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Loomis Muscadine

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Loomis Muscadine Vine
Vitis rotunifolia 'Loomis'

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 7b-10b  Find Your Zone
Pollinator Required?  Yes
Ripening Period:  Late Season

Special Attributes

'Loomis' originated in Meridan, Miss. by N. Loomis. It was later introduced by R. Lane and M. Owens of the University of Georgia. 'Loomis' was selected out of the cross 'Creek' x US 15. 'Loomis' was selected for its high disease resistance and excellent taste. It does not yield the heaviest of crops however makes up for that with it's distinct color and flavor. This is an interesting cultivar in that it has a very distinct taste, that can be quite good although at times is a little sharp. Also, the berry has a burgundy-red color, different from the normal black, green or golden of most muscadines. This would be an interesting addition for the fruit connoisseur.

Cultural Preferences

Muscadine vines can grow in a wide range of soils. Highly fertile soils are not essential. Well-drained soils produce the best growth and yields. Avoid soils that are persistently wet during the growing season. The best and most muscadine berries will be produced when vines are growing in full to mostly sun. That said, muscadine vines that receive a little shade will still produce good crops.

Helpful Articles

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Plant Details

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 7b-10b  Find Your Zone
Pollinator Required?  Yes
Ripening Period:  Late Season
Uses:  Fresh Market, Home
Fruit Color:  Red
Fruit Size:  Medium
Fruit Taste:  Sweet
Sugar Content:  22%
Sun Needs:  Full Sun or Mostly Sun is best, Part Shade is tolerated
Water Needs:  Average
Soil Type:  Clay, Loam, Silt 
Soil Moisture / Drainage:  Well Drained Moist
Soil pH:  6.0 - 6.5

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