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Kihachijo Japanese Maple Tree - 1 Gallon Pot
A favorite among maple enthusiasts in Japan, the Kihachijo Japanese Maple is a rare and charming selection adored for her naturally graceful and lacy look and outstanding colors. Kihachijo translates to "the charm of eight girls." We're not sure why "eight girls" but do know she is certainly a head-turning charmer in the landscape! Where to start with her many appealing attributes? Her distinctly layered, flowing branch structure and soft-textured foliage on an upright rounded form to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide will not go unnoticed i the garden. Move in a little closer to appreciate the beauty of her light and airy foliage. The deeply-cut, 7-lobed lacy leaves are double serrated, appearing as soft, delicate feathers that are held horizontally on stems throughout the tree. The leaves emerge a soft-green becoming clear green by summer. The arrival of cooler temperatures in fall brings remarkable shades of yellow to gold which then transition to orange with a little amber to red in the mix. Move just a little closer and you'll notice the green-brown bark on her trunk and larger limbs have white vertical lines called "striations" which add to her overall appeal, especially during the winter months. The older the tree becomes the more pronounced this feature. Kihachijo is a fine addition to small to medium size garden spaces where larger growing maples just won't fit, and of course Asian theme gardens. Also lovely in pots, planters and other containers for situating on patios and around other outdoor sitting and living spaces. Get all the details below

Kihachijo Japanese Maple Tree - 1 Gallon Pot

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