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Creeping Beach Vitex

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Creeping Beach Vitex
Vitex rotundifolia

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 7a-10b  Find Your Zone

Special Attributes

Unlike it's taller growing cousins that grow into mid-size trees, Creeping Vitex, also called Beach Vitex, is a rapid growing spreading groundcover plant that is excellent for use to quickly cover and provide erosion control on a large slope or embankment. The attractive and spice-scented oblong leaves about 2 inches long are blue green above and light greenish-white to silver-gray on the undersides. In USDA Zones 7 and 8 the leaves may fall off the plant in December but will re-emerge in early spring. Blue-purple flowers in short, 3-inch inflorescences appear in late spring to early summer and will continue throughout the year in Zone 10. Purplish-black fruits follow the flowers.

Landscape & Garden Uses

Growing 24 to 30 inches tall and quickly spreading to 10 feet or more, Creeping Beach Vitex is excellent for use as a groundover and erosion controller on larger slopes, hills and embankments. This plant grows and spreads to much for small areas, but you could grow it in a pot. In beach areas it can become invasive but not so much in inland areas. It grows and spreads too fast for small areas.

Spacing:  6' for mass plantings

Cultural Preferences

Creeping Beach Vitex grows best in well-drained sandy soils but will adapt to any well-drained soil, including clay. It likes as much sun as you can give it however will tolerate some light shade. We've found it to be a very deer resistant plant.

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Plant Details

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 7a-10b  Find Your Zone
Plant Type:  Deciduous or Evergreen Shrub or Groundcover 
Height at Maturity:  24-30"
Width at Maturity:  10' +
Spacing:  5-6' for mass plantings
Growth Habit / Form:  Arching, Cascading, Mounding, Spreading/Trailing, 
Growth Rate:  Rapid, Very Fast
Flower Color:  Bluish-Purple
Flower Size:  3" inflouresences
Flowering Period:  Late Spring-Summer
Flower Type:  
Fragrant Flowers:  No
Foliage Color:  Blue-Green
Fragrant Foliage:  Yes, Spicy!
Berries:  Yes
Berry Color:  Purple-Black
Sun Needs:  Full to Mostly Sun
Water Needs:  Average, Low when established
Soil Type:  Clay, Loam, Sandy, Silty
Soil Moisture / Drainage:  Well Drained
Soil pH:  5.0 - 8.0 (Acid to Alkaline)
Maintenance / Care:  Low when provided ample room to grow
Attracts:  Visual Attention
Resistances:  Deer, Disease, Drought, Dry Soil, Heat, Insect, Sandy Soil, Salt Soil and Air

Plant Long & Prosper!

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