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Lebanon Proscape Team 2G Lawn Weed Preventer
Lebanon Team 2G Preemergent is a very effective lawn weed preventer that prevents crabgrass, annual bluegrass (Poa annua), and other annual grassy weeds in established turf. More details below!

Lebanon Proscape Team 2G Lawn Weed Preventer

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Lebanon Team 2G Preemergent is a very effective lawn weed preventer that prevents crabgrass, annual bluegrass (Poa annua), and other annual grassy weeds in established turf.  Team 2G can also be used to control Poa Annua, or Annual bluegrass. Team combines two active ingredients, Balan and Treflan, for superior weed control and long lasting results. Lebanon Team 2G Biodac is formulated on a premium dust free recycled paper carrier, which makes it easy to apply using a variety of spreaders. Since this product doesn't control established weeds, it is best to apply before the target weeds germinate. Team 2G will not harm most nearby established ornamental trees and shrubs.

NOTE:  Team 2G comes in a 40-pound bag that covers up to 1/2 acre of lawn area (22,000 square feet). Refer to the Application Instructions below to get tips on how to cover such a large area with a relatively small amount of product. 

How It Works

Team 2G works by preventing weed seeds from sprouting in your lawn. During normal weather it remains effective for approximately 2 months. Though Team 2G can be applied any time of year, We've found it's best to apply Team 2G in late winter to catch all the spring weeds as they germinate through early spring and again in late summer or early fall to catch all the cool season weeds. 

Extra Tips

Water in after application to activate chemical

Because this product covers a large area (22,800 square feet) set your spreader on a light setting and cover the lawn area going in one direction. Then adjust your spreader as necessary to cover the lawn area again going in a opposite direction. Spreading the granules this way will ensure good, even coverage.


Use a rotary type broadcast spreader to apply to up to 22,000 square feet of turf area.

Type of Spreader

We always recommend spreading granular weed preventers over a lawn with a rotary type fertilizer spreader. This nakes sure you get even coverage and distribution of the product.

Spreader Settings

 "What setting do I set my spreader on to spread the weed preventer?" This is a question we've heard more than any other over the years regarding spreading granular products using rotary spreaders. Seems like there'd be a pretty straightforward and simple answer to this question. But there isn't.

First off, there are so many different brands and types of rotary spreaders on the market it's impossible for companies to list all the settings on the bag. Secondly, because individuals walk at different speeds, the spreader settings listed on the bags won't work the same for everyone. To be entirely accurate, walking speeds would also have to be listed. Do you know how fast you walk? Didn't think so. Neither do we. So that won't work.

So...how do we go about accurately and evenly applying the specified amount of product over a specified square footage of lawn area?

Start by filling your spreader with half of the recommended amount of product it would take to cover the specific lawn area, or a section of your lawn. For example, if your lawn is 10,000 square feet in size, and the bag of product will cover 10,000 square feet, pour half of the product from the bag into the spreader hopper. Then select a low spreader setting. For example, if the setting numbers go from 1 to 10, set on 2 or 3. If 20, set on 4 or 6.

Walk to one corner of the lawn area, and begin applying product over the lawn in parallel rows (east to west). Space the parallel rows so that product applied in one row does not overlap adjacent rows. Walk at a steady pace, and dispense the product evenly over the lawn as you walk.

When you have completed this first pass, fill your spreader with the rest of the proiduct in the bag, Adjust the spreader setting as necessary so that on your second pass all of the remaining product will be broadcast over the same lawn area. Spread the remaining product in parallel rows that cross over your first set of rows at a right angle.

Product Details

Active Ingredient: Benefin and Trifluralin

Target Weeds: Crabgrasses, Goosegrasses, Foxtails, Barnyardgrass, Poa anna (annual bluegrass) and many more.

For use in: All types of established residential lawns and commercial turf.

Pet safe: Do not allow pets to enter the treated area until dusts have settled. Do not allow pets to enter the 
treated area until the watering-in is complete and the surface is dry.

Manufactured by: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

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