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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Single-Trunk Tree) - 7 Gallon Pot
Exceptionally ornamental and adaptable, and winner of the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) is a small tree that provides four-season interest in the landscape. In late winter to early spring, before the leaves emerge, abundant clusters of bright yellow flowers resembling those of Forsythia appear on every stem and twig on the tree. After the flowers comes attractive olive-shaped edible red berries that can be eaten fresh or dried and used for drinks, syrups, preserves, jams, and sauces. The dark green leaves turn to yellow, red and purple shades in the fall. Peeling, exfoliating bark and opposite, curvy branches provide interest during the winter months. Highly prized for its very early bloom the Cornellian Cherry Dogwood is one of those special trees that always keeps us looking forward to spring! Get all the details

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Single-Trunk Tree) - 7 Gallon Pot

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SIZE: 7 GALLON POT (4.5' to 5 Feet Tall - SINGLE TRUNK - NICE!)

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