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Long Leaf Pine Straw Needles

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Long Leaf Pine Straw Needles


Long leaf pine straw is by far the best of all types of pine straw. It comes from the southern longleaf pine tree. Its needles are much longer (14-16 inches), much brighter in color (orange instead of brown), and the needles contain more resin. The result is a pine straw mulch that holds its color 5 times longer than other types, a fluffier appearance that "tucks" better, and a resin content that significantly reduces decomposition. Needless to say, we always use long leaf pine straw needles in our gardens!

We can ship any number of pine straw bales you need directly to your front door or landscaping project anywhere in the continental United States. 

Call Us for wholesale pricing on tractor trailer load quanities (1,400 bales).

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