Regarding the packaging fee Wilson Bros Gardens charges on an order, we see and experience shipping and packaging as two different things. 


Whether your purchase on Wilson Bros Gardens totals $20 or $2,000, we cover the FedEx or UPS shipping fees on every order, which are very steep. As of 2018, we pay the carrier $12 to $20 to transport and deliver a plant in a 1 gallon size pot and $16 to $30 for a 2 to 3 gallon size. Based on that we ship large plants and trees, our costs can be even more.


The packaging fee on an order is to help cover only a portion of the expenses we have for the boxes and other shipping materials required to package the larger size plants we ship. 

Since we began offering free shipping in 2016, our costs for boxes and all the other packaging materials have risen sharply. Rather than stop free shipping, or go up across the board on our prices, we decided just to add the small $2.95 to $9.95 packing fee, which is based on the size of your order.

Here are the packaging fee rates:

Thanks for your understanding!

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