A few of the plants we grow and make available for purchase on our website are ones we don't propagate ourselves but instead rely on an outside source for propagation of the rooted cuttings (starter plants). We then spend one to three years or more to grow these small starter plants to a larger size that when shipped to you is ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens. 

Whether propagated from seed, rooted cutting or grafting, some types of plants, such as Winter Daphne (Daphne odora), are exceptionally difficult to propagate and we, or our partner-propagators, will have only partial success or total crop failure. Because some types of plants can only be propagated during a specific season or brief window of time, we are often limited to starting only one crop per year. If the propagation process is a failure this might mean the plant could be listed as "Temporarily Out Of Stock" on our website for an entire year or more. 

That said, when we have propagation failure on a specific variety of plant, in an effort to continue to keep the plant available for purchase in our online store, we go to actively seeking an outside source from which we can obtain larger, ready-to-ship plants that we can make available in our store until a point in time we can grow and have another crop ready ourselves. 

So, if a specific variety of plant you really want is listed as "Temporarily Out of Stock" make sure to add your name to our Waiting List by clicking on the "Put Me On The Waiting List" button on the plant page. This way you'll receive an email notification as soon as we have the plant available again. Alternatively, you can send us the name(s) of the plant(s) by email to [email protected] and we'll be happy to add your name to the Waiting List. 

The Staff at Wilson Bros Gardens

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