Seems some or all Autumn Twist Encore Azaleas in various parts of the U.S. are blooming an unsual color this spring (2019). I have several ten year old Autumn Twist in my own landscape and they are all producing flowers with pink petals instead of white, and dark pink stripes on the petals intead of purple stripes. We have also received reports from several customers in various locations whose Autumn Twist are doing the exact same thing. From a distance, the flowers resemble the the George Tabor Southern Indica Azalea, but with stripes.

I contacted and sent several photos to PDSI, the company who owns the Encore Azalea brand and they assured us the plants were Autumn Twist but weren't really sure what was causing the abnormal flower coloration this spring.

Most Encore Azaleas are grown in the Southeast U.S. so we're thinking it is a temprorary pigmentaion issue caused by a warmer and wetter than normal winter. Another unusual thing we're seeing in our gardens this spring is the presence of lightning bugs, what some folks call fireflies, which are not supposed to show up until late May or early June at the earliest. A friend of ours who is a beekeeper said that his hives never went dormant this winter. So maybe there's a connection?

In any event, if you have Autumn twist Encore Azaleas growing in your landscape that bloomed with pink flowers this spring please let us know if the flower color reverts back to the normal white with purple striping.

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