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Recent Reviews

Candice | Jonestown, TX | 3/27/2020
Stars: 5

Can't say enough good things about this company and it's products and delivery practices. Positively the best company I have used and will be the first company I go to for all my orders for plants!!!

Mike | Ellijay, GA | 3/27/2020
Stars: 5

Arrived well packed in good condition. 1 1/2 weeks later they are greening up nicely. Cant wait for blooms! 

Yolanda B. | Hampton, GA | 3/26/2020
Stars: 5

On 03/05/2020, I ordered two 3 gallon pots of the Pink Perfection Camellia Japonica online. Camellias were shipped from Georgia on 03/09/2020 and delivered by UPS on 03/11/2020.

I was very pleased with the packaging and health of the plants. Plants were strapped securely to a single, well-stapled box. Plants were also wrapped and taped in plastic to keep the soil moist and from spilling out of the pots. 

Camellias did not have any noticeable damage, discolorations or signs of distress. I think the plants passed the bloom cycle, as there were no flower buds. Hopefully, next spring they will put on a great show of flowers.

Overall, I trust Wilson Brothers Gardens. If you are unhappy with the condition of your plants, they offer a discount within reason.

Darryle M. | Yulee, FL | 3/26/2020
Stars: 4

I planted it the day after I received it from UPS.  Less than a week it was putting new growth and flowering several blooms.

Pamela Sadler | Oklahoma | 3/26/2020
Review of: Peach Drift Rose
Stars: 5

I ordered 30 of these last year from Wilson Brothers Gardens and the Peach Drift Roses and they are loaded with leaves and are growing so quickly! I ordered 3 more this year and they arrived in great condition.  They were packed securely and moistened. They were budding out with greenery and no broken branches. Very Heathy! This company is great and I plan on ordering more plants and trees from them!  And Free Shipping!

Rodney Burne | Columbia | 3/26/2020
Stars: 5

I planted the Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry in a mixture of one part sand, 1 part high grade soil, 1 part peat moss and 1 part pine bark nuggets. It is doing fantastic.  The hole was 4 times the size of the shipping pot.

Chey | Massachusetts - Zone 6b | 3/25/2020
Stars: 5

I cannot wait for these two beauties to fill out. You cannot find unique, healthy trees for this price around here. They both arrived in stellar condition. There was no way they would get mangled thanks to Wilson Bros one-of-a-kind packaging. Thank you for your stellar product!  

Sue McElroy | Grayson | 3/25/2020
Stars: 5

I am looking SO forward to see this amazing hydrangea in bloom.  The picture is so beautiful and Hydrangeas are one my favorite plants.Thank you also for all the other beautiful, healthy plants that I look so forward to enjoying for years to come.  One plant that I purchased is "Tea Olive Tree" and I can't hardly wait until I can smell the lovely promised fragrance.  Thank you again and I would not hesitate to order again or tell all my friends how easy it was to order from such a reliable company.

Beth | Pikesville, MD | 3/25/2020
Stars: 5

We ordered an Ochlockonee blueberry plant on Thursday evening and by Saturday a very healthy, robust 1 gallon plant was delivered in excellent condition. We had it in the ground almost immediately. We are thrilled with the quality, size, and health of this blueberry bush. Thank you Wilson Bros for your informative website, quick delivery, and beautiful cultivation!

Dan Roth | Aurora, OR | 3/25/2020
Stars: 5

We ordered an Acoma White Weeping Crape Myrtle from Wilson Bros. after looking all over for one.  Who would have thought we'd have to go cross-country to find it in Georgia! The tree was delivered in perfect condition and on time.  We planted it almost immediately and we're now waiting for it to do its thing and become a tree.  Currently it's still in its dormant stage with no visible buds.  We have every confidence it will find its roots and become the tree we're hoping for! 

Beth DeSantiago | Dixie, GA | 3/22/2020
Stars: 5

I was very pleased with the extremely quick delivery of my order and the great condition the plant was in......excellent packaging for safe delivery.  I am so hoping my hydrangea will grow into a beauty!!! Thank you! I will definitely order from you again!

Angela Robertson | New York | 3/22/2020
Review of: Cast Iron Plant
Stars: 5

My new cast iron plant was shipped professionally and safely.  Explanations about the plant appearance because of season specific issues in shipping times were understood and appreciated.  The plant has since been repotted and is doing very well in my living room!

Thomas Miller | Richmond | 3/22/2020
Review of: Obsession Nandina
Stars: 5

The Obsession Nandina I received from Wilson Bros. is extremely healthy and already putting on new growth after one week!  It is a very beautiful plant and was impressively packed for shipping.  Highly recommend Wilson Bros.! 

Dan | Great Falls | 3/20/2020
Stars: 5

Purchased two of the 3 gallon Camellia Japonica. The plants came in mint condition, excellent package protecting the plants. The plants are very healthy with many buds close to blooming. Very pleased with the purchase.

Candice | Jonestown, TX | 3/20/2020
Stars: 5

I rate this company so far as a 5 star. Had a bump on my first order, however they corrected the problem with immediate dispatch. I am overjoyed with my orders so far. This company and it's employees are best I have ever dealt with and everyone of my plants, including the Purple Magic crepe myrtle, are healthy and already putting out leaves. The care they put in boxing the orders up are fantastic. Cannot wait to order more; think this will be my go to company from now on. Keep up the good work.

Martha McKiever | Indian Trail | 3/20/2020
Stars: 5

I ordered three of the 1 gallon sized plants. They arrived in excellent condition and wrapped very securely. I followed the directions, and watered them until I could plant them a week later. Three weeks later they've already grown longer leaves and appear to be thriving. I can't wait for this summer to see their plumes come out. I planted them to help control erosion from heavy rains and for privacy. I think they're a  perfect choice.

Milton Dellinger | Randleman | 3/19/2020
Stars: 5

Packaging for our camellia plant was amazing.   Very secure, not even soil was disturbed and plant was very healthy.   We were very pleased.

Connie | South Puget Sound | 3/19/2020
Stars: 5

Two three gallon pots arrived in great shape; have planted one in the ground and one in a larger pot. So far so good.!

Mary F. | Overton, TX | 3/17/2020
Review of: Krewer Blueberry
Stars: 5

This bush came to me very quick and was in such good condition I was so pleased. Being 83 years old my time is of utmost importance and getting my plant in the ground quickly was wonderful.

Doree T. | Florida | 3/16/2020
Stars: 5

These tea olive plants came very well packaged.  box to ground, new growth already and tiny flowers!  You have me as a returning orderer.  Thank you.

I'm a big osmanthus lover.  The scent from my white flowering tree has been 6 months now.  Packaging on your plants is awesome.  Thank you so much.  Looking forward to Party Lights blooms and amazing foliage this year.

Jules | Gainesville | 3/16/2020
Stars: 5

Great product and service!  I have ordered from Wilson Brothers numerous times and will continue to do so.  I live in a similar planting zone to the nursery location and look at their tips on what they grow. I bought eight Coppertops to make a hedge along my west fence. I have high hops for them!

Hi Eddie | Pearce, AZ | 3/16/2020
Stars: 5

Very very well's going to be only complaint is when I took it out of the pot, the sod broke apart and I had to repack it and try to keep it together long enough to plant...Ive never had a plant do that.....I would buy from these guys again....

Nicholas Holland | Conway | 3/15/2020
Stars: 5

All 3 plants arrived very well packed and in great shape.  Wanted 4 but only 3 in stock. Looking forward to watching them grow in their new home - seem to be well adjusted.  Highly recommend Wilson Brothers.  

South Central Texas | 3/14/2020
Stars: 5

The tree was well packaged and healthy on arrival.  It appeared completely dormant when I planted it, but within a week was covered in leaf buds.  I have only had this plant for a few weeks, but I am pleased with the quality and service I received.

Barbara May | Goodman | 3/14/2020
Stars: 5

Searching for a Beautyberry plant and found Wilson Bros Gardens located in my best friend's hometown.  Called her for "character reference" and received raving reviews. Placed my order and they arrived within a week.  The plants are of the highest quality I have ever purchased online.   I have them planted and look forward to watching them grow.  Five stars plus rating to ease of online ordering, fast deliver, excellent product and reasonable price.  Thank you Wilson Bros, my second order in on the way!

Sherry Hutton | Pensacola | 3/13/2020
Stars: 5

These Orangeola Japanese maple trees are beautiful!  I was anxious about ordering plants and trees online, but since my local vendors hadn't received their plants yet.  No trees arrived in a very strong box.  They were packaged very good and you couldn't see any evidence of mishandling by delivery.  Planted them and they have leafed out and are beautiful. 

John | Jasper, TN | 3/12/2020
Stars: 5

Made my first purchase from Wilson Brothers.  Bought 4 Upright Japanese Yew Plants and they were received 3 days after I ordered them.  Extremely well packaged and they look real nice and the price was very reasonable from what I found on the Internet! Look forward to getting many more items from them.  

Monica | Cornville | 3/11/2020
Stars: 5

Interesting foliage and beginning to branch out and be more sculptural, can't wait to see how it looks as it grows!

Nancy Garrett | Tyler | 3/9/2020
Stars: 5

I had been looking forward to receiving my orangeola Japanese maple and now that it has arrived I am absolutely delighted.  The tree is the size I was expecting and has a very pleasing weeping  shape already.   It looks like it's getting very close to putting out some leaves alongside my two other small Japanese maple varieties.  I'm really looking forward to training these lovely little guys and enjoying  them for years to come.  They were shipped beautifully with good protection from the packaging.  Thank you so very much, Wilson Brothers!! 

Kenny Sherwood | Alabama | 3/9/2020
Review of: Lane Muscadine
Stars: 5

Better than what I expected!

Douglas P. | Huntsville | 3/8/2020
Stars: 5

Beautifully delivered in great shape. Already bigger than I expected. I can't wait to get it in the ground to watch it grow and bloom. We love our hummingbirds and hope to see more of them and feed them well. 

Terri | Conroe | 3/8/2020
Review of: Pink Snow Camellia
Stars: 5

I am thrilled to have this camellia to add to my garden! Wilson Bros. always sends such robust, healthy plants. I look forward to seeing this beautiful shrub bloom in the future!

Anne | Houston | 3/7/2020
Stars: 5

Thank you for the beautiful camellia plant. It was packed well and arrived here in great condition. We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment from this camellia! 

Tara | Porter, TX | 3/6/2020
Stars: 4

I have seen these Confederate Rose's around and truly could not wait to put one in my yard. The tree came so well packed and didn't seem to have been in a box for more than a minute or two. I have placed it in the ground and now I'm just waiting for the bloom.

Stars: 4

I had never heard of a climbing Hydrangea but had been looking for that special vine that would bloom even in a shadier location. It came quickly and 2 weeks later its growing like gangbusters. It came well packed and in great shape. Will order again. Can't wait for it to bloom.

Mrs. Loveplants | Florida | 3/5/2020
Stars: 5

My new High Fragrance Camellia, purchased from WB in January 2020, is a beautiful, healthy plant, that exceeded my expectations. It has quite a bit of new growth already, and buds are forming. Excited for blooms! Also, I appreciate all the additional information on the WB website regarding the plants, their care and pruning, and so forth. The extra information is very helpful! Thank you, Mrs. Lovesplants

Shari Copper | Irmo | 3/5/2020
Stars: 5

These were beautiful plants - big and full - and packaged very securely when they arrived!  They've done well since I planted them.  Looking forward to blooms this summer!

Cynthia | Fairhope | 3/4/2020
Stars: 5

Received a 3-Gallon Prof. Sargent that already had a gorgeous bloom on it. Very healthy plant. Arrived in great shape. Love it.

Ruth Baugh | Northern Kentucky / 3/3/2020

My three gallon Camellia arrived in beautiful condition with quite a few buds on it already.   I have it in a container until my fencing is finished but then I will find the perfect spot for it......can’t wait! 

T. | Florida | 3/3/2020
Stars: 5

Received a real nice rose. What a color! 

Donna |Gig Harbor, WA | 3/2/2020

I love these guys!! I went out to my gardens & the plants I have gotten from Wilson Bros are all doing well, I expect the 6 1 gallon pots I received today will be the same.

Debbie | Grants Pass, OR | 3/1/2020
Stars: 5

I have 6 of these around my property now. They adapted very well to So. OR growing conditions.

Stars: 4

This is our first purchase of this plant.  It is a bushy little shrub that we are going to prune into a tree form.  We just got it, so will see how it does in our growing conditions and into its first year. 

JoDell | Alvin, TX | 2/29/2020
Review of: Formosa Azalea
Stars: 5

Very well cared for plants that just look so healthy!  Packed and shipped very well.  I could not wait to get them in the ground so I planted them the same day I received them :)

Tami | Boiling Springs, SC / 2/27/2020
Review of: Pink Perfection Camellia
Stars: 5

It’s very healthy upon arrival.... now for my part .... plant it and wait for the blooms!

Review of: Green's Blues Camellia
Stars: 5

I gave this to my sister and she said it looked great when she got it and she is excited to see the first blooms! 

Cheryl Hunter | Beaufort, SC / 2/27/2020
Stars: 4

As with all of our purchases from Wilson Brothers, our plants arrived in beautiful condition. The size was great, already near the top of our pergola. It’s too early to comment on growth and blooms, as it has only been planted for a week and the real growing season hasn’t started. We are confident that it will prove to be stunning! 

MJP | Cornville | 2/26/2020
Stars: 5

I've never seen a plant like this before, the needles twist everywhere, healthy plant and packaged well for shipping.

Joseph | Kill Devil Hills | 2/26/2020
Stars: 5

We ordered this camellia from Wilson because we wanted this exact one and none of our local nurseries carried it. It came packaged very well. It is, however, smaller than we were expecting. We purchased one gallon plants locally and the plants were much larger.  It will grow over time, but would have liked it to be larger to begin with. 

WBG Reply: Hi Joseph! Thanks so much for taking the time to provide your review of the April Kiss Camellia and we hope you enjoy it for years to come. Based on the age of a crop, the time of year, and the variety, different Camellia varieties can be various sizes. Some Camellia varieties just don't grow as fast or as large in pots as other varieties. We wait to make a plant available until it is fully rooted in the pot. After being transplanted to a larger pot or in the ground you should see a flush of new growth soon. If your plant wasn't fully rooted or does not flourish please let us know. At your service!

Lauren Davis | Lansing, MI / 2/25/2020
Review of: Mountain Snow Pieris
Stars: 5

As always, I’m impressed with my purchase. I originally ordered 2 Mountain Snows and both arrived in great health but one died for unknown reasons shortly after purchase. I contacted staff to help troubleshoot the issue. When none could be identified, they were gracious enough to issue me a $30 credit. I used this to help replace my lost Pieris and the replacement flourished. Both appear to have overwintered perfectly in my zone 5b foundation beds. I can’t wait to see the blooms open in spring.

Ewin Jenkins | Sevierville, TN | 2/25/2020
Stars: 5

The 3 gallon Camellia was shipped promptly after ordering and arrived well packed and healthy. This has been my experience with past orders. Thank you, Ewin Jenkins

D. Space | Hampton, GA | 2/24/2020
Review of:  Pineapple Guava
Stars: 5

I ordered 2 Feijoas ( Pineapple Guavas ) from Wilson Brothers with a hold on the date of delivery for weather condition purposes. My Feijoas arrived on time with solid communication from the company that they were on their way. Not all companies communicate very well after you place your order but Wilson Brothers did and I was very pleased about that. Anyway, I received my plants in very good condition and packaged very carefully as well. My Feijoas were so healthy and free of any damage. I was so pleased with my order that I recommend Wilson Brothers Nursery to anyone looking for high quality plants and excellent service. In fact I wish I would've found them sooner. I have ordered a large variety of plants and trees from several other companies this year in order to be ready for spring planting and no other company I have ordered from has treated my order anywhere near as well as Wilson Brothers has treated mine. I will be ordering my plants and trees from them from now on. I couldn't be more pleased with their service and products. They are the way to go for satisfaction of expectation.

Patricia H. | Ocala, FL | 2/24/2020
Stars: 5

I was thrilled when I received the four August beauty Gardenia plants in 3 gallon pots. They were so carefully packed for shipment that not a single leaf fell off. These shrubs are so thick and healthy. I've grown Gardenias before but never had them this thick and lush. I can't wait for them to bloom.

Chris S. | Chattanooga | 2/24/2020
Stars: 5

This was a gift and was delivered on time. Looked beautiful and she was very happy with her gift. Thank you. 

Joe M. | Statesboro, GA | 2/23/2020
Stars: 5

This is an amazing specimen!  I had been wanting a Dixie Knight Supreme and I am so delighted that I found your nursery. Thanks for the FAST shipping and EXPERT packaging.

D. Cimock | Chimney Rock | 2/23/2020
Stars: 5

Wow, I purchased 2 of the Margarita Jasmine vines in 1 gallon size and was not disappointed.  They were amazing in size!  Very happy with both plants!

Alan | Alabama | 2/22/2020
Stars: 5

The plants were well packed and arrived in great condition. 

Anthony | Nashville | 2/18/2020
Stars: 5

Plants arrived healthy and quickly

Michelle | Kyner, Kentucky | 2/17/2020
Review of: Blue Rug Juniper
Stars: 5

My Blue Rug Junipers received in great shape and on time!  I can't wait to plant them once our weather is good.

Miquel Roura | Jacksonville | 2/18/2020
Stars: 5

excellent , I bought 3 gallon major wheeler honeysuckle , planted it 2 days later and one week later , on 2/18/20 in Jacksonville Florida  started blooming , very strong plant ,about 4 feet high  and very strong and thick stems .

Carol | Palm Bay, Florida | 2/15/2020
Stars: 5

I am so glad this rose is back in stock and I appreciate Wilson letting me know.  This is the 3rd Brindebella I have planted and living in FL they can take the heat.  So glad this was not a bare root rose and I was able to dig the hole and plant it.

Deborah Hall | Missouri | 2/14/2020

Very pleased with the size of my little bush.  The branches are nicely twisted just as I remember from the one my mom had years ago.  The box took a hard knock somewhere in transit and had a big dent in it, but the plant was packed well and was perfectly fine.  Looking forward to seeing this one grow over the years.

D | North Carolina | 2/15/2020

I'm looking forward to having catkins to add to floral arrangements.  The pussy willow should also be an advantage for dealing with some standing water.  Plant came in great shape.

Casandra Cansler | Hixson, Tennessee | 2/13/2020
Review of: Red Formosa Azalea

The plants arrived in excellent condition and were larger than I had expected so won't take so long to achieve a good size.

Shari | Irmo | 2/12/2020

Arrived in beautiful condition!  Extremely well packed for shipping!  This is a big, sturdy plant with lots of branches and buds.  Can't wait to see it bloom!

JB | Raleigh | 2/11/2020
Review of: Confused Sweet Box

I bought one of these last year for a shady wet area that also gets summer sun for a month or so. It’s a slow grower but the foliage is a glossy green year-round and it’s blooming already. This winter I bought 6 more to fill in the rest of the foundation on that side of the house. Will have to be patient but will be worth the wait. Packing is always stellar from y’all and plants are always in great condition. Thanks!

Lelia Foreman | Vancouver | 2/11/2020

What a beautiful and healthy plant you sent me.

Sonja | Arizona | 2/10/2020

This camellia has such a beautiful shape! Can't wait to see (and smell it) in bloom!
The plant was very well packaged and securely held in place so that it would not shift or lose potting soil during transit. Wilson Bros is a trustworthy nursery and delivers high quality plants every time. Thanks again!

Stephen Morse | Roanoke | 2/11/2020
Review of: Acoma Crape Myrtle

I ordered the Acoma Crape Myrtle and had it shipped to VA. It showed up in great condition and I planted it immediately. This is the second plant I have ordered from Wilson Bros and had shipped. Both times with great success! Thank you Guys!.

Cyndi White | Hollister, Missouri | 2/9/2020
Review of: Dwarf Burning Bush

This came  a month ago and we're faithfully putting it out on the deck during the day.  It already looks a little red and very healthy.  Can't wait to plant in the 3rd week of April because it will match our red roof and spice up our yard!

Every time we move I try and get something unique for my new yard.  This plant is it, for sure!  I haven't planted it yet but it's thriving in its pot and it will go in after April 16th.  It's just so healthy and pretty.  Bless you it.

Holly | Houston, Texas | 2/5/2020

This was my second order from Wilson Bros. and I am very impressed by the size and quality of the plants. The Camilla Desire has good foliage and lots of buds.  I am looking forward to enjoying the blooms.  This is the first time I will be planting a camellia. Hope it does well, because I have an eye on several others I would like to have in my garden.

Beverly Cunningham | Wilson | 2/5/2020

This was a house warming gift for my daughter and she loved it!  Arrived very quickly and in good condition!

Michael Pope | Lexington | 2/6/2020

Received this Shalimar Red Crossvine recently and it was in great shape. It looked very healthy and I had no concerns that it will do just fine growing in my yard.. The roots were well established and the top growth was very nice and big!. Very happy with this purchase and plan to add another in a different spot. My wife loves Hummingbirds and expecting these vines to attract even more!

Erika Gutel | Benson, Vermont | 2/6/2020

I was so excited that my Camellia arrived a day earlier than expected and in beautiful shape. I can't wait to watch it grow and bloom for years to come, and I will definitely be ordering many more plants from here!

Sandra Zimmerman | Swansboro, North Carolina | 2/6/2020

I've purchased 5 plum yews in 2 separate orders. All 5 have been lovely plants which were carefully packed and quickly shipped. Wilson Bros is now my "go to" for shrubs, and I'll be ordering more in the near future.

Rebecca Peters | Franklin | 2/4/2020

As always, this plant arrived very well packed, very healthy and larger than anticipated. I have had better luck with the trees and shrubs I've ordered from Wilson Bros. than from any other online nursery.

Patricia Weston | Florida | 2/4/2020

Tree arrived very healthy and packaged well Can't wait for it to grow the sweet smelling flowers. I have ordered from Wilson Bros Gardens before with great success.

Tree was well packaged and arrived healthy and was in bloom. The sweet smell of these little flowers is amazing.

Rhea | Florida | 2/3/2020

The flowers on this plant smell heavenly! All of the plants I ordered, including this one, arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. I ordered both winter and summer daphne, in hopes that I will eventually be able to enjoy the flowers year round.

Claire Howle | Vero Beach | 2/2/2020

We love Wilson Bros Gardens! Everything we buy from them is so healthy and way beyond  expectations! We bought 6 Camellias, and all of them have been blooming  since we’ve put them in the ground. The fragrance is heavenly, and the blooms are nice and large. You just can’t get better quality anywhere online, or even at your local nursery. Excellent!

Ann B. | Lexington, North Carolina | 2/1/2020

This was my first purchase from Wilson Brothers, and I am thrilled!  I ordered a 3-gallon crossvine, and received a large beautiful plant, packaged perfectly for shipping.  The plant is in some stage of dormancy, which is what I wanted, so that it would have time to adjust to NC weather before springtime.  My questions to customer service were quickly and thoroughly answered.  I'll definitely be ordering from Wilson Brothers again.  Thank you!

Phillip Witaker | Simpsonville | 1/29/2020

Plant arrived quickly, was packaged with great care as usual and is a healthy looking specimen

Zillow | Arlington, Virginia | 1/28/2020

Healthy tree is dormant now but can’t wait till spring to see its colors

Brook Bertschy | Johns Island | 1/28/2020

So excited to watch these grown! I order two and they arrive healthy and happy!

Laren | Texas | 1/24/2020

Plants arrived quickly and in great condition! It was already blooming and kept all its blooms when planted! It has taken my yard up to eleven.

Robert Henry | Adairsville | 1/23/2020

Outstanding transaction! Shipment was quick, product was in excellent condition as the trees were larger than is usual from an internet source and nicely formed with good shaping and fullness of branching.  I highly recommend this seller.

Beverly Steffer | Virginia | 1/23/2020

The Camellia came in excellent condition.  Very green leaves and no problems.  They really pack it well.  The plant was not going to move during shipping!  I look forward to seeing the blooms next year.

TB | China Grove, North Carolina | 1/21/2020

Well packed and in good condition. Even had a few lingering red fall leaves on it. Can’t wait to see it in the Spring

Lee Ann Pingel | Athens, Georgia | 1/21/2020

The tree arrived quickly and in excellent condition. It has been in the ground about three months now and is doing well. The staff were helpful in providing planting advice.

Vanessa | Hilton Head Island | 1/20/2020
Review of: Banana Shrub

I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.  The healthy shrub that was sent arrived on time, was packaged perfectly and was actually larger than what I had ordered/paid for.  I put the plant in the ground the next day and it appears to be happy.  I lost just 1 leaf. Other buds have since pushed out nicely.  I would not hesitate to order from this supplier in the future.

Rose Hodges | Sabinal, Texas | 1/20/2020

I am very happy with the vine I received.. it is large and healthy. I can’t wait to see it grow and bloom in my landscape!

Raymundo Visser | Curacao | 1/18/2020
Review of: Italian Cypress

Ordered 4 and got all 4 well packaged in one box

Deborah Cimok | Chimney Rock | 1/18/2020

1 gallon size.  It came well packaged and of course it is dormant at this time of the year.  I am looking forward to see it break dormancy this spring!

Dale | Florida | 1/17/2020

Plants came in a big long box. So well packed that needed to use the jaws of life to get them out.  Healthy looking and already have flower buds on them.

Received the 4 plants I ordered in a long box.  They were so secured in the box that it took the jaws of life to get them out.  Plants were bigger than I thought and very healthy looking.  Already have flower buds on them. Would highly recommend using Wilson Brothers.

Constance Collins | USA | 1/16/2020

I received my midget arborvitae shrubs and they are healthy and beautiful.

Thanks for provide such great customer service.

Lo | Washington | 1/15/2020
Review of: Amelia Rose Azalea

I had been looking for Amelia Rose Azalea for a while, very happy to find Wilson Bros Garden carry this beautiful rose like Azalea that I want to add it to my garden. The plant arrived in secure package and looks very healthy with strong root system. Shipped on time before snowing. Hope it can hold the winter cold until spring, Cannot wait to see the rose like flower first bloom.

Wanda Davis | West Monroe, Louisiana | 1/13/2020

Nice tall plant.  Looks great.  Just wish it had buds.

Greg McCosh | South Carolina | 1/9/2020

The plant arrived healthy alive and well. It's arrived as promised and actually earlier than expected. We gave it a drink after unpacking as directed. It was package very well. We planted it the next day. It's doing very well. 
Greg M. 

Lmac | Mississippi | 1/6/2020

Healthy, dark green, larger than expected, and full of buds about to bloom.

Ruth Baugh | Kentucky | 1/6/2020

My orders always arrive promptly,  in beautiful condition and well potted.

Anne Flippin | Hammond | 1/4/2020

I have a huge old one of these at home, and it is gorgeous.  Wanted to get one for my cousin for her birthday - she was VERY pleased.

Taylor R. | North Carolina/Georgia | 1/3/2020

Bravo, Wilson Brothers!  I ordered a three-gallon Lady Banks rose for Christmas.  The rose arrived in pristine condition, packed with care, and only one day after shipping.  Thank you so much for your attention to detail.

Pat Shields | Griffin, Georgia | 1/1/2020

All beautiful well established plants. Delivery was quick. I will order again.

Gail | Wake Forest, North Carolina | 12/21/2019
Review of: Banana Shrub

I received a well-packed, healthy, large banana bush. I’m a happy repeat customer! Great plants, helpful information tucked in with my plants, and great customer service keeps me coming back.

Beth | Sterling, Virginia | 1/1/2020

I was curious to try one of these dwarf crape myrtles. I picked this one for its bright pink bloom. I will plant bright lantana around it when the weather warms up. Arrived in great condition.

The bushes were superbly packed and healthy. We planted them in the winter, and we look forward to the color and fragrance they will add to our backyard border this summer. Looking forward too to the hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees these bushes attract.

This rose arrived in winter, a good time to plant in zone 6b. Like everything from this nursery, the packaging for transit was excellent. I look forward to seeing this orange beauty amidst the day lilies and shrubs in our backyard border.

We live in zone 6b and selected this and two other winter-blooming camellias to add interest to our front yard. The plants arrived looking great—glossy green leaves and fat flower buds. This medium tall variety is sited at the corner of our foundation with a dwarf camellia in front. Look forward to seeing and smelling the blooms soon.

We live in zone 6b and selected this and two other winter-blooming camellias to add interest to our front yard. The plants arrived looking great—glossy green leaves and fat flower buds. This variety, planted as a screening specimen in our front side yard, will hide the little shed housing our garbage and recycling cans that we just put up next to the garage. Look forward to seeing and smelling the blooms soon.

I have been looking for this Japanese Maple for some time. We look forward to seeing it leaf out in the spring. A specimen in front of our foundation planting, the fall color will be a beautiful beacon. As usual, superbly packed by the Wilson team.

We planted this rose in the winter. It is an accent to a camellia. Packed superbly by the Wilson team, this rose will be a beautiful sight in spring and summer with the evergreen backdrop. Hope it proves to be rugged in our 6b zone.

The rosemary arrived looking and smelling great. A great addition to my herb garden.

We live in zone 6b and selected this and two other winter-blooming camellias to add interest to our front yard. The plants arrived looking great—glossy green leaves and fat flower buds. This dwarf is in in front of a taller variety at the corner of our foundation. Look forward to seeing the blooms soon.

Dennis S. | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | 1/2/2020

Wilson Bros. provided a great experience when ordering my recent plants. The holly trees I ordered arrived within 5-6 days as promised, full of red berries and extremely healthy. Great work guys and I will use you again!

Jack Leary | Camden County, North Carolina | 12/30/2019

All is well and Merry Christmas, Just what Santa ordered, My wife is very happy with her tree, Enough said Thanks to the Wilson boys and their Elfs- thanks again-Jack

Andres Vinas | Houston, Texas | 12/28/2019

The plant came perfectly packaged and had tiny buds ready to sprout. Within 3 days of planting it the buds started to sprout and now the plant is growing strong. I would definitely recommend this plant and would recommend Wilson Bros. Great service and packing. Shipping was super fast too. I am very satisfied with the product and the service.

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