Here's what customers are saying about their experience with Wilson Bros Gardens online plant nursery.

Leslie Payne | Alabama | 4/23/2018

I went on line looking for an company who carried a wide selection of Azaleas and other plants that were suitable for my planting zone.  Their selection  was amazing and I was able to get just what I wanted.  They arrived within the week, packed securely and with no damage.  They were actually full of blooms and the perfect size.  Their website is so helpful and they carry such a wide selection that I continue to find beautiful plants to order!  Next year I'm going to get an earlier jump on my order, so I don't miss out because  something is sold out!  I highly recommend Wilson Bros.

Dreama Storer | Brookville, IN | 4/23/2018

I love these plants. I purchased 2 in 3 gal. containers. They arrived in Great condition and are planted and growing nicely. The green color now is hardy and healthy and know the red will be coming in toward fall and winter and they are gorgeous. I will buy more plants from Wilsons Bros. Gardens nursery. They stand behind there products.  Thank you so much. Dreama Storer 

Kathy Cole | Dallas, TX | 4/23/2018

Actually the first time I ever ordered live plants thru the mail and they were well packed and arrived in good shape on time.  I haven't dug my holes yet, but they are thriving.  :-)  Will definitely use this company again.

Michael Stottle | Arlington | 4/22/2018

Plant arrived  as expected, healthy and size as advertised.

Sonia | Wake Forest | 4/20/2018

Very pleased with my Acer Palmatum Summer Gold from the Wilson Bros. The tree was a decent size, in excellent condition, and came packaged very well for shipping. Such a gorgeous chartreuse color!!! I would definitely purchase from Wilson Brothers again! 

Katrina Worsham | SC | 4/19/2018
Review of: Golden Euonymus

I just received these gorgeous Golden Euonymus today, less than 48 hours after ordering and I’m thrilled! They arrive perfectly packaged, completely undamaged, in perfect condition and health (PICS ATTACHED). I can’t wait to get these girls planted in front my house! The color is so stunning. I could gush about the beauty of these shrubs but I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Yet again another fantastic plant and transaction from Wilson Bros. Gardens! Thank you sooo very much! I’m loving my plants and trees and will continue to purchase from this top quality nursery! You have earned my business and trust and have a customer for life! I’m very picky and expect a lot for my money and you guys always deliver! I’m just extremely pleased and satisfied and again thank you!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 4/19/2018
Review of: White Tea Olive

Ok so as my title states my tea olive tree arrived at about 5 1/2 feet tall. I’m 5’4, and one of the branches was just above my head. The tree is absolutely beautiful and was impeccably packaged as is shown in my attached PICS. I can’t wait to plant her in my yard and just enjoy watching the growth, especially when it’s time for blooms and fragrant flowers. This is another 5 STAR tree from Wilson  Bros., and the transaction was 5 STAR as well. I ordered on the 17th and received these trees today, less than 48 hours after ordering, the 19th. I am very pleased and happy with Wilson Brother’s nursery and will continue to purchase all of my plants here. Thank you sooo much! 

Lynn Dickerson | LA | 4/19/2018

I absolutely love my Spider's Web Fatsia! It arrived in perfect condition and on time as well! To be honest I was a bit hesitant about ordering a live plant and fearing it would suffer damage en route but I was proven wrong. Thank you so much for your prompt service!

Deborah Seiler | Manchester, MD | 4/18/2018

My first order with Wilson Bros. and definitely not my last! My azaleas were healthy, full, and much larger than expected. They are thriving in their new home despite some weather setbacks (brrr!) and showing new growth, to my surprise. Well done, WBG! 

Deborah Seiler | Manchester, MD | 4/18/2018

I adore Japanese maples and have long wanted this one - an upright version of my beloved Waterfall. It arrived in excellent condition and even as a skinny sapling my Azure Dragon is a spring thing of beauty. I can't wait to see it in the fall - if it is anything like my Waterfall I may be weeping (like the tree) from the beauty of it. Arigatou, WBG.

Deborah Seiler | Manchester, MD | 4/18/2018

This tree is small but beautifully grown with a nicely balanced shape from every viewing angle, which is a very big deal with me. Despite its present diminutive size, it is already an eye-catching addition to the garden. I'm sure it will only be more beautiful with age. Would that I could say the same about myself!

Cindy Chaney | Nashville | 4/17/2018
Review of:  Blue Star Creeper

Fantastic! Arrived in perfect condition, full and healthy plants! 

Patricia Snyder | Port Orange, FL | 4/17/2018

I think a 3-gallon plant is the perfect size to start with, especially for a larger growing plant.  I received this size miscanthus in it's dormant state, well packaged and stabilized inside the box.  There was a "this side up" arrow on the box which I doubt anyone in the postal system reads, but it didn't matter because the weight of the plastic pot and soil told anyone handling it which side needed to be up.  Another reason to appreciate the good packaging because I know how everything gets thrown around and dropped during shipping.  Beautiful, healthy plant with a nice root system just beginning to come out of dormancy.  I wasn't sure where I wanted to plant it so I just popped it into a larger pot out in the sun and it took off!  I have always loved the graceful, silvery leaves of variegated miscanthus grasses.  Nice to know where to purchase a good size, healthy plant!

Bonnie | Houston | 4/16/2018

I ordered two 2 gallon Russian 26 pomegranates from Wilson Bros. They arrived in perfect condition - well packaged in a large sturdy box supported by cardboard. The plants were moist, the soil was in tact, and the plants were undamaged.  In addition, the plants were extremely healthy and had obviously been well attended prior to shipment.  Also, the plants obviously were obtained from a reputable grower since the species was clearly tagged.  My package even shipped well before the estimated ship time.  This care in shipping was taken even though the shipping was free - no short cuts taken. 

My Wilson Bros. experience contrasts with a shipment which I received from an Amazon supported nursery.  The order placed was for Russian 8 pomegranates which Wilson Bros. unfortunately did not stock.  The 5 gallon plants were packaged in a flimsy box smaller than the one used for the Wilson Bros. 2 gallon plants, no dividers were used to avoid movement, the containers were crushed, the soil had spilled, the plants were damaged, and the shipping was astronomical.  To make matters worse, the Amazon purchased plants  were simply tagged as Russian pomegranates.  Since there are 6 types of Russian Pomegranates widely available for sale, I can't verify that I actually received Russian 8 pomegranates regardless of the vendor representations that the plants sold were Russian 8 pomegranates.   Comparing the 2 mail order purchasing experiences, I cannot say enough good things about Wilson Bros.  I will definitely order from Wilson Bros. again.  This nursery is the best!!!!

Monty | Lewisville | 4/14/2018
Review of: The Rising Sun Redbud Tree

The tree was a great choice where I wanted a small tree for full sun.  The leaves are gorgeous.  It arrived in great condition.  The trunk was straight and as advertised.  This tree is very special and unusual. 

Jen | Charlotte, NC | 4/13/2018

All plants were packed well and arrived safely.  They look healthy and are budding out now.  I will be ordering more soon.  Thanks!!

Leslie Short | Garner | 4/13/2018

This was my first time ordering from this site, but I will buying more.  The plants were very well packaged and arrived quickly.  They have taken to their new home and I'm hopeful they will add value to my garden.

Rhonda Newton | Waynesboro, GA | 4/13/2018

Highly satisfied with these rose bushes. When they arrived they were all healthy vibrant plants. Some were even blooming and had buds.

Traci Willis | Huffman, TX | 4/12/2018

I had looked all over town for one of these ,decided to look online and purchased one. It arrived quickly very pleased with my purchase. 

Frank | Vineland, NJ | 4/12/2018

Tree was well packaged and very healthy. Don't know if it will ever bear fruit or survive the New Jersey winters,  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Regardless, I'm very pleased with the quality of the tree I received! 

Warren Hunter | Beaufort, SC | 4/11/2018
Review of: Baby Gem Boxwood

Could not find these little box woods at any local nursery.  You had what we wanted. We were concerned about buying plants this size for mail order delivery.  The plants arrived on time, and wonderfully packed and in nursery quality when unpacked.  Plants were healthy and not one was damaged in shipment.  They are in the ground and look great.

Ella Caudill | KY | 4/10/2018

I got two of the Slender Hinoki Cypress. They arrived well packed no damage. Beautiful and I will buy here again. Everything I have bought are great plants.

John K. | Albany, NY | 4/10/2018

Received the 6" pot size today - beautiful plant, about 18" tall. Very healthy. Spring is in slow motion this year so planting will have to wait. Very well packaged, no damage to the plants! 

Serghei | MA | 4/10/2018

Everything we got was just great!!! Thank you very much!!!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 4/8/2018

These are some of the most exciting, stunning, beautiful and unique Hostas EVER. The lime green color is just breathtaking and so unusual that it almost doesn’t look real. The texture is very unusual as well with gorgeous leaves that are nice and large and they’re just fantastic. I attached pics to show the beauty of these Hostas. I can’t wait to get them planted and am excited for their first bloom. I don’t know how these are still in stock. They are so gorgeous when I first saw them I expected them to be sold out like many of the other Wilson Bros unusual plants. But I’m so glad I got them! If you’re looking for an awesome Hosta don’t hesitate with this one. The only issue I had was that one of the four Hostas I ordered arrived severely damaged. Literally only ONE leaf of the six leaves survived shipping. When I opened the box two leaves were ripped almost clean off and the others were dangling having broken at the stem. I was heartbroken. I immediately refilled the pot of the soil that had spilled out of it during shipping, trimmed off all the broken stems then gave her a good soaking. I’m hoping she’ll recover but I’m not sure. I contacted Wilson Bros and was offered a replacement Hosta to be shipped  immediately which I’m looking forward to receiving and am hoping for no damage during shipping. In the end I’m still thrilled with the three that arrived in perfect condition, and I attached pics of all four Hostas to show the absolute BEAUTY of these plants. As a side note, I must say that Wilson Bros took extreme care when packaging my four Hostas. It just so happenens that due to the way Hosta Lilys grow the stems seem to snap fairly easily during shipping. Despite the one plant that was damaged, these are still 5 star plants and this is another 5 star transaction from Wilson Bros. I will continue to purchase plants from you all! Thanks again!

Myrna Thayne | Hartwell | 4/8/2018

It was delivered in perfect condition; having some blossoms.  I set it out for a few days to acclimate; planted it in a sunny spot and so far it's doing just fine. Verbena is one of my favorite perennials.

Mary | PN | 4/8/2018

Big beautiful plants.  Much bigger than I expected in a 1 gal pot.

Peter Sage | Mount Pleasant | 4/7/2018
Review of:  Pink Ruffle Azalea

My azalea arrived perfectly shipped very healthy in full bloom and a perfect match to the existing garden couldn’t be happier thank you. 

Rene Wood | Texas | 4/6/2018

My Armandi clematis arrived in Perfect condition, perfectly staked with several climbers, multiple flowers, Many, many leaves, several buds were in place as well. I couldn’t believe how Perfect it was! I’m planning to get years of enjoyment from it growing on my trellis!! I won’t buy anywhere else if Wilson Brothers is carrying what I want!

My 3 gallon Apache Blackberry arrived in perfect condition out of the Box. It was TeePee staked and very tall already full of leaves and flower buds in place, ready for planting! I was very impressed with the size and preparation and not a single broken vine, it was ready to be putting out blackberries! I won’t buy anywhere else.

Dennis Ercha | MA | 4/3/2018

I was looking for this particular plant for quite a while.  I was very happy to find them in stock at your site.  The plants arrived in very good shape and re actually taller than I anticipated.  Because of unexpected snow here in the North East, It was several weeks before I could get them in the ground and they were fine.  I plan on ordering additional items from this site.

Jeff | Columbia, SC | 4/1/2018

Fast service. The plant was well packed and delivered on time. Plant very healthy, nicely shaped and had a large, healthy root ball. Very pleased with the service and quality of plants. Now I am on the wait list for two more of the same!

Jean | Seattle | 3/31/2018

I am very pleased with this product, carefully packaged, healthy and good sized plant! Strong recommendation for other buyers!

Paula | TN | 3/31/2018

I was looking for a plant to stand out in my garden. The Japanese Maple arrived in good condition and looks healthy. I have ordered several plants from Wilson Brothers and have never been disappointed.

Patricia Plummer | Portage, IN | 3/31/2018

Absolutely pleased with the purchase.  The Dogwood arrived very well packed and is in exceptional condition. I would recommend Wilson Bros to anyone looking to purchase trees or any plants online. 

Review of: Eastern Redbud

The redbuds I purchased arrived in exceptional condition.  If I desire to make additional purchases for other plants or trees, I would overwhelmingly recommend Wilson Bros. to anyone looking for a good and reputable company.

Margaret Hutcheson | Birmingham, AL | 3/31/2018

The Rosalinda indian hawthorn trees arrived in beautiful condition.  Previously purchased one two seasons ago and are so pleased with it we had to get two more.

Alex | Pensecola, FL | 3/30/2018

The Camellias arrived healthy and in good condition. Customer service was exceptional. Would definitely order again!

Myrna Thayne | Hartwell | 3/30/2018

This is the second plant purchased to match the one I bought last year.. It's absolutely gorgeous. It was easy to plant, and it is getting new growth already.

I am so thankful I went with my instincts and bought this Anise to use as part of our foundation plantings on the South side of our lake house. It's just gorgeous and growing very nicely!

This Yucca is now placed in the center of the upper bed which gets so much sun. I expect it will flourish. It's planted and doing quite well.

Pam Lanier | North Augusta, SC | 3/30/2018
Review of: Pineapple Guava

The Pineapple Guava arrived in superb condition and exceeded my expectations!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 3/28/2018

Another 5 STAR plant from this company. I ordered a 3 gallon Chinese Snowball and was blown away when I opened that box. It came about 3 1/2 feet tall and had gorgeous lime green blooms, and the largest of the 5 blooms is starting to turn white! It is truly a beautiful and breathtaking plant! You don’t expect to receive this kind of quality by mail order, but these plants are so much better than anything you can find at your local home improvement store. Clearly Wilson Bros. takes the time to care for and nurture these plants growing them for years so their customers can receive something special. And I have to say I couldn’t be more pleased. I love this nursery and will continue to purchase these awesome plants!

Katrina Worsham | SC | 3/28/2018

My plant arrived super healthy with gorgeous dark green leaves. It was impeccably packaged, undamaged during shipping and delivery was fast. My only regret is not getting the 3 gallon size. I only purchased the one gallon size so I will have to grown her quite a bit before I’ll see buds and blooms. I replanted her in a beautiful large planter and she is growing beautifully on my back deck. There are several new shoots in just a couple of weeks so I’m very pleased. Again it’ll be a year or more before I see those gorgeous Pink Perfection camellia flowers, so even though I know it’ll be worth it, I’m bummed that I have to wait. When the Pink Perfection comes back in stock I plan to purchase the 3 gallon size. But overall I’m THRILLED with my new plant and I absolutely love and trust this nursery. I will continue to purchase gorgeous plants from Wilson Brothers!

Marina | Houston | Date: 3/23/2018

This is a beautiful tree. Couldn't be happier with the selection. Great service provided by Wilson Bros, too. (I called several times ahead of purchasing with general questions about this type of tree, and the staff was always helpful and considerate during every exchange.) So glad I went ahead with the purchase, as the tree arrived in great shape and has been doing well since we planted it a couple of weeks ago. It's already blooming now, too! :)  

Paul | Georgia | Date: 3/23/2018

Very pleased with the plant and Wilson Bros Gardens.  The Forsythia was very healthy and larger than expected.

Mary N. | Marietta, GA | Date: 3/23/2018
My plant arrived quickly and was well packed. It is in beautiful condition and since its spot was already prepared I put it directly into the ground. I'm looking forward to enjoying the Camellia for many years to come.  I love to have choices. Thank you!

Frank Grubbs | Marietta, GA | Date: 3/21/18

"I bought this cypress tree a couple of weeks ago. It is exactly as described.  It was shipped perfectly and in soil with a pot included. The tree is great, however the customer service from Wilson Brothers was phenomenal. They have a great staff, are very attentive, and are just all around an A+ bunch of folks. We are doing our backyard and front yard this summer, and I will buy all of my Landscaping from them. They are just that good." - Frank Grubbs, Marietta, GA

Rebecca | East Texas | Date: 3/16/2018

I have been desperate to find Edgeworthia. Although it can grow in East Texas no one seems to know about it. I am thrilled with the service and care of my delivered Japanese paper bushes. I can't wait to plant. I will recommend this company in the future. 

Jen R. | Florida | Date: 3/10/2018

I ordered the 3 gallon yellow jasmine vines.  They arrived beautiful and full, and are doing wonderfully in my garden.  Thank you!!

Dion | Friendsville, TN | Date: 3/3/2018

I am already in love with this plant. It came in great condition and the packaging was perfect. So glad I happened across Wilson Bros.