plant arrived looking very healthy.  After a couple of days inside to acclimatize, we had a late freeze, it’s now planted in a tall vertical planter in the edge of a flower bed (daffodils and daylilies) next to our screened porch and a brick wall and will hopefully spread along the wall with beautiful and fragrant white flowers.

Plant arrived in great shape. Is now almost in full bloom and is simply stunning.  Couldn’t be happier.

Anne Wright | Texas | 3/13/2019

Thanks for the beautiful azaleas. They were packed well and look wonderful!

We are very pleased with this azalea that we received from Wilson Bros Gardens. It was packed well and is a healthy plant!

Tina Beal | Houston | 3/13/2019

This item arrived in perfect condition and had one flower already opening. The flowers itself is majestic and as big as my hand.

Such a lovely contrasting Cypress.

Denise Tyre | Miami, Florida | 3/13/2019

This wonderful Japonica I received approx 4 weeks ago and is already budding.
Cant wait to see this beauty!

John McGill | Birmingham, Alabama | 3/13/2019

I met Dixie Knight once or twice and her daughter-in-law is a dear friend.  Was so glad to see this cultivar on your website!  Bought 2.  Arrived in perfect condition and are beautiful planted.

Gaynell duke | West Point | 3/11/2019

My plants arrived within a week of my order. They were carefully packed for their shipment to my home. I am looking forward to their beauty as spring approaches each year. Thank you for your speedy shipment.

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 3/10/2019
Review of: Silver Lace Fern

Beautiful fern.  Came larger than I expected, very well packaged and quick.  It was very healthy looking with new growth uncurling.  I planted it in the garden, under the trees -- a shady spot with very little sun but bright ambient light. We had an unexpected light freeze about a week after I planted it and I thought it would have affected it, but it seems to be o.k., still growing new fronds.  Here, South East Texas, not any fern will grow, or you have to have it in an ideal location.  I don't have that.  The only shade my yard has in under trees and I only have a few trees.  But I love ferns and I try them.  I have had several different ferns survive for three years now.  They get pretty bad looking in the summer heat but in fall, when the weather starts to cool, they get a burst of growth and last through the fall and into early winter, since we have mild winters here.  I hope this fern will survive and become part of my collection.  Wilson Bros has not disappointed me yet.  If this fern survives the first year, I will get more.  Thank you Wilson Bros. 

Lisa Gilstrap | South Carolina | 3/11/2019

Tree arrived in good shape and appears to be healthy. I was very pleased.


Donald hill | Cherry Log, Georgia | 3/8/2019

We saw one of these in a big box store over Xmas season and really liked it but it was way overpriced and none available come early Spring. We found them on Wilson Brothers online for a reasonable price and size and took a chance ordering two. They arrived quickly in very sturdy packaging in excellent condition and were immediately transferred to large containers we had already preparred on our deck. A few weeks later we had a week of late hard freeze but the plants showed no signs of any effect. We look forward to seeing them grow to full size over the next few years. A great choice for all year color in an evergreen container plant. Highly recommend this unique plant and especially Wilson Bros service and packaging compared to other online nurseries we have had previous experience with.

Robin Hagin | Locust Grove, Georgia | 3/7/2019

Tea Olives are the best smelling plants there is. A few years back as I was perusing Wilson Bros Nursery, I walked into one of their structures and was hit by this wonderful smell. I grabbed one of the helpful workers and he showed me this plant with white flowers and I bought 3. They're pretty big by now. Then I saw the Orange Tea Olive on W.B.'s website, I had to have one. Came within 2 days, packed to the gill, not one branch or leaf broken off this beautiful healthy plant. It's in the ground now and looking good. Can't wait for it to bloom. We're gonna let it grow into a tree too like the white ones. Now a shout out to Wilson Bros. I've been going to their nursery since they opened.  They have helped me with questions, picking out plants and are very knowledgable. If they don't know, they look it up right there and then for you. I brought in a thing that was growing in my yard. It had a sticker in the middle which you didn't see until you stepped on it barefoot. Ouch. One of the owners riffled through a book and found what it was then picked out the weedkiller I needed to kill it. Haven't had it crop up anymore. Right now the physical nursery is closed for renovating and it makes me sad because about tis time of the year, I like to walk around and choose what I'm gonna plant. Hope they open back up soon. Anyway, you can't go wrong with W.B. no matter if it's online or physical nursery.. They stand by their inventory.

Cheryl Smith | Arkansas | 3/7/2019

Excellence all the way!  Good sized plants.  Healthy.  One bloomed within days, and bloom was just as beautiful as their advertising.  Will buy from this seller again!

Alex Grinager | Prescott Valley | 3/6/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The plant is considerably larger than I expected. It is the size plants used to be way back when. Well established,, beautiful plant. in excellent condition. I plan to continue shopping with Wilson Brothers. They have quality and selection that will bring me back.

Tra | Alabama | 3/5/2019

I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. The communications were great. The chaste trees arrived quickly and the quality of the plant was awesome.

Lee | Arkansas | 3/4/2019

Again, I am so pleased with the healthy LARGE plant I received, pink dogwood 3 gal. almost 4’ tall! Can’t wait to plant it and watch it grow! Thanx, again, Wilson Bros!

Julie & Andy Moon | Sprtanburg | 3/5/2019

The plants were packaged beautifully and arrived very quickly as healthy and vibrant plants. Instructions for planting and care were included and we will wait and see. We love the flower color and evergreen leaves.

Jen | Raleigh | 3/3/2019

As someone who orders plants online quite often, I feel I am qualified to rate Wilson Bros 5 stars for their plant quality (and size!) and packaging. Love these plants and can't wait until they are tall enough to screen my side yard. Thanks!

Wanda Davis | Louisiana | 3/1/2019

Excited you had the Dixie Knight Supreme for sale.  You have the best camellias and seem to know just which ones I like the most.  It was full of buds and two were blooming to verify the plant is true to name.  I highly recommend your camellias.

June Oldaker | Florida | 3/2/2019

This plant has a beautiful scent. The plant arrived with a bloom and has since put on leaves. I'm so happy to add this to my garden.

June Oldaker | Florida | 3/2/2019
Review of: Florida Anise

I was very pleased with the quality of this shrub when it arrived. It's healthy and shaped nicely. I can't wait for it to bloom!

Lynda Montgomery | Alabama | 3/2/2019

Absolutely gorgeous!  All five of the camellias we received were, and still are, healthy and gorgeous! At least two of them had blooms when they arrived!  They arrived within a few days after we ordered them, just as promised!  Love this company, will order from them again!!!!!

Rae Lynn A. | Texas | 2/28/2019
                     Ruby Spice Summersweet
                     Wedding Gown Lacecap Hydrangea
                     Nokorika Fragrant Purple Camellia
                     Garden Jewel Fragrant Camellia

You have the healthiest plants I've ever ordered! I sure get my moneys worth!

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 2/28/2019

I have not had good luck with growing Camellias but could not pass up the chance at trying again with this one, Professor Sargent.  If the picture is true to form, the flowers are gorgeous, I have to try.  I only purchased the 1 gallon because, as I said, my luck has not been good in the past with the Camellias from the local nurseries.  The tree arrived fairly quickly and very well packaged.  It is of a good shape and good color.  I hope it will be happy here.  Thank you Wilson Bros.  You send top notch plants and I will shop with you again.

TJ | Humble, Texas | 2/28/2019

Nice website and good service.

Tessa | Texas | 2/28/2019

Was very pleased with both the product I received as well as the support when resolving issues. Highly recommended.

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 2/28/2019

Gorgeous and smells so good!  Ordered the 1 gallon and it came in fairly quickly and extremely well packaged.  The tree is in excellent shape, very healthy and perfectly pruned.  I hope it will survive here in South East Texas.  I have grown Bald Cypress, so I am hoping this Arizona Cypress will do well here.  The prices at Wilson Bros are comparable to the local nurseries for this size pot; but online there is a larger variety to choose from.  Here in my neck of the woods all the nurseries tend to carry the same handful of species.  I like trying something different.  Whether the 'different' species survives is 50/50; but it is fun trying.  I have not been disappointed by Wilson Bros and will definitely keep coming here to shop.  Thank you.

Ted Vick | Macon | 2/28/2019

Great Service, I have two large plants and wanted another. They are hard to find, The fragrance fills the yard. One of the best plants to have in Jan. Feb.

Anna Rouly-Smith | Texas | 2/28/2019

This is the Southern Magnolia with the two toned leaves.  Deep green on top; beautiful deep bronze underneath; large flowers and evergreen.  I have one of the Southern Magnolias growing in my yard and it is gorgeous.  In the afternoon sun, when the light hits the tree, it seems as though the bronze under tone glows.  I wanted another tree like this and could not find one in the local nurseries.  If I did find some they were in horrible condition.  When I saw this on Wilson Bros website I did not know for sure if it was a Magnolia with the true bronze undertone, but I took a chance and ordered one, and am very excited to say that it is the correct species.  It arrived fairly quickly and very well packaged.  It is gorgeous and appears to be very healthy and well groomed.  Can not wait to get it in the ground.  Thank you Wilson Bros for sending me such a beautiful tree.  I will definitely be shopping with you again.

TJ | Humble Texas | 2/28/2019

Looking forward to the blooms.

John Bloodworth | Nokomis, Florida | 2/27/2019

Our 3 gallon banana shrub arrived today and awed that it was in perfect shape—in the pot and best packaging job I have ever seen. It looked like it was on a greenhouse floor when I stood it up! All this and with free shipping. Thanks!

Marc C. | Tallahassee Florida | 2/26/2019

Shipment came in untouched by UPS, well packaged, excellent looking trees.
Can't wait to plant.

 John | Ohio | 2/26/2019

The Arctic Dawn Camellia arrived well packed and undamaged. It was healthy and had plenty of flower buds. It is now in a cool room of my house and in flower. I will keep it as a potted plant as I am in Zone 5 .

Marc C. | Tallahassee, Florida | 2/26/2019

Shipment came in untouched by UPS, well packaged, excellent healthy looking trees. Large buds, Can't wait to plant.

Ida Jo Duncan | Wichita Falls | 2/26/2019

My crepe myrtles arrived, carefully packaged, but in a dormant state. I wish they had come with planting instructions included, but the Wilson site gave detailed instructions. Right now they are just poor, little swiggy things so can hardly wait for spring.

Michael L. Fleming | Coquille | 2/22/2019

First thing is the tree arrived in perfect shape. I wish more growers would use your method of packaging their plants. The only problems I had was getting the tree out of the box and the fact that there weren't planting instructions with the tree. People shouldn't have to go to the website in order to get the plant in the ground. As far as everything the else my wife and I are completely happy with our purchase and the way it arrived and the timely manner in which it was shipped. Will def be purchasing more plants in the future.

Jen Long | Arizona | 2/20/2019

The tree arrived fast and in very good condition. It only has 3 catkins and no leaves so far, but I assume that is normal during winter. I know this Contorted Filbert isn't recommended for my region, but I'll try my best to make it grow. I'm from Germany where these beautiful trees are very common, so I just couldn't resist and thought I'll give it a try.

Karen Harris | Florida | 2/23/2019

Plant arrived in great condition, still moist with all container materials still in place. Plant has many buds which have not opened yet but are healthy looking.

Patricia Fucci | Massachusetts | 2/25/2019

When this plant arrived I was amazed how tall and healthy it had arrived I'm so glad I found the Wilson brothers nursery their products are amazing every plant I've received has arrived on time and in great shape.. Thank you !!!!!

Sharon Butler | Arkansas | 2/22/2019

These yews arrived in beautiful condition! Healthy plants. Can’t wait to plant them. If they do well, I just might have to order more! :) Thank you!

T. S. Camp | Washington | 1/18/2019

Fabulous packing, and FAST shipping... Cross-Country... arrived in a week.. with Zero damage to box and or tree.... 

Tree has already began transitioning into new growth... sitting in a grow tent w/ ample lighting waiting on spring.....

Stacy Deverter | San Antonia | 1/16/2019

Ain't nothin' gonna happen to anything they ship.
I opened a box with two blueberry plants--one in each end of the box--and thought I was just going to lift them out of the box. Each pot had been stapled through the box to ensure no slippage during transit. Beautiful! One plant had absolutely no leaves when I opened it, but within three days had exploded all over in buds. I'm definitely going to have blueberries this year. Next up, blackberries.

Kathy Saylor | Crawfordville | 1/15/2019

Almost 3 feet tall on arrival,  and already has new green buds all over!  It is going to be absolutely beautiful!  After it's spring bloom is done, just a careful trim to shape it, and next season, it will be GLORIOUS!

John Ducote | Avondale | 1/14/2019

Arrived in good condition. Shipping was fast and on time.

Andre Fucci | Massachusetts | 2/13/2019

Purchased this plant for my wife and when it arrived it was in great shape,  she absolutely loved it! I plan on using this vendor again. Thank you.

KandiRae | Washington State | 2/8/2019
Review of: Cast Iron Plant

Love this plant! Arrived in excellent stand up packaging. Looks very healthy and in the 2 weeks since arrival 2 new small shoots. Arrived in a timely manner. Will order again! Thank you!

Monica Lin | Washington | 2/7/2019

The plant went through extreme weather in Illinois and the plant arrived not healthy, I contacted Wilson Bros with a picture, they immediately replied my e-mail telling me something happened during shipping  and would refund. I received the refund next day.

I would also like to mention, the shipping box is the best quality one I have ever seen, it is customized for Wilson Bros, it is very sturdy and hold the plant very firmly. 

In summary, Honest people, excellent service. Thank you, Spencer!

Monica Lin | Washington | 2/7/2019

Three gallon Osmanthus is hard to find, I am happy to find one. The plant arrived healthy as expected.
I would also like to mention, the shipping box is the best quality one I have ever seen, it is customized for Wilson Bros, it is very sturdy and hold the plant very firmly.

Susan Marquardt | Chicago | 2/7/2019

I had purchased this plant to put in my chameleon's atrium. The atrium has the perfect conditions for it to thrive.
It only took about two weeks and I am already seeing beautiful and flowering buds.

Mark Fuller | Georgia | 2/6/2019

Ordered this plant for my wife's birthday. It arrived quickly and in good condition.

Ashley | Jacksonville | 2/5/2019

The shipping was fast and the plant was very secure. The plant looked lovely with a few buds on it. Some of the buds fell off during shipping that were in the process of blooming, but I think that is to be expected with travel! The plant looks healthy and lovely.

I appreciate all the great information that Wilson Bros provides on their plants regarding appropriate zones and even specific planting instructions. Everything was user friendly and clear!

Thank you!

Char Adams | Georgia | 2/5/2019

The Pink Perfection Camellia was a perfect birthday gift!

Linda Jenkins | Florida | 2/4/2019

I ordered two Camelia Hybrids High Fragrance from Wilson Bros Gardens  because they were not available in my local nurseries. The plants arrived within just a few days carefully wrapped and in excellent health. The two were so nice I quickly ordered one more. The third bush arrived just as promptly. The third had ants in the box and bucket., but the plant was healthy and unharmed. When I notified Wilson Bros, they immediately responded to my message with many apologies. The ants were due to the rain they had gotten and not harmful. They then sent me a bottle of Neem oil and spray bottle to combat any further issues. Fantastic customer service!

Karen Guidry | Oklahoma | 2/4/2019

Received in very nice condition. Waiting for spring!

Karen Guidry | Oklahoma | 2/4/2019

Received in perfect condition. Beautiful plant. Can’t wait for weather to get nicer.

Craig Shaner | Willow Spring | 1/31/2019

This is my third order from Wilson Bros. In each case, the plant arrived quickly, well-packaged and healthy looking. No complaints. I won't know until Spring how they fare in clay (amended) soil. I planted this fast-growing Holly to add more privacy and hope it grows rapidly as advertised. The tree arrived about 3' tall. 

R. | Florida | 1/30/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

Our "banana bush" arrived on time and in great condition,  We planted it right away and after a couple weeks it looks beautiful and appears to be thriving, Can't wait for the incredibly fragrant blooms to start!

Frances Sasser | Atlanta | 1/27/2019

Beautiful plant, excellent and quick delivery. Highly recommend.

Brenda | New Orleans | 1/28/2019
Review of: Goggy Camellia

Beautiful, healthy plant.  I will definitely not hesitate to order additional items.

Nancy | Virginia | 1/26/2019

It's too early to tell much. But, the tree arrived within 2 days. It was a nice size, well branched, and the soil was moist. We dug it in and watered it, and are hoping for great results in the spring! I'll get back to you then.

Katrina W. | South Carolina | 1/25/2019

I purchased this Camellia several months ago but I am just now reviewing. This camellia arrived in PERFECT condition, not one leaf had fallen during transit. It was huge (pic included) with gorgeous glossy green leaves and in the most beautiful and perfect health. I was blown away!! Thank you again Wilson Bros! Your plants are just fantastic and I appreciate the care and quality you put into each one! I could go on, but my pic of this camellia will say it ALL lol. 5 STARS!

Becky | Virginia | 1/25/2019

Tree arrived in great condition, very securely packed and bigger than expected. This was my first purchase from Wilson Bros. and it will definitely not be my last.

Kitty | Florida | 1/24/2019
Review of: Hermes Camellia

Lovely plant.  Very full and nice.

Karen Harris | Florida | 1/23/2019

A healthy, beautifully packaged plant. I can’t wait for the first bloom.

Patti Fucci | Massachussets | 1/23/2019

This item is a life saver it helps me watering my delicate plants and not dry them out or over water.  I recommend everyone should have one of these to keep their plant healthy and growing. I also wan to say thank you to the Wilson family for helping me with advice on my plants. They definitely stand 200% behind their product and are always available to help with any problems you may be having even if it's minor. A BIG thank you!!!

Joseph Zielinski | New Jersey | 1/20/2019

Plants arrived well packed and ready to plant from pots. All three looked healthy and full of color. Easy to plant and all three continue to look great in our recent winter weather.

Vickie | Texas | 1/16/2019

I was so happy when I received 4 of these 3-gallon Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon plants.  They were meticulously packaged and are very healthy.  Nice size.  I can't wait to get them in the ground!

Sue | Pittsburgh | 1/15/2019

Bought a Red Dragon from Wilson Bros. and was pleased with what a nice size it was, and how well it was packed. It arrived happy and safe! I will buy from these guys again!

Don | Arkansas | 1/14/2019

Your Camellias are wonderful and healthy when they arrive. Most local plant stores have nothing in stock in our area and the ones that do have nothing to compare to your products. I can't wait for them to grow so that I can fully enjoy them.

Terri | Texas | 1/12/2019

I had been looking for a Teddy Bear Magnolia for over a year but was unable to find it in my local garden centers. I'm so glad I was able to order one from Wilson Bros. The tree arrived quickly and is healthy and robust, a fine addition to my garden!

Patti Fucci | Massachusetts | 1/9/2019

This camelia is amazing I've never seen one like this.  The plant is magical just a beauty.  It arrived healthy and perfectly wrapped I can't wait to show it off.

Karen Harris | Florida | 1/8/2019

This azalea has not bloomed yet but it is full of buds. It looks very healthy and came so well packed  not even the pieces of mulch were displaced. It was still moist.

Patti Fucci | Massachusetts | 1/7/2019

I love this plant it arrived healthy and with buds and I am enjoying their bloom. The plants are so healthy and the staff are so helpful, I get my response in less than 24 hours. I love this place.

 Sandra Lawrence | Texas | 1/6/2019

I ordered the Fatsia 'Spiderweb' along with a tree, so I was a bit apprehensive regarding shipping. All for nothing, because both plants arrived in compartments within one box that suited each of them. This Fatsia was perfect, not one leaf was crimped. It was healthy and well-rooted and a very nice size. The soil was still slightly damp. I did give it a drink upon arrival & planted it next day, following included planting directions. It's doing beautifully! In all my years of mail ordering plants, this was superior to the best of my prior experiences.

George Straw | Texas | 1/4/2019

All the plants that I receive from Wilson Bros have been amazing plants.  Thanks.

Melih Ozdil | New York | 1/3/2019

Very good quality and superior services. Thank you.

Stuart McKeel | Georgia | 1/2/2019

Plant was delivered quickly and was in good shape when I opened the box.  It has all of it leaves in the middle of winter.  I expect it to be a good plant year -round.

Wanda Davis | Louisiana | 1/1/2019

It came full and full of buds.  Wilson Brothers is consistently great.  I highly recommend their plants.

Drew Palavage | New Jersey | 12/30/2018

The plant arrived well packed in the box and alive.   I planted it in the ground by a trellis.  We’ll see how it grows in the spring.  I’m Hopeful!

Ron Mattocks | Alabama | 12/29/2018
Review of: Deodar Cedar

Super service, and very nice trees both times I have ordered trees. Wish all online buying was this good.

Jessica Sylvester | North Carolina | 12/29/2018

I bought this for a present and I was so pleased with how it looked. It was larger than I thought and I was so shocked it was getting ready to bloom. I cannot wait to see it in the ground.

Joseph Phillips | Texas | 12/28/2018

Our Teddy Bear Dwarf Southern Magnolia - 3 Gallon Pot arrived on time and was in excellent condition.  The planting instructions were excellent.

Bryan Hancock | Florida | 12/28/2018

Healthy looking, nice sized plant quickly received.  Looking forward to spring with it!

Review of : Grancy Graybeard

Healthy looking, nice sized plant - looking forward to spring.

Judy Wheeler | Knoxville | 12/27/2018

Products always arrive well-packed and in good condition . I called about a question I had and got a great response. 
I love ordering from Wilson Bros. It is a quality place.Thanks, Wilson Bros!

Thomas Talbot | New Mexico | 12/27/2018

As with most of my previous experiences with Wilson Bros. the plants arrived fast and in great shape.  I was super impressed with their size.  I previously worked for a large retail nursery and had tried to stock variegated Osmanthus heterophyllus, only to have these arrive larger than the 5 gallon ones a major wholesaler had sent down from Oregon. I now do consultations and specialty gardens privately, and my customers were extremely pleased with their matching variegated Osmanthus, arriving just in time to complete the Christmas decor they were planning. 

Larry Smith | Prescott | 12/26/2018

Received promptly. Plants in great shape. Packaging was extraordinary. Best online nursery I've found. Will be buying more plants here!

Cid | Fairhope | 12/24/2018

Beautiful Alba Plena Camellia arrived intact and healthy. Foliage is full and green. Can’t wait to see blooms.

Nanci McPhail | Georgia | 12/22/2018

My local paper ran a syndicated article praising the merits of this new variety. My husband wanted it so badly but I could not find it locally.
Wilson Bros. sent a gorgeous healthy budded plant that is magnificent!

Fay Bohlayer | Georgia | 12/21/2018

Camellia Japonicas, Debutante (3 gal) and Bobbi Fain (1 gal):  Both arrived in prime condition, well packed, beautiful, healthy plants—even two blooms on the larger one. I am well pleased and will shop here again.

Lyda | Mississippi | 12/20/2018

Very healthy. Packaged well. No broken limbs. Unboxed immediately. Planted 2 days later. They are thriving with new growth and what looks like may be some flower buds just a couple of weeks later.  Nice.

Drew | New Jersey | 12/20/2018

I ordered this plant when it was pretty cold out. It’s in my greenhouse waiting for spring.  Packed well. Received plant in winter dormancy so I can’t remark on its growth, leaves, flowers or fruit.  Can’t wait for spring.

Teresa Newman | Kentucky | 12/20/2018

I ordered and planted a Professor Sargent Camellia Japonica. The plant arrived in such beautiful condition and full of wonderful buds. I was exceedingly happy. I ended up planting it in a different location than originally intended. It seemed to leap to life as soon as it was nestled in it's new home. Within a few weeks I have an abundance of new growth. I  am so happy with my purchase and with Wilson Brothers. They have done a great job. Merry Christmas to all.

Judith Walther | Georgia | 12/20/2018

Plant arrived very well packed and looking good.

Christopher Loesch | North Carolina | 12/19/2018
Review of: Deodar Cedar

Was looking LATE fall for a Deodar cedar and they are not easy to find in Charlotte, NC as it is unless you are willing to pay $$$ for a larger B&B specimen.  I for one like to start with smaller trees and shrubs to help avoid girdling roots and transplant shock but also they are just easier to manage and i'm patient.  This 5 gallon tree was the right size and form and arrived well packaged and in great condition.  I have nothing but positives to say about Wilson Bros Gardens.  Nice stock and most importantly they're fast!

Amber Smith | Georgia | 12/18/2018

Beautiful tree!! Fast shipping!

Karen Harris | Florida | 12/17/2018

My Black Dragon Cedar arrived well packaged, in excellent condition, still moist. I potted it and placed where I can look at it every day. It hasn’t been long enough to know if it will survive but I love the free form. I will certainly order from Wilson Brothers again!

Karen Harris | Florida | 12/17/2018

I purchased this plant for my daughter’s Christmas gift. She lives about 15 miles from Lake Erie. She was thrilled with how beautiful the plant was upon arrival. It was healthy looking, very well packaged with no damage, still moist even though delivery was delayed two days due to weather. It has been in the ground two weeks and still looks beautiful!

Drew Palavage | New Jersey | 12/14/2018

I ordered this being very sceptical about what I would receive. The box arrived, very well packed, and the plant was healthy and beautiful! Bigger than I thought. I put it in the ground right away.....for it’s now cold here. We’ll see in the spring! I’m very optimistic. Great variety of unique plants. I’m running out of room!

G. M. Gibson | Washington, D.C. | 12/13/2018

This beautifully-shaped sasanqua camellia arrived carefully packed--and absolutely full of buds. It's now blooming its heart out, despite the cold. And when I transplanted it, I discovered that it was actually two shrubs! Couldn't be more delighted. Thanks so much.

Frank Catchpole | Florida | 12/13/2018

Gorgeous plant and thriving.

Robert Stirling | Oregon | 12/12/2018

Had never ordered plants/shrubs online - two Yuletide Camellias, 3 gallon, arrived in great condition and very promptly after placing the order.  They are now planted in our back yard and surprisingly have a few beautiful blooms.  We were hesitant about ordering, but our concerns have been eased and all is good.  Thanks for your follow up and great care.  You are appreciated!!

Susan Walker | Maryland | 12/12/2018

I love the smell of honeysuckle but have avoided it due to the reputation of it growing out of control and overgrowing in an area and becoming difficult to control. This sounds like it is not going to do this, I am planting it along a fence line, in an area that I have had difficulty growing anything, it is pretty wet, it does drain but it is pretty wet. Wish me luck.

Susan Walker | Maryland | 12/11/2018

Hi, I received my camellia and it is beautiful. I am going to try and grow this one in a pot and place it close to my front door. I watered it today after it came, the weather is a little cold in Maryland right now but I hope that it will be happy close to the house this winter. Camellias are easy to fall in love with, I hope to be able to keep it alive and then to thrive in my neck of the woods. It will receive morning light and afternoon shade where I have placed it. If you have any videos I can watch please e-mail them. I am on your web site looking for more info. Thanks for growing these beautiful plants. SW

Rick Espinoza | Texas | 12/11/2018

I wanted a bamboo tree and didn't know where to go.  Wilson Bros large variety and type helped me choose the golden bamboo that was mailed perfectly to my home in San Antonio, TX.  I loved it so much I ordered a 2nd.  The second one wasn't that great; however, Wilson Bros made amends making it so easy to receive a full refund without fuss.  Much appreciated Wilson Bros, I look forward to when this specimen becomes available.

Patricia | Massachusetts | 12/11/2018 

I received the camellia in great shape the plant was healthy, packaged with care and I plan on purchasing more plants from Wilson Brothers Gardens. Thank you.

Rob | North Carolina | 12/11/2018

This tree is extremely unique and a great focal part of my front garden.  As always, the specimen I received from Wilson Brothers was in great shape - very healthy and great shape!

William | North Carolina | 12/10/2018

Excellent fast service on receiving the Major Wheeler Honeysuckle. plant was healthy and showing nice growth.

G.M. Gibson | Washington, D.C. | 12/5/2018

Delighted with this gorgeous red Yuletide camellia! It arrived quickly, carefully packed and in full bloom, and has ignored the frosts that have made sodden tissues of most other camellia blooms in my garden. For winter color, this just can't be beat. Thank you Wilson Brothers!

Julie Davidson | North Carolina | 12/3/2018
Review of: Swamp Jessimine

We looked all over the Charlotte area and no one had the Swamp Jessamine.  We ordered 4 plants.  They came in perfect condition and were beautiful plants.

Michael Dosey | Michigan | 12/2/2018

Plant looks very healthy and is of good size. Has buds which presumably will blossom soon.

John | Ohio | 12/1/2018

I was very pleased with the large, healthy and well budded Camellia. It arrived  well packed and undamaged. I will not hesitate to purchase from Wilson Bros. again.

Lucy Davidson | Dawsonville | 11/29/2018

I was delighted to find such large camellia plants that could be shipped.  Local nurseries only carried a few varieties and only plants that were currently in bloom, regardless of best planting time.  Wilson Bros shipping was fast and the camellias arrived in perfect condition. 

Rosemary Downer | Westport Point | 11/28/2018

Very impressed with the quality of these plants. Arrived in perfect condition (kudos to the shipping dept.) .  Planted several weeks ago in our southern coastal location where azaleas thrive. Looking forward to seeing  how they perform in the spring.

George | Atlanta, GA | 11/27/2018

First time buyer of an online 'living' plant, first time reviewer.  Wanted a Weeping Yaupon Holly to compliment the two I already have.  Wilson Brothers had it, shipped it quickly, and ensured it would arrive safely with good packaging.  All good.  I'm happy.  I'll be back.

G Nixon | Houston, TX | 11/25/2018
Review of: Fragrant White tea Olive

Quality of my plant purchase was “very good”.  Wilson Brothers Garden knows how to pack and ship their plants.  My husband and I could tell the quality of the plant immediately; we were sad you did not have more in stock at this time.  We will purchase more this spring. 

Michael | Michigan | 11/23/2018

 The camellia plant is of good size and looks very healthy and vital. Already 2 blooms.

Donald | Williamsburg | 11/22/2018

The rose of sharon plant arrived on time and in great shape. The plant was packed so that it came thru the shipping fine. It is a healthy looking plant and can't wait for spring to see it bloom.. It is everything the Wilson bros said it was. Great so far!

Kay | Wilmington, NC  | 11/20/2018
Review of: Don Mac Camellia

Outstanding packaging of these two camellias. Healthy leaves with prolific buds ready to bloom. My husband is a retired landscape architect and was equally impressed. Will keep Wilson Bros in mind for future planting needs.

Sharon Keating | TX | 11/19/2018

This was my first purchase from Wilson Brothers, but it won’t be my last.  The plant I received was beautiful, I was pleasantly surprised at how large and full it was.  Shipping was fast and well packaged.  I could not have asked for more.

Thomas Talbot | NM | 11/19/2018

This elegant looking little tree arrived safe and sound very quickly. It has the most wonderful fragrance, not at all turpentine-like as the more often found here E. microtheca. Being fall, I wisely decided to let it pass it's 1st winter in a greenhouse after transplanting to a larger pot. Turned out to be the right move, as we had a very early & bitterly cold first frost. of 23F.

Couldn't be happier, as two little ones didn't make it through shipping. The larger size really seems to have helped get it all the way to New Mexico in excellent shape. It arrived very quickly, but being fall, I decided it will stay in a container through this first winter in a greenhouse. May have been wise, as we had an early frost down to 23F! 

Susan Monk | PA | 11/18/2018
Review of: Florida Anise

This was my first purchase from Wilson Brothers, but it won’t be my last.  The plant I received was beautiful, I was pleasantly surprised at how large and full it was.  Shipping was fast and well packaged.  I could not have asked for more.

Alison | Ohio | 11/17/2018

My Bamboo arrived quickly and in excellent condition. It lost a couple leaves while it acclimated to the house, but now it has new growth and looks great! I will definitely be ordering from this company in the spring!

Frances C. | Shorter | 11/16/2018

This magnolia came in excellent condition and is beautiful.  It has been planted in a prime location for curb appeal in the center of a large open area as you turn in my gate.  I eagerly anticipate seeing the magnificent blooms and watch it grow into a wonderful tree.

Paris D. | Port Tobacco | 11/16/2018

Thanks Wilson Brothers for a lovely plant. It came packed very well, with multiple buds on both plants. I will definitely order from Wilson Bros again!

Raelynn A. | New Caney, TX | 11/15/2018

Karyn | Gilbert, SC | 11/14/2018

I bought 1 initially and was so impressed with the quality of the tree that I bought a 2nd one a couple of weeks later.  My trees were 5 gallon size and were perfectly packaged, well structured, Japanese maples.  I'd say the tree base caliper is about and inch or slightly more for both trees.   I am impressed with what I received from Wilson Bros based on what was available in my area.  Price was competitive.

Paul | Monkton, MD | 11/13/2018

Pre-purchase information and advice from the Wilsons were very helpful. The two Rising Sun Redbuds arrived as scheduled and in excellent condition. This was an October delivery, so the two trees were already proceeding toward winter dormancy.  They were promptly planted as directed, one in a full-sun location, and the other in partial shade.  By early November, the remaining leaves had dropped.  So, I won't be able to tell any more about them until spring. Contact me again in six or seven months if you would like  to have an update.  Hope I won't need to change the five-star rating. 

Lynne MacArthur | Olympia | 11/12/2018

My plant from Wilson Bros. arrived quickly and in excellent condition. I have ordered many plants from this company and have never had a problem. The plants are always well packaged, healthy, and ready to put in the ground after acclimating for a few days. I have found several plants through their email messages that I would not have known about otherwise or would not have thought about them for my gardens. The photos are lovely and the descriptions are well written and accurate - great marketing approach! And I especially love the free shipping. I know it's included in the cost of the plant, but I like knowing upfront how much the order will cost as opposed to finding out just before I'm ready to place an order and inevitably getting an unpleasant surprise at how much the shipping is going to cost. So thank you, Wilson Bros.!

Joanne Cotter | Decatur, GA | 11/12/2018
Review of: Celeste Fig Tree

I ordered a Fig Tree from Wilson Bros, and it arrived incredibly fast, packaged perfectly.

Gary | Conrad, IA | 11/11/2018

A plant from Wilson Brothers is always a delight! QUICK service, substantial plant, buds present, perfect packaging. Plant poised to be a spectacular specimen this season!! And I'm ready to be thrilled!!

Sherri M. | Gatlinburg | 11/10/2018

This was my second purchase from Wilson Bros.. Was so happy to find so many cold hardy camellias from one source. So I tested them out with my first order of one camellia. It arrived perfectly packed and beautiful with lots of buds! After that, I ordered many more varieties and have to say they were all of exceptionally good quality. Most had buds so my yard will have lots more color this winter and spring. Can't wait to see all of them bloom. Customer service is excellent as well. Brent was very helpful answering all my questions. 5 stars on both the product and customer service. Will be buying much more from this excellent company in the future. Only one complaint: you have too many camellias to choose from...haha. Thanks!

Marlene Keene | Fort Mill | 11/6/2018

We needed to replace our large tree with a smaller crepe myrtle.  When it arrived we thought we would need to have it installed.  Your planting instructions were so thorough, we decided to try it ourselves (we're 70 years old).  Success!  It was easy and it looks great.  Thank you for a beautiful product and great support.  Marlene and Jim 

James | Arkansas | 11/5/2018

My backyard is a Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat and this Mahonia shrub was a perfect addition. I received a very healthy, beautiful plant securely shipped.

Beth Lemieux | Massachusetts | 11/4/2018

I was looking for something different to fill an empty container and happened to stumble upon the Spider's Web Fatsia. The plant that I received was extremely well packaged and in excellent condition.  It looks perfect in its new home!  Thank you! 

Susan Irmen | TX | 11/4/2018

These vines are absolutely beautiful and much larger than I had expected.  I ordered them unaware we were entering into an extended "extreme" hot spell where temps reached between 107-112 for many days in a row (my mistake!).  The vines arrived during this hot spell, we planted them immediately because they were almost dried out due to the extreme heat.  It didn't affect them though, very healthy plants and the vines are thriving and growing beautifully!  Will definitely order products from Wilson Bros again but will be smarter about when I place the orders in the future.  Love them!

Nancy Toma | Ocala, FL | 11/3/2018

Packaging: excellent,  delivery time: OK.   2 trees:  leaves very dried out and sparse.  A bit worrying at the time.  The one was a gift and haven't seen it since we delivered and planted it.  Ours is container planted and looks to be coming along fine.  Can't wait for next Spring when it blooms.

Wilson Bros Gardens Reply: Hi Nancy - Thanks for your review of the Delta Moonlight Crape Myrtle and we hope you enjoy this beauty for years to come. Crape myrtles are going dormant here in Goergia Zone 8a this time of year and losing their leaves, which explains why they were sparse on the branches and the ones remaining were dry. We usually put a note in the box to explain this however there's a possibility it was accidentally left out. Keep us posted as to how the crape myrtles do and let us know if there's ever anything else we can help you with. We're at your service! - Brent | Wilson Bros Gardens

Jody Riley | Springtown | 11/2/2018
Review of: Algerian Ivy

Performing as advertised

Roberta | Long Island | 11/1/2018

Camellia arrived in superb condition, well packed and an absolute beauty. 

Beth Bavaro | Tucson | 10/30/2018
Review of: Algerian Ivy

Because I couldn't find algerian ivy to replace 35 year old ivy along the back of my house at any of my hometown nurseries, I, of course, went to the internet. I felt a little unsure about how 18 four inch pots of ivy would do on a long trip. I was so pleased to see how healthy each one of the plants was and, now that they've been in the ground for a couple of weeks, they are thriving. Thank you. I would definitely order from Wilson Bros. again.

Charles Oltorf | Austin, TX | 10/30/2018

I live in an area of hot, humid summers and alkaline soil. It is nearly impossible to find conifers of any sort that will stand up to this climate. I have had two cryptomerias growing in pots for several years and they have done well. I plan to use these Chapel View cryptomerias in pots as well. They arrived in good condition and have attractive shapes. I am very satisfied with this order.

Wendy Norfleet | Dalton | 10/29/2018

Plant was in awesome shape. Quite lovely.  Packing was very good so plant could survive  the shipping process.

Lora Toller | Lakemont | 10/29/2018

We are very excited about our new trees and were very pleased with how quick we received them.  The trees are in excellent condition and were package extremely well.  Everything was exactly as stated on the website and they came with instructions.  We will definitely order more from Wilson Bros. 

Richard | Lawrenceville | 10/27/2018

Plants received were very healthy and packaged extremely well.  These plants have been in the ground just over 7 days and have started to grow.  I will be ordering more soon.

Catherine Sneiders | Boise | 10/26/2018

The tree looks in great shape.  With the advice of Spencer Young, I'll keep it in the garage a week or two so that it can acclimate to our colder nights.  I'll be sending pictures in the spring!

Brenda Burke | Mechanicsville | 10/27/2018

What an awesome tree.  It is already in the ground at it's new home! I can't wait to see the blooms.

Doug Westbrook | Waco, TX | 10/26/2018

Size as represented, very healthy tree and well packed.  Arrived on time and was an easy transaction.  I bought an identical specimen from another that had been trimmed to be bushy rather than tall and singular trunked.  This Wilson Brothers tree appears to be much healthier.

Wanda Davis | West Monroe, LA | 10/26/2018

My Jean Clere Camellia arrived a beautiful glossy green and had several fat buds.  I can't wait to see it bloom.

Jimmy Williams | Summervilles, SC | 10/26/2018

You have good quality plants and you ship them right away.  I am looking for reticulatas.  It seems nobody has them on the internet  I like your website very much. Thanks.

Danielle M. | Indiana | 10/25/2018

Wilson Brothers Gardens packaged our 3 gallon potted fig tree perfectly for shipment to Pennsylvania. The tree arrived in excellent condition and no limbs we're broken during shipment. We live in zone 5 and chose this cold hardy fig tree for our yard. Thank you Wilson Brothers Garden- we love the tree!

Charles Davis | Starke, FL | 10/25/2018

The plant arrived healthy and full of buds. It seems to be doing well. Now that I know it should not be in direct sunlight, and it does not like wet feet, I am sure it will remain healthy.

John Esposito | Englewood, NJ | 10/24/2018

This is my second order from Wilson Bros and again I was impressed by the way the plants are packed for delivery and the size and quality of the plants.  Great looking plants and the first purchase from you took so well and had wonderful growth almost immediately upon planting.  Zero shock from the move. The plants are in the ground next to my last purchase and all look to be liking their new home.  I look forward to seeing blooms next year.

My third purchase and still impressed.  Look forward for this lovely plant to bloom next year. 

Wanda Davis | West Monroe, LA | 10/24/2018

Do you know how rare it is to find a 3-gallon size Nuccio's Jewel?  It is such a healthy dark green glossy specimen as well.  It arrived in perfect condition.

Did you know Gigantea is also known as Jolly Roger?  I already have a huge one growing in my garden, and when I saw you were selling them, I had to have another.  It arrived as a gorgeous plant, full of buds and nice dark green leaves.  I highly recommend a Jolly Roger for YOUR garden. 

Paul D. | GA | 10/24/2018

Great purchase from you guys. Planted them today at entrance to our community and they look fabulous!

Liz C. | Arlington, VA | 10/24/2018

This is a big plant. Cant wait until next spring for flowers and humming birds to visit.

Tatiana C. | West Palm Beach | 10/24/2018

Very healthy plant with lots of buds. Healthy strong roots. Thank you.

Diane | Appleton, WI | 10/23/2018

Bought this plant for a friend who lost her husband, Tim. Arrived in beautiful and healthy shape. I would definitely buy from here again. Thank you!

Wanda Davis | LA | 10/23/2018

Great plant!

Tamara Wensel - NW Arkansas | 10/22/2018

I chose these mini Flirt nandinas to provide landscape color.  Although I live in a land of fall color, there are no maples on my lot because the hillside soil is rocky and dry.  I placed the nandina against a berm that I created to collect rain runoff at the edge of the driveway, on its way down the hillside of my sloping lot,  Our soil is so rocky that my husband actually had to use a pick axe to loosen the soil, and create the berm.  But we know from experience that nandina, with just a little care with some soil amendments, and extra starting water, will thrive where other plants eventually give up. Further down the hill are some natural post oaks growing among the rocks, so the nandina will get some afternoon shade in the summers.  I finally expect to have a little 'mountain color' in my south-sloping, dry, rocky yard!  Because I needed so many of these little tykes, Wilson collected them from their various growing facilities.  And they were worth the wait.  They arrived in fabulous condition, fresh from their fields, in good health. The little guys, in just one week, are already thriving in the brisk mornings and warm fall afternoons.

D. Richards | Fayetteville, GA | 10/21/2018

Very pleased with the Obsession Nandina, it arrived in good condition. 

Gary Heggen | Conrad, Iowa | 10/20/2018

Gorgeous plant loaded with swelling buds, arriving quickly and in excellent condition.  Plants from Wilson Brothers are always a delight and their service is outstanding!!!

George Grienenger | La Plata, Missouri | 10/20/2018

Came as promised, all alive(+), planted over a month ago and they are still growing, will wait till spring to see if they are going to survive, but so far so good.  Thanks

Christine | North Florida | 10/20/2018

I am excited to see my tree bloom and grow. I was nervous as to whether I would receive a nice and healthy tree. I kept my fingers crossed for the first month waiting to see new leaves, a sign from my tree that it is happy and healthy. It is now showing signs of new leaves!!!. Can't wait for next year to see the beautiful flowers it will produce. The company made it easy to order. The shipping was fast. The tree was packaged very well and they chose a nice straight tree for me. I look forward to enjoying this beautiful tree. No one around my area has one. It should bring much attention and wonder to the neighbors. They look forward to seeing the flowers as well. Thank you.

Heather | Cumming, GA | 10/19/2018

The Pinwheel gardenia I ordered arrived and I just want to say that it’s beautiful and you were right about its size; I’m very happy about it! Thank you for your help with it. Mainly I want to thank you and your company for the excellent customer service as it’s become rare these days...and also must mention I appreciated the very careful and well thought-out packaging. I look forward to ordering from your company in the future and will be very happy to refer others to your web site.

Casandra Cansler | Hixon, TN | 10/18/2018

The tree arrived yesterday in good condition.   The top of the box was partially crushed, but it didn't affect the tree itself.   Thanks.

Lil Dyck | Science Hill | 10/18/2018

Trees arrived in great condition although a day later than anticipated. I appreciated the email regarding their early dormancy and anticipate successful growth in the spring.

Murph | Newport News, VA | 10/17/2018

The plant looked in great health on arrival, just like other Daphne bought elsewhere earlier this year, which died pretty quickly. With those I had been very careful not to disturb the roots. But this time I didn't worry about that so much and removed as much potting soil as possible without breaking anything thicker than course hairs, and then planted in  garden soil heavily amended with paving sand and bark fines. So far everything looks great with new growth now evident. 

Zubin | New Jersey | 10/17/2018
Review of: Blue Rug Juniper

Fantastic and healthy plants...the blue rug juniper were the right size, they were shipped carefully and promptly...I have them planted and I’m looking forward for them to take off.

Carla Rodd | New Port Richey, FL | 10/16/2018

The Embers Encore Azaleas arrived very healthy and happy, and even in this hot, Florida drought that we are currently experiencing, they are thriving and starting to bloom. Will definitely be ordering more of these beauties!

Sue | Michigan | 10/16/2018

My Japanese maple came in good condition and looked very healthy.  Looking forward to seeing its many colors as it grows! 

Yan | Bellevue | 10/15/2018

Very healthy bushy plant! I am very satisfied with it and it is growing well in my yard.

Betty Kang | Eugene, OR | 10/15/2018

Beautiful, large, healthy plant arrived in perfect condition.  I can hardly wait for it to bloom. Beautiful, large, healthy plant arrived in perfect condition.  I can hardly wait for it to bloom.

Mark | Maine | 10/14/2018

Wilson Bros Gardens sent a vigorous, healthy plant – well packed and promptly. My wife and I love the Chicago Fig for its handsome tropical look here in Maine, and we're hoping to enjoy figs in a few years.

Claudia Groenevelt | Pittsford, NY | 10/13/2018

I was on a notification list for when this tree was back in stock. Sure enough, I got an email and I promptly ordered a tree. It arrived in great shape and it is doing very well in my backyard until it gets too cold.  I had questions about growing the tree in a pot that would be moved inside when the cold weather comes. They were answered promptly and courteously. I love this company, their customer service is excellent! 

Ann | Andulusia, AL | 10/13/2018

I was very impressed with the quality of the Jasmine. The planting directions were very precise. My favorite things were how safely they were packed to ship and the note on what to expect the plant to do. Mine is already sprouting  new growth. It won't be long before I can train it to grow on the lattice!

Robert Vose | Chesapeake | 10/13/2018

These were beautiful plants and the packaging was excellent. Would purchase from Wilson Bros Gardens again. Highly recommended.

Tom Finn | South Carolina | 10/12/2018

Unable to find a dwarf camellia locally, I ordered this plant from Wilson Bros online with some hesitation due to prior experiences with mail order plants from other vendors.  I was especially curious how the plant would be shipped given its relatively large (3 gal) size.  I could not have been more pleased with the result.  The camellia itself is gorgeous and is in perfect shape.  In fact better than anything I have seen in local nurseries.  And the shipping container was perfect, protecting the plant in a unique package.  I don't know when I will be looking again for new plants, but will give Wilson Bros the first nod if I do.

Katherine |  Jay | 10/12/2018
Review of: White Chinese Dogwood

Very pleased with the size and health of our dogwood trees.

Heather Anatra | Guilford, CT | 10/11/2018

I found Wilson Bros. on the internet and decided I would take a chance.  Because of my past experiences with ordering plants from the internet I wasn't optimistic.  What a pleasant surprise when I received my order and opened the box.  The plants were packed so well, and they were alive and in wonderful shape.  Honestly, that has never happened before on any of my internet plant orders.  As a landscape designer, Wilson Bros. is making me look good. I have placed two more orders since and will be placing more.  Can't wait till spring!

Marsha | Cleveland, GA | 10/11/2018

This tree is so lovely! It had it shipped to Colorado and arrived just fine and is healthy, and it will be a joy to watch it as it grows. Thanks again, Wilson Bros  :-)

Ms. McGrath | NI | 10/11/2018
Review of: Iowa Juniper

Plant shipped quickly. This Juniper's top was bent down in the box. So, when we planted it we tied the top to the fence to encourage it to be straight. So far so good. It looks great! We love the look of this Juniper. We have purchased a few shrubs from Wilson Bros. and our property is looking good. We are looking forward to enjoying the growth of our shrubs. 

This plant arrived quickly and was well packed. Absolutely love the two-tone green color. It looks beautiful and we can't wait for it to grow. We think having different tones of green look great near each other. Oh, forgot to mention that we are very happy with the size that is shipped.

As always, this shrub arrived quickly. We love the shape and look of this shrub. It's always exciting when you plant a new shrub/plant and wait for it to grow. That is where we are now. But, what a good-looking shrub, at any size. Very happy we have found Wilson Bros. online. 

The plant arrived quickly and was well packed. We love the look of this shrub and can't wait for it to grow. 

Arrived quickly and in great shape. The shape of this Cedar is beautiful, and we are very happy with our purchase. The darker green color of this Cedar blends in so well with the other different shades of green in our yard. Look forward to watching it grow. Happy we found Wilson Bros. online

The plant arrived quickly and was well packed. We love the way this shrub looks and look forward to watching it grow. Has a resemblance to a Christmas tree. 

This shrub arrived quickly. It looks great and we are very happy to add it to our other shrubs. We are anxious to see it grow, but know we must be patient. We are happy we found Wilson Bros. online.

This plant shipped quickly. We were very happy to see how beautiful this shrub is. We are anxiously waiting to see it grow and to enjoy it's beauty.

Review of: Baby Gem Boxwood

We purchased a few of this shrub and they arrived quickly and in good health. They are very nice-looking shrubs. We planted them in the front of our home and they look great. Happy we found Wilson Bros. online.

This shrub is very nice looking. They were shipped quickly. We noticed that a few of the branches were broken when we opened the box, but we thought that they would be okay. And, they are flourishing very nicely. 

WBG Reply: Hi Ms. McGrath - Thanks so much for your review of the Golden Dream Boxwood and we hope you enjoy it for many years to come. If you ever receive any plant from us that you feel is unacceptable due to damage incurred due to poor handling during transit be sure to let us know. We can make a claim with the carrier and have you a replacement shipped out immediately. Let us know if there's ever anything else we can help you with. We're at your service! - Brent | Wilson Bros Gardens

Joan Alway | Peshastin | 10/11/2018

The plant arrived in excellent condition and was so well packaged. I couldn't plant it right away, but it held up just fine. I'm very pleased with both the service and the product. Thanks!

Jermaine | Columbus | 10/11/2018

The tree arrived in excellent condition and in good health, love the silver-green foliage, can't wait to see the full potential of the trees appearance once it reaches it's mature size.  

Melissa Johnson | Mobile, AL | 10/10/2018

I love my autumn lilac azaleas. They arrived with blooms and the color is as shown in pictures. It took several days for me to plant them in the yard, but they stayed fresh with a little water. Also Five Stars for the service as well! When the 2-gallon plants were not in stock, they sent me the 3-gallon plants at no extra charge. They returned my messages promptly and answered all my questions. I will shop with Wilson Bros. Gardens again.

Fred Casmir | Flagstaff, AZ | 10/10/2018

The plant arrived, as  promised and was well packed....healthy looking and good size. However, I will not know until next year how well it will survive the winter. 

Lisa Smith | Baton Rouge | 10/9/2018

This was my first order and I was 100% satisfied. I am totally happy with customer service, their web site, shipping and the way my rose was packaged. And she, my rose,  was healthy and happy when she arrived. I will definitely order again from Wilson Brothers!!

Betty Kang | Eugene, OR | 10/9/2018

Beautiful big plant arrived in perfect condition.  Small buds are already formed.  Hope to grow in pot.

Carla S. | Portland, OR | 10/8/2018

I ordered 2 camellias that came well packaged. I had no clue on what or how these would arrive. They arrived in perfect condition! Very strong bushes. I'm so happy I ordered 2 more. I cannot wait til they bloom!

Leslie Ligon | Denton, TX | 10/8/2018

This Allspice tree we received is large, and looked pretty happy when it arrived. I've never had one before, so will report more in Spring.

Judith Anderson | Silverhill, AL | 10/6/2018

My Tea Olive arrived in a timely fashion, and in very good condition.  It's in the ground and looks like it's doing well.  Looking forward to watching it grow, and seeing the orange blooms for the 1st time.

Susan Weekes | Albany | 10/4/2018

This plants arrived healthy and in their pots just as the first one I ordered did. I had ordered one just to be sure of the quality. The packaging was superb. I planted them immediately to finish my hedge. I appreciate the specific planting instructions I found on the website.  I plan to order much more other plants. 5 stars. Thank you.  

Myra H | KY | 10/4/2018

This was my first time ever buying plants online and it was very hard to find any live topiary I could use to fill the pots on both sides of my entry. I stumbled across Wilson Bros and purchased a spiral arborvitae in a 5 gallon pot. The plants came in 5 days and they were perfect. I like the way the pots were stapled to the box so the plants did not move in what were very sturdy boxes. Thank you Wilson Bros and I will definitely be back to buy more plants when I need them. Will also share my find of your nursery with all my Master Gardener friends.

Alice Gentry | Dallas | 9/3/2018
Review of: 

I received the honeysuckle vines in good time and excellent condition. They were over two feet tall and have grown two feet more up my pergola posts since planting in summer. Very pretty flowers. I am very pleased. Question, should I remove the stakes?

WBG Reply: Hi Alice - To answer your question regarding the stakes, it's not absolutely necessary to remove the stakes but you can do so. Just be careful not to damage the vines in the process. Sometimes it's necessary to cut the ties loose that held the vine to the stake and then use a sharp pair of pruners or snips to cut the stake into sections for safer removal.

John Esposito | New Jersey | 10/2/2018

My plants came in wonderful condition, expertly wrapped and have acclimated perfectly in my yard.  I look forward to them become the lovely hedge I imagine. 

Kathy Sumner | Ocala, FL | 9/30/2018

My Arizona cypress arrived beautiful, full and healthy.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the trees and the process of ordering and receiving them.

Judith Turner | Nashville | 9/29/2018

The plants are well packed for shipping and are extremely healthy upon arrival. I have been extremely pleased with all my purchases from Wilson Bros. Gardens. Because it is fall, I have just planted the gardenia, so it will be spring before I reap the full beauty. 

Renee Sanderson | Signal Mountain TN | 9/29/2018

This was my first order from Wilson Brothers and I was very impressed with the packing and the quality of the plant.  It's in my yard, planted, and doing fine.  Will definitely order from them again. 

Shirley | Meridian, MS | 9/29/2018

The white, green and pink leaves are so pretty and contrast beautifully with my camellia and Japanese maple. One corner of the box was crumpled some but the plants were fine. Growing nicely since planting. Have been happy with all my purchases from Wilson Brothers. Thanks! Shirley 

Lisa | Berryville, VA | 9/28/2018

I ordered this tree for my father for his 83rd birthday. He has had a few fig trees in the past but they haven't stood up to the cold. The plant arrived looking very healthy and had a few figs on it. We are both happy at the quality of the tree and I would order from Wilson Bros again. 

Mark W. | Tallahassee | 9/28/2018

Plant was shipped on time in excellent condition with no damages. I planted it back in early summer and it bloomed for a long time. Took the advice and snipped off the spent flowers and the tree is still blooming in September. Probably my favorite crape myrtle of all. I highly recommend Wilson Bros for their excellent quality and service and as a source for accurate information. 

M. Tune | Williamsburg | 9/27/2017

Beautiful, full and healthy Cryptomeria. Very good price for its size. 

Erla Richards | Independence | 9/26/2018

My October Magic Carpet arrived in beautiful condition, with buds galore ready to burst. I am unable to find the small Sasanqua Camelias anywhere in the Pacific NW and was so pleased to have them available on line.  They are all tucked in their new home and we'll see how they like Oregon weather.  Thank you so much.

My October Magic Snow arrived in beautiful condition, with buds galore ready to burst. I am unable to find the small Sasanqua Camelias anywhere in the Pacific NW and was so pleased to have them available on line.  They are all tucked in their new home and we'll see how they like Oregon weather.  Thank you so much.

Ronnie Bostain | Mount Pleasant | 9/25/2018

The azalea plant arrived very healthy.

Hac Tonthat | Waco, TX | 9/24/2018

Very happy with the purchase, Fireglow Japanese Maple.  Well packaged and arrived on the day as was expected.  I will be purchasing from Wilson Bros again.  New leaves came out with the brightest red that I've ever seen on plants.

Shelia Wiggins | Kingsland | 9/24/2018

Love the purple berries and so excited to find them at Wilson Bros Garden on-line service.  Thank you again for the quick delivery.  The plants are healthy and have a few berries.  One plant looks a bit happier than the other.  I am sure they will grow and be beautiful!

Tatiana Carmitchel | West Palm Beach | 9/24/2018

Beautiful healthy plant with 10 large buds and more coming.  Well packed. Very satisfied! Thank you.  

John McGill | Birmingham, AL | 9/23/2018

Plants arrived quickly and were beautiful.  I took them to my cabin on Lookout Mtn in Georgia and planted them.  They have done well. 

Phil J. | Montgomery | 9/23/2018

I'm a designer and when my local nursery did not have these I turned to the internet. Glad to find these yaupons and Wilson Bros is my new online source when I can't find the plants I need locally. 3 gallon plants were of nice size and my client is happy. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Sandra F. | Snellville, GA | 9/23/2018

I've been looking for the gold boxleaf honeysuckle locally and haven't been able to find it until I ran across Wilson Bros Gardens. The 3 plants were in excellent condition and the packaging was superb. Will order more plants from Wilson's. Thanks!

Rennea | Lakeland, FL | 9/21/2018

I love this plant. It is very beautiful. I cannot wait to get my other plant like it, and my other plants as well in October around the third of the month!!! Thank you so very much!! Yours very truly, Rennea Burgess in Lakeland, Florida. 

Sebestiana | Nashville, TN | 9/18/2018

My flat of Variegated Liriope plants arrived quickly and packaged well. Very healthy with a strong root system. A+++ plants. Would order again.

Cheryl Livingston | MS | 9/17/2018

Nice healthy plant arrived and so far it’s doing just fine. Very satisfied.

Samantha H. | TX | 9/16/2018

Received a very nice viburnum in excellent condition. Packaging was excellent as well. Would not hesitate to recommend Wilson's to all my gardening friends and have already told all the members of my Master Gardeners chapter about this new source for plants on the internet. Well, new to me as I'm not sure how long they've been around? Thanks...I'll be back for more plants!

Gina W. | SC | 9/16/2018

I was glad to find these boxwoods and the two I bought are so cute and growing nicely in the pots on my front steps. 5 stars for outstanding quality and service. Pleased with everything. Thanks to Brent for answering my questions! 

Jessica | Atlanta | 9/13/2018

Plant arrived quickly and was bigger than I expected. I’m very excited to see how this one grows. 

Amber A. | OR | 9/12/2018

Two of my Tangerine beauties got stuck at UPS over Labor Day. I was quite concerned as we have had major heat here.  They were packed expertly and suffered no damage in the UPS delay. Both still had plenty of moisture in the cans.  I was thinking I might not have blooms for a year or two but to my delight there were buds on each plant.  These Tangerine Beauties are replacing a previous vine and these are so gorgeous! Just the leaves alone are a beauty to behold. I'm very excited to watch them climb and saturate in flowers. I've ordered many plants from Wilson Bros and every one has arrived in such amazing condition. I am very pleased and I highly recommend Wilson Bros to turn a boring garden into a blooming paradise. Their customer service is excellent in an era where Customer Service seems to be a thing of the past.  Don’t forget to browse their advice page, so much useful information on so many concerns to achieve your garden of dreams.

Marci O. | Battlefield | 9/12/2018
Review of: Liberty Holly

Another beautiful plant from Wilson Bros. I haven't planted but will be doing soon. Great service, received quickly, and in great shape.

Shelby B. | Edmond | 9/12/2018

I was SOOO excited to finally find these. I searched so many retailers and everyone was sold out. I asked Wilson Bros to hold off on shipping because I had a vacation and they politely followed suit. The plants arrived in good conditions, the soil was still wet but some of the leaves had fallen off during shipping so I hope it's OK. I planted yesterday, hoping they love their new place.

Yong Trawinski | VA | 9/9/2018

Well packed Feelin Blue Deodar Cedar was arrived safely  within a short time (approx 1 week from the ordering date) so I was very happy and impressed! While trying to find a good location and right time to plant it, I left the deodar cedar in the original container at partial shady area for over two weeks due to having extreme hot days and rainy days, but the cedar still looks good and healthy so it must be a quality plant!!   As the cedar requires, I found a sunny area to plant it, but it is in a wide open area that has no protection from the harsh winter weather so contacted Wilson & Bros Garden (WBG) to ask about it and other minor question.  Brent who answered to my emails provided very kind and thorough explanations and advice.  He was always willing to answer anything that I need to know or more and provided planting tips and advices.  He provided great customer services and seemed WBG stand by their products so I believe they are a trustful seller!!  I definitely recommend the WBG to all other plant buyers! 

Attached Photo

Phillip Tygart | Huntsville | 9/7/2018

Really impressed with the packaging and the plant looks great.  You never know what the plants going to look like, so when it looks like something I would buy upon seeing it, I really appreciate it.

Janet Nash | Texas | 9/5/2018

The Dee Runk Boxwood shrubs arrived in 3 days in perfect condition. Planted them a few days later after preparing my soil and so far they are doing great!! Love all the helpful articles on their website and planting advise. This is my first order with Wilson Bros and it won’t be my last. I have already shared with my friends and family to check out their website. Great products and so many choices. I can’t wait to place my next order!! Thank you Wilson Bros.

Attached Photo

Sue Welles | FL | 9/5/2018

Great healthy plants, all I have gotten from Wilson Bros have been. They are packaged very well so little to no damage in shipping. Can't wait for the first blooms to see if this out does the white ( have a hedge of them). Waiting for the bloom to decide where to plant in the yard.

Loye Beene | Flint | 9/5/2018

My Delta Jazz crepe myrtle is planted and doing very well.  Received shipment in timely manner and in good condition.

Linda H. | Colorado Springs | 9/4/2018

Wow, it’s beautiful and came so well packed. 

Sheri Albrecht | Iowa | 9/2/2018

My grass arrived promptly, packed well and in good shape. I planted it within 3 days. That was a few weeks ago, and so far it is thriving in its new home.

Laura McCormac | CO | 9/2/2018
Review of: Arrow Bamboo

Just perfect for the spot I'm filling. Well packaged. I gotta buy more!

Linda Ritchey | Mechanicsburg | 9/1/2018

The grass came packaged very well, plant in tact.  Can't wait to see the blooms! 

John | Fairhope, AL | 8/31/2018

The grancy graybeard are nice sized, about 42" tall. I was concerned about ordering plants during the hottest month of the year but they arrived in perfect condition. My order was processed and delivered in only a few days. The packaging was amazing! The dirt remained in the pots and the two plants didn't pulverize each other. Not a leaf was out of place, like I picked it up from the nursery myself. I am very pleased and will definitely order from Wilson Bros Gardens in the future.

Randall | Houston | 8/30/2018
Review of: Florida Anise

Plant came in great shape.  Doing very well in a partially shaded area.  Great plant.

Greg | Tampa, FL | 8/29/2018

These azaleas were shipped professionally packed.   The pots were stapled to the box so that they did not toss around.   Arrived looking very healthy.  We have now planted them and will be glad to share how they are doing......Only concern - I wish there were more of this variety to order!

Randall | Willow Spring, NC | 8/30/2018

The nearly 5' tree arrived in good health and undamaged, as the attached photo shows. It needs to leaf out a bit, but I don't expect to see much before next spring. I'd rate 5 stars but too soon to know if it will meet expectations (growth and flowering).

3 Gallon Fragrant Orange Tea Olive

Ling R. | Chicago | 8/28/2018

I fell in love with the Tea Olive tree’ s fragrance when I was studying in Japan but never saw it in orange colour.  My son in law ordered this one for me and it came in very good condition. So I ordered two more for myself they shipped one and missed one. I emailed them and there were no questions asked and they shipped 2nd one within no time. Customer Service is Excellent. Will come back ordered again.

Sherry | Meridian, MS | 8/27/2018

I was very pleased with the timely delivery of this plant. It arrived in a nice package and was healthy with good soil moisture. All the leaves are green with no signs of problems. I can’t wait for the plant to bloom!


Tenley | St. Lous | 8/27/2018

Beautiful plant. Am trying to grow it indoors and can not wait for the flowers. Very pleased with Wilson Bros again!

Sarah T | Hughesville, PA | 8/27/2018

So I heard about this reputable website by somebody at work who has the best yard. I ordered the American fringe tree and the size is so perfect, it came wrapped up super well protected. I’m very very happy with my purchase!

Gretchen M. | Dallas | 8/26/2018

 The reason I chose to buy from Wilson Bros. is that you had the plant I wanted. I knew it would be a risk to order in Texas in 100+ temperatures. I was upset that the carrier said that instead of Friday they would wait and deliver on Monday. I expected 2 dry sticks. Instead I got 3 beautiful (2 were stuck together), healthy wonderful plants due to the way they were packed and grown. I was so impressed that I just placed an order for some roses and a jasmine. If ordering online, I doubt I would trust another greenhouse.

Linda Jean | Brooksville | 8/26/2018

Received the orange tea olive bush and it is in great shape and much larger than I expected. It is doing well and arrived well packaged. I will definitely order from Wilson Bros again, thank you. 

Patricia Barker | AL | 8/25/2018

Got my crape myrtle and was happy with it. The first one was sent by accident and it was white, but y'all quickly sent me another one for free and it had flowers and they are pretty pink just like I wanted. I have planted both and they are doing good. Thank you for acting quickly and doing the right thing. I will be ordering from this company again. Nice size plants and in good shape. Thank You

Earl Collins | NC | 8/25/2018

The plants were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing and the color true to the photograph. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed the second order. 

The Madison jasmine vines were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing nicely and true in color to the photograph. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed a second order. 

Connie T. | Hudson | 8/25/2018

I received 6 healthy, robust, VERY well rooted plants. I got home from work to find 2 very smashed boxes sitting at my door. My heart sank but knowing this nursery I decided to open the boxes to see what plants could possibly have survived the rough handling these boxes had taken. To my amazement I found because the boxes were a foot taller then the plants, the top squash ended where the interior was reinforced and the side and bottom squash just squeezed the nursery pots inside.  These plants were full so I pruned a few broken branches and VOILA beautiful plants. I highly recommend Wilson Bros Gardens! UPS not so much!

I received a healthy, robust, well rooted and branched camellia plant. The packaging was awesome and prevented any damage to the plant during shipping. The camellia has been in the garden several weeks now and has acclimated and is putting out new growth. I highly recommend Wilson Bros Gardens! 

Margaret C. | Lyndeborough, NH | 8/25/2018
Review of: Harry Lauder Walking Stick - Contorted Filbert

So far, so good. Plant arrived very quickly. There were some brown leaves but it looks quite healthy overall. I'll know better in the spring. Happily, we've been having plenty of rain, so the newly planted tree is getting well hydrated.

Lynn B. | USA | 8/24/2018

We got a Twilight Purple crape myrtle from you earlier this year and love it!  It bloomed right away and is surviving the heat very well. It had to sit in its original pot for a month or more until the landscape folks could get here and redo the flower bed.  As we had hoped, the crape myrtle is now the cornerstone of our new arrangement.  Many thanks for a quality product and quality training for those folks who pack and ship.  Our tree arrived in amazingly well done packaging.  Not everyone does such a fabulous job.

Annette V. | Portland | 8/24/2018

I was searching the internet and found these Degroot Spires at Wilson Brothers.   They arrived quickly and in perfect condition.  I would highly recommend these guys for beautiful, hard-to-find plants and trees.  Excellent customer service.

Gayle K. | Spring Hill | 8/24/2018

Plants arrived just as promised.  They arrived approximately 2 weeks ago and immediately planted.  So far they look great! 

Teresa | TN | 8/23/2018

We recently moved to East Tennessee from SW Florida and are enjoying the many beautiful varieties of redbuds here. The Rising Sun is one of my favorites - the bright, colorful leaves are stunning. The tree was packaged perfectly and the straight, healthy tree arrived in fine condition. Lost a few leaves initially, but new growth is appearing at the top after only 2 weeks. Wilson Bros product customer service is also exceptional. I will definitely order from them again. 

Amber Applegate | Ruch, OR | 8/22/2018

As soon as I planted my gorgeous Ebony Flame Crape Myrtles they burst out with new black leaves. I m very excited for next year when the flaming red flowers contrast with the ebony foliage. I am a huge fan of Wilson Bros not only for the fabulous, healthy plants they produce but for the knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

Earl Collins | NC | 8/18/2018

The plants were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing and look true in color to the photograph. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed the second order. 

The banana shrub plants were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing nicely. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed a second order. 

The daphne plants were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing nicely and true in color to the photograph. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed a second order.

Review of: New Gold Lantana

The new gold lantana plants were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing and the New Gold Lantana has a very exciting color, true to the photograph. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed the second order.

The plants were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing nicely. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed a second order.

The plants were healthy, well packaged and grown to the right size for the pot’s. They are all growing nicely. The condition of my first order with Wilson Brothers a few months earlier was also excellent and is the reason that I placed the second order.

Theresa | Kissimee, FL / 8/17/2018

These smell wonderful, and do well in Central Florida. As do the Drifts. Came nice, well-packaged, promptly. Will definitely order plants from Wilson Bros Gardens again.

James Dunn | USA | 8/15/2018

I want you to know that prior to my purchase of these Brightwell blueberry plants from you I purchased other varieties from "name omitted." What I received from the other company was a disgrace. They had one 3 foot skinny cane with a few leaves on the top and a few little branches on the bottom that were not impressive. That is why I went searching for another plant seller and found Wilson Bros.Thank goodness. I could not believe the beautiful fullness and healthy condition of the blueberry bush I purchased from you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Stephanie | Palm Coast, FL | 8/15/2018

I purchased 4 Florida Sunshine Anise plants (3 gal size); they arrived within a few days and were healthy and a nice size (14-16 inches above ground). In the last few weeks they have added new growth and established their roots.  The plants are in the morning/mid-afternoon sun and are doing well in the hot Florida summer.  I appreciate that Wilson Brothers contacted me to follow up on my satisfaction.

Karen M | Narrowsburg, NY | 8/15/2018

Very beautiful variety, useful mid-height with a graceful form. Very well formed root ball. 

Karen M. | Narrowsburg, NY | 8/14/2018

Strong, beautiful healthy plant. Can't wait to see it bloom in the Spring.

Dan Dobson | Seaford | 8/12/2018

A big help for determining ph!

Great product for acidification of soil

Alyse | Rockville | 8/10/2018

I cant comment on how my thyme is doing because I received it only yesterday. What I find EXTREMELY impressive, is that I received a phone call (yes, I did say phone) telling me that the weather impacted the most recent crop and could I wait a month for the new crop to be ready to ship. That is customer service ....and goes a long way toward getting a repeat customer. 

Michael Fant | SC | 8/9/2018

Beautiful Little Gem Magnolia. Was packaged great and went right into the ground and is wonderful. Can't say enough about the service and quality of Wilson Bros plants.

Anthon Lizana | Allen, TX | 8/7/2018

Ordered 2 Autumn Belles online.  Easy ordering, fast shipping, and Customer Service follow up on the shipment was excellent.  Plants were good, healthy looking specimens.  Pleased with plants and Wilson Bros.  It's nice to have the choice and to be able to order plant varieties that are unavailable locally and get them quickly and in good shape.  This was my 4th order and I continue to recommend Wilson Bros.. 

The Autumn Monarch azalea was a healthy looking plant.  Wilson Bros, provided easy ordering, fast shipping and excellent follow up on my order.  After several separate orders of plants, I can continue to recommend Wilson Bros for online purchase of  plants.  A plus factor is the wide selection of plants available that I can't get locally.

Mary Roppe | Fargo, ND | 8/7/2018

This is my second order I’ve placed and they are always shipped in excellent condition. I’m looking forward to next spring to watch it bloom. Am so happy I found Wilson Bros Gardens!!  It’s GREAT that they carry plants for Zone 4 here in North Dakota!!  Thank you again!!

Donnie Davis | Cheraw | 8/6/2018

Plants arrived in excellent condition. I was really surprised and impressed how they were sealed for shipping. Carriers are rough on packages and even though they were all tossed around there was not soil spilled from the pots. Plants were healthy and ready to be planted.

Dan Peterson | IN | 8/6/2018

Excellent service and product.  Very pleased on all fronts. 

Sharon | Conroe, TX | 8/5/2018

The jasmine was received on time and in very healthy condition. I was surprised to find such high quality in plants online being shipped in mid-90 degree weather. The vines were really long and lush.  Shipping was very sturdy. My one complaint about  packing was that the vines on the two plants were so intertwined that we lost yards of beautiful vines that broke as we tried to separated the 2 plants. My answer would have been to simply put tissue paper between the plants to keep them from tangling together during shipment.  I definitely will use Wilson Bros again.  Thank you!

Terry | AK | 8/5/2018

This is my first time to order plants online. When my 3 dwarf crepe myrtles arrived they were in perfect condition! I planted them the following day and they’re growing and getting buds. So, I will have blooms soon!! I’m excited. Wilson brothers answered my questions before I made the purchase. I would purchase again without any concerns! Thank you

Earl | Matthews, NC | 8/5/2018

This order was received in a timely manner, the plants were as advertised, healthy, and vigorous. The plants were of an appropriate size for the containers.

Stacey Fogler | Gainesville | 8/5/2018

I couldn't believe how quickly I received this healthy plant!  Thanks guys!  

Stephanie | Delaware | 8/4/2018

Wilson Bros was incredibly prompt in shipping and the tree I ordered was healthy and packaged well and came in great condition. Customer service was wonderful as I had entered a mistake on my address and they contacted me to verify all information prior to shipping. I would recommend. 

Susan Blashford | Pooler, GA | 8/3/2018
Review of: Kanjiro Camellia

It’s my first order from Wilson Brothers, and the camellia arrived in beautiful condition. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it blooms this winter outside my kitchen window.
I look forward to choosing other, hard to find, specimen plants from them. The website makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!

Janet Cameron | North Kingstown | 8/3/2018

I received this within a few days of ordering it.  It was in great condition.  Love it, thanks.

Bobbie Woods | Durham, NC | 7/31/2018
Review of: Florida Anise

I ordered a Florida Anise. It arrived in perfect condition. I planted it immediately and it is doing great.. I am very pleased. I just place another order! Bobbie

Elizabeth Mitchell | Mansfield | 7/30/2018

My dwarf cypress tree was in very good shape when it arrived.  Well packaged.  It went in the ground and looks good so far.  I am very happy with my purchase and the excellent service  from your company.  Thank you.  

Marie Matthhews | Atlanta | 7/29/2018
Review of: Red Cascade Rose

A gentleman from Wilson Bros. called before the order shipped to tell me that their current stock wasn't in great shape, and he offered me the choice of getting a Red Cascade from the current stock at a discount or waiting for the next crop. I ordered from the current crop.  Honestly, I was a bit concerned when the rose, which was more straggly than I had anticipated, arrived.  I planted it anyhow. Well, almost two months later, the rose is thriving! It's growing, it's blooming, and I am one happy camper. It is going to be perfect to drape over a retaining wall.

Jodi | Florida | 7/28/2018

Second plant I purchased from them. Love love love!! Will be back for more.

Great place. Great plant. Great packaging. Will buy from again. 

Elizabeth M. | Silver Spring | 7/28/2018

Planted some dazzles from Wilson Bros as a hedge on a hill between yards this spring - junior gallon size - and they’re blooming like crazy - thriving on neglect / LOVE the availability of staff to answer questions - always patient and kind - and all the useful information on the website - customer for life.

Kristie J. | Clarksville, TN | 7/26/2018

Plant was in good health. I was pleased with the size of the actual plant. Plant came in, in a timely manner. Only suggestion I have is it would be nice if there was a way to track orders. Would order again.

Richard Davis | Angleton, TX | 7/25/2018

Bought it in late April and it was delivered in great shape. Well packaged and still moist soil. I waited a week to plant. It has taken off in the last 3 months. Lots of blooms and growing. Definitely a very healthy and pretty tree. 

Rita & Jerry Powers | The Villages, FL | 7/25/2018

Our Early Bird White Crape Myrtle arrived quickly and very well packaged.  The plant looked very healthy and in excellent condition.  Very impressed!  We highly recommend Wilson Brothers and are already planning our next purchase.

Janice McDaniel | Grand Junction, CO | 7/25/2018

Bought the Cherry Dazzle Dwarf Crape Myrtle, a total of 4.  Arrived beautifully-well packaged and healthy, they have transitioned well to this dry climate.  I had several that were pulled out by mistake and needed replacing.  The more established bushes are blooming now and look as pictured on the website.  Quick, efficient business and I am a happy customer. 

Susan W. | Nebraska | 7/25/2018

I order a lot of plants online and I was really impressed with the condition this arrived in. It's handled planting beautifully. 

Charles Storey | New Jersey | 7/24/2018

The rose came nicely packaged and very healthy. I planted it on June 21 and it took off. The first rose appeared on July 20 and there are three other buds. The color is very beautiful.

Susan V. | Atlanta | 7/24/2018

The magnolia tree arrived in good condition. What I wanted to comment on was your service. I was emailed that the plant I ordered was not up to your standards regarding the plant size. You suggested you send the next smaller size and when I received it it was really pretty and you immediately issued a refund. I appreciated your honesty and your service. Thank you!

Taunia | Louisville, KY | 7/24/2018

I ordered this bottle brush from Wilson Bros this year.  The plant was shipped within the week and is a very healthy plant.   In my climate I will be bringing it indoors for winter.  I wished I could have several of them in my yard, they are very pretty. 

Tierra Vasquez | Fuquay Varina | 7/23/2018
Review of: Banana Shrub

Plant was packaged quite well and in great condition upon arrival. Highly recommend this nursery!  

Patrick Elliot | Seattle | 7/23/2018

My Eucalytpus trees arrived in great shape.

James H. | N.C. | 7/22/2018

Tree arrived in early summer, very healthy and already in bloom.  Since planting, it has added new growth and additional blooms..  Can't wait to see it in a couple of years once it add more height. Have to credit Wilson Brothers for shipping hardy plants that consistently arrive in great shape.

Reginald Boothe | VA Beach | 7/22/2018

Beautiful trees received in excellent condition. Just what I wanted.  

Jane | Maryland | 7/21/2018

Packaging of these Tiny Tim shrubs was great! They arrived quickly and without any damage from the trip in the mail. They are happily growing in my garden and I look forward to seeing what else I can get from Wilson Bros that I can't find locally.

Ben Benford | Albany, GA | 7/19/2018

First time ordering trees or plants online. I could not be happier with my 3 Delta Blue Chastetrees. Packaged and delivered perfectly. No one in Albany had this tree, so I went online and found Wilson Bros and Spencer.

Randall | Houston, TZ | 7/18/2018

Sweet olives arrived in great shape. Planted them the next day, and they have put on new growth.

Katie Immel | Ohio | 7/17/2018

I was unable to find a really striking variegated Japanese maple tree variety locally, so I headed for the Internet and found Wilson Bros with just searching online. Of course I was a little leery about ordering a tree online from a company several states away that I didn't know, so I read tons of reviews and all about the company. I sent some questions over, which they answered promptly and clearly. The tree was sent as soon as I ordered it and arrived carefully packaged and looking great. We planted it the same day and so far it is thriving. I can't wait to see it grow! Thanks guys!

SGF | Zone 9a | 7/17/2018

This was my first purchase from Wilson Bros.  My crape myrtle was a very good size and healthy.  I am very pleased.

Amber Applegate |  Ruch, OR | 7/16/2018

I was fortunate enough to stumble on Wilson Bros Gardens website. I've personally heard From Brent as to questions I've asked. Spencer, their general manager also has personally communicated with me as to proper care of my new Azaleas. As a business owner I appreciate the personal touch they give to assure the best care of Azaleas. All of my Azaleas traveled clear across the country wrapped expertly to insure they arrived at my door in excellent condition. I am absolutely pleased with all eighteen plants. I highly recommend purchasing your garden beauties from Wilson Bros. Now to figure out how to get rid of the jackrabbits that also thoroughly enjoy Wilson Bros Azaleas.

Joyce | NE Washington State | 7/15/2018

The Clethra arrived a robust, healthy, gorgeous plant in bloom.  The Clethra transitioned into an environment and soil very different from whence it came.  Like all the plants & trees I have ordered from Wilson Bros. Gardens it is spectacular, healthy, carefully shipped and delivered on time.  However, it is the quality of the plants & trees from Wilson Bros. Gardens that is the reason I am a committed returning customer.

Marcio C. | Chicago | 7/11/2018

I got my package with my Golden Dwarf Hinoki, and it was a big plant. Bigger than I imagined. It came well protected in the way it was packaged. It also came in the day it was promised. I was impressed with the quality and beauty of this plant. To my surprise, I got a three gallon instead of the two gallon I bought, and the seller even drew a smiley face. What a great gift from Wilson Bros Gardens.

Guzin | Virginia | 7/11/2018
Review of: Black Bamboo

Fast shipping. Healthy plant. Unfortunately, the tallest bamboo stalk broke in half during shipping. After sending Wilson Bros a picture of the damage, they immediately applied a partial credit to my account. Otherwise, the plant is doing very well. Would definitely purchase from this vendor again.

Arleen | Sequin, WA | 7/11/2018

This is a different ornamental grass than I have seen locally. Arrived in great shape and are in the ground. Can’t wait til they mature.

Order arrived as promised and I have the ornamental grass planted and now just wait to see how it  grows. So great to find a nursery that has different varieties.

I bought both pink and white varieties and have planted them together. Should make an outstanding display. Can’t wait til they get established. 

John G. | Salem | 7/11/2018
Review of: Red Cascade Rose

Wilson's called prior to shipment to tell me the plants were not in the best shape and discounted them . They  arrived with no issue and are doing very well . They are blooming and I will plant them once it cools down.

Gary | Conrad, Iowa | 7/9/2018

I just placed my first order with Wilson Brothers. Studying their immense selection, I decided on 3 camellias. Delivery speed was tremendous - just a few days!!  And the plant size and quality was impressive.  WITHOUT HESITATION I RECOMMEND this nursery . . .   So I placed another order, Another WOW!!!   I will surely order more. Plants packed expertly for shipping - no damage or stress, everything intact.  Thanks, Wilson Brothers!!!

Keri P. | Macon, GA | 7/9/2018

Wilson’s was great! Fast shipping and packaged so nicely!  I looked everywhere locally for this plant and so glad I found it here! Will definitely order again!

Magda | Burke | 7/8/2018

Arrived in great condition.

Love the foliage on this plant! Ordered many plants from Wilson Bros.  All were received in great condition!

Great customer service from Wilson Bros on this plant.  They weren't happy with the condition of the plant because of the recent rain - so they called to explain their situation and offered to send me the plant for free (admittedly, I had placed two rather large orders) with the caveat that it really wasn't up to their standards.  Plant arrived looking 'fine' (perhaps not showing quite as much vitality as the other specimens I had ordered) and is doing very well.

Arrived in excellent condition!  Very pleased with the plants received from Wilson Bros..

Bill Stoffel | Maryland | 7/8/2018

Beautiful healthy plant delivered as promised...couldn’t be more pleased. 

Kathleen W. | Saint Augustine | 7/7/2018
Review of: Florida Sunshine Anise

The Anise arrived in beautiful condition.......had to leave them for 5 days before planting permanently........doing very well........will be perfect screen for standby generator in shady landscape. 

Henry | Myrtle Beach | 7/6/2018

Ordered 16 of the Encore Azaleas and they arrived in good shape over a four day period.  The plants were very healthy and very well packaged.   Highly recommend Wilson Brothers.

Theresa N. | Longmont | 7/6/2018

I'm VERY Happy with the packaging and shipping of these trees. I bought 2 of the Southern Lace Hinoki Cypress trees. They were tall and came in  long boxes and are truly beautiful trees. I was concerned because the delivery took longer for them and their pot soil was a little dry when they got here but they seem okay. Haven't yet planted them. Am giving them a couple of days to recover before planting them, but am so pleased with their look and I really hope they do well in my yard!  

Chris Diehl | Huntington | 7/5/2018

These plants were sold at a 2 gallon price. They were big and beautiful. They could have easily repotted them and sold for more money. I have ordered several other plants from Wilson Bros Gardens and they have all been big and very healthy.

Katherine Keith | Virginia | 7/5/2018

The plants arrived in beautiful condition! They were carefully packed in eco-friendly packaging that protected the branches and kept the soil in the generously filled pots. The plants were larger and bushier than I was expecting, and were very healthy.  I was delighted by both plants and service.

Jan Moore | Acworth | 7/5/2018

Arrived quickly, well packaged, moist and in good shape.  I now see new growth on it.  I also see some yellowing, spotted leaves which I have picked off, hoping good care and keeping them picked off will cease the spread.

WBG Reply: The yellowing leaves were most likely from being in the dark for several days during transit. We've had this one growing in our north-central Georgia gardens for years and it's done better every year. Make sure it's planted in a well-drained site with soil of average fertility and  gets morning sun in the garden, to dry the dew from the leaves, and it should do fine. Keep us posted as to how yours does.

TJ Palmer | Cumming | 7/4/2018

Plan to buy more of these healthy bushes.  I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of this plant and the packing of it for shipping.  It arrived damage free.  I'm so impressed.  These are the best plants I have ever bought on line.  I will never buy from any other company. 

Review of: The Georgia Peach Rose

Bloomed the day after received!  Was packed really well.  I'm so impressed with how you ship.  This rose is just as pictured and the plant is so healthy.  I will be buying only from you in the future.  Such excellent plants! 

Amy Diar | GA | 7/3/2018

I recently ordered 2 of the Fragrant Orange Tea Trees and 3 Emerald Goddess Liriopes. Let's just say I was super impressed with the entire experience with Wilson Bros. As a first time home owner, this was my first time ordering plants online and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy Wilson's Brothers made the process. All the plants I ordered came packaged so carefully that you could feel the LOVE the employees have for each plant. I ordered on a Wednesday and received everything by Saturday perfect timing for me to spend a weekend in the yard. I will definitely be ordering again!

Chris & Cara | MA | 7/3/2018

We were very pleased with both the condition of the plant and the packaging upon arrival.  When we had a few questions regarding the plant, the team was very quick and thorough with their response. Our only regret is that we wish we ordered a bigger size as we love the look of our new plant but wish it was bigger... we’ll just have to be patient. As new homeowners we will certainly use Wilson Bros Gardens again as we continue to improve our property and would recommend them to others as well.

Chrissy | Highland, NY | 7/3/2018

Strong little tree. I've been watering the daylights out of it to keep it perky in this NY heat, but it's doing great. No scent on the two blooms on small plant, but they are lovely. I expect this plant to be a long term addition to my yard! 

Sue | VA | 7/3/2018

The plants were large, lush and healthy.  These azaleas are not easy to find and in past years I have had to make due with scrawny plants from other growers. ------------------- WBG Reply: Hi Sue - Thanks for the compliments and hope you enjoy the Hilda Niblett Azaleas for years to come. We're the growers and your the gardener, so, we decided a long time ago to grow and provide larger plants that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive in your gardens for years to come. Let us know if there's ever anything else we can do for you. We're at your service! - Brent | Wilson Bros Gardens

Kathy | Georgia | 7/3/2018

Excellent quality and customer service! Would definitely buy from them again. VERY pleased! 

Keith | State College | 7/3/2018

The Japanese Holly plants came at the time promised and were well packed. The plants were healthy and are doing well. 

Cheryl P. | Palm Bay, FL | 7/2/2018

This plant was packed to ship without causing any damage to the plant.  The leaves were green and healthy.  It bloomed quickly with bright orange flowers.  I have bought other plants from Wilson Brothers, you can depend on them for quality, healthy, and established plants.

This plant was blooming when I opened the shipping box. The leaves were green and healthy.  Several white flowers bloomed quickly and it’s growing quickly.  I have bought other plants from Wilson Brothers, you can depend on them for quality, healthy, and established plants.

Sarita McCarty | AR | 7/2/2018

Beautiful healthy looking abelia.  It arrived promptly and seems to be thriving. 

Norm | Huntington, NY | 7/1/2018

The Chicago fig tree arrived as described. It looked very healthy, and still does. I moved it to my backyard and it's thriving nicely.

Roger Measel | Venice | 6/30/2018

I would like to thank you for our recent order and delivery of the Forest Green Anise plant.  The shipment was in perfect condition.  It was planted about 2 weeks ago and is doing fabulous.  New growth is looking healthy and is a beautiful plant. 

Donald Landin | Melbourne Beach | 6/29/2018

 Strong, healthy plant received as ordered.

Jolene Dalbec | Carrington, ND | 6/29/2018

I received my Annabelle shrubs last week and planted them after watering them well.  They are doing fantastic and I am thrilled to see how big and healthy they are!  Wilson Bros Gardens will definitely be my "go to" place for shrubs and other plants.  I bought other shrubs from them last year and they are doing very well, growing and thriving!

Stephen Lusk | Prescott, AZ | 6/28/2018

Three Arizona Cypress trees I ordered arrived promptly and were well protected by the Wilson shipping dept.  Trucked all the way from Georgia to the Grand Canyon state arriving in excellent condition.  Planted now and happy to be in their namesake State! 

Gary Lecuyer | Maine | 6/28/2018

I would just like to express to everyone how pleased I am with my order. The tree arrived packed perfectly and full of leaves. I promptly planted it and I believe within a week or two new leaves were developing. I will certainly return to this company for my future garden purchases. Thank You for being a company to trust!!!!

Erin | Seattle, WA | 6/27/2018

I ordered the 5 gallon tree and it came fast, well-packaged and in good condition.  I planted it and waited a few months before reviewing - it's growing fine and starting to bloom.  I can't wait to watch it grow over the years!  

Mark W. | Silver Spring | 6/27/2018

Very pleased with this purchase, though I suppose time will tell. I was heartbroken when my old HL walking stick died (after 20+ years), and eager to get a new one started. The new walking stick arrived less than a week after purchase in excellent condition. It was about 2 feet high with plenty of healthy growth. And price was roughly the same as what other garden sites were charging for bare root.

Jody Hagen | Kansas | 6/27/2018

Received my climbing hydrangea quickly.  It was well packed and healthy.

Barbara Fleming | Charlotte, NC | 6/26/2018

Beautiful tree. The box came pretty banged up. My first thoughts were that there was no way it would be in one piece. It was perfect!!!! Can’t wait for it to grow and bloom.

Roxanne Fargason | Junction | 6/25/2018

I ordered this in the spring of this year and do believe it is finest grape vine I have ever received.  It arrived a large, healthy looking plant and has flourished in mostly direct sun through the hottest spring I can remember - weeks of 100+ temps.  It even has some grapes on it already.  I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Tony T. | Long Island, NY | 6/25/2018
Review of: Celeste Fig Tree

I have ordered fig trees from other companies and the difference is staggering.  I received a beautiful full fig tree that I am very happy about and it is doing quite well . I will surely order from your company in the future.  Thank You! 

Amy Key | Home | 6/26/2018

I love ordering from these guys. These gardenias arrived healthy and with buds. If I have a question they are quick to respond and very helpful. Your satisfaction is their top priority. I will order from here for many years to come.

When ordering from Wilson Bros Gardens, I never wonder if the plant will be healthy. The plants arrive very healthy and the gardenias had buds and blooms! If you have any question about your order, send these guys an email. They answer pretty quickly and your satisfaction is their priority. I have ordered a lot from here and never been disappointed. 

Barbara Clark | Houston | 6/25/2018

So far so good.  Haven't seen it bloom yet, but plant is doing well.  Anxious to see the blooms next spring.

Lucille Hellier-Clarke | WA | 6/24/2018

The fastigiate plum yew I ordered came when expected and was a beautiful plant.  It is happily growing in my garden as I write this.  I was very pleased and will definitely order from Wilson Bros again.

Joy J. Cashdan | USA | 6/23/2018

Yesterday 2 plants were delivered. Ordering on line, I was concerned as to what would arrive. When I opened the boxes I was delighted to see both trees. I am more than pleased! I purchased a 5 gallon Tamukeyama Dwarf Red Japanese Maple and a 3 gallon Crimson Queen Dwarf Japanese Maple. They are both beautiful. Now I will learn as much as I can as to their proper care. Thank you.

Debi | Alabama | 6/23/2018

When we received these little guys they were already in bloom.  Yesterday, I noticed new growth, wow!  Love this nursery - everything I've ever ordered has arrived almost the next day and been beautifully healthy.

Anthon Lizana | Dallas | 6/22/2018

Easy ordering.  Extremely fast order filling.  Well packed for shipping & arrived undamaged.  Plant was an excellent specimen.  Pleased with the transaction from start to finish.

Bret | Antioch, TN | 6/22/2018

Excellent experience. Look forward to watching my camellia grow up. 

RC Katz | Brooklyn | 6/21/2018

My Rapitest Soil pH Tester works flawlessly. I saw previous complaints about the product but have not encountered them. Meter responds just as advertised. I've already adjusted soil with good results. A good product at a fair price.

Patty Powell | Stockbridge | 6/22/2018

I purchased one several weeks ago!  It is beautiful and healthy!  The flowers are blooming and it is so pretty!

Robin R. | Assonet, MA | 6/22/2018

I have been looking for the Russian Pomegranate tree for quite a while. I finally found one that would grow in my Zone 6B at Wilson Bros., which didn't cost an arm and a leg.  The shipping was fast and the tree was expertly packed so it wouldn't be hurt in the shipping.  I followed the instructions on the package and now my tree is growing and healthy.  I will definitely buy from Wilson Bros again!!!

Epp | Boston | 6/21/2018

Plants arrived within days of my order. Excellent packaging kept plants from being damaged in transit. Plants arrived in very healthy condition-very satisfied.

AJ | Iowa | 6/21/2018

Received two of these wisteria plants/vines and they are loving our humid hot Iowa weather!  Of course, they were shipped so very well protected as I have come to discover, and were healthy and continue to be healthy, full and adapting well, which is why I keep ordering from Wilson Bros!!

Chris Daniel | USA | 6/21/2018

I recently made two separate orders from your online nursery. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am very pleased with the quality of the plants I received. I have mail ordered from at least 8 different online nurseries, and you were by far the best. Please continue this quality and you will be my #1 online nursery.

Sheri | Hayden, ID | 6/21/2018
Review of: Titan Blueberry

To my surprise, Titan arrived full of leaves and berries!  I couldn't believe how fresh and perfect this plant was.  Stellar product and packaging... keep up the good work! 

Review of: Vernon Blueberry

Plant arrived full of leaves and in very healthy condition.  It was very well packed and arrived perfectly.  This purchase exceeded my expectations.  I'll be back soon!

Joyce Owen | Eugene | 6/20/2018

This azalea arrived in beautiful condition!

Gail Nemshick | Michigan | 6/20/2018

I want to tell you how very pleased I am with my recent purchase of this item from your online nursery!  Shipping and delivery was fast and my four plants arrived extremely well packaged without even a leaf out of place.  I couldn't believe the size and condition of the plants. The plants were about five feet tall and some were even blooming and the other had buds ready to open  Hands down the best purchase I have ever made in the last four years of many online plant purchases.  I highly recommend your online nursery and the care that is taken in shipping and packaging beautiful, healthy and quality plants.  I couldn't be any happier with my purchase of these four beautiful shrubs!

Bob | Minneapolis | 6/20/2018

Well packed, shipped quickly, healthy good sized plant.  After being potted for about a month now, it has put on several new leaves and looks happy and healthy.  I've ordered from other mail-order tree dealers and have had fairly poor results.  I will certainly look to Wilson Bros for my future purchases. 

Karla O. | Minneapolis | 6/20/2018

I ordered the 3 gallon Pieris. The shrubs were smaller than I was expecting, but they are not available in my area so I was thrilled to get them. The plants were very healthy. Unfortunately the box broke during shipping, so 2 of my shrubs had significant breakage. I emailed a photo, and Wilson Bros immediately sent replacements. I was very impressed with their service. Thank you! 

Carolyn | IL | 6/18/2018

This is my first experience with you and went far better than I could have expected. These Japanese Cedars are so difficult to find in my area, and I really do not like to purchase plants online without being able to see them.....I do have to say though that I am extremely pleased with the plant you sent me. It was SO well packaged that even if it encountered a careless delivery service it was going to survive (thankfully, mine did not have to pass that test) :-)  It arrived beautiful and healthy,  If I know anyone who is landscape shopping - I will not hesitate to highly recommend Wilson Bros. Thank you 


RC Katz | Brooklyn | 6/17/2018

My crape myrtle arrived in excellent shape, hardy and healthy with blooms already apparent. Two weeks later it is doing exceptionally well. 

David H. | Myrtle Beach | 6/16/2018

Thank you Wilson Bros for offering these selections. They arrived in great shape and I have them planted in my yard now. I could not have gotten these varieties anywhere outside of Australia and I am thrilled. I truly appreciate your great products and great service. Sincerely, David

Peggy Moore | Texas | 6/16/2018
Review of: Asian Jasmine

My order came fast and was all wrapped up just right....the plants were hardy and alive and I planted them immediately....they are doing great and already showing new growth...thank you.

Oxana | Maryland | 6/14/2018

The plant arrived promptly and is in a very good shape.

John Farrington | Gig Harbor | 6/13/2018
Review of: Algerian Ivy

Made our choice on advice of head gardener at local botanical garden - arrived healthy, in a timely fashion, and are in their garden.  Thank you Wilson Bros!

Dylan | Frankfort, IL | 6/12/2018

Plants came in bigger than expected!!!, and Lucy rose of Sharon truly adds a tropical touch to any yard!!!

Sherry | USA / 6/12/2018

The privets arrived very quickly and they were packaged so great.  I got them planted the very next day after receipt and am looking forward to them growing tall and wide. It's been very hot here in St. Louis so they get watered very often as do my other established shrubs.  I will definitely order from you all again. Regards, Sherry Rabushka

Marie Maher | Southport, NC | 6/11/2018

Yet again I received my shrubs from Wilson Bros via FedEx in terrific shape. I planted an entire backyard garden this Spring. Many of the shrubs I purchased were from Wilson Bros. I began with one or two but quickly added so many more to my purchases as I had increasing confidence in Wilson Bros quality and delivery. This shrub in particular, the variegated pink winter Daphne is beautiful. I can’t wait to see it flower in December; I have no reason to believe it won’t be spectacular given its current health and happiness in my garden.

AJ | Iowa | 6/11/2018

We bought a rural fixer-upper home and a very neglected small acreage, from bushes to trees to overgrown 'landscaping' - it ALL needs some TLC.  In my opinion, a tenacious, aggressive, weed-choking yet attractive ground cover was needed.  And Wilson Brothers delivered!!  When I received them, the plants were very healthy and once can almost see them 'spreadin' the love' daily. Ordering more now! 

Betsy Emes | Washington, DC | 6/9/2018

Plant arrived in absolutely pristine condition - not a single broken branch or bent leaf - soil well protected in pot. Best of all plants ever received by mail!!  Highly recommend!

Kevin Garlow | Fayetteville | 6/8/2018

This tree arrived in excellent condition and was packaged with care.  I planted it in a patio container and so far it appears to be thriving!


Mary Roppe | Fargo | 6/8/2018

I had seen this plant in my neighborhood and wasn't able to find it in stock and came across Wilson Brothers Gardens and they shipped to me in ND. It's planted and doing really well. Probably won't bloom until next spring so can't wait to see the beautiful flowers!!  Great customer service and will order again!!  Thank you!!

Rosemary | Orlando | 6/7/2018

I purchased 6 Emerald Goddess liriope to fill in an area, I specifically needed that variety to match some existing plantings and I could not locate any locally.  They arrived well packed, and hydrated, I planted them within 24 hours of arrival and they are doing well.

Gray | KY | 6/7/2018

In early spring purchased two of these and was pleased with the size and quality of both plants.  About three weeks later placed order for a dozen more and all plants are looking great. Highly recommend.

Received healthy plant with two opened flowers and several buds. Love the color! Planted couple of weeks ago and it continues to produce buds and flowers.

Plant came with some open blooms and flower buds. Pretty plant and will purchase few more for daughter’s yard. 

Review of: Bog Salvia

Received good looking plant and looking forward to seeing it grow and flower. Pleased with purchased.  

AJ | Iowa | 6/7/2018

Every day, I literally can see my two butterfly bushes respond to the sunshine - little bursts of growth - looking forward to some rapid changes in the next month or so!

Catherine | SC | 6/7/2018

Black Mondo Grass arrived quickly and in good shape. Planted in a very shady area where nothing else will grow, Also using in a container.

Irene Albert | VA | 6/6/2018

My husband and I were so excited to see this Pieris offered by your nursery. The two plants we ordered arrived in great condition and were a very nice size. They are planted where they are going to live, and already we see new growth appearing, and we are looking forward to next spring and all those rosy new leaves. Thanks for your great plant selection.

Jo Ann | TN | 6/6/2018

This plant is beautiful! It was promptly shipped, packaged very securely, and a perfect specimen.  I highly recommend Wilson Bros for all your garden needs.

Gary H. | Beachwood, NJ | 6/6/2018
Review of: Pink Muhly Grass

Product arrived very fast and in great condition.  Height of the Muhly grass was much taller that I was expecting for a Jr. Gallon 7" pot so I was very Happy :)   Had been researching this particular type of dune grass for quite some time. Can't wait til Fall to see them blooming.

Jerrie C. | Decatur | 6/6/2018

This plant was packaged well and arrived quickly. It was such a pretty and healthy plant! 
I was very uneasy about ordering and getting a plant shipped, however; this company puts a great deal of effort into protective packaging. 

Art | Lansdale, PA | 6/6/2018

We had this plant shipped to PA from Wilson Bros Gardens.  We received it in excellent condition and planted it right away.  So far everything looks good and the plants look happy.

Pat S. | Houston | 6/6/2018

I was so pleased with the first shrub I ordered (after calling or visiting the main nurseries in town and not finding what I wanted) that I ordered another one and both immediately took root and are doing great.
I will continue to place orders with Wilson Bros. 

J Reid | Nashville | 6/5/2018

We knew we wanted dwarf Indian Hawthornes for our front landscape - we've had them before and loved them for their size, evergreen-ness and extremely low maintenance requirements.  We looked in all the local spots - the big box stores, you know the ones - and did find a variety of larger hawthorne, but not the dwarf size - and the plants they did have didn't look great.  So we took a chance and ordered them from Wilson Bros online - after doing a simple Google search.  Ordering a shrub online - seriously?  Yep.  And it was a great experience.  Great customer service and communication - but the kicker is that the shrubs arrived in GREAT condition.  Large, healthy, well watered - with solid planting and care instructions.  First order was for two of them  - to check it out - after we saw how great they were, we ordered three more.  Will not hesitate to buy from Wilson Bros in the future.

Sherry | Central, SC | 6/5/2018

I am over the moon about my experience with my order of the Empress of China Cornus Kousa!  It arrived at my house the next day after I ordered it!  It was perfectly packaged and in such beautiful condition!  I will definitely be ordering again.  And my hubs and I are planning a “field trip” to the garden center!  So very impressed!

Zach | Indiana | 6/5/2018

Arrived promptly and in great shape.  All looked healthy.  Planted it and it has been thriving. Thinking of buying another one. Thank you!   

Kathleen K. | Daleville | 6/5/2018

I received a large, beautiful plant in perfect condition.

Teresa | Texas | 6/5/2018

My Acoma Crape Myrtle looks really healthy and is a great size. Can't wait to watch it grow and bloom. Thanks Wilson Bros for a great purchase.

Abigail H. | Vermont | 6/4/2018

Tall and lovely!

Tons of blossoms!

Adorable, like a mini palm. Can't wait for this one to bloom! 

Love this one!

Tons of buds on this one. Excited for it to bloom. Arrived safely.

Review of: Pineapple Guava

Blossoms are unique and beautiful. arrived safely. 

Very excited for it to bloom. Arrived safely. 

Glenda | Brunswick, GA | 6/3/2018

Arrived in great shape! Packaging definitely prevented any damage.  Beautiful Plant!

Karen Young | Londonberry | 6/3/2018

It arrived in great shape - beautiful plant! 

Roberta W. | NC | 6/2/2018

I ordered and planted the  Kaleidoscope Abelia in Fall of 2017 and am absolutely delighted with the appearance and quality of the plants. They were excellently packaged and arrived in mint condition. They survived a reasonably cold winter and are now thriving in my front garden. I highly recommend Wilson Brothers for their customer service, choice of plants and a well run operation.

I purchased the Red Dragon Dwarf Japanese Maple from Wilson Brothers in Fall of 2017 as an accent plant for my terraced garden. It arrived in mint condition and very carefully packaged. It looks quite beautiful where I have it planted and I can't wait to see it grow to maturity. I highly recommend Wilson Brothers for excellent customer service, quick delivery and quality plants.

Joan Y. | Missouri | 6/2/2018

These 4 dwarf crape myrtles looked so great when they arrived, it was hard to believe they came via Fed Ex!!  When our lawn maintenance man was planting them, our neighbor was even commenting on how healthy they looked. They have been planted for about 3 weeks now & show lots of new growth. Wilson Brothers has been GREAT to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Christopher E. | York | 6/2/2018

Based on photos of its floral display, it's a winner. My plants, a good 3 feet tall, arrived in beautiful condition. Hats off to Wilson Bros.!

Teresa F. | Texas | 6/2/2018

My Delta Jazz is looking good, it's still small but putting on some good growth.  Thanks for a nice tree.

Mildred R. | Alpharetta, GA | 6/2/2018

Plant arrived in healthy condition and looks great after being put in the ground. I can't wait for flowers to bloom in the fall! 

I bought these plants based on others reviews and I am very pleased with my purchases. All plants arrived in a carefully boxed package and all were healthy. They look great and strong after bring planted in the ground. I can't wait for them to bloom!!

Beth Soper | Murfreesboro | 6/1/2018

I received my camellia and was amazed at the care taken in packaging to ensure the health of  the plant.  It was in great condition.  The staff was extremely helpful with questions and concerns.  I will not hesitate to order from Wilson Brothers again.

Chanda | Mauertown, VA | 5/31/2018

I purchased this as a gift for my mother for Mother’s Day. I was impressed with how quickly she received the plant being that we live in Virginia and it was coming from Georgia. It was packaged very well and the plant looked fantastic and in great shape. It was very green. She received it after it’s first blooming cycle so we are very excited for the end of summer to see it hopefully bloom once again.

M. Lyons | Virginia | 5/31/2018
Review of: Mondo Grass

The mondo grass arrived on time, well-packaged, and in perfect condition. Thanks to much recent rain, the plants are thriving. This has been my best online nursery experience, ever.

Amy Key | USA | 5/30/2018

My Noblesse hydrangea arrived absolutely gorgeous and blooming. Wilson Brothers plants are by far THE BEST and healthiest you'll find on the internet. I have ordered many plants from many companies over the years, some good some not so good. Then I found Wilson Bros Gardens. I have never been disappointed with any plant or tree from these guys. This hydrangea is no exception,  It's so healthy looking and blooming! When looking for plants online, please look to Wilson Brother Gardens first, you won't be disappointed. 

David G. | Monroe, NY | 5/30/2018

The staff at Wilson Bros was very friendly and informative when I called to inquire about hedges. The product was reasonably priced, arrived quickly, and was expertly packed. The plants look beautiful. I planted them almost immediately, and I hope they grow nicely.

Sara | The Villages, FL | 5/30/2018

Arrived healthy.  It’s planted in the right place for some sun and some shade.  I’m excited about it blooming this winter when not much else will so I can provide a good nectar plant for my pollinators.  Can’t wait to see the different colors of blossoms!


Nancy | Charlottesville, VA | 5/30/2018

I am always looking for neat little edging plants. This small Veronica looked fresh and amazing when it arrived. Within 2 weeks, it was covered in gorgeous blue flowers. I was so pleased with it, I ordered a second flat of 10 and they arrived quickly and looked just as good. While I don't have a whole season of data yet, this has been a real winner for me.

Joyce K. | New York | 5/30/2018

Plant arrived  promptly and in excellent condition.  It is thriving in my garden.

Toney | Paris | 5/29/2018

This Tree is EXACTLY what I was hoping for and more. I have ordered trees from another company and they can't compare to this tree.  Better than I expected worth every dollar.

Marcia | Connecticut | 5/29/2018

Wonderful condition and size.  It hasn't bloomed so I don't expect fruit this year but the plant itself is vigorous and growing well. I would not hesitate to buy from Wilson Bros. again. 

Ken R. | West Point | 5/29/2018

The honeysuckle plant was received quickly and was well packed. Have just put in ground so won't know how it does for awhile but it looks healthy. Will update as time goes on.

Carl | USA | 5/28/2018

I received the Azalea in great condition and a really nice looking plant. Thank you for your help!

Paula | Woodstock, GA | 5/28/2018

My niece has a White Fringe tree in her bed next to the house.  It was so beautiful this spring.  I decided I wanted one.  She and my sister told me they were hard to find so I researched on the internet.  The only place I found this tree was at Wilson Bros

Suzette | Boise, ID | 5/28/2018

The plant arrived looking healthy and beautiful. I can't wait to see and smell the blooms in the fall! 

Debbie | Harrison AZ | 5/26/2018

I am always hesitant to purchase plants online, have not had good experiences.  But, my plants arrived in excellent shape, packaged extremely well.  Very healthy and beautiful and I received them very quickly.  I will continue to purchase plants from Wilson Brothers, couldn’t be happier!

Carrie | Wisconsin | 5/26/2018
Review of:  Celeste Fig Tree

When I opened the box my expectations were far exceeded! The plant was packaged to prevent damage and it was so beautiful and healthy. This plant was of much  higher quality than anything that I could purchase locally. I will definitely purchase from Wilson Bros Gardens again! 

Cynthia McKenzie | Snohomish | 5/25/2018

I made my first purchase from Wilson Brothers and couldn’t be happier! My plant arrived in perfect condition. It was professionally packed for quite a journey! The soil was nicely covered and damp. I was just looking around the net for a nice plant and thought I’d give these brothers a try and I’m VERY happy I did.  Definitely recommend this company!

Laura Cagle | TN | 5/25/2018

The Azalea came yesterday and I am very pleased with it.  It was packaged so well there was no damage whatsoever.  The plant was so pretty and very healthy.  I'm always pleased with your plants and the great job of packaging. 

Paula Norton | Woodstock | 5/25/2018

When I saw the sweet shrub was available on line, I was excited to purchase one for my new landscape.  I had seen sweet shrub growing wild as a kid.  Thank you for the opportunity to have this gorgeous plant in Woodstock.

My sister had a snowball tree in her yard.  It was magnificent with the blooms in early spring.  I want to be able to admire mine for years to come. Thank you Wilson Bros.

I have a new home in Woodstock and was searching for interesting plants/trees for my property.   I am excited to plant this beautiful red bark Japanese Maple tree to be a focal point in my new landscape.

Phyllis | Plano | 5/25/ 2018

Arrived in great shape. Planted a shady spot. Seems to be doing well.

Saw this plant at a friends and it was covered with bees. Since I am trying to plant a pollinator friendly garden this was a perfect choice. It is doing well and can't wait until it blooms in the spring.

Excellent product. Used on all my spring planting and the plants are doing well!

Marci O. | Battlefield | 5/25/2018
Review of: Grancy Graybeard

Right now haven't seen the flowers...missed it. But the plant I received is the healthiest plant ever.  Can not wait to see the flowers.

Carol | Greensboro | 5/24/2018

I love Wilson Brothers.  Their prices are reasonable, the plants healthy and well-packed, and a good size.  They are far superior to online sources like Park Seed, Jackson and Perkins, Wayside, Bluestone, etc. whose prices are high, the shipping costs are high, and the products small.  I recently received a beautiful beautyberry bush from Wilson Brothers; it was a good size and healthy and well-packed.  I have had it four to five weeks and it is already 30% larger than when I received it.

Bill Nation | Jackson | 5/24/2018

This is my first order from Wilson Bros. The plant arrived on time, beautifully packed without any upset at all. I planted it immediately and it has not looked back. I will definitely order shipping is a huge advantage for online ordering.

Donna Knarr | Radford | 5/24/2018

Plants arrived still moist and in perfect condition.  Already growing in my yard. Very pretty and healthy.  Wonderful service and a fabulous website which is easy to negotiate  with a lot of useful information. 

Kelley | VA | 5/24/2018

Azaleas were shipped fast and and are super healthy looking.  They are in the ground. Bought the 1 gallon so may have to wait for blooms. Overall great experience!

Russell | Jacksonville, FL | 5/23/2018

Going to cover plants and comment on seller as well. I ordered 6 plants total for a large area outside a wooden privacy fence. Order received quickly, and plants packaged securely. I had to wait several weeks before planting, and the grass had already started sending out nice long strands by the time they got in the ground. Looking forward to the time when they are mature and flowering. A+ rating on product. Seller also gets an A+ for my buying experience. Nice follow up as well. I would not hesitate buying from them in the future, and will recommend to all my friends as well. Thanks guys!!! Rusty/Jax FL.

Pam | Louisville | 5/23/2018

I ordered a number of plants from Wilson Bros.  They arrived very quickly and in great condition.  Transplanted them after a day acclimating in water and they are all doing great.  Plan to order some more plants in a few weeks.

Lynn Purvis-Yund | Pittsburg | 5/23/2018
Review of: Snow Bamboo

The plants arrived ion time and intact, and a full 6 foot, as advertised and they are doing well.

Margaret Brown | VA | 5/22/2018

I originally wanted the 3 gallon pot in this honeysuckle and when it was not available I was advised that the 2 gallon pot was very large. I ordered it to go on an antique fan style trellis for my yard for the hummingbirds to feed upon.  I can't believe how large and healthy this plant is.  Packing was perfect. It has been planted for a few weeks now and has grown so much on the trellis and is blooming! I would not hesitate to order again from Wilson Bros. Products and service are superior!

Nola | Grove City, OH | 5/22/1028

Only purchased a couple weeks ago. It was delivered quickly and plant was packed well. It was a very healthy nice sized plant and doing very well. I would recommend this company highly and look forward to more purchases.

Heather | Utah | 5/22/2018

The vines came well packaged and healthy looking. They were bigger than I thought they’d be.  I’ve planted them and they seem to be doing well. I can’t wait until it blooms! 

Josh | New York City | 5/22/2018

Beautiful tree - came in excellent shape with strong roots and many healthy looking leaves. Bigger than I expected for a 2 gal pot. Excellent purchase. 

Katy Dutt | Portland | 5/22/2018

Arrived in great shape, first time I’ve purchased plants online for shipment! And I’d do it again! 

Review of: Cast Iron Plant

Arrived in great shape, first time I’ve purchased plants online for shipment! And I’d do it again! 

Tierra | Fuquay Varina, NC | 5/22/2018

The plant came quickly and was packaged very well. It was very healthy and is thriving in my yard with blooms already!

Sharon | USA | 5/22/2018

I am enjoying the winter daphne plant that I ordered from your company. It arrived in great condition/shape and has already been planted. Thank you for filling my order quickly and shipping it to my address.

Andrew | Joplin | 5/22/2018

I love these. We ordered 5 of them to help create a hedge and some privacy at our house. So far these are awesome plants. I did have one that seems to have been grown sideways and I'm worried it might not bear the weight when it gets bigger. But it looks good and should turn out just fine. 

Brenda | SC | 5/21/2018

I love how it was shipped and it arrived in perfect condition.  I planted it immediately and it is doing great.  Can't wait for it to bloom!  

Terry Floyd | SC | 5/21/2018

Received the plant on Saturday morning. Thank you so much for such prompt delivery. I gave it to my neighbor yesterday and she loved it. It arrived in good condition and I was pleased that it had some blooms on it so she could see what it would look like. Once again thank you.

Becky Williams | Corinth | 5/21/2018

A beautiful, healthy plant!  Free and prompt shipping.

Marie | NC | 5/21/2018

Came in good shape and planted by my outside fence so it has a wind buffet at its back and full sunshine all afternoon. So far so good but too soon to tell. Fall will be the telling time when I’m hoping for that blaze of red to set off that part of my side fence in full, view of all my neighbors.

Review of: Pineapple Guava

Beautiful shrub - took to its planting right away and is flowering at present. It promises to be a lovely addition to my garden. Can’t wait to see its fruits later in fall. The flowers are so distinctive and beautiful. Would plant more of these if I had the room. 

Yet another beautiful Anise shrub. This is my second variety and equally lovely. It’s a healthy growing shrub next to my side fence and promises to be a nice cover in front of an ugly downspout. No odor like the other Florida Anise I have but pretty light green, almost yellow leaves. No blooms or flowers yet. Too soon to tell on this one other than it’s a healthy addition to my yard.

Richard Mueller | VA | 5/20/2018

I have wanted to include a crape myrtle in my landscape for some time, but have been reluctant because I knew nothing about its requirements.  Found everything I needed to know on this site, and decided to give one a try.   Plant was very securely packaged and packed, and arrived here in very good order.   It is well shaped and very healthy, and had no problems in planting it.  Am now looking forward to seeing it in bloom.  An excellent experience all the way through, and Wilson Bros. has a repeat customer.

Mary | Florida | 5/20/2018

This was the first time ordering from this company and I am very pleased. The plant is very nice. Exactly what I expected and more. Will continue to order from them. Shipped well. Happy with my plant. 

Mary Noyes | NC | 5/19/2018

We are very happy with our purchase.  Plants arrived well packaged and were terrific specimens.

Dee | Frisco | 5/19/2018

Kimberly | Plano, TX | 5/19/2018

Japanese Maple arrived in great condition and is doing well. 

Judy Tierny | KY | 5/18/2018
Review of: Chicago Cold Hardy Fig

Received my fig tree and was happy to see the big green leaves and the good size of the main stem. I will hope for good growth and fruit. Planted the same day I received and it looks great.

Britney | Birmingham, AL | 5/17/2018

Purchased this confederate jasmine for my mother’s birthday and it is absolutely gorgeous! The vine she received is beautiful and healthy - it’s growing like crazy already! I contacted customer service after placing the order and they helped make sure it arrived on time. Really happy with this purchase and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Carole | Carlisle, PN | 5/17/2018

The three Berry Dazzles I ordered from Wilson Bros Gardens arrived promptly and in very good condition. They were packed well in a heavy-duty carton, and were easy to plant. None were pot-bound. All are looking quite healthy in my garden now. Of course, it's too early to know how they will bloom, but I'd say their chances are quite good.  

Frank | Round Lake, IL | 5/17/2018

I ordered the Chicago Hardy fig tree from Wilson Bros Gardens.  It arrived in great condition.  It was packaged beautifully.  All of the leaves were intact and the tree is very sturdy.  I decided to repot it and was amazed at the well developed root structure.  It is doing quite well and I'm really pleased with my purchase.  Thanks Wilson Bros.

Leslie | Alexander City, AL | 5/16/2018

My new  Miis Huff Lantana have been planted about 2 weeks and are doing well.  When the order of  4 arrived 2 plants had suffered bad shipping damage.  I mention this because customer service immediately sent 2 replacements and was very apologetic.  They could not have been any nicer to deal with. I look forward to purchasing  from this company in the future and have been very pleased with their plants and service. 

Robert | Mansfield | 5/16/2018

The order was packed very securely in a sturdy box and arrived a week earlier than expected. The fig tree looked very healthy when it arrived and has doubled in size already. Looking forward to having fresh figs.

John Low | Mentone | 5/16/2018

Beautiful, full and healthy- very impressed as it was healthier than most local nurseries have.  Shipping was quick and tree well packaged with no damage from shipping. 

Ruth | Texas | 5/16/2018

Quality plant received very promptly and was well packed.  Will order again.

Arrived promptly; very well packed; so pleased with quality of camellia. Best ever received ordering on-line.  Will order again. 

Very nice quality plant; arrived well packaged and very promptly.  Can't wait to order again.  

Beautiful plant. I was so pleasantly surprised when I unpacked my order.  Plant was  awesome!!!!  Packaged very well; arrived very promptly.  Will order again. 

Awesome plant!  Excellent quality; well packaged and arrived promptly.  Very pleased with Wilson Bros Gardens.  Can't wait to order again.

Edward | Morganton, NC | 5/16/2018
Review of:  Debutante Camellia

Arrived packed well in good condition doing well after a month. 

Arrived in good shape. Doing well after a month.

Review of:  Alba Plena Camellia

Healthy shrub and doing well after a month!

Natalie | VA | 5/15/2018

Perfect healthy plants!  They arrived in great condition and are growing beautifully. 

Greg Goble | Lacey, WA | 5/14/2018

I could not be happier with the shrubs that I ordered.  They arrived in a timely manner and they arrived in perfect shape...packing was spot on!  Thank you. 

Carol Weber | MI | 5/14/2018

My Orange Dream Japanese maple arrived healthy and very well packaged. Absolutely beautiful tree! Excellent customer service. Will shop here again!

Marianne | Baltimore | 5/14/2018

Beautiful healthy tree! Quick shipping, and the tree was packed securely and safely in the box. Very happy so far!

Beth | Athens, GA | 5/14/2018

Plant arrived nicely packaged and a day earlier than expected. It looked to be in good condition. It has been planted and seems to be doing well.  I could not find this specific camellia in any of my local nurseries.

Laura Franks | Baton Rouge | 5/14/2018

Beautiful specimen arrived well-packaged and healthy. I am very pleased with this purchase.

James Peterson | MI | 5/13/2018

As Always Perfect. This organization takes great pride in its mission. I have placed many orders with these folks, all showed up in first class condition.  

Donna | PN | 5/13/2018

Received my order today and was very impressed with the care you took with packaging.The Althea arrived in perfect condition and has already been planted in my yard. Now will just wait for the blooms.

Deborah Vanbrackle | GA | 5/12/2018

I carefully chose the plants/ shrubs that I wanted to redo a bed that was completely destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. I was not able to find the Cherry Dazzle Dwarf Crape Myrtle plants anywhere in my area, so I turned to the web. I took a chance and ordered online from Wilson Brothers, not knowing anything about the company. Well, I am now totally impressed because my plants came quickly and packed very securely. They are healthy and the soil was damp upon arrival. These shrubs have been in the ground 2 weeks now and they are looking good. I can't wait until they bloom!

S. Stephens | VA | 5/12/2018

We ordered three of the Purple Magic Crapes and they arrived quickly, packaged well and full of leaves. It has been about three weeks since planting and they are doing great!  We are so pleased with our purchase.

Charles | NC | 5/12/2018
Review of: Deodar Cedar

Fast shipment, trees arrived in good shape.  Plan to purchase again.

Amy Key | US | 5/11/2018

I ordered and received 2 of the Ebony Flame crape myrtles. They arrived fast and in great condition, very healthy. I can't wait to see the red blooms against the dark leaves. I love shopping with Wilson Brothers!

D. Knowles | TN | 5/11/2018
Review of: Madison Confederate Jasmine

This was my first time ordering from Wilson Bros and I was amazed at the quality of this mail ordered plant. Wilson Bros was one of five companies I used this Spring for mail order and they were the best with both the quality of plant and the packing to protect it. I will definitely use Wilson Bros again. My Jasmines are beautiful!

Debi Levins | AL | 5/11/2018

My husband and I have a special love for the Natchez crepe myrtle.  We were married in Natchez, Mississippi many years ago and have always had one planted in a special place in our yard.  Last year we built our retirement home, so, we're in the process of landscaping.  Enter Wilson Bros.  Every single plant we've received from their nursery has arrived within days, been expertly packed and in most cases, the soil is even damp!  Our Natchez was no exception and it is now proudly the centerpiece of our new front yard and growing nicely.  Thank you Wilson Bros.  We will continue to order our landscape plants from you, I already have a long "wish" list! 

Marcy | Chicago | 5/11/2018

We are very pleased with the Chicago Hardy Fig tree we received from Wilson Brothers.  It was about two feet tall and had leaves when it arrived a few weeks ago..  It's now growing and doing great.  We just love this little tree. 

Ingrid Duchemin | US | 5/11/2018

I am very Happy so far with my Plant. She starts slow and now she is blooming!! I have to say the Plant was sent and very good condition and packed well!! Thank you so much!!!! Ingrid

Bennett | MD | 5/11/2018

Absolutely beautiful plants!  I am so happy with these.  After a particularly (and record-breaking) cold winter here, our previous Madison Jasmines did not survive. I was heartbroken. These arrived quickly and were full, and full of color already. Thank you! 

Manish | VA | 5/10/2018

Received a big size vine which was already in flowering and is still flowering now. I am amazed with the size of the plant received. It is bigger than 2 gallon size pots sold by Monrovia.

Debi | AL | 5/10/2018

I swear, when I opened the box they were blooming, I planted them a couple of days later, and they've never stopped!  Amazing. 

Brian Sanders | MS | 5/10/2018

Fast shipping. Perfect plant

Don Tessmer | Wisconsin | 5/9/2018

I ordered a contorted filbert from Wilson Bros and had it shipped to Wisconsin. Per the note included in the box, this is the email address I was to report problems. I don't have any! Pass this on to the team that gets the praise. The tree I received is WAY better than I expected or could have hoped for. It is big, beautiful and healthy! Taller than I expected. All leafed out. Just spectacular. I can't wait to plant it and watch it mature in to a wonderful specimen tree. 

Lynn MacCarthur | WA | 5/9/2018

I bought this plant and Autumn Bonfire. Both were healthy when they arrived, and well packaged. I order a lot of plants online and have learned that some companies know how to prepare their plants for shipping, and some not so much.. Wilson Bros. Gardens knows what they are doing. My plants are in the ground and doing nicely. Not paying for shipping was an unexpected bonus.

Kim Neil | Alabama | 5/8/2018

We had a white blossom Tea Olive a few years ago and now that we have moved, were looking for another and found the Fragrant Orange Tea Olive on this site. They were strong and healthy when they arrived and adjusted well to being planted. Although we don't  yet have the flowers, they will come. So far, we are happy with Wilson Bros Gardens and I know we will be using them again.

Richard | New York | 5/8/2018

I purchased two Pink Perfection Camellias and couldn't be happier. Bloomed throughout our very long winter indoors and now is outside setting blooms for next year. Customer service was great.  Can't say enough good things about Wilson Bros.

Carolanne Hugo | Virgina | 5/7/2018
Review of: Varnadoe's Pink Phlox Native Azalea

I am very impressed - this was my first order with you, and I was not only pleased to find this plant on your site, but it was totally reasonable! Came in the mail quickly, and the plant is in beautiful shape. Thanks so much!

Helen Flagg | Houston | 5/6/2018

Such excellent service!  Judge Solomon azaleas arrived in Houston in beautiful shape.  The customer service could not have been more caring and efficient.  The plants are now planted in Houston and are flourishing!  I would highly recommend this gardening facility to everyone.  Do not hesitate to order by mail.  These gardeners know how to pack and mail plants successfully!!!  High praise for a job well done!

Alissa | Princeton, NJ | 5/6/2018

I bought 7 Encore Azaleas from you on the internet because your site was well organized.  It gave pictures and information of each azalea and made it easy to select.  They arrived very well packaged and have been planted according to your instructions.  While they are a bit expensive the quality of the bushes made them worth it. 

Bob | NY | 5/6/2018

I order a lot of plants for my green house. The camellia tree I ordered was well packed, came in perfect condition and was an excellent specimen! Very pleased! 

Tina | Allentown, NJ | 5/6/2018

The tree arrived very healthy and well packaged.  I built it a huge mound and will follow the instructions given to the reviewer Frank who is about an hour south of me.  I am very happy with my experience with this nursery.

Brian | Oklahoma | 5/4/2018

Very healthy plant, ready for the flowerbed.  Shipped quickly! 

Marguerite Saunders | VA | 5/4/2018

The customer service was not to beat.  I had questions, talked to a real person, prices were very competitive (if not lower than my area), great follow up.   I wish they had a store in Roanoke, VA area.  Hint!  Hint!

Johnny | Texas | 5/3/2018

Plant arrived on time and in perfect condition.  It was well packed and not one single leaf was out of place.  It transplanted without a hint of shock and I think we have new leaves starting!  Now, I must be patient and wait for blooms.  We have redone our front flower bed and this crepe myrtle is the foundation around which we worked.  We could not be happier with the tree we received.  Thank you.

JoAnn Alberti | Celebration | 5/3/2018

Plant arrived in beautiful condition. Can't wait to see it bloom and have the hummers visit!

Arlene Tesner | NC | 5/3/2018

Perfect perfect roses, so happy with the shipping, arrival and perfect condition. Thank you.

Val Miller | SC | 5/3/2018

Arrived today in perfect condition.  It will be a beautiful addition to the back yard near the patio. Thank you!

Ron L. Comune | Carlisle | 5/3/2018

Product arrived as ordered. I planted it according to the instructions. Hopefully it will do well and grow nicely in the spot selected. Now awaiting blooms and growth. 

Diana DePugh | Powder Springs | 5/3/2018

Arrived healthy and ready to plant!  

Dillie | Ashland, MS | 5/2/2018

Beautiful plant.  Got it is the ground just before leaving for a trip.  Return home in a few days -  hoping it is flourishing.  

Claire Howle | Vero Beach | 5/2/2018
Review of: Banana Shrub

I’ve ordered 3 of these plants, because the first one I ordered seemed too great to be true. It is True! I have never had such a wonderful experience with any other nursery, and I highly recommend this nursery with confidence. My plants were expertly packed, arrived fresh and with buds, and were much bigger than I could ever have imagined. I can’t wait to order something else! Thank you Wilson Brothers! You have changed my reluctance to buy plants online, but only from your website.

Reginald Boothe | VA Beach | 5/2/2018

Purchase was easy using my paypal service. Through two different purchases the azaleas arrived quickly and in excellent condition. These transactions were exactly how you hope internet purchases all would turn out.

Jim H | Memphis, TN | 5/2/2018

Tree was very healthy and taller than expected. Roots were moist and tree arrived healthy. Planted tree and it seems to be doing very well. Shipping caused some light damage to smaller stems. Box was clearly marked to handle with care but appears shipper was rough with the box. Wife and I order most everything on line and seems UPS, USPS, FEDEX all are rough on packages from time to time.

Charlotte Ristine | WA | 5/2/2018

I ordered a Reeves bridal wreath spirea .  The size blew me away.  It was at least three feet tall.  It took quite a few days to get it so it lost a lot of leaves.  We panted it and within the week the leaves were growing back.  The plant was very well packed.  I will be ordering from you again.

Katrina Worsham | SC | 5/1/2018

So I just received my Variegated English Boxwoods and I’m in love!!! They arrived fast and were impeccably packaged; literally not one drop of soil was in the box. I ordered 4 of these beauties and each pot was stuffed with damp paper and taped so that there was absolutely no spillage. And they were completely undamaged. As for the look, they are BEAUTIFUL!! The variegated leaves which are cream and deep green, make for a GORGEOUS light green appearance that I just LOVE. These boxwoods are so healthy and beautiful. I couldn’t be happier. Each time I order I think to myself, no way these will arrive as pretty as pictured. But with Wilson Bros. they always DO and are even more stunning in person! I LOVE this company and nursery, they love what they do and it SHOWS in the quality of their beautiful plants. These plants are babied and loved by this nursery because there’s no way they would be this beautiful, healthy and large if they weren’t. I have attached pics of these boxwoods as well to show how lovely they are. Yet another 5 STAR transaction and plant from Wilson Bros.! Thank you all sooo much yet again!

Dave H. | West Depftford, NJ | 5/1/2018
Review of: Autumn Monarch Encore Azalea

Great Experience, these were out of stock, put myself on the notify list and got an email when they were available. Ordered four and they were shipped at the proper time for immediate planting. They were very well packaged and looked excellent when I removed them from the boxes. Planted them in the ground and they all are doing very well. Very happy with this purchase. 

Liz Coleson | VA | 4/30/2018

This plant shipped quickly and was very healthy, it is thriving in its location - can't wait to see the blooms!

Pam Wilson | Arizona | 4/30/2018

I was delighted to get a well-packed, very healthy plant. Established and bushy, but not pot-bound, so it was easy to transplant. I'm growing this in a large glazed pot so I can fine-tune sun/shade balance seasonally - we'll have to see how it takes to this dry climate.

Val Miller | SC | 4/30/2018

Beautiful plant. Arrived packaged well. Very robust and healthy.  

David Dixon | Hampton | 4/29/2018
Review of: Charm Red Hydrangea

The Red Charm Hydrangeas arrived quickly and, just like everything else I've ordered from Wilson Bros, in perfect condition.  They are in the ground and I can't wait to see them bloom. 

Jen Baker | Raleigh, NC | 4/29/2018

I order from several online nurseries and Wilson Bros. stands above all the rest. Healthy, mature plants that are thriving in my garden. Love this shrub; its leaves are a bright spot in a mostly shady area and it’s growing well. 

Linda Casey | Bluff City | 4/29/2018
Review of: Kaleidoscope Abelia

I ordered this abelia and was very pleased when I received it. It was healthy and beautiful. The packaging used for shipping is amazing! And free shipping is always a plus. I would recommend Wilson Bros. to anyone and will definitely use them in the future.

Linda Casey

I ordered two of these cryptomeria and was delighted with the purchase. They arrived quickly and in good shape. The packaging system used was amazing! Would recommend Wilson Bros. to anyone looking for landscaping plants. 

Robert | 21042 | 4/29/2018

My three Camellia arrived late but after calling was greeted by a courteous staff that explained the delay. Shipment arrived carefully packaged and in good shape. Looking forward to planting and hopefully blooms next year. 

Karen | Crest Hill | 4/27/2018
Review of:  Harry Lauder Walking Stick - Contorted Filbert

A robust and thriving bush in a 3 gal pot was shipped to my daughter in WS. Wilson Brother's packaging of this bush protected it completely from the the horrible abuse it received at the hands of UPS. The box was bashed and badly damaged and yet this healthy little bush emerged unharmed. Customer service at Wilson Brother's is outstanding. Annie was efficient, knowledgeable and utterly charming. Probably the best internet shopping experience I have ever had. I will most certainly shop here often and recommend all my friends and family do the same. Thank you Wilson Brother's!!!

Ken Gorman | Topeka, KS | 4/27/2018

Very happy with service. Order was understandably delayed due to weather but I was kept informed. Arrived well packaged and in great shape. Looking forward to enjoying it in my garden.

Pam | AL | 4/27/2018

Beautiful when planted! Looking forward to flowering with variegated leaves backgrounds!  

Dianne | Baconto, GA | 4/26/2018

I was completely satisfied with my experience with Wilson Bros Gardens.  My order was processed quickly and was received in good condition.  I would highly recommend them.

Katherine Cole | Brandon | 4/26/2018

Absolutely excellent service and most healthy Red Rocket crepe myrtle tree! We appreciate your outstanding endeavors! 

Katherine Cole | Brandon | 4/26/2018

From excellent packaging of a superb specimen of Deodar Feelin Blue Cedar to free quick shipping, all aspects of Wilson Brothers services deserve the highest marks!

Laura Cagle | Kingston, TN | 4/26/2018

These 4 vines arrived in great condition....the packaging was Very Well done!  The vines look healthy and one of them has a bloom on it.  I have never received anything but the best plants from Wilson Bros.....thus, I continue to order.  The excellent Packaging is a BIG PLUS for me. 2 of the vines were in bigger buckets than the other 2? 

Erla Richards | Independence, OR | 4/26/2018

I received my beautiful October Magic Orchid Camellia in a large box.  I was impressed with the condition and freshness of the shrub.  I originally ordered October Magic Dawn, but your representative took the time to phone me that it could not be mailed to Oregon, and would I accept Orchid instead.  Very pleased with transaction.

Fred | Ooltewah, TN | 4/25/2018
Review of: Sunrosa Red Rose

Absolutely super service. The Roses arrived in perfect shape and condition. They are growing well and look great.

Christopher Chan | Seattle | 4/24/2018
Review of: Banana Shrub

Plant arrived with blooms and very healthy.  Flowers are very fragrant and I can smell the sweet banana scent 6 feet away.

Betti | Leesburg, FL | 4/24/2018
Review of: Sparkling Burgundy Camellia

Plants arrived in a timely manner, healthy and uniform in size.  Bookmarked the web site for future orders.

Ben | Huntsville, AL | 4/24/2018
Review of: Blue Chaste Tree

Our chaste tree arrived as promised, in excellent condition. Can’t wait to watch it flourish!  

Debi Levins | Alabama | 4/24/2018

I bought a Confederate rose from Wilson Brothers and it arrived fast, in perfect shape and is already putting on new leaves.  Thanks guys!  You're my "go to" nursery from now on.

Leslie Payne | Alabama | 4/23/2018

I went on line looking for an company who carried a wide selection of Azaleas and other plants that were suitable for my planting zone.  Their selection  was amazing and I was able to get just what I wanted.  They arrived within the week, packed securely and with no damage.  They were actually full of blooms and the perfect size.  Their website is so helpful and they carry such a wide selection that I continue to find beautiful plants to order!  Next year I'm going to get an earlier jump on my order, so I don't miss out because  something is sold out!  I highly recommend Wilson Bros.

Dreama Storer | Brookville, IN | 4/23/2018

I love these plants. I purchased 2 in 3 gal. containers. They arrived in Great condition and are planted and growing nicely. The green color now is hardy and healthy and know the red will be coming in toward fall and winter and they are gorgeous. I will buy more plants from Wilsons Bros. Gardens nursery. They stand behind there products.  Thank you so much. Dreama Storer 

Kathy Cole | Dallas, TX | 4/23/2018

Actually the first time I ever ordered live plants thru the mail and they were well packed and arrived in good shape on time.  I haven't dug my holes yet, but they are thriving.  :-)  Will definitely use this company again.

Michael Stottle | Arlington | 4/22/2018

Plant arrived  as expected, healthy and size as advertised.

Sonia | Wake Forest | 4/20/2018

Very pleased with my Acer Palmatum Summer Gold from the Wilson Bros. The tree was a decent size, in excellent condition, and came packaged very well for shipping. Such a gorgeous chartreuse color!!! I would definitely purchase from Wilson Brothers again! 

Katrina Worsham | SC | 4/19/2018
Review of: Golden Euonymus

I just received these gorgeous Golden Euonymus today, less than 48 hours after ordering and I’m thrilled! They arrive perfectly packaged, completely undamaged, in perfect condition and health (PICS ATTACHED). I can’t wait to get these girls planted in front my house! The color is so stunning. I could gush about the beauty of these shrubs but I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Yet again another fantastic plant and transaction from Wilson Bros. Gardens! Thank you sooo very much! I’m loving my plants and trees and will continue to purchase from this top quality nursery! You have earned my business and trust and have a customer for life! I’m very picky and expect a lot for my money and you guys always deliver! I’m just extremely pleased and satisfied and again thank you!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 4/19/2018
Review of: White Tea Olive

Ok so as my title states my tea olive tree arrived at about 5 1/2 feet tall. I’m 5’4, and one of the branches was just above my head. The tree is absolutely beautiful and was impeccably packaged as is shown in my attached PICS. I can’t wait to plant her in my yard and just enjoy watching the growth, especially when it’s time for blooms and fragrant flowers. This is another 5 STAR tree from Wilson  Bros., and the transaction was 5 STAR as well. I ordered on the 17th and received these trees today, less than 48 hours after ordering, the 19th. I am very pleased and happy with Wilson Brother’s nursery and will continue to purchase all of my plants here. Thank you sooo much! 

Lynn Dickerson | LA | 4/19/2018

I absolutely love my Spider's Web Fatsia! It arrived in perfect condition and on time as well! To be honest I was a bit hesitant about ordering a live plant and fearing it would suffer damage en route but I was proven wrong. Thank you so much for your prompt service!

Deborah Seiler | Manchester, MD | 4/18/2018

My first order with Wilson Bros. and definitely not my last! My azaleas were healthy, full, and much larger than expected. They are thriving in their new home despite some weather setbacks (brrr!) and showing new growth, to my surprise. Well done, WBG! 

Deborah Seiler | Manchester, MD | 4/18/2018

I adore Japanese maples and have long wanted this one - an upright version of my beloved Waterfall. It arrived in excellent condition and even as a skinny sapling my Azure Dragon is a spring thing of beauty. I can't wait to see it in the fall - if it is anything like my Waterfall I may be weeping (like the tree) from the beauty of it. Arigatou, WBG.

Deborah Seiler | Manchester, MD | 4/18/2018

This tree is small but beautifully grown with a nicely balanced shape from every viewing angle, which is a very big deal with me. Despite its present diminutive size, it is already an eye-catching addition to the garden. I'm sure it will only be more beautiful with age. Would that I could say the same about myself!

Cindy Chaney | Nashville | 4/17/2018
Review of:  Blue Star Creeper

Fantastic! Arrived in perfect condition, full and healthy plants! 

Patricia Snyder | Port Orange, FL | 4/17/2018

I think a 3-gallon plant is the perfect size to start with, especially for a larger growing plant.  I received this size miscanthus in it's dormant state, well packaged and stabilized inside the box.  There was a "this side up" arrow on the box which I doubt anyone in the postal system reads, but it didn't matter because the weight of the plastic pot and soil told anyone handling it which side needed to be up.  Another reason to appreciate the good packaging because I know how everything gets thrown around and dropped during shipping.  Beautiful, healthy plant with a nice root system just beginning to come out of dormancy.  I wasn't sure where I wanted to plant it so I just popped it into a larger pot out in the sun and it took off!  I have always loved the graceful, silvery leaves of variegated miscanthus grasses.  Nice to know where to purchase a good size, healthy plant!

Bonnie | Houston | 4/16/2018

I ordered two 2 gallon Russian 26 pomegranates from Wilson Bros. They arrived in perfect condition - well packaged in a large sturdy box supported by cardboard. The plants were moist, the soil was in tact, and the plants were undamaged.  In addition, the plants were extremely healthy and had obviously been well attended prior to shipment.  Also, the plants obviously were obtained from a reputable grower since the species was clearly tagged.  My package even shipped well before the estimated ship time.  This care in shipping was taken even though the shipping was free - no short cuts taken. 

My Wilson Bros. experience contrasts with a shipment which I received from an Amazon supported nursery.  The order placed was for Russian 8 pomegranates which Wilson Bros. unfortunately did not stock.  The 5 gallon plants were packaged in a flimsy box smaller than the one used for the Wilson Bros. 2 gallon plants, no dividers were used to avoid movement, the containers were crushed, the soil had spilled, the plants were damaged, and the shipping was astronomical.  To make matters worse, the Amazon purchased plants  were simply tagged as Russian pomegranates.  Since there are 6 types of Russian Pomegranates widely available for sale, I can't verify that I actually received Russian 8 pomegranates regardless of the vendor representations that the plants sold were Russian 8 pomegranates.   Comparing the 2 mail order purchasing experiences, I cannot say enough good things about Wilson Bros.  I will definitely order from Wilson Bros. again.  This nursery is the best!!!!

Monty | Lewisville | 4/14/2018
Review of: The Rising Sun Redbud Tree

The tree was a great choice where I wanted a small tree for full sun.  The leaves are gorgeous.  It arrived in great condition.  The trunk was straight and as advertised.  This tree is very special and unusual. 

Jen | Charlotte, NC | 4/13/2018

All plants were packed well and arrived safely.  They look healthy and are budding out now.  I will be ordering more soon.  Thanks!!

Leslie Short | Garner | 4/13/2018

This was my first time ordering from this site, but I will buying more.  The plants were very well packaged and arrived quickly.  They have taken to their new home and I'm hopeful they will add value to my garden.

Rhonda Newton | Waynesboro, GA | 4/13/2018

Highly satisfied with these rose bushes. When they arrived they were all healthy vibrant plants. Some were even blooming and had buds.

Traci Willis | Huffman, TX | 4/12/2018

I had looked all over town for one of these ,decided to look online and purchased one. It arrived quickly very pleased with my purchase. 

Frank | Vineland, NJ | 4/12/2018

Tree was well packaged and very healthy. Don't know if it will ever bear fruit or survive the New Jersey winters,  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Regardless, I'm very pleased with the quality of the tree I received! 

Warren Hunter | Beaufort, SC | 4/11/2018
Review of: Baby Gem Boxwood

Could not find these little box woods at any local nursery.  You had what we wanted. We were concerned about buying plants this size for mail order delivery.  The plants arrived on time, and wonderfully packed and in nursery quality when unpacked.  Plants were healthy and not one was damaged in shipment.  They are in the ground and look great.

Ella Caudill | KY | 4/10/2018

I got two of the Slender Hinoki Cypress. They arrived well packed no damage. Beautiful and I will buy here again. Everything I have bought are great plants.

John K. | Albany, NY | 4/10/2018

Received the 6" pot size today - beautiful plant, about 18" tall. Very healthy. Spring is in slow motion this year so planting will have to wait. Very well packaged, no damage to the plants! 

Serghei | MA | 4/10/2018

Everything we got was just great!!! Thank you very much!!!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 4/8/2018

These are some of the most exciting, stunning, beautiful and unique Hostas EVER. The lime green color is just breathtaking and so unusual that it almost doesn’t look real. The texture is very unusual as well with gorgeous leaves that are nice and large and they’re just fantastic. I attached pics to show the beauty of these Hostas. I can’t wait to get them planted and am excited for their first bloom. I don’t know how these are still in stock. They are so gorgeous when I first saw them I expected them to be sold out like many of the other Wilson Bros unusual plants. But I’m so glad I got them! If you’re looking for an awesome Hosta don’t hesitate with this one. The only issue I had was that one of the four Hostas I ordered arrived severely damaged. Literally only ONE leaf of the six leaves survived shipping. When I opened the box two leaves were ripped almost clean off and the others were dangling having broken at the stem. I was heartbroken. I immediately refilled the pot of the soil that had spilled out of it during shipping, trimmed off all the broken stems then gave her a good soaking. I’m hoping she’ll recover but I’m not sure. I contacted Wilson Bros and was offered a replacement Hosta to be shipped  immediately which I’m looking forward to receiving and am hoping for no damage during shipping. In the end I’m still thrilled with the three that arrived in perfect condition, and I attached pics of all four Hostas to show the absolute BEAUTY of these plants. As a side note, I must say that Wilson Bros took extreme care when packaging my four Hostas. It just so happenens that due to the way Hosta Lilys grow the stems seem to snap fairly easily during shipping. Despite the one plant that was damaged, these are still 5 star plants and this is another 5 star transaction from Wilson Bros. I will continue to purchase plants from you all! Thanks again!

Myrna Thayne | Hartwell | 4/8/2018

It was delivered in perfect condition; having some blossoms.  I set it out for a few days to acclimate; planted it in a sunny spot and so far it's doing just fine. Verbena is one of my favorite perennials.

Mary | PN | 4/8/2018

Big beautiful plants.  Much bigger than I expected in a 1 gal pot.

Peter Sage | Mount Pleasant | 4/7/2018
Review of:  Pink Ruffle Azalea

My azalea arrived perfectly shipped very healthy in full bloom and a perfect match to the existing garden couldn’t be happier thank you. 

Rene Wood | Texas | 4/6/2018

My Armandi clematis arrived in Perfect condition, perfectly staked with several climbers, multiple flowers, Many, many leaves, several buds were in place as well. I couldn’t believe how Perfect it was! I’m planning to get years of enjoyment from it growing on my trellis!! I won’t buy anywhere else if Wilson Brothers is carrying what I want!

My 3 gallon Apache Blackberry arrived in perfect condition out of the Box. It was TeePee staked and very tall already full of leaves and flower buds in place, ready for planting! I was very impressed with the size and preparation and not a single broken vine, it was ready to be putting out blackberries! I won’t buy anywhere else.

Dennis Ercha | MA | 4/3/2018

I was looking for this particular plant for quite a while.  I was very happy to find them in stock at your site.  The plants arrived in very good shape and re actually taller than I anticipated.  Because of unexpected snow here in the North East, It was several weeks before I could get them in the ground and they were fine.  I plan on ordering additional items from this site.

Jeff | Columbia, SC | 4/1/2018

Fast service. The plant was well packed and delivered on time. Plant very healthy, nicely shaped and had a large, healthy root ball. Very pleased with the service and quality of plants. Now I am on the wait list for two more of the same!

Jean | Seattle | 3/31/2018

I am very pleased with this product, carefully packaged, healthy and good sized plant! Strong recommendation for other buyers!

Paula | TN | 3/31/2018

I was looking for a plant to stand out in my garden. The Japanese Maple arrived in good condition and looks healthy. I have ordered several plants from Wilson Brothers and have never been disappointed.

Patricia Plummer | Portage, IN | 3/31/2018

Absolutely pleased with the purchase.  The Dogwood arrived very well packed and is in exceptional condition. I would recommend Wilson Bros to anyone looking to purchase trees or any plants online. 

Review of: Eastern Redbud

The redbuds I purchased arrived in exceptional condition.  If I desire to make additional purchases for other plants or trees, I would overwhelmingly recommend Wilson Bros. to anyone looking for a good and reputable company.

Margaret Hutcheson | Birmingham, AL | 3/31/2018

The Rosalinda indian hawthorn trees arrived in beautiful condition.  Previously purchased one two seasons ago and are so pleased with it we had to get two more.

Alex | Pensecola, FL | 3/30/2018

The Camellias arrived healthy and in good condition. Customer service was exceptional. Would definitely order again!

Myrna Thayne | Hartwell | 3/30/2018

This is the second plant purchased to match the one I bought last year.. It's absolutely gorgeous. It was easy to plant, and it is getting new growth already.

I am so thankful I went with my instincts and bought this Anise to use as part of our foundation plantings on the South side of our lake house. It's just gorgeous and growing very nicely!

This Yucca is now placed in the center of the upper bed which gets so much sun. I expect it will flourish. It's planted and doing quite well.

Pam Lanier | North Augusta, SC | 3/30/2018
Review of: Pineapple Guava

The Pineapple Guava arrived in superb condition and exceeded my expectations!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 3/28/2018

Another 5 STAR plant from this company. I ordered a 3 gallon Chinese Snowball and was blown away when I opened that box. It came about 3 1/2 feet tall and had gorgeous lime green blooms, and the largest of the 5 blooms is starting to turn white! It is truly a beautiful and breathtaking plant! You don’t expect to receive this kind of quality by mail order, but these plants are so much better than anything you can find at your local home improvement store. Clearly Wilson Bros. takes the time to care for and nurture these plants growing them for years so their customers can receive something special. And I have to say I couldn’t be more pleased. I love this nursery and will continue to purchase these awesome plants!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 3/28/2018

My plant arrived super healthy with gorgeous dark green leaves. It was impeccably packaged, undamaged during shipping and delivery was fast. My only regret is not getting the 3 gallon size. I only purchased the one gallon size so I will have to grown her quite a bit before I’ll see buds and blooms. I replanted her in a beautiful large planter and she is growing beautifully on my back deck. There are several new shoots in just a couple of weeks so I’m very pleased. Again it’ll be a year or more before I see those gorgeous Pink Perfection camellia flowers, so even though I know it’ll be worth it, I’m bummed that I have to wait. When the Pink Perfection comes back in stock I plan to purchase the 3 gallon size. But overall I’m THRILLED with my new plant and I absolutely love and trust this nursery. I will continue to purchase gorgeous plants from Wilson Brothers!

Marina | Houston | Date: 3/23/2018

This is a beautiful tree. Couldn't be happier with the selection. Great service provided by Wilson Bros, too. (I called several times ahead of purchasing with general questions about this type of tree, and the staff was always helpful and considerate during every exchange.) So glad I went ahead with the purchase, as the tree arrived in great shape and has been doing well since we planted it a couple of weeks ago. It's already blooming now, too! :)  

Paul | Georgia | Date: 3/23/2018

Very pleased with the plant and Wilson Bros Gardens.  The Forsythia was very healthy and larger than expected.

Mary N. | Marietta, GA | Date: 3/23/2018
My plant arrived quickly and was well packed. It is in beautiful condition and since its spot was already prepared I put it directly into the ground. I'm looking forward to enjoying the Camellia for many years to come.  I love to have choices. Thank you!

Frank Grubbs | Marietta, GA | Date: 3/21/18

"I bought this cypress tree a couple of weeks ago. It is exactly as described.  It was shipped perfectly and in soil with a pot included. The tree is great, however the customer service from Wilson Brothers was phenomenal. They have a great staff, are very attentive, and are just all around an A+ bunch of folks. We are doing our backyard and front yard this summer, and I will buy all of my Landscaping from them. They are just that good." - Frank Grubbs, Marietta, GA

Rebecca | East Texas | Date: 3/16/2018

I have been desperate to find Edgeworthia. Although it can grow in East Texas no one seems to know about it. I am thrilled with the service and care of my delivered Japanese paper bushes. I can't wait to plant. I will recommend this company in the future. 

Jen R. | Florida | Date: 3/10/2018

I ordered the 3 gallon yellow jasmine vines.  They arrived beautiful and full, and are doing wonderfully in my garden.  Thank you!!

Dion | Friendsville, TN | Date: 3/3/2018

I am already in love with this plant. It came in great condition and the packaging was perfect. So glad I happened across Wilson Bros.