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UPDATED: 4/15/2019

Congratulations To Last Week's Winner:  

James Lewis of Georgia!

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Congratulations To Last Week's Winner:  

4/8/2019 | Sherry Kline Of Indiana!

4/1/2019 | Bonnie Edwards of North Carolina!

3/25/2019 | Allen Snyder of Pennsylvania!

3/18/2019 | Tony Bates of North Carolina!

3/11/2019 | Craig Shaner of North Carolina!

3/4/2019 | Clois Boshell of Alabama!

2/25/2019 | Trina Rockafellow of Virginia!

2/18/2019 | Liping Singer of Illinois!

2/11/2019 | Arlene Tesmer of North Carolina!

2/4/2019 | Melanie Rodriguez of Florida!

1/28/2019 | Maria Morse of Georgia!

1/21/2019 | Kathleen Spillane of Michigan!

1/14/2019 | Cheryl O'Connell of Washington!

1/7/2019 | Gary Massingill of Georgia!