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Bamboo Root Barrier Liner - 60 mil x 24
Now you can grow running varieties of bamboo with no worries of spreading! More details below!

Bamboo Root Barrier Liner - 60 mil x 24" Height

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Bamboo Root Barrier Liner - 60 mil x 24" Height

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Bamboo Root Barrier 60 Mil x 24" Height is an effective product developed to control the spread of bamboo rhizomes (roots) of smaller growing running bamboo that mature at 20-25 feet or under in height. (For larger growing Phyllostachys bamboo it is best use the 80 mil x 30" Height Bamboo Root Barrier.) The planting bed for smaller growing bamboo should have a circumference (distance around the planting bed) of at least 10 feet. The barrier has a smooth surface on the side facing your bamboo planting. It is made from HDPE, high-density polyethylene. This material is far superior to metals because it will not rust and is much easier to install.

PLEASE NOTE: When installing the Bamboo Barrier a Bamboo Barrier Clamp is needed to secure the two ends of the barrier.

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