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Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench
Works systemically to prevent both insects and diseases on shrubs and trees and other plants. More details details!

Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench

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Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench

Available in the following sizes:

16 ounce concentrate

32 ounce concentrate 

If you have shrubs or trees in your landscape that you know attract certain insects every year, Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench can be used to control these insects systemically. What this means is that after the chemical is mixed and applied as a drench it moves down through the soil, where it is absorbed by the roots of the plant or tree. Once absorbed, it moves up through the tree or shrub providing year-long insect protection. Fertilome Tree & Shrub Insect Drench even moves into new growth after application, thus protecting it, too. 

How To Use

  1. Fill a bucket or watering can with 1 gallon of water. (For trees with circumference greater than 50’, use 2 gallons of water.)
  2. Shake the bottle  well.
  3. Carefully measure required amount of product into bucket.
  4. Slowly pour the solution evenly around the tree. For best results, pour as close to the trunk/main stem of the tree/shrub as possible.
  5. Fill the bucket with clean water and pour it around the trunk as well.

Extra Tips
We recommend using this product several weeks prior to the spring root flush when plants begin to put out new growth.

Most effective when applied around the perimeter of the shrub or tree, where the feeder roots are.

Active Ingredient:

Target Insects:
Adelgids, Leaf Beetles (including Elm Leaf Beetles and Viburnum Leaf Beetles), Vine Weevils Larvae (including Black Vine Weevils), Leafhoppers (including Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter), Roundheaded Borers (including Asian Longhorned Beetle and Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer), Flatheaded (including Bronze Birch Alder, and Emerald Ash Borers), Leafminers, Mealybugs, Pine Tip Moth larvae, Japanese Beetles, Adult, Psyllids, Lacebugs Royal Palm Bugs, Sawfly Larvae, Scales (includes Armored Scale [Suppression] and Soft Scale, Thrips, and Whiteflies

For use on:
Outdoor shrubs and trees

Pet safe?
Yes, when used as directed

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