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Cracked Ice Heucherella - Foamy Bells

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Tapestry Heucherella
Heucherella 'Twilight' PP25723

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-9b  Find Your Zone

Special Attributes

A cross between Heuchera and Tiarella, 'Cracked Ice' is a new Heucherella introduction from the Southern Living Plant Collection. These cross hybrids are commonly called 'Foamy Bells' and they were bred for heat and humidity tolerance. 

 'Cracked Ice' is a fine Heucherella, pronouced HYOO-ker-el-ah, rated the "Best Heucherella in Shade" in the 2012 Ohio State Trials, and was a top performer at the Green Leaf Plants trials in Lancaster, Penn. 2013. With its strong performance in the garden and outstanding icy foliage, we don't have to ask why. 

In early spring and fall the icy-silver leaves get a charming pink overlay. In summer, the leaves take on blue and green tones that are punctuated with dramatic veining. In summer, pretty white flowers the butterflies will appreciate are held above the foliage on thin stems. 

Landscape & Garden Uses

Growing to 7 inches tall and about 15 inches wide, Cracked Ice Heucherella is ideal for use as an accent or in groupings or mass plantings as a groundcover in landscape borders, in mixed perennial and shrub borders, as an underplanting beneath large trees, and serves remarkably well as a solo in pots, planters or other containers or as texture and color plant in mixed container gardens. A fine addition to Heuchera gardens, rock gardens, shade gardens, tropical gardens, and woodland gardens.

In garden beds or containers, we like to combine Heuchera plants with other Heuchera or Heucherella varieties, hosta lilies, perennial ferns and other part shade to shade loving plants and trees.

Spacing: 15 inches for mass plantings; 36 inches or more for space between plants

Cultural Preferences

When planted right, and in the right spot Heucherella is easy to grow. 

Sun Preference:  Though Heucherella tolerate full sun in cooler zones north of USDA Zone 7 they appreciate some afternoon shade in USDA Zones 7-9. If grown in full sun, consistent moisture is very important. Scorch and general foliage decline may occur if soils are allowed to dry out. 

Soil Preferences:  Heucherella prefer a moist but well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Constantly soggy or wet soil is problematic. In the warmer climates of the southern zones plants are often evergreen, retaining nice foliage color throughout the winter season. In colder, northern zones foliage may discolor or die back over a harsh winter. Simply prune unsightly foliage away before new growth begins to emerge in late winter or early spring. 

Helpful Articles

Click on a link below to find helpful advice from our experts on how to plant, fertilize, prune and water Heucherella plants.

Plant Details 

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-9b  Find Your Zone
Plant Type:  Evergreen Perennial
Height at Maturity:  7"
Width at Maturity:  15"
Spacing:  12-15" for mass plantings
Growth Habit / Form:  Mounding
Growth Rate:  Moderate
Flower Color:  White
Flower Size:  Small
Flowering Period:  Summer
Flower Type:  Single
Fragrant Flowers:  NA
Foliage Color:  Icy, Silver-White, Pink overtones in spring and fall
Fragrant Foliage:  No
Berries:  No
Berry Color:  NA
Sun Needs:  Part Shade, Shade
Water Needs:  Average
Soil Type:  Clay (amended), Loam, Sand (amended), Silt 
Soil Moisture / Drainage:  Well-Drained, Moist
Soil pH:  5.5 - 6.5 (Acid to Slightly Acid)
Maintenance / Care:  Low
Attracts:  Butterflies, Visual Attention
Resistances:  Deer, Heat, Humidity, Insect, Rabbit, Shade, Sun

Plant Long & Prosper!

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