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Grace Cold Hardy Eucalyptus Tree - Eucalyptus elliptica - 4
'Grace' is a cold hardy Eucalyptus named such for her graceful habit. More details below!

Grace Cold Hardy Eucalyptus Tree - Eucalyptus elliptica - 4" Pot

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Grace Hardy Eucalyptus Tree
Eucalyptus elliptica 'Grace' - White Gum

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 7a-11  Find Your Zone

Note:  For our customers who live and garden north of USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 7a, where this Eucalyptus tree variety is not reliably winter hardy, you'll be happy to know it can be grown in containers that can be brought indoors during winter and placed back outside when temperatures warm up in spring.

Special Attributes

'Grace' is a cold hardy Eucalyptus named such for her graceful habit. More cold tolerant than the species, this beauty is one of the fastest growing in cultivation. Here in the Atlanta, Georgia area there is a specimen that has reached 20 feet in height from seed in two years!  'Grace' is disease resistant, long-lived, and highly rated for her cold hardiness. Size is easy to control and she responds well to pruning. All grown up she could reach 40 feet in height.

'Grace' produces round, stem-clasping, bluish-green juvenile leaves that mature to broad, lanceolate adult leaves. Elongated leaves and stems take on burgundy and purples in fall and winter. The attractive bark is a striking smooth powdery-white that sheds to reveal colorful yellow, grey, and orange patches. The bark is used by the Aborigines for face paint. It is often classified as its own species, E. elliptica. This species is native of New South Wales (Tomalla area) and Queensland..

Cold Hardiness

In Atlanta, Georgia, 10 month old trees had minimal leaf damage and looked great after a brutal winter (2013/14) where temps reached 6 degrees. In Western, NC, 10 month old trees that froze to the ground at -10 degrees are growing vigorously from their base.

Landscape & Garden Uses

Growing to 40 feet tall with an equal spread, 'Grace' is a very fast growing Eucalyptus ideal for use as a focal point specimen, in grouping or as a privacy screen in landscape borders and near patios, decks and other outdoor living spaces. Also effective to frame the corners of tall homes and other buildings.

Suggested Spacing:  8' for privacy screen;  22' or more for space between trees

Cultural Preferences

'Grace' Eucalyptus is easy to grow in most any moist to somewhat dry well-drained soil and full sun to part shade. Very heat resistant and we've seen no problems with insects or disease. Responds well to pruning so size is easy to control.

Helpful Articles

Click on a link below to find helpful advice from our experts on how to plant, prune, fertilize and water a Eucalyptus tree.


Plant Details

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 7a-11
Plant Type:  Evergreen Tree
Height at Maturity:  40'
Width at Maturity:  20' or more
Spacing:  15' for privacy screen;  40' for space between trees
Growth Habit / Form:  Broad, Upright, Graceful
Growth Rate: Very Fast!
Flower Color:  White
Flowering Period:  Summer
Foliage Color:  Bluish-Green, Foliage turns Purple and Burgundy in Fall
Fragrant Foliage:  Yes, strong typical Eucalyptus aroma
Sun Needs:  Full Sun or Part Shade
Water Needs:  Average, Low when established
Soil Type:  Clay (Amended), Loam, Sand, Silt 
Soil Moisture / Drainage:  Well Drained
Soil pH:  5.5 to 6.5 (Moderate to Slightly Acid)
Maintenance / Care:  Very Low when left in it's natural form
Attracts:  Visual Attention, Songbirds, Bees
Resistances:  Deer, Disease, Heat, Insect, Drought

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