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Double Play Doozie Spirea - 3 Gallon Pot
As Proven Winners says: "This Spirea is better than great - it's a doozie!" And they'd be right. The Double Play Doozie has so many great, groundbreaking attributes, which take it to a whole new level among spireas, it's difficult to know where to start. As with other varieties in the Double Play Spirea Series, Doozie blooms nonstop from late spring all the way through fall, and there's no deadheading needed. The abundant and effervescent, fizzy flower clusters emerge a brilliant red gradually transitioning to purple as they age, with both colors present on the same plant at the same time. The vibrant flowers are sure to get the attention of butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial pollinators, and being seedless means no worries about invasiveness. Because it produces no seeds, it puts all of its energy into flowering. These are exactly the attributes that make Double Play Doozie one of if not the most beautiful Spirea to ever grace a landscape. It does all this with the same good looks, drought and tolerance (-40F), and deer and rabbit resistance that we expect from a spirea. At 2 to 3 feet tall and wide, Double Doozie is a cheerful and sparkling accent in small garden spaces or in stunning groupings or hedges where space allows. Get all the details below

Double Play Doozie Spirea - 3 Gallon Pot

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