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Semmes Beauty Oakleaf Hydrangea

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Semmes Beauty Oakleaf Hydrangea
Hydrangea quercifolia  'Semmes Beauty'

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 5a-9b  Find Your Zone   

Special Attributes

'Semmes Beauty' originates from the southeastern United States and is an outstanding Oakleaf Hydrangea selected for it's vigor and tolerance of the heat and humidity in the South, it's large flowers and great fall color. Indeed it is an almost year round color factory. In spring it puts forth it's large, oak-shaped, dark green leaves. The huge, conical flower panicles then begin to appear in late spring or early summer, which are comprised of showy, ivory color, four-sepaled flowers that are flattened and papery, turning to rose pink in fall contrasting with the striking shades of crimson and bronze-purple fall foliage. The flowers dry to a soft tan color and persist through the winter, contrasting nicely with the exfoliating copper-brown, cinnamon and tan bark. The cut flowers are great for use in fresh or dried flower arrangements. 

Landscape & Garden Uses

Growing in a mound of 8-10 feet tall and 10-12 feet wide, Semmes Oakleaf Hydrangea is ideal for use as an accent or specimen, in groupings or mass plantings, or as a natural hedge in landscape and flowering shrub borders or home foundation plantings. Right at home in the partially sunny woodland border or cottage and cut flower gardens. Also a nice addition to white color themed gardens and tropical-look gardens.

Suggested Spacing:  8-9' for hedge;  14' or more for space between plants

Cultural Preferences

Semmes Oakleaf Hydrangea is very easy to grow in most any moist but well-drained, soil with average fertility and full sun to part shade in northern zones where it will grow and shade to part shade (morning sun with afternoon shade or filtered sun) in southern zones. It prefers a soil rich in organic matter. For best flowering, we suggest 6 hours of direct sun light per day. As with so many other ornamental plants, a constantly soggy or wet soil is problematic. Highly resistant to pests and diseases.

Note:  Semmes is a Hydrangea quercifolia (oakleaf) species that produces its flowers from buds that formed on "old wood" (during the previous year). Oakleaf hydrangeas typically require little to no pruning. They are best left alone. That said they can be pruned to remove a stray branch or to reduce size. 

For proper pruning time and techniques on various types of Hydrangea see:  How To Prune Various Types Of Hydrangea 

Helpful Articles

Click on a link below to find helpful advice from our experts on how to plant and care for Oakleaf Hydrangeas.

Plant Details

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 5a-9b  Find Your Zone   
Plant Type:  Deciduous Flowering Shrub
Height at Maturity:  8-10'
Width at Maturity:  10-12'
Growth Habit / Form:  Upright, Natural Mound
Flower Color:  White turning to Rose Pink
Flower Size:  Large , up to 14"
Flowering Period:  Summer through Fall
Flower Type:  Single in large, long panicles
Fragrant Flowers:  No
Foliage Color:  Dark Green with Light Green undersides
Fragrant Foliage:  No
Berries:  NA
Berry Color:  NA
Sun Needs:  Full Sun or Part Shade. Some afternoon shade in the Deep South is appreciated.
Water Needs:  Average, low when established
Soil Type:  Clay (amended), Loam, Sand (amended), Silt 
Soil Moisture / Drainage:  Well Drained Moist
Soil pH:  5.5 - 7.0 (Acid to Neutral)
Maintenance / Care:  Very Low
Attracts:  Visual Attention
Resistances:  Disease, Drought (when established), Heat, Humidity, Insect, Mildew

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