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Lemon Thread False Cypress

Lemon Thread False Cypress

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Lemon Thread False Cypress
Chamaecyparis picifera 'Lemon Thread'

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 4a-8b  Find Your Zone >

Special Attributes

The Lemon Thread False Cypress has to be one of the most eye-catching, attractive plants in existence! The stunning, shaggy, bright lemon-yellow thread-like foliage and mounding pyramids of graceful cascading branches are sure to turn the heads of all who see it, year round! Don't worry about this little beauty out growing it's space as it reaches only 4-5 feet tall and wide in 20 years!

Landscape & Garden Uses

Growing to 4-5 feet tall and wide in a cascading pyramidal form with bright lemon-yellow foliage, Lemon Thread False Cypress is ideal for use as an eye-catching, stand alone specimen in home foundation plantings and landscape borders. It also serves well in groupings at entry ways, in landscaped islands, around patios and pools, and just about anywhere in the landscape that receives full sun or mostly sun. It will tolerate more shade however, the bright lemon-yellow foliage tends to turn green with heavier shade exposure. It performs okay in containers provided the container is well draining. A natural fit for Asian themed gardens, conifer gardens, and Xeriscape gardens (Low Water Needs), 

Spacing:  3' for solid hedge; 6'+ for space between plants

Cultural Preferences

Lemon Thread False Cypress is exceptionally hardy and easy to grow in most any type of soil and full sun to part shade. Foliage color will be more intense with more sun. Constantly soggy or wet soil can be problematic. Do not over water this plant after planting. When established Lemon Thread is exceptionally drought tolerant and would only need supplemental irrigation during prolonged period of dry weather. This plant is not a heavy feeder. Feed lightly in spring with a slow-release shrub and tree type fertilizer or a mild, organic plant food. No pruning required though can be sheared lightly for shaping purposes. USDA Zones: 5a-8b  Find Your Zone >

Helpful Articles

Click on a link below to find helpful planting, fertilizing, pruning and watering tips for Cypress shrubs and trees...

Plant Details

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 5a-8b  Find Your Zone >
Shrub Type:  Coniferous Evergreen Shrub 
Height at Maturity:  4-5'
Width at Maturity:  4-5'
Spacing:  4' for solid hedge; 6'+ for space between plants
Growth Habit / Form:  Cascading Pyramidal
Growth Rate:  Slow 
Flower Color:  None
Flower Size:  NA
Flowering Period:  NA
Flower Type:  NA
Fragrant Flowers:  No
Foliage Color:  Bright Lemon-Yellow
Fragrant Foliage:  No
Berries:  No
Berry Color:  NA
Sun Needs:  Full Sun or Mostly Sun, Morning Sun with Light Afternoon Shade, Morning Shade with Evening Sun
Water Needs:  Very Low when established
Soil Type:  Clay, Loam, Silt, Sand (amended)
Soil Moisture / Drainage:  Well Drained Moist or Dry
Soil pH:  5.5 - 7.5 (Acid to Neutral)
Maintenance / Care:  Very Low
Attracts:  Visual Attention
Resistances:  Deer, Disease, Drought, Dry Soil, Heat, Insect, Mildew

Plant Long and Prosper!

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