For various reasons we won't go into here, Wilson Bros Gardens does not currently offer its plants on EBay. That said, based on information we've received from a few individuals, we discovered our plants have been sold by EBay Sellers on EBay without our knowledge or approval. The same thing has happened a couple times on Amazon.

BEWARE!  Here's how it (what we think is a scheme) works, step-by-step...

An EBay or Amazon Seller comes to the website looking for a plant we have in stock, such as a Tea Olive, which we sell at our ever day low price of $26.97 with free shipping. 

Then the EBay Seller lists the Tea Olive in their EBay store for as much as $99.00. Yes, a rip-off...we know!

At some point, an unsuspecting EBay shopper purchases the Tea Olive from the EBay Seller's store for $99. 

The EBay Seller then places an order for the plant in our store ( putting his/her customer's name in the SHIP TO field on the checkout page. 

We receive the order and think the customer just wants the Tea Olive plant shipped to a friend, which happens all the time. 

We then ship the plant to the provided shipping address and the EBay Seller's customer receives it within a few days. 

Upon opening the box, some folks will check the packing slip and see that the Tea Olive plant was shipped by Wilson Bros Gardens. They also see our website address and might visit our website. Those who do find that the Tea Olive they paid the EBay Seller $99.00 for is available in our online store for only $26.97 with free shipping. Needless to say, this is a very upsetting discovery. No one likes to feel they've been ripped off

And that's when we get a phone call from the EBay Seller's upset customer. It's never that they don't like the large and healthy plant, but they are very upset for having paid over triple the price they would have had they bought the plant directly from us.

Unfortunately, other than to let them know how this scam works, and that from now on they should check first before buying plants on EBay, there's not much else we can do to help victims of this scheme. That said, if you are reading this article you now have the knowledge that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future - there's always a bright side! 

For the record, we do want to say that EBay or Amazon are in no way at fault for what these Sellers are doing. There's really not much EBay or Amazon can do about it other than to shut these Sellers down when the bad customer reviews start pouring in.

Let us know if there's ever anything we can do for you. We're at your service!

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