At, we offer literally thousands of varieties of ornamental shrubs and trees and herbaceous perennial plants, which needless to say can make it a little difficult to find just the plants that will grow and thrive in a specific landscape or garden bed you intend to plant. However, thanks to technology, we've made finding the perfect plants for the perfect spot much easier for you with the Plant Finder tool. 

How To Use The Plant Finder

The Plant Finder is very easy to use. Follow these simple instructions...

First, to find and use the Plant Finder on our website, click on the Plant Finder link in the main menu on any page in On desktop computers, the link to the Plant Finder is located right below our company logo. On cell phones and other mobile devices, click on the menu tab (the symbol with the 3 horizontal lines in the top left of the screen) and select Plant Finder from the list of links in the Menu.

After clicking on the link, you'll find the Plant Finder in the left column on desktop screens and directly center screen on mobile devices. The Plant Finder also automatically appears on every category page and search results page in the website. For example, if you navigate to our Azalea Category page, you'll see the Plant Finder in the left column. In this case, the Plant Finder can be used to find just the right Azalea varieties that will grow in the location you want to plant them.

Now you are ready to use the Plant Finder! What you'll be doing is selecting the attributes and characteristics to find just the plants you're looking for.

1. We suggest selecting your USDA GROWING ZONE first - Find your zone here. This will filter out all except the plants that are hardy and will grow in your zone. But this can still be a lot of plants. So you'll need to select other attributes and characteristics in order to narrow down your search.

2. Next we suggest selecting a PLANT TYPE. This selection is located at the bottom of the Plant Finder. Here you can choose attributes such as Shrub, Tree, Perennial, Rose, Vine etc. After doing so, you will have significantly narrowed down your search. 

3. Now continue making selections under the other attributes such as SUNLIGHT, PLANT HEIGHT, PLANT WIDTH, SOIL MOISTURE, FLOWER COLOR, BLOOM SEASON and FOLIAGE TYPE.

4. After making all your selections the Plant Finder should've narrowed down your search to maybe just a few plants that are a perfect fit for your landscape or garden bed. Now you can visit these plant pages to make a purchase or add them to your WishlistThe Wish Lists feature on Wilson Bros Gardens online store is a great way to keep track of the plants you want to purchase at some time in the future. But now we've added some new functions that make it even more useful for planning and budgeting specific gardens you want to plant.

Hope this information was helpful and don't hesitate to contact us if you need more details or have any questions. We're at your service!

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